Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #021 – What does Allah say about AQEEDAH

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of following the right way to avoid being separated from the other ways. They also mention a line from Balto's message about the importance of respecting human beings' rights and safety. The speaker emphasizes that everyone should be respected and not be treated like a slap.
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pallets pallets auto said whether it's heavy or soon, do not follow the other waves. This is my way right here and do not follow the other ways. Why what's going to happen if you follow the other ways that I found rock, I'll be calm

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and severely if you follow the other ways, you're going to be separated from his way. Allahu Akbar, when it comes to the truth, and this isn't talking about the fifth difference of opinions from people that make history that Balto they take things, they put them in the wrong places. We're talking about at the end, we're talking about religions, we're talking about either we're talking about men hedge, we're talking about the whole thing, right? The only way is a slap.

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The other way is if you follow them, it will lead you astray, it will actually take you far from the path of a loss pounds out. And within that path of a loss of power to artists, some of the secondary matters in the deen, there's various interpretations and those are valid. We've talked about those a lot when we pray, Yasser. Right. There is Hana theosophy, and then there's the Jim Hall, where you put your hands and salah, okay, you put it beneath your belly button or above your belly button, do you raise your hands at every tech bead, these are things that the scholars have differed on, and they actually go back to the Companions even when companions different about them. Actually, you're

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going to end the difference that occurred between the best of creation, the best generation, the companions were better than us. If they couldn't end it, we're not going to end it either. This is not the type of thing that allows my daughter was talking about in this verse, He's talking about different Arquitetos different belief systems. If you follow anything other than Allah's way, you're actually being removed and separated from his way that he can Masako envy, that Allah content tekun Allah says one more time, and he changes the last word. He said tacking on said hopefully that you will use your reason that karoun Hopefully that you would be reminded. And now he says, that Allah

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can tackle that you would be righteous. Notice Allah subhanaw taala, again asserts his right to define what is righteousness. You don't get to define what's righteousness. You don't get to say, well, you know, we have all these interfaith events, and the Christians and the Jews and the Hindus, and every way is the same, and they're all acceptable, and nothing really is more true than the next. And you act like this is humbleness, and you act like this as piety. You act like this is righteousness. Allah subhanaw taala gets to decide what's racist is not you. And we respect everybody. This doesn't have to do with anything. We have to respect individual human beings and

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their rights and their safety. That's not what we're talking about. But don't expect me to come and say that what you believe is right, no, I think what you believe is completely wrong. Even if I think that you deserve to be safe and and these sorts of things

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