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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss a donating opportunity for children to receive food and drink water from a bar called the Che operational playground. They also discuss a new facility called the 300 square foot natural love facility for children to play around and get closer to Islam. The donating opportunity is a time-consuming project and everyone is committed to it.
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have, you know what I've had enough of?

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I've had enough of coming to the masjid and not finding anything for myself to eat. So tell me, what is this place that we're in? So this is the kitchen. Okay? Where we will be cutting up what's the

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Edward Scissorhands Go ahead, tell us we'll be cutting up the food overhead inshallah to serve the Muslims. So, this is newly bought by donations of the people. Yes. Yes. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. This whole complex here where people can get now food and his father Masjid. Yes, it will be a big restaurant in shallow water for families to come with a family sexually and hamdulillah connected. And this is a bar is. No, it's not a bar.

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Martinis. It may be maybe you come at 710.

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Okay, so tell us so this is going to be the area where they're going to be eating this whole complex. Yeah, drinking food and for the kids and everything. This whole area here is going to be the restaurant area, spacious. Yes. This area over here, including this area. Hey, it all needs to really be refurbished and rebuilt as a beautiful restaurant. I'm so proud of the people that now look how physical and tangible these things are. This is your donations right here. These are your donations. I mean, Charla we can transform

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aesthetically. But I'm saying this is a tangible thing when we're all dead and gone. This will be Cheerio. Yes, absolutely. SubhanAllah. And the fact that you still see that there's a lot of work to be done here. Yes, it means that this is a brilliant chance for you to keep on donating and supporting this amazing cause. Are you taking us now for her tell me so connected to the restaurant? There's one facility we thought is really, really important to have in a masjid? Yes. And that's a playground for the kids. So I personally haven't seen any Masjid. Yes, in the world, I don't know if any must do as a proper playground for the kids. So this will be to 300 square metres area, all for

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children or for all for children to come. And natural love for the house of Allah subhanaw taala is a problem sometimes within mosques and stuff like that the children feel left out alienated. In fact, sometimes they're told off because they're playing around. So this is a safe space for the child and the mosque. And Subhan Allah to grant them, you know, the ability to be closer to Allah and the way that the Abuja Tala Masjid. Like, you know, the Hadees of the seven people under the state of Allah as a young person who his heart is connected to the message is beautiful. And this is amazing. I really am proud of the people, I'm proud of you guys I am that you are able to donate so

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generously, such that we can actually have something like this. And now it's not. As you can see, it's a work in progress. And the progress has been made, but it needs to be continually made. Which means that guys will ask you one more time is time again. How could you let a situation for go? A situation like this waste an opportunity like this? How, when it could be sort of Algeria in your skills, you must click the link below. It's your time it's our time and inshallah this will be tangible things that we saw the contrary for all of us, click the link below now Don't miss the opportunity.