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Hello Mother hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sugarfina may well mousseline Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Almighty who Allah and he was a was a lameness demon cathedral Cassia

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Ahmed who

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want to begin by recommending a book for you, that book is called Talent is Overrated. Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. Geoff Colvin, I will send you I'll send I mean, by the,

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the link for that book.

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Now, basically what the, what the book is about is he says that even if you have talent,

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unless you train yourself and unless you follow a structure unless you follow a system, that talent will not help you in life. So it's a very good thing that you're starting with a designing of a system.

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There are two or three things, key things that I want you to remember. First one

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is always start with the goal and what is the goal that you want to have for your life? So right down this go, don't have it just in the mind right.

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Second thing is, remember, that whatever you do, Allah subhanaw taala is always watching.

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Now this has two big benefits. One is that because if you aren't aware that Allah is watching, then you will not do anything which is wrong inshallah. And secondly, when Allah is watching, obviously Allah will protect you and help you as long as you follow the orders of Allah subhanaw taala. So, if you are obedient to Allah then Allah subhanaw taala will help you and will continue to help you and you will have the data and if you have the help of Allah subhanaw taala you cannot lose. So it is very important to remember this.

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First one, design the goal, meaning what is your goal, define that goal. Secondly, always remember watching now when you are remembering Allah is watching any version in the world obviously it means that you will not do anything to achieve the goal which violates the rules of Islam. Because you want to please Allah subhanaw taala so for example, if your goal is to build a great global multinational company, you will not do that using interest based finance because Allah subhanaw taala made that haram so I'm giving you just an example.

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So these are the 2/3 thing is have discipline and structure in your life. Start your day with 100 Baker for tahajjud one hour before the time for sort of budget. So the sumo starts one hour before that wake up and pray at least to recap of Nuffield Salah and make dua

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you say you if you say you want something and you're not paying praying to God, it means you don't want that thing is as simple as that. So make sure that you don't miss the module on any day no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing.

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Then you after you finish the head, read one dose of Quran

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and then you go to the bulging and praise a lot of Fajr by Gemma. Then you stay there until the sunrises and then you pray to regard and Turaga So two plus two, you pray a lot of this must be your routine, every single day of your life.

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If you are very sleepy after another video you will come back home sitting for a while and then you get up and pray do unto God is possible. But the other better way is to stay in the masjid until you come to the sunrises. And then you pray to and to

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Turaga regard

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this routine make this your complete routine, always your life.

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Then when you wake up, make your bed always

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cleaning your room making your bed having your cupboard neatly arranged with all your clothes, hanging there, having your shoes together, shining them keeping them clean, leaving them in one place. Having a place for everything my standard is that you should be able to find whatever you want to find in pitch darkness in the middle of the night. total darkness if you have to find something, you should be able to find that straightaway. And the only way you will do that is if you put things in their places and then it forms in your mind it forms a mental picture and you can find the place.

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Believe me. This is not about waking in the night and finding things. This is about having a the discipline of having

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have a system in your life. If you can wake up in the night in the middle of the night in darkness, if you can find your keys where they are, it means that this is how your mind is organized, you will be able to find thoughts you will be able to find data, you will be able to find answers in your mind in the same way.

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But that will happen only if you create a system.

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Then reading additional reading, I'm not talking about reading your school books or college books, I'm talking about additional reading.

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There is only there are two ways of learning one is to receive revelation from Allah which has stopped after a certain length of Salah after the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, there is no revelation that is going to come to anybody.

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And the second method, therefore, is by reading. So our mathematics which is there for us, you don't have to method one method that is by reading. So make sure that you read and read all kinds of things, read some things, you especially read things which are outside your experience outside your curriculum, read about other cultures read about other thoughts. There is no book that I will say don't read, read any book.

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Don't just read and accept whatever is in the book, read it, think about it, review it, talk to somebody wiser than you about it, if there are any doubts and thoughts, clarify them if the author is available to talk to the author if not up to somebody who understands. So this will be an active relationship with reading and with books.

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And finally, your luck, you will rise or fall in this dunya or the Astra and the ACA,

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by how you will behave.

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Have a smile on the face is worth a million dollars is worth a billion dollars at a time which is sweet, which is not critical, which is not abusive, which is not harsh, is worth a trillion dollars being kind to people taking.

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Taking the taking precedence in helping people going out of your way to do things for people. These are things which will

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really and truly give you lasting success in life. Because these other things out of which memories are made. people's memories are based and made by your behavior. Make sure that your behavior never gives them a bad memory. That tongue is the most important organ in the body.

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As soon as you do you will have this he held the tongue between the two fingers, index finger and thumb of his right hand. And he said this will take more people into Jahannam into the Hellfire than anything else.

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And in another Hadith, he said guarantee me two things and I will guarantee with Jana, they asked him what should we guarantee we are so solid he said guarantee me the integrity, the safety of what is between your legs and what is between your jaws, meaning your private parts and your tongue meaning that you are not

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you are faithful to your partners you are not indulging in any

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any any shameless activity.

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You're not indulging in any physical

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activity with somebody who's you're not married to, and your tongue meaning that you keep your tongue free from all the things evils that the tongue does the work of the tongue to the tongue can lie the tongue can deceive the tongue can do backbiting. The tongue can do slandering. The tongue can be sarcastic in a nasty way. Being using sarcasm as a joke, or both people love that is fine, but using it to hurt people, right? All of these things are things which land apps in Ghana. So make sure that your time is safe. The best way to make your tongue safe is to speak less. Because if you don't say something, it cannot be wrong. Not saying cannot be wrong, but saying can be right or can

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be wrong. So if you're not sure don't say at the center. Having said that, where you should say which means that if you have to stand up for the truth, if you have to stand up for somebody who was being oppressed, if you have to stand up to fight for your rights, then you must speak there is no silence in that silence in those cases is counterproductive. It is wrong and it should not be there. You should speak because that is the time when you must stand up and say

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no this is wrong and I will start off for the for that which is true.

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We do these things Inshallah, there is no way you can fit and of course, two very very important things one, eat and earn Halab always eat halal and halal. What is Allah for eating?

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All vegetarian things are halal and non vegetarian something a bird or an animal which is halal in itself, slaughtered by a Muslim by hand, who says Bismillah Allahu Akbar, all machines slaughter is haram slaughter by anyone else other than a Muslim is not permissible. Because today, the people even those who are permitted the Big Brother book, they no longer follow the book. So don't eat that eat what a Muslim has slaughtered by hands visa

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and earn also Khaled do not earn from interest based banking, do not run things where where alcohol is involved and so on and so forth. Make sure your earning is halal and you're eating is whatever goes into your mouth and whatever goes into your pocket. These tools be Allah. So that's the first thing and second thing is make sure you fulfill your Ferrari fulfill everything which Allah has made obligate you in the end that start with salah. The first thing which Allah made obligatory is Salah. So make sure you will never miss your Salah. Try to pray every Salah in the masjid and if you cannot pray read around the magic try to play as many as you can but make sure that you pray it is one

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salah and the module by Gemma every day. A day should not pass when you did not go to the mosque it's a module must be something which is it daily pitstop for you

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imagine a racecar if the racecar does not go does not stop in the pitstop pit stop then the tires cannot be changed it cannot be refueled, it cannot be greased, and it will break down in the race. So consider the magic to be your pit stop. So make sure that you in the race of life that you always take that pit stop, rejuvenate, reenergize stand before Allah telling you a story and starting

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inshallah I wish you all the very very best last month I grant you the best of the best and give you great success and please don't forget me in your work was Allah Allah Bukhari Hualalai us have you had maybe I want to go