Disobeying Rasoolullah #1

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Chapelle MBA with more city or Mughal Rasulullah sallallahu ala he right only he was saying was salam to Steven cathedra.

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Allah sent us His Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam

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as a means of guidance

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for us.

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And last wanted to

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reiterated emphasize that by saying local Karnala comfy Rasulullah he was one has an oath

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he did not say we acquired it as Rila

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in his teachings in his speech,

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he said fears will inhale, your soul is guidance.

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What aspect of the Russell everything

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his life, his personal life, private life, public life is different roles in life as a commander as head of state,

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as a father,

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as a husband,

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as a member of the family, leader of the tribe, whatever.

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So, therefore, the Sierra spirit of the NABI SallAllahu Sallam is a it's like a goldmine of nuggets of knowledge

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of how to lead our lives.

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So every part of the life or source of Salem is a means of guidance for those who are interested in guidance.

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One of the most famous of the stories of the Syrah, which is full of guidance for us is the story of Lazarus rod,

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especially the story of the archers,

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who wrestled as a Salem appointed and placed

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on the Hill next to the mountain of our hearts.

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So those of you who have been to Medina was go to the, to visit the graves of the shahada avadh.

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And you will see there next to the mountain, there is a small passage like a small valley, and then there is a hill.

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Russell has placed 50 archers on that hill under the command of Abdullah bin Juba, or the Allah Han.

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And he gave them very specific instructions, a very specific order. He said to them, stay off this hill, and guard this passage, and do not allow anyone to come to this passage.

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And he said, Do not leave this place, no matter what happens in the battle. If you see the word that we have won the battle, and we are collecting venema 40. He said, Don't leave the place, stay there until you get an order from me to leave the place. And he says if you see that we have lost the battle, we are all dead and the birds are eating from our bodies. Still don't leave the place until you get an order from me it leaves a place where it's very clear instructions.

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Now, as we know in the Battle of God, the beginning of the battle, the Quraysh were defeated. And they ran

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those courageous ran and the Muslims were chasing the courage. When they were just in operation, they reached the camp of the courage, the camp of the courage was obviously full of all kinds of things with their brought, so they started collecting

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the people on the Hill they saw this

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and some of them said this battle is over.

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We have one let us go. Otherwise we will miss this very much. We will we will get that thing they will. Everyone wants to take

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up the robin Jabara della Anhu he said to them, the order was was a Salah was clear, he said don't leave this place until he sends a different command. He has not sent the command. So we stay here, this is not

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there was a dispute between them. And 40 out of 50 left, they came down the hill and they ran to the campus operate to collect their to collect volume

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booty. Now behind the hill behind her house

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was the cavalry

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of the Quraysh. The cavalry battalion the coverage will be on the hill, commanded by Harleysville Walid and Crema been a vision for the alarm.

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They were waiting for this when they came there the saw the archers on the hill and Caliban where he must have said, Hey, this is a this is

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misfortune for us because we can't pass through the valley because these archers were commanding the height. If the cavalry had come through the valley, they would have been massacred the archers would have finished them.

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But to their surprise, they suddenly see the archers coming down from the hill and going away and this was like, you know,

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they said this has never been a lifestyle for us. So they charge through the valley.

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Now, when they came out of the valley, what do they see? They see the infantry, the soldiers of the Muslims,

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not in any formation. They're busy collecting booty corrective whenever

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and the cavalry hit them.

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In a medieval battle, the worst nightmare is for infantry to be caught.

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When they are not information by the enemy's cavalry, there is complete slaughter, this is like suicide. There's no way they can win that.

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On top of that, when the Horatia were running away, when they heard and they saw their own cavalry coming from behind, they turned around and again attacked. So the Muslims were caught between the cavalry at the back and the infant in the front. There was complete chaos 70 Sahaba died in this Merica.

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Eventually they were only and then the there was a route the Muslims ran away.

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Only 12 Sahaba were around also realized only 12 people

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and the enemy broke through.

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And one of them he threw a rock and the rock hit as well as a Salem or his blessed face. He split his lips, he broke his teeth. He slashed his face.

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The impact of the rock drove the

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links of the chainmail into his into his cheek and the bone here and the helmet got smashed on to his skull.

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And he concussed and he lost consciousness not completely but partially.

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They'll have it obey the law. The law was there. He was a big man he picked up Ross was a Salam and he ran up the hill with him. And there was a depression there was a crevice. They took shelter in that

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the others have also joined them there

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so that was the battle I mean this the Muslims lost.

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I was a fan came to the bottom of the hill and he called out and he said

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his Mohammed arrives or Salem is a walk on alive is Amara live and there was no sound. So he turned on it all the forage they have all died.

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Then southern Amara Rana was there he couldn't take it anymore. He shouted. He said we are all alive. All the three people you mentioned are alive.

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Ross was salam was severely injured, he was bleeding profusely from the face because all facial and head wounds they bleed more because there's more vascular presence more veins in the face of the head so there's a lot of blood

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everywhere we started with the line who was there he had some water and I initially poured the water says a partner of the law wash washed his face but there's more and more blood because the water more broadly. So Fatima avellana then she burned some sack and she put that burned sack on his face so the bloods dropped.

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They pulled out the teeth which are broken they pull those out the chainmail in his face, they pulled out

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some of these collars, the Syrah, they say that this impact of this rock and the helmet,

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maybe it created or it made a hairline fracture in the skull head also Salah because of which towards his end when you look at this at the Sierra close to the time when he was passing away used to get these very very severe migraine headaches and used to try a cloth on his head and died very hard.

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There is a there is a medicine which is different if the if the one who does not have a headache, he's not from us. It was so bad that they and they say that the doctors say that these headaches were perhaps

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Because of cerebral meningitis, which happened because the virus could get in through the hairline fracture, which happened in the Battle of Hoth, that shows how severe this injury was and how

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you know how nervous it was um, suffered. So inshallah more tomorrow but for today just think about this here is a situation where the Navi array Salam is with the people, what is a bigger strength than to have the Nabhi with us.

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Now, what is the verse, Allah doesn't go on there so the

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to have the Navi with them, despite that, they lost despite that 70 Sahaba were killed or shade and despite that, as well as a result of himself was severely injured.

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So I will leave you here with a question to say why. Let us think about that. What is the reason? There is a reason there is a very good reason. Inshallah, tomorrow we will talk about this was Alana Hara Nabil karate your Cybil. Bhangra