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To learn on how to heal hungry die robola alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam right I should have been on be able also to her mother also by Salah Heidi. Finally he was salam just even considering

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my brothers sisters, we are getting no

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warnings to say that a new wave of COVID is starting. And they're saying wear masks and get COVID shots, and so on and so on.

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Which reminds me that I'm the Allah, Allah subhanaw taala created this life and created the incidents in life and creating the circumstances in life,

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all of which are potential learning opportunities.

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So it's not the incident in itself.

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It's what this incident means what this incident can

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help to teach us and that is why it is important to look at life through the lenses of Eman through the lenses of the Quran and the Sunnah.

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The reason I mentioned COVID Was that, what are we looking at in terms of code looking at physical health.

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So you're saying that number one, you're saying that to preserve your physical health is a good thing to do must be that important.

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Number two, to prevent to preserve that physical health, it is extremely important to keep ourselves safe from

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negative influences, in this case, no virus. So keep ourselves safe from the virus, make sure the virus does not enter the body, make sure you wear a mask.

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Then also vaccinate yourself meaning do something to the body where even if the virus gets through, it will not be able to affect you negatively because your body is got the means to fight the virus. That's what the vaccination does. In addition to the vaccination people they eat, well eat healthy and so on and so forth exercise whatnot. So, basically increase and enhance and strengthen your natural resistance to disease. So that it will be

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your body will be safe.

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Just as therefore let us use this now as a less learning lesson.

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But of course, all this is a good rule please do it. But my point here is not COVID My point is

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all of this if we do this is the result of that will be Inshallah, that you will be healthy and you will not be you will not get affected or infected by COVID.

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But this is physical health.

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Now the issue of physical health is that physical health and when we die,

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whether we die of some sickness, may Allah protect us and save us from all sickness and pain.

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Whether we die from sickness or you die for nothing at all,

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you're perfectly healthy. And we die, so die.

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So either way we die.

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But there's another health that is

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that affects us that is part of us. And that is our spiritual health.

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The health of the roof.

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This spiritual health also has to be and must be treated in the same way that we treat physical health which is number one strength it will the resistance to wasabi Sucheta that is the COVID of the roof.

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The virus of the soul is the wasa of shaitan it is the whisperings of shatter it is deputation in all forms. So how do I infect? How do I inject a vaccine and vaccinate myself and how do I strengthen my resistance to the was obvious of shutdown? That's something we need to think about. My question was overuse do we think about this?

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Second thing is the equivalent of a mask. The mask is a screen that is preventing me from being influenced by the outside environment, what is my spiritual mask? What is the mask that I wear which will prevent me from getting infected by

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ideas, thoughts, doubts and so on, which can affect my spirits. What is his mask? Because without that mask, the same thing will happen which is spiritual illnesses.

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The big problem with spiritual illness is that the the, all the bodily illness, all physical illnesses and with death.

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Nobody is sick in the very you're dead in the grave. But spiritual illnesses continue after death. So if I get infected by Schilke, or if I get infected by a lack of toquilla, my taco is compromised or destroyed. If I get affected by Chabot hat, wear shoe coke by all kinds of adults and by all kinds of, you know,

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sort of thoughts which shake May Allah protect us from these these Imani tests, which shake my Eman which shake my love for us also, seldom we shake my, my, my, the other of the observer surah is in my heart, or the asthma of Allah subhanaw taala Maha if these things are affected, then the effect of that will continue after I die. And may Allah protect us that is where we end up with a bad press. So what is the solution to that? Now again, the same thing, number one, what do you do if you

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to prevent yourself from getting COVID Number one, you restrict your you restrict your interaction with people. So you wear a mask. If you shake hands, you wash hands, you don't go unnecessarily into crowded places you need to go but if you don't want to go and sit in a cinema and buy want to watch a movie, you know.

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So you don't want that.

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Physically you prevent yourself you keep yourself protected. That is the one first and foremost and very important thing to do.

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Second thing is that we vaccinate ourselves in terms of so therefore in the spiritual sense, what do we do the same thing, which is watch who you meet, watch who you talk to watch who you interact with. Right? The company we keep affects us one way or the other. If it is good company, it affects us in a good way was bad company affects us in a bad way. We have the police officer salah, he said that if a man sits with a perfumer in the perfume or shop, even if he does not buy any perfume, even if he does not apply any perfume, just being in that environment, he will come out he will be he will feel nice and good while he's sitting there. And when he comes out of that environment, he will

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smell nice because he's been sitting in the perfume shop for for so long. Whereas if he goes and sits in the smithy of a blacksmith, then he's going to get affected by the sword and the smoke and the sparks by following his clothes and my buddy's clothes, and so on. And when he comes out of that place out of the his word to smell bad, he's going to know you're going to smell bad, his clothes will be dirty, and so on and so forth. So it's just a company the man is neither a perfumer, nor is he a blacksmith, but just the company that he's giving, affects him and affects his appearance of it's his effect to other people. So the kind of company we who who do we who do we hang out with?

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This is a very, very important thing we don't think about this, we think you know, okay, my friends and so other friends are bad, no, no, I will gender you will not change the believable, the we fool ourselves that sure there are people who are strong enough and so on so forth, and one person will change the world. My suppose my submission is don't put yourself in that position.

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If Allah makes you that good for you, but assume that you will be affected by negative influences, and negative influences, may Allah protect us this is our last one other creators, the negative influence is always more positive than the more is always stronger than the positive influence. Right? If you see for example, the effect on you just as a simple thing, if you see a haram picture, and if you see somebody praying which affects you better, or more or faster, it's as simple as that. Right? It is as simple as that. If you are if you are among those, you know very few people who the person praying that picture affects you but more hamdulillah Good For You stay there, but for the

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majority of people, the Haram thing we live at the more that is more attractive. So but we don't follow that because this is the this is what this is about this is about teaching us to follow that which is good, not just which attracts. So therefore, I submit to you and my I remind myself, let us exercise the same kind of cautious that we exercise with regard to COVID or any other infectious disease that exercise the same cautious with regard to spiritual illnesses. Keep yourself safe from keep yourself in a safe environment. Keep yourself away from people who are negative and who can have a negative influence on us and keep connected. The vaccine is the connection with Allah

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subhanaw taala

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keep connected to the 100 through da through tilava deal Quran through praying our formulas on time especially in the masjid and so on, keep connected to Allah subhanaw taala because this is the, the final

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protection from shaitan is how to be live in a chateau you used to ask the protection of Allah subhanaw taala and only and only Allah good protector. So shaitan is far more dangerous than any virus by shaitan is far more because as I said, the effect of the virus will end with that with effect to show that continues after we die. So this is Chatlin is far more dangerous. We need to recognize that we need to fear shatter just like we may Allah protect us we fear COVID in the low analogy, but we should not fear COVID But I'm saying take precaution I think we fear but fear shutdown should be feared which fish fish fish should fear the negative effect of data.

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Because that will put us in a situation where we may be in we may do things with anger or loss. That is the true thing to fear the anger of Allah. So when we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from His anger we ask Allah never to be angry with us. We ask Allah to keep us safe from the from all kinds of negative influences, or Salalah hardenability while he was a member of the Gomorrah