Disobeying Rasoolullah #3

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah below them in

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Serato Serato should be even more serene.

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So, Allah Allah you and it was I was

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just leaving cathedral cathedral Mavado now Brothers Sisters, we

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have been speaking about this very important incident in the syrup resource are seldom the

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incident of the archers the disobedience of the archers in the Battle of or hot

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and the lessons that we learn from this and we ask a lot of data to enable us to learn the lessons and to apply them in our lives inshallah.

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as we know, the, the previous

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for the reminder, I described the whole thing integers I won't talk about an hour, effectively 50 of the 50 people this was in Salem had positioned as archers to guard their backs and 40 of them mutinied and left their place and as a result of that almost

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caused the Muslims to be defeated.

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And resource Arsenal himself was severely injured and 70 Sahaba worship it. Now if you think about couple of things, firstly, if you think about it,

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before this incident right in the beginning of the whole incident of bother of

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I was, I've been so blown away when

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he came out with wrestlers and salah, and then he turned around and went back with 300 of his followers.

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So that mutiny and disobedience of Rasul rasa Salam happened right in the beginning of it.

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And many more, this archers only 40 who hated it, but the other people were 300 Plus.

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Despite that, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the Muslims victory in the beginning.

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But when the archers mutinied, the whole thing turned upside down, and mostly were defeated. So one of the big lessons that we learned from this, as our alumni have said is that

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number one, it is not necessary for every Muslim on the face of the earth to become 100% practicing and Moontak a Muslim before the help of Allah cub is not necessary.

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What is necessary is for at least as

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likely sacred critical mass in a atomic reaction, that critical mass of Muslims has to come on the right track.

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So it is not that the that everyone has to be obedient, but enough of them have to become obedient before the help of Allah will come. So there's one thing the second thing is that if people disobey, if the general people disobey people who are themselves, you know, we convey it and who are probably

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in the in this case, it was the hypocrites, but you know, even if they're not hypocrites, but their disobedience, Allah subhanaw taala does not really punish. But when people who are close to Allah subhanaw taala, when people who are the core of the community when they disobey, then the punishment of Allah comes.

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So 300 of weapons, rules.

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Followers, nothing happened. But these 40 people, the punishment of Allah came.

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Third very important lesson is that this disobedience that was there, what was the basis of it were two bases. Number one was love for the dunya. And Allah mentioned that in the ayat, which he in offsuit, Allah which Allah subhanaw taala mentioned isn't the love of dunya more than the affair, some of them love dunya but in the UK, I mean Sahaba

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some of these Abba, they said, we did not know we did not even realize that some of us loved India more than the other until this time this happened. We all thought we were all good. So love of the dunya more than the X era invites the punishment of Allah especially when this love of the dunya then forces you to go against the orders of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So one is love of dunya when somebody is neglecting something, and so on, but he's not directly disobeying something. Not that that is good, but that is of less seriousness. But when the love of dunya causes us to go directly against the Hakama of Allah.

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Then the problem comes. And today in today's world, one of the most common places one of the most common

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On places that this happens is in the interest of taking interest based loans is in the context of taking interest based loans, people take interest based loans, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala declared enmity against the person who takes that lower Allah declared war against the person who takes such a loan. Despite that, they take the Lord Ye love of dunya I want a big house, I want a new car, nice car, I want this I want that. And therefore they fall into this trap of buying the enmity of Ensenada. So

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that was one reason there is a wet love of dunya they were after the booty here was the booty they thought all this will go away, we will lose out. So let us go and grab some stuff for ourselves. Second reason is that even though the order of Rasul Allah is on Salam was perfectly clear,

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they interpreted that order to suit themselves. They said, this doesn't apply now. The war the battle is over. Whereas if you see the instruction or ostracism, he said very clearly, he said, if you see us winning, don't leave the place. If you see us losing, don't leave the place. If you see that we are all dead and the vultures are carrying and eating from our bodies don't leave the place. So either way, he said do not leave this place, no matter what instruction was perfectly clear. And this is the nature of the instructions of the VLA salaam, which are given as a result over here where they are perfectly clear, it is the job of the referee to play to clarify, and he always did

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that the instruction was clear. But these people they interpreted it to suit themselves and said, but you know, that doesn't apply now. Now result was severe punishment from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The key thing here to understand is therefore, what do we do in our own lives? Number one, one of the things we do May Allah forgive us is we also display this love of dunya more than Aqsa. So that is something to watch and something to be careful about. Second thing is we also try to do this of saying, Oh, what do you know that law was then not now this that doesn't apply? Now. This is a different country, different world, different century. All of these are traps of shatter.

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The principle in Islam is whatever you decide to do, when you come across a text, which is the Ayat of Allah than the Quran, or a saying a teaching of Rosa Rosa, when you come across our texts, you follow the text to do not follow your reasoning. The simple as that. If you deny the text, you have left Islam,

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as simple as that, there is a text, you follow the text, go to the text, you follow the text, if there is a if there is no text, then some other rules apply. Just to round off this remainder. In Islam there are

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four bases of law in the Sharia. The first base of law is the kalam of Allah no Quran, Allah, people Salah if somebody said Why should I pray because Allah said so.

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Allah said fast in the month of Ramadan, why should I fast in the month of Ramadan? Because Allah said so.

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Right. So there is no doubt about this. This is the Hello Hello 22nd The basis of the Sharia is the Helcom of Rasul Allah he's on the order of the Navi la salaam, for example, he will say, how many

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rockhard should I pray in selected memory which we just finished? Which are three? Why did Allah says really anywhere no sooner than $7.03 because this is the second kind of where he that used to receive one where he is over here in the Quran. The second way is over here, which is called over here the hermit load over here which is not recited, which is the Sunnah the Hadith sorceress. So how do we pray that we shall drop as he said Sanjay Kumar, I told you, Sally is a prayer as you have seen me pray, how did he know that he didn't invent it? It was not his something that you dreamt up on his own. This was something which was also taught to him

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into from Allah subhanaw taala. So first source, the Kitab of Allah, second source the whole reason. Now third source, where there is no direct instruction from the Quran, and no direct instruction on

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what happens Iijima of the Home of the Oil AMA. This is not something which anybody can do. It is the scholars of Islam, who get together and together they come to a conclusion

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eg ma of the polymer, this is where the lava must be in line with the Quran and Sunnah. That's the that's the key thing. For example, if Allah subhanaw taala privated all summer, so all Allah privated alcohol now Ishmael or somebody will come to them and say okay, I'm not drinking alcohol. But what about marijuana? In this country marijuana is legal. So Can I smoke marijuana? You said no. Where is that in the Quran? It is not in the Quran. Where is that in the in the in the Sunnah division Islam said Don't smoke by donating to the How did we come to that? We came from the Iijima of the Allah who said that when Allah privater hamari, prohibited all forms of intoxication.

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There's not only one this particular drink, it means this drink. What does it do? That drink takes away your senses. It makes you intoxicated. Therefore anything which intoxicates is haram. Therefore the schema of developer right from the beginning has been that all forms of intoxication in Islam are haram and therefore they cannot be done.

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Right? Allah subhanaw taala privated pork eating pork? Now say Well, I'm not eating pork, but I have a pig farm or I have a slaughterhouse in which pigs are slaughtered. Can I do that? No, you can't do that. Why? Because of the use of the Sharia that when something is privated everything connected with it is also prohibited is one of the ALMA so the all the scholars get together, and they come to this country. Finally, CES, which is where there are no scholars, an individual person who is also a scholar, please understand there's no scope in Islam for anyone who is not a scholar of the deen to pronounce any judgment or to pronounce any statement to do with the deen of Allah. Now, Scholar does

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not necessarily mean the person has to graduate from this or that university. But scholar means number one, first and foremost requirement. So somebody for who is a native speaker of Arabic or knows Arabic, at the level of a native speaker in Hindi, not be Arab, can be a non Arab, but knows Arabic at the level of a native speaker of the time of the Sahaba is bound by arrangement. So classical Arabic, he was no completely and totally fluidly should be able to speak and understand that first requirement. And then of course, all the rest of it, which is he must know the Quran was another Hadith he must know all the

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you know all the sciences involved with it, to be able to surah if such a scholar is by himself or herself, and there is no agenda there is no collective of scholars, then this person can also

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form an opinion and give a ruling on something which is called chaos which by which means deductive reasoning, but again, that PS has to be in line with the Quran and Sunnah. So the Quran and Sunnah is the overall boundary, eg Ma, which is the collective opinion of scholars and affairs which is the opinion deductive reasoning of an individual scholar, but both must comply with the Quran and Sunnah. There is no question of any fears any opinion of any individual scholar or collective opinion of all the scholars which can go against the Quran and Sunnah. All the scholars in the whole world cannot get together and make alcohol Hulen all the scholars cannot get together and make

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interest Hara. It doesn't matter if every scholar in the world can give a fatwa to say interest is halal. It is not already to Hara. They can collectively get together and give a fatwa to say that non Zubia can be eaten, it cannot be eaten it is haram. They can get together and give a fatwa to say alcohol and marijuana and so on drug Khaled it is not halal It is haram.

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So this is very important to understand the basic fundamental principles of the sale of the Sharia and how

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rulings are extracted. So that we don't get misled by chatter. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep us on the straight path and enable us to live by that and to help us to die on that straight path with iman and with the opinion sha Allah, Allah Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah He was named erotica.