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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shadowfell MBI were mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Stephen cathedra and cathedra from abadal.

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My brothers and sisters, I remind myself when you and we are on the in the class of death and hereafter of a very important element of our Aqeedah our basic creed,

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let me explain to you and remind myself I knew that the Aqeedah creed is the foundation on which everything else is built.

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If the Creed is corrupted, then everything else has no meaning.

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In in software language, this is the platform this is the operating system on which all your software runs. If the operating system is corrupted, then no matter which software you load onto it, that software is going to malfunction that software is not going to work. Because your basic fundamental platform your basic operating system itself is corrupted. Our operating system in Islam is what is what we call the earth either which is the Creed and our Aqeedah is La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, our Akiva is that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah appeared after heat, and that there is and then Mohammed Salah Salem is the messenger, the last and final

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messenger of Allah subhanahu wa taala general. Now,

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the issue of the appeal that is so important, because without that, we have everything else we do, will be non Tawheed which is either copper or ship.

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Now, in the belief of la ilaha illa, Allah

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is also

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law learn out of it, what are the Illawarra

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there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Part of that is also that there is no one who can have or no one who can benefit other than Allah subhana wa.

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Bucha going to do a whole series on Akita separately, but just now understand this.

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So the platform, the basis on which all our deeds are accepted, or not accepted, is whether the person doing those deeds is a Muslim Allah.

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If a person who's doing a good deed is not a Muslim, this person will get the benefit of that deed in this dunya. But on the ACA, there is nothing for them

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to be able to get a benefit of a good deed in this dunya as well as the ACARA the fundamental thing the platform does the operating system is that the person must be a Muslim and who is a Muslim, a Muslim is the one who believes in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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who does not join partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala which means that he does not worship anyone other than Allah. He does not seek help from anyone other than Allah. He does not ask scribe listen carefully, he does not ask ascribe to somebody, other than Allah, qualities that belong only to Allah.

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This is very important, right?

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when you go and stand

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at a grave, no matter who that graves belong, who that grave belongs to,

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no matter whose grave that is, right, whether it is my grave, whether it is whether I go and stand on my father's grave, whether you go and stand at the grave of a great scholar of Islam, a great Sufi, a great chef.

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It's a hobby

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in the lobby, including the Rhoda Mobarak of Rasulullah sallallahu listen

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if you will stand by this grip.

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And if you ask them for a favor if you stand there and you say so and so

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yeah, full and be invalid and you don't have to speak in Arabic in your own language.

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Including Ya Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam

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please give me this or that

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I don't have a job please get me a job I don't have children get me children. I'm not married get me married. I'm not successful make me successful. I am sick make me healthy.

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Whatever. I'm poor, make me rich.

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any favor if you ask them.

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Then this is open Schick

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because we are ascribing to them, the quality that belongs only to Allah which is Lan Avila, Dara illa Allah La hawla wala Quwata illa Villa

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number two, if you say please make dua for me

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to Allah subhanaw taala to make me healthy, to make me wealthy to make to give me children and to get me married to make me successful whatnot.

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Right, I'm speaking to the person in the grave, and as I said, including resources.

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And I say I'm not asking them, I'm asking them to ask ALLAH

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that is also open ship. Now, you will find some people who will say that asking them directly is shall we agree, but asking them to make dua is permissible.

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Right. And they say there is a difference of opinion and blah blah. Swanson's also said this also said that this olives said that the chef said that this swans who said this,

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my question is very, very simple.

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And I asked this question to anybody who tells me this.

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My question is,

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what is the basis of our ocular?

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What is the foundation of our healing?

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Why do we say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah?

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Because Allah said so, and because Rasul Allah is the result of sets.

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Allah said, Indonesia and Hola Hola, ilaha illa Ana for Abu Dhabi, working with Salah that is decree.

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Allah said Verily, I am Allah

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and there is no one worthy of worship except me. So establish Salah for my digger for my worship.

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And also Allah is a resident said kulula ilaha illallah out of Leo. Oh, Carla, Carla Elisa, c'est la ilaha illallah and be successful.

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The fundamental basis of our Akita is the word of Allah and the word of rasa center. So if somebody tells me or you that it is permissible to stand by a grave, whoever the grave may belong to including the grave our souls or asylum himself,

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if someone tells you that it is permissible to stand by this grave, and ask the person in the grave, to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to grant you this or that, then tell them before I agree and obey you find me and I have the Quran which says that I can do this

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and find me is a Hadith of Rasul Allah is a Salah, who told us to go to his grave,

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or all to the grave of XYZ, and as them to make dua for you.

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Find me these two, and I have the Quran and the eye and the say, had his officers Ella, and I will stand with you at whichever grave you want. And I will ask for favors. But until you do that, I say it you Salam Alaikum do what you want. Leave me alone.

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I will not ask anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira.

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Because even if I want to err on the side of caution, the simplest thing to understand my brothers and sisters and drilled into our heads,

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the simplest thing to understand is that if I ask anyone other than Allah Jalla Delano,

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I believe that Allah subhanaw taala will punish me. But even if you don't believe that, you can certainly believe that there is a strong possibility that Allah will punish you. But if you do not ask anyone other than Allah, and you ask only Allah, then there is no chance whatsoever that Allah will punish you for asking only him.

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So here you have one situation where you are absolutely certain to be correct because you said La Ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, and you ask only Allah absolute 100% guarantee of success because this is our deen. On the other hand, you have a situation, which I believe is 100% failure, but forgive me, even if you take it to the point of saying maybe it is successful. Still it is maybe here is a situation which is 100% Certain here is a situation which is maybe if you choose the maybe for the cert instead of the certainty, then you need your head examined.

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It's as simple as that.

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Now, what is the issue with standing at a gray

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And with asking that person to make dua for you. So let us look with let's go a little bit back and say, what is the issue of shirk. Now, Allah subhanaw taala tells us very clearly

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what he dislikes and which if anyone does this person will be in the hellfire and what is that? Allah is that is it where he's gonna look mono Livni he whoa your eyes oh ya una de la to Shrek bill in nasura, colossal Mona Z. Allah said which means one of the look man and remember when Luqman Alayhis Salam said to his son when he was advising him Oh my son, do not join in worship others with Allah. Verily joining others in worship with Allah is a great zulum It's a great wrong it's a great transgression.

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Then Allah is around that is it in Allah Allah Ya Allah Yaga funeral and you should be here. While young Pharaoh Madonna diabolically Maharaja, Wilma usually can be learned for called the Torah is men or women. In Surah Nisa, Allah said very ultramarathoner does not forgive, that partner should be set with him, set up with Him in worship, but he forgives except that anything else to whom He pleases and whoever sets up partners with Allah subhanaw taala in worship has indeed invented a tremendous sin. And then Allah is right that has that also in Surah Nisa, in Allah Allah yo ofuro I usually McCabe he were here before Ramadan as Alika Lima Yasha. Well my usually Billahi for called

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Bala dolla alum Barreda. Allah said Verily, Allah forgives not does not forgive the sin of setting up partners in worship with him, but he forgives whoever he pleases their sins. Other than that, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allah has indeed strayed far away. Now, people will give you the

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so called delille of the of the Hadith, where Rasulullah, Salah

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spoke to the dead bodies of the machinery key in the Battle of other word been thrown into a dry well, right? And

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they say well, also Ross also spoke to his bodies. And either Amara Duran who came there and he said, You as well, are you speaking to the dead sorrows are seldom said by the one in whose light in whose hand is the life of Muhammad salah, they hear you better, they hear me better than you than you are hearing me now. Very simple, that people bring this hadith and they say that this shows that you can talk to the dead and the dead will speak to you. Let me ask you a very simple question. Musa alayhis salam struck the sea with his staff and the sea party. So why don't you go and do the same thing. The next time you go to the beach, right? Take a stick with you and strike the water and see

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if the water parts and if the water parts that go go down that track

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the amount of unabIe

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the action of unabIe in a particular state in a particular instance.

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that defies logic, that is unusual,

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is a miracle given to that W it is a modular given to that w plus one Asana salaam partnered the

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moon by making any shout out by making a signal with this index finger. Right the moon separated into two parts and then joined back. Why don't you try it next time you see the moon

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there are certain actions of the Gambia which are restricted and which are specific to the Gambia and a Musella.

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Russell Russell Hassan spoke to the people of bother in the in the spoke to the dead of brother in the in the well. And that is because Allah subhanaw taala gave them gave them those dead people the ability to hear he brought them back to life for a Surah Surah salam to rebuke and humiliate them. And this is one of the module data resources. Now think about this. How many other stories do you know from this era? Where as soon as Ursula went to graves and talk to people? Did he ever do that again with anybody? Did he for example, do that with the shahada of

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these were his people who had died in the path of Allah subhanaw taala he sat there a doctor there, did he talk to him around the alarm and say, you know, I'm so sorry you died and what did he say all this?

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Which other incident? Do you know where as soon as I spoke to people in the grace? Now people will tell you Rosaura. Salah Salem used to say we are also supposed to say salam alikoum Yeah. When we go to the tour to accomplish that. What is the meaning of that? As salam o Allah, may peace and safety be on you? Yeah. Okay.

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People have the graves. This is a dua that you are making for those people. This is not conversation. If you say Salaam Alaikum Jana over there if somebody replies why Lecouvreur cerami Abdullah for you will be in the hour yourself

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please understand

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that please understand and don't fall into this trap of people giving you all these live the lives Assalamu alaikum Jacobo is a dua on those people it is not a conversation with those people.

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now, the I already mentioned the Hadees and so on do now the issue is

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if you stand that if you if you stand at a grave, I told you about the issue of giving the

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giving the

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qualities of Allah geladeira to somebody who's not allowed to Viola now, if you stand

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at a grave and if you

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speak to some to the person in this group, right including yours Rasul salah, and if you believe that this person is hearing you and that this person is understand you then it means that

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think about is that you you are say for example, I go and I stand at the grave on which are seldom and I

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you know I speak to him Ali salaam salaam Salaam and

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so on, so so and so and whatnot. And I also say for example, many people come to you and they say, Well, I conveyed your Salah to a sorcerer. So they will come to that also inshallah. But this is so now therefore, what is my belief? I am believing that the sorcerer salaam can understand me when I'm speaking English simple right? Because I am not speaking to him and we can pick German English Oh to do or what about or tabular banana more French or German?

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So I am saying that Here is somebody whether it is a salsa salsa anyone else and I'm saying that we just said only because this is the highest? There is no one who is more who superior there was a Selim there is no one who has more

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virtue and more power than they're also a Surah

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So when I say that I believe that Rasulullah Salem is listening to me what am I saying? I'm saying that Here is somebody

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who first of all can listen to me even though he is in the cover. Number One Number two, that this person understands every language that is spoken because there are 1000s of people coming there speaking in multiple languages so believe is he understand all language even though in his lifetime he did not do any of any of those languages.

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Except maybe one or 2/3 thing I'm saying is that this person actually recognizes me although I was born 40 ratted years after he died.

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He knows me individually he knows Yeah, our big.

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Now, if I have this belief, tell me who does this belief actually

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apply to? Who is it that who knows everyone and knows and who knows every language? Allah subhanaw taala. So if I believe this about Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, or about anyone other than Allah, then I'm ascribing to these individual qualities that belong only to Allah.

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This is OpenShift

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So please be advised.

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If you have this belief, make is too far make Toba ask Allah to forgive you, and change his belief.

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No one but no one can help you or harm you. No one but no one can understand every language no one but no one who is dead can understand a language or who understand or knows you. So therefore, when you're standing and talking to the dead, it's at best a very foolish action because you're doing something which is completely logical and stupid. And at worst, it is something which is OpenShift please don't do that.

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Now, let me give you some with respect to whether the dead can hear or not. Please understand the basic principle is that the dead do not hear the words of the living. Because Allah subhanho data said, Well my yes will hear all while I'm worth. In Aloha. yusmeiro. May yesha warmer and be moose smear em man

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And Phil como. Allah is that in salt will father, not alike they are not alike the living and the dead. The interpretation of this is of course directly living and dead also living meaning believers, dead meaning disbelievers. Verily Allah subhanaw taala mix whomever he was, he wills to here, but you Who is this you who is the Anta rasa salah, but you cannot make here

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be most men Manfield oboe you cannot make those who are in the graves to hear you.

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This is number 3022 from Surah from Surah Al Fatah which is Surah 35 So Surah Al fattier 35 ir 22 Please go read it see that see the meaning and then mama Elena Illallah my job is over I have informed you they do what you want Why am I yes they will or here or here or while I'm work in Allah use Amira Oh my SHA one MA and be Muslim. You're a Manfield Babu.

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Not alike are the living and the dead verily, Allah makes whomever he wants to hear, but you cannot make those who are in the in the graves to hear you.

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Right. So Allah subhanaw taala cause those who were

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in the in the Battle of brother who were killed Allah subhanaw taala caused them to hear rasool Allah Salah Salem as

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as a Marchesa, as is as as a miracle given to the SWAMI Salam, but he's Allah is saying, but that is something which Allah gave you you can do it on your own. Now, if Rasulullah Selim cannot do it on his own, how do you think you can do it tell me then one more I have in the Quran in the gala to smear all Botha wala to smear all sudden Medusa, either one loan would be real, let's say Verily you meaning again, as soon as I sell him because he's the ricotta he's the one who these ayat are addressed to Verily you cannot make the dead to here.

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Nor can you make the deaf to hear the call when they flee turning their backs. Right. Unless rather than saying that you cannot

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make the dead to hear you, just like you cannot make somebody who's born deaf and who's running away, to hear you to hear the call. Now, please, very important, therefore, for us to understand that the dead cannot hear us. And as I told you two things, one, I am giving you the delille of the Quran in support of what I'm saying, number one, number two, I have got nothing to gain in this matter. Whether you believe me or you don't believe me makes no difference to me. My job is to inform you so I'm informing you whether you choose to agree or disagree you will listen not listen. Do this or not do this is your own and you will be answerable to Allah subhanaw taala just as I'm

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answerable to Allah subhanaw The third thing is that if you do not do this inshallah you are in a good place, because you're not committing something which even there is a chance it might be *, as I told you, I have got no doubt about this. As far as I know, this is 100% shook. But even if you don't want to believe that, even if you believe that maybe

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if you don't do that you're not in that place, you are in the place which is absolutely certain which is La ilaha illAllah. Four thing is, no matter whose opinion it is, because people will say oh the scholars, the scholars that there is no scholar who's a bigger scholar than Allah.

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I'm giving you the word of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Himself the Quran will carry.

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Whatever else you have got,

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is nowhere comparable to the word of Allah subhanaw taala. If you believe that then you are out of Islam. If you believe that the word of some scholar, whoever it is, has more weight than the ayat of the Quran, then you are exit Islam.

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So if you believe this ayat of the Quran, then stay away from these practices. If you do not believe the fate of the Quran, then I have nothing more to say to you. The final point, very important,

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let us even assume,

00:24:43--> 00:24:47

right just for the sake of argument, the dead cannot hear you because Allah said so.

00:24:48--> 00:24:55

There's nothing but just for the sake of argument. If you want to believe that the dead can hear you.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

Let me give you an example. The issue of hearing

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The issue of actually doing something, I'll give you an example.

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Your wife is pregnant.

00:25:08--> 00:25:51

She is due for delivery, the baby is fully developed, healthy, absolutely fine. You just had a scan, she went for her checkups, and they did an ultrasound scan, and you have the CD of the ultrasound, ultrasound, to prove that you're, the baby is healthy and Alhamdulillah well alive, in the womb of the mother, not dead alive. Now, you go, and you put your, you go right down to her belly, and you say to the baby, tell your mom to get me a cup to make me a cup of tea.

00:25:52--> 00:26:08

Now, if you're doing that as a joke, we all have a good laugh, matters over. But if you seriously believe that that baby can hear you and can tell his or her mom to do this or that, as I told you, maybe the way we can hear.

00:26:09--> 00:26:21

And there are people who believe that you know, people will run by women who said for a while that while they're pregnant, this, the baby hears the Quran and salsa. So let's assume the baby can hear you. But can the baby do what you ask him the baby to do?

00:26:22--> 00:26:24

Can they actually tell the mother do this do that.

00:26:27--> 00:26:34

This is an example of the difference of conditions between the life of this world and the life or the burdock.

00:26:36--> 00:26:47

Everybody is alive, it's not a matter of being dead. Please understand His death is not the cessation of life. And I've said this many times, death is the cessation of ability to do anything.

00:26:52--> 00:26:56

That is the cessation of the ability to do anything

00:26:58--> 00:26:59

that ability ends.

00:27:03--> 00:27:07

Now, if you believe that that everything does not end, and this is OpenShift.

00:27:13--> 00:27:33

The active as the last thing that I want to say to you tomorrow, the sisters for you to understand with respect to the position of people in their graves, and whether or not you can call on them, ask them for favors, or ask them to make dua for you.

00:27:34--> 00:27:41

And that is the question is not whether they are alive or dead. Everybody is alive,

00:27:42--> 00:27:46

from the best of them, to the worst of them, they are all alive.

00:27:48--> 00:28:17

Why do we say that because there is the other of the cover, there is punishment of the grave, and there is the reward in the grave. Obviously, punishment in the grave is not being given to dead bodies. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned about Iran and the Isle of Iran. And Allah said that day and night in the morning and the evening they are shown to the fire. And on the Day of Judgment they will be put into the fire which means that there is punishment happening in the grave again, the daleel of the Quran.

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The question is not whether there is life or death. The question is, what can they do or what can't they do. And the example I gave you was to show that even though the baby is alive in the womb of the mother, it cannot do anything. Please understand the Allahu shahada in which we are living. And the animal birds of India which we will go are two different worlds with two different

00:28:44--> 00:28:48

rules and different laws and different ways of existence.

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Again, example, same baby example, that baby you are talking to is in a sack which is called the M is called the the sack of the baby. And in the sack is what is called the amniotic fluid.

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So this baby and you are that baby I was that baby for seven months, eight months, nine months

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is months, not minutes, months, is completely immersed in fluid in liquid in water. And it is breathing that now

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now that we came out of that environment.

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Now you will tell me that can I take you and dip your head into a bucket of water and hold it down underwater for nine minutes? What will happen? I will die.

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Right? Now if you argue and say well, you know you live for nine months inside water.

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Why can't you live for nine minutes? What is the answer? The answer is that will

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is a different word, this is a different word. In that word I was getting fed. Without any effort.

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I was getting fed, even if my mother was vomiting every single thing that she was eating day in and day out, I was still getting my nutrition without any work in this life if I somebody has to feed me or I have to work for my living otherwise I don't get food,

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different work different rules. Same thing when we go into the Oliver bursa when we go into the world of the grave, different worlds different rules, what are those rules? Those rules are we ask Allah subhanaw taala for peace and for harmony and for tranquility and for freedom from the other of the cover alone my knee out will be given as IV recovery. What does that mean now, when I was becoming fully mean, fit until my yoga mat woman fitted until mercy hit the jell O Allah give me relief from and protect me from the other of the cover, and the other was a fire and protect me from the fitna from the test and tribulations of the life and death. And from the test of the gel, the

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material the gel which

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used to make this dark, this is the dua that we make at the end of our Salah in the shadow,

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which is another evidence and proof that a double cover exists because wrestlers are seldom used to seek protection from other blue collar.

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My brother and sisters, please stay away from

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stay far away from the animal Bertha is a different world. It has different rules. And among the rules of yellow bonds of is that just as there is no connection between the world of the Arwa Allah mulawa which is another in which there is life and animal shahada, there is no connection between the two similarly, there is no connection between alpha and

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the living cannot speak to the dead, the dead cannot hear you. And the dead cannot do anything for you. No matter who that dead person is. And if you ask that person, then you are committing ship OpenShift and then you then it's between you and Allah and Allah subhanaw taala promised to punish the one who does OpenShift unless of course we make as the Cordoba that is why I remind myself renew. If you have been doing these things please stop doing right now and make is that far and Toba? ask Allah to forgive you and insha Allah and was there a lot of promise to forgive so inshallah He will forgive us Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a Vietnam era