When Should One Make Istikhara When Considering To Marry

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Getting married is a huge part of our faith. Looking for that right person is a challenge at times. Istikhara has been encouraged by our Prophet (PBUH). When should one make Istikhara when deciding to marry someone?

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair answers.


AI: Summary © The speaker explains that making a decision is crucial to shaping one's life, especially when it comes to relationships. They stress the importance of consulting people and following the advice of trusted advisors. The speaker also emphasizes the need to seek out the right person and pursue one's next steps before making a decision.
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When should a person make a staccato when deciding to marry someone

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from Hades we learn that the person who makes is the harder does not suffer. So, when making any important decision it is necessary that we make a staccato. Now, there are two very important things that we should remember when making any decision. The first step the first thing is is to Shara which is to consult people. So, consult people who are reliable, who are trustworthy, whose advice matters, people who know your situation and people who can help you make a good decision. Do your part, do your research and do your best to come to a decision. The second thing is is taharah which is that you seek height, you ask Allah soprano data for good in whatever decision that you make. So

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basically is to follow comes between decision making and executing your decision. So once you have decided to do something based on consultation and research, then you ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless your decision and then you take the next steps.