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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shortfilm even silly. Muhammad Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam does live in cathedra with

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Amato my brothers and sisters by one brother asked me is a beautiful question he said

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when I'm setting goals for myself in life

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How do I set dunya egos goals for the dunya

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while keeping the akhira in mind

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now, I want to say to you

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that this separation that we have made

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dunya and akhira

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is a separation that we have created

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there is no separation and the

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what is the

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what is the

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what is the way of life right way of life. So, where is the way of life supposed to be applied

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everyday in your life.

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So, when you separate

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then is the name of the way to live your life in the dunya.

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So, what is the separation?

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The separation lie is not a question of separating the end from the dunya this deen is the way of living in the dunya

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the separation or the carefulness that we have to have is with regard to

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when it comes to a

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conflict between a an order of Allah subhanaw taala and anything else. The anything else is of two kinds. One is the was was our shatta and it's a whispering of shaytan something which somebody is telling you to do and the second one is our own ups, our own desires.

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They are the two things that create for us a conflict with the help of Allah subhanaw taala

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for example, Allah's vital has ordered us to eat meat which is halal what is halal. Halal is that which has been slaughtered by Muslims English will I allow them I didn't have with that factory slaughter machines water

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hit and run roadkill all this is not a

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so there is a conflict now which is I want to eat

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is a nice chicken here I want to eat the chicken but it is either doubtful or exactly slaughtered but it comes with Allah stem. What do I do?

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That is where the issue of the

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so we say no Allah subhanaw taala doesn't produce very clearly what is doubtful leverage? The Hadees of Hassan Ali Ravi Allah Allah He said that here I say the year I heard from my grandfather, so Rasul salah, he said leave the doubtful for that which is not enough

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this is the essence of the leave the doubt he's not saying he was haram haram you have to leave anyway. Leave the doubtful

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I don't know if it is valid or not.

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So what do I do if I know it is not allowed? I will not eat of course right. But where there is a doubt I am not sure is it Allah router? What must I do?

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Similarly, I want to do business. I need money I need to get a so what is the source of the funds?

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Angel Investor no problem. Equity, no problem.

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But loan bank loan from somebody else for interest, the problem

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so nobody says don't do business.

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We say do business in the way that has been prescribed.

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You all know the stories

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of survive now for vellano If you take his wealth, in one of my notebooks, I think I actually did the numbers because we have we actually have the data for him.

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He's probably the only one we have the actual data for number of you know how much money

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the incredible amount was. And if you compare it when I compare it in my hobo with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos was somebody's and it was like four times five times that net worth. But remember, the wealth of Abdrabbuh now for the Ilana was actual wealth, actual gold

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and land.

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It doesn't fluctuate because of Wall Street. Whereas the wealth of whether it is Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, whoever

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it is portfolio value

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shares go up and down, Elon Musk lost half his wealth

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when he, you know when he when he bought Twitter and trashed it

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Jeff Bezos lost half his wealth when

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he couldn't keep his pants up.

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Seriously, I mean, these are these are people you want to call as your as your as your role models. The man doesn't even have judgment about what to do

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you trust the judgment

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unfortunately, we have been brainwashed into judging everything in this life in terms of commercial value.

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But that is a this is the fifth to judge everything in terms of commercial value.

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Whether it is countries, we measure countries in terms of GDP, there is a worst way of measuring the

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wealth or measuring the

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quality of life of a country.

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You can have a country of Do not you can have you have many countries where the quality of life is absolutely the pits in the dumps. There are the wide scale poverty, there's all kinds of misery, but the GDP is high because they have two or three or four

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high value industries which are producing the goods and services and so, the GDP figures look good.

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What good is that?

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So, the question is when we are looking at

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our life goals,

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how can you write the goal in a way which answers there?

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Because remember,

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he called his dunya What is life what? Masala Cara he said this is your the tills the fields, the tilling the garden for the Accra. So if you want the harvest in the era where we look to the Bronte here

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Allah did not send us to leave the if he had to leave the dunya what was the point in going to zero point?

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Allah sent us into dunya for what to use the dunya in the way he told us

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and to teach the world also how to use the dunya in the way that Allah subhanaw taala showed us.

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In Japan there is a

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there is a restaurant it's called the restaurant of mistaken orders.

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Restaurant of mistaken orders. The waiters and waitresses in this in this restaurant are elderly people who are in various stages of dementia.

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So they their cognitive level is what they forget and they don't understand things too well and so on how the restaurant started was the restaurant owner he saw some event to event to one place and he met some people who had dementia and he felt very bad that these people are isolated they're you're shut off in some place. He said this is not right these people he's not a they're not criminals or something right you don't put them into a jail. So if they have a problem, but they are functional there is not as if they are mad or something that puncher so he said why not use them in some use so he started a restaurant now what happens in a restaurant, you give an order the waiter

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forgets he gets your order.

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Right. So the restaurant is called the restaurant of mistaken orders.

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So what happens now is that these people will give them an order

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and they will do something 37% of the time they are correct. The rest of the time they are wrong because they will have dementia. But you will see the atmosphere in a restaurant. Somebody's getting a mistake or odor they're so happy is Oh wonderful. Thank you very much. It's beautiful.

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And the restaurant the waiter or waitress knows he made a mistake but no he's also laughing there was a lot everybody's having a good time.

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Why because of the attitude the attitude is towards kindness. It is towards compassion

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not finding what was wrong take it away. No Give me another one is hungry like this food.

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They didn't bring us a pointer as Jim showed okay, I ordered something I got something I have the law no problem.

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This is beautiful. If this is a Muslim doing this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala How beautiful is that?

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They still making money the people getting the wrong order are still paying.

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People are still getting salary, they're still making a profit. But everybody's happy and they're doing a beautiful service. Beautiful service.

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So very important for us to keep this in mind that how do we set goals to the dunya to please Allah just have one condition in mind.

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Does it please Allah?

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Thus that's it. reprises Allah Alhamdulillah if it does not please Allah I will not do it no matter who is this please there is not a concern or whatever

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if I lose my job no problem keep it because Allah Allah Raja

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whatever happens, I will not do anything to displease Allah subhanaw taala mistake of course we all make mistakes and Allah subhanaw taala promise to forgive mistakes inshallah we make us suffer at all.

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But deliberately I will never disobey Allah Samantha, this made this into a completely non negotiable principle of your life, I will not disobey Allah. And in that process anything doubtful I will not touch who must check, I must check.

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I must check, right because I'm the one who's making the decision.

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Nobody for us, somebody will be offended something, let them be offended. It's okay. Why should you be asking a question? Why should you be offended? I'm not cursing you. I'm not gonna I'm not abusing you and ask you a question is this

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What is there to be offended? If you offended no problem, good it might be.

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Right. So, make this into that any thing you want to do in life Islam, in the in the in the issue of Mamilla in the issue of the martial law, everything is halal, except that which is prohibited. So any business you wanted to do it, just check is there anything in this will displeases a loss manager is anything in this because again, if it is again said I don't do it. But if it is not again, the Sharia hamdulillah

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the whole world is yours. Nobody stops you.

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Right. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and then open the doors of fire and baraka for us so that we become highly successful, and thereby we are able to help others. Masala Vickery Manali, he was