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In the Lombardy Lau salatu salam ala shuffelin via Allah Allah He was heavy on Wala. Obara,

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my double Sisters, we talking about the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala Julius Allah Lu and the benefits of this article for us.

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We mentioned that first of all this is the

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purpose for which we were created for the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala for Isabella

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and that the girl

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is possible to do

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through this anopheles Allah de service which enables us to convert every action of ours into an actual value.

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And third that the thicker is both a means of reward for us. The biggest reward being that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned us

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and it is also a protection for us. Because when we are doing the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala when we are engaged in the zikr

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then this automatically saves us from sin

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another benefit of the Quran which I want to remind myself and you today is the fact that the zikr is a source of great comfort for the individual

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because when the person Mexico New Mexico homeless Valterra then we also have data set said in against auto Bacara what is as I like I bought the money for IndyCar EVO Wuji without a die sedan. Full yesterday booty well You mean we like the home your showroom? Is this is relates to door, but door is also zikr and Endora is a rather Rasul Allah is Allah Islam said in a dua for more kaliba Akuma Allah alayhi salatu salam, he said, dua is the brain is the essence of Riba.

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And what is Allah saying with regard to this way, thus Allah Kaiba, the journey for iniquity, Allah says, When my slave

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asked about me, I'm close to him. Now, if we think about this, if Allah does not say, when my slave thinks about me, I will help him I will do this analyzing I'm close to him, this mindset of Allah subhanaw taala. The

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fact that Allah is with us, is not a question of the fact that Allah is not with us. When we do not do zikr, for example, it's not that Allah is not aware of us, unless we mentioned last router, I always say that it's important for us to factor Allah into the equation when we talk about our lives, and what should we do and you know, especially in terms of difficulties and so on

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the equation of what will make us succeed and what might make us fail. I always say that factor Allah into the equation, because he is part of it anyway.

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The question is, are we aware of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala deleted Allah who is part of the equation? Or do we live our lives as if Allah subhanaw taala has nothing to do with my life? At the utmost, I found my form of worship, and that's it. After that the rest of the life I'm on my own. Now, people might think that being on your own is some sort of freedom.

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And it might feel like freedom, although it isn't, but one of the things also of being on your own is the sense of loneliness, helplessness, what do I do if I'm in difficulty and so on. Whereas if you actually remember the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is with us all the time, unless and until I mentioned this in the Quran, as well in many places where Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah subhanaw taala for a nama to follow for somebody to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said wherever you done, you will see the sign of Allah subhanaw taala the face of Allah subhanaw taala intelligible so wherever a person is Allah subhanaw taala spa is there with him anyway. Now we shall not say that I'm said if

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there are if you are alone, there are two and other one is alive, there are two the third is alive the three The fourth is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said was to be in Limon bizarre to sudo Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said if you when you speak, in company, when you speak, if you speak

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in secret or you speak publicly, Allah subhanaw taala is aware of what you are saying and Allah is aware even of what is in your heart. So the maya of Allah subhanaw taala. The fact that Allah is with us is something which is established. However, we are not always aware of that. And living a life where you are not aware of a resource deprives you from the benefit of that resource. I mean, in in me in psychology, we call this resource myopia, which is being short sighted about your resources. And is one of the things when we do a SWOT analysis when people when we tell people to try to think of their strengths, what are your strengths

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And seriously if you if you try to do this SWOT for yourself, I asked myself and asked you as Muslims. If you do a SWOT for yourself, will you put Allah subhanaw taala as one of your strengths, which is a serious thing to think about? If you're doing a SWOT analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, will you put Allah as your strength? And if you if that doesn't occur to you or me to put Allah as as our strength, then we should seriously ask ourselves this question and say, why is it that I do not put Allah as my strength? Because Allah is my strength? So how come? I don't? The reason is not that we are denying Allah and Allah, but because we live our lives in a

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state of lack of awareness. Allah is there somewhere, we don't say no, but also, there is no perceptible

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visible benefit in our worldly lives, from the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is with us from the fact that we are doing the seeker of Allah from the fact that we know that Allah said first Gurunath Gurukul that I you make my zeker and I will mention you now just mentioned of Allah Subhana Allah Jalla if Allah subhanaw taala owns, and we know that he owns everything in creation, whatever he created, He created, that's why he owns it. If he makes my zikr how does it affect my job? How does it affect my business? How does it affect my relationship with my family? Every aspect of my life? How does it affect and that is why one of our one of our Orlova

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say don't hang around too loudly. I used to say my loss Martella forgive him and Phil is covered with Nora, he used to say, and I'll translate it for you is to say good luck. Tonko is back I think Neha is NAMAs, tamari, duniya que Messiah, hello hot tub talk to university. Inevitably, he used to say that until you are convinced that this Salah actually benefits you and solves your worldly problems, until then you will never be able to pray properly. Now the whole thing is we have converted prayer into some form of ritual with a negative connotation meaning that if I don't do it, I will be punished. But if I do it, what is the benefit? I mean, if I asked you, I asked myself, we

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just pray to the Father.

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What difference did it make? So in one way, it made a different 100 lights for therefore I have to complete it, I did it. And we ask Allah to accept our salah, and to forgive the mistakes and faults in it. But other than that, how did this spraying of Salado Fajr benefit me? Or how will it benefit me today in the rest of the day? If I had not read this or not? Because I denied the Fajr. But maybe I just went to sleep I was tired or whatever. I overslept. I didn't press or would it have affected the rest of my day? Or the day would be the day whatever? I mean, this month I didn't pray I got up and I prayed. And that's it. But did it affect the rest of the day? What is the meaning of the door

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I got nothing further is better than this entire world and all that it creates all that it contains? What is the meaning of that? It's not a it's not simply an allegorical reference to something.

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underlining the importance of the took out of Sunnah of the rotten father. He's saying the Torah God does too soon now. Salatu Fajr is better than this entire world, and everything it contains. Now if you just think about that as a Why is it so important? So that's the reason thing is that to have this awareness that Allah subhanaw taala is with me, is a source of great comfort because I'm looking at the positive aspects of all of this. I'm not saying if I miss salah, whatever I'm saying, if I do salah, how does it benefit me, so if I did Salah now and Hamdulillah we did salah, so the Torah, the Sunnah of Serato, further we played, we got something which is better, more valuable,

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more powerful

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than this entire world and everything that it creates, I think this is something we should reflect on and say so therefore now watch, how do I face the rest of my day today now that I've got this huge wealth, similarly, I just prayed, I made dua, and so on to Allah subhanaw taala. Now, the rest of the day, how do I face this day of might, you know what must happen to any anxieties I have any fears I have, and so on for the rest of the day, how does it change that equation, so factor line to the equation because he is part of it anyway. And that's the point that I want to end with today that we are hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gives us the opportunity and Tawfik to make his ticket.

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But the zikr we need to value to the seeker by the awareness of it to say that Allah is with me. Therefore, this is a source of great comfort to me that the the owner of the entire universe is with me. One therefore, obviously I'm concerned about not offending him, so it gives me safe from sin. But at the same time, it also must give me this huge feeling of strength, this feeling of comfort, this feeling of you know, peace, that Allah Jalla Jalla who's with me, and I can ask him whatever I want, and that's what inshallah maybe tomorrow they have to we'll talk about that. I can ask him whatever I want and he

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He will give me because he's with me when he is with me. What does it mean? It means he's with me with all his power and all his strength and all his glory and majesty. Therefore, what does it do to me for the rest of my day? Let's think about that. Inshallah. We ask Allah to give us a trophy to reflect and to benefit from that reflection. Was Allah Allah Anna Vulcanian while he was happy with me, but I had to go