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Can a Non Muslim child inherit Muslim Parents

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Karim Abuzaid

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The second question regarding your sister who

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went out of Islam. You see, the law of inheritance says no inheritance to her, as well as you know, she shouldn't be around your family because this may bring bad influence on the rest of the sisters and brothers. That's and again, I'm not asking you to be mean to her in no way. But you know, you got to look at maybe she is breaching she is teaching her faith now she she wanted the rest of the family to join her because she obviously believes in what she believes in and we have to protect our religion, we have to protect our faith. As for the inheritance, I'm not certain whether in your country or where you live, the law of islamically no law, URI fu L, capital L Muslim l capital IRA,

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full Muslim, and non Muslim doesn't inherit a Muslim but you gotta check the law of the land regarding the rules of inheritance because sometimes they don't pay attention to that, especially if there is a will out there. So you have to do this in a

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illegal way. But in general, no. The answer is no.