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Salam Alaikum Welcome to the little bit Alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Jonathan MBA with Ali Mohammed also relies on Allah Allah un it was of you send them to Stephen cathedra cathedra from

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either just as we come to the final

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aspect of Deen which is the Maharashtra society, society actually is a is a outcome it's a it's a creation of the attitudes and the behaviors of individuals sometimes or rather most of the time we try we seem to think of it in the opposite way people say society is corrupt society is the result of the corruption of individuals society cannot be corrupt society is what happens right. So, if you say there is a fire and you say the fire is burning everything well, you have to go and say who said the fire who would who lit this fire. So, society by itself is neither corrupt nor good nor bad society society, it becomes good or it becomes bad depending on the people in that society. Second

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thing is that it's not that every single individual in the society has to change for the better or for the worse for our society to become either good or bad

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society the kind of society the nature of society depends on the behavior of the majority of people, it's not just what happened with the minority, it would happen with one person either this way or that way. So and also it is not required that every single person has to change. So it is the majority of people if the majority of people in society are honest and hardworking and and you know concerned and so on, then you create a certain kind of society. And if you on the other hand if you have the majority of people of a different kinds of you have a different kind of society and that choice is up to us.

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I want to mention to you two incidents that happened to me this firsthand experience

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I'm not telling somebody else's story. I was in Australia

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in one incident is in Melbourne one is one is in Perth, so in when I was in Perth, I was staying these friends of mine they had put us my wife and I then put us in a in a guest house so it was one of their one of their houses and very nicely very very comfortable very

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well furnished everything else and they had a whole bunch of groceries and everything else ready they asked me they said would you

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do Is there anything specific that you need?

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Because if you if that is so then we need to go because the shops closed at 530 So I said this is strange Why do structures close to 530 They said because our government says that nights you should spend in your in your homes with your families are not wandering around in marketplaces. So I started fantastic this is a this shows what kind of society it is very nice. So you went to the shop you went to the grocery shop you bought some stuff we needed some fruit and so on. Now once we bought all that stuff I suddenly noticed that there were no tellers there are no checkout desks so I said this is strange I mean it's a weird is the checkout counters this is there isn't as you walk

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out to the door there are

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the actually the word what looked like iPads which were embedded in the in the wall and in this iPad

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you entered what you had bought and the price shows and the gums and then you swipe your card and you go so I said I had bought some black grapes to clue two kilograms so as an FYI instead of two kilograms if I type here one kilogram what will happen is they will charge you for one kilo that's it

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the law no security cameras and nothing following you to see exactly what did you pick up and so on so far, there are no spot checks. There's no security guard at the gate, you know, giving you a once over nothing. It's a trust system is based on trust you it's up to you to have it and go this is the same thing happens at our buses you get onto a bus, you know your destination you punch it in and it tells you the ticket you've dropped the money. So I said what happens if I just get onto a bus and then I get off it nothing happens you can get off and get off.

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Now the point here is this I said look in a houses shop opening up well how come you know people just don't steal and go everything this is not this is the society they do not steal and go away. And even though some people still do there will be some people who will you know walk away with things that they have calculated that that loss which they have is less than what any normal shop has, if you total up the

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theft losses, plus what is

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spend on security

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there saving up all that. And the last is if there is a last digit much less than that

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shows you what kind of society what kind of people

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live in Perth. Now in Melbourne.

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We were I was speaking at a at a conference. So this conference was a huge

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conferencing center. So there was a five star hotel, there was a conference center, and there was a mall. So there was a whole bunch of shops. So one of our friends

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she attended the conference and then after that she went to the mall. And then she needed to use the use the washroom so you were she went to the washroom. And after that she left her mentor.

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Later in the evening

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she gets a she or her husband gets a get a phone call

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from one of the shops. So they said What's it they said I use one says yes.

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They say we have your new those days it was Blackberry. So we have your BlackBerry four, it was a new latest BlackBerry four. We have your BlackBerry phone here. Now she went home and she discovered that she had lost her phone and and she couldn't remember where this phone was. And she thought to herself that maybe, you know, I left it in the mall, one of the shops are washed over water. And it was can you imagine you leave a phone in a public place like that, and what chances are there of getting it back. As it happens, she left it in the washroom, she forgot it in the washroom, she put it up put it up somewhere to make wudu or something. She forgot it there. Somebody found the home,

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they went to the shop, I was in the washroom, and they gave it to this guy and say we don't know who it belongs. But here it is. And they were able to find by some means number, the DUNS number turned out to be husband number. And she got her phone back. So I remember in that conference, I even said that I would like to publicly appreciate the people of Melbourne. And we don't even know who that you know, person, that person was who found the phone that honest person, we have no idea who it was. We said, well, you know, we would like to thank the people of this place. And I jokingly said that if you want to lose a phone, lose it in Melba, because then you will never lose it.

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But the point I'm making here is that there are there are many incidents like this, both positive and negative.

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The idea here is not to give you a list of such things, but to point out the fact that when we compare when we complain about society, and we hear this all that I was it is very bad and is corrupted in this and that and there is so much of it. If this is the result is ours, this is the result of our behavior. I don't mean only Muslims are obviously people who live in that society. It is the values of those people it is their ethics, their morals, it is their compassion, it is the kindness or it is the opposite all that which results in the society that is formed. Now this is not rocket science. I'm not telling you anything you didn't know. But it's something that we most of the

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time we forget. And we spend a lot of time complaining and you know, talking about how bad this is. And that is but we forget that whether it's good or bad depends on us. And that is the reason why I lost router as it Allahu Allahu Allah you will map your home in Hatha Yoga Yoruba we unfussy him Allah does not change the good condition of our people until they change themselves. Right. So what is the meaning of changing a good condition of your into a bad condition? Obviously, that's the opposite of that. So what does it mean means that the good condition will remain until people allow corruption to spread.

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Now he says I live in one of the one of his beautiful Hadith. He said that the decline of the Bani Israel started from the time when one of them would do something haram one of them would do something which is prohibited. And when he or she was doing that, the knowledgeable people in the community they would stop them and we will try to stop them. They would tell them look, this thing you are doing is prohibited don't do it. But that person would continue to do it. Now listen carefully,

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somebody is doing doing bad. They are being warned, they are being you know, admonished. And they are saying to them don't do it. But they continue to do it. Now until this time, this is as it is, but the people who admonished them the people who want them the people who said to them initially don't do it. They do not break

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Their relationship with that person, they continue to relate with them, they continued to be friends with them, they continue to invite them and to accept the invitation then to marry them and Dubai and to give their own children and marry the SWAT, to those people who are openly disobeying the law of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is when the decline of Bani Israel started because it is not just enough for you to abstain from doing wrong, it is necessary for a society to be healthy for the people of knowledge to open their mouths and stick their necks out and say what needs to be said.

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Right to correct people, if you do not correct people, then you will find that at the end of the day,

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corruption will spread even though you might be the only person who is pure and not corrupt in that society, but because of your silence, so in some way, you are responsible, directly or indirectly. The soldiers or as Adam said in one Hadith he said when other comes when the punishment of Allah comes everybody is affected the good people and the bad people is as sad as Allah What about the good people? Everyone is affected good or bad? On the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will

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separate in other heavies SLM said that this was a result of said that Allah subhanaw taala orders God salaam to go and punish a particular community. And Jabril Islam says Ya, Ya Allah, yeah,

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there is there is this individual that is one person who is pious. And who is not like the others. Allah Subhana Allah says Begin your punishment from him.

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They begin the other from that person. Because despite the fact that that person is pious and that person is not corrupt, that person did nothing to stop that that person kept quiet that person did not make effort to correct other people. I remind myself a new Allah subhanaw taala isn't going to Kira, Amata and oak, rigidly NAS, that Marone I build my roofie what and how gonna nail Moon curry we're gonna be left alone around that I said you are the best of people, not because you behave well or only know, the best of people are extracted for the benefit of mankind. And what you do, you order and you

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invite people towards and you enjoy and good and you forbid evil. And you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't know not sufficient to be good ourselves. That is a boundary condition. You cannot be telling people not to smoke while you have a cigarette in your mouth, that there's zero clear credibility for that, right. So we must do our best we must do our best to ensure that our character is perfect. But it is not sufficient just to do our best. What is required is for us to do more by

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inviting people towards good and stopping people from evil.

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My brothers sisters

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it's a big mistake that many Muslims back where they're where they try to blend in and assimilate with the society that they live in. We were not sent to blend in, we were set to stand out as role models, as the as as the where where applicable as the example of the alternative. Right, as the example of the alternative, we need to stand out to show that the alternative is possible.

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We need to stand up and show that it is possible to speak the truth it is possible to be here with courage it is possible to support the week, it is possible to be

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to speak out against discrimination and I guess racism and against cruelty. It is possible to to

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to deal in with people in a way which is compassionate and beautiful and kind.

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All of these are possible things right? And we need to show that not just talk about it. Role models become benchmarks

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that others use to guide themselves to a life of great grace and beauty. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the ayat which I mentioned which I just recited for you.

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We are people I remind myself and you with a sacred responsibility about which we will be questioned and responsibility, a responsibility which is a privilege granted to us because our NABI sallallahu alayhi salam is the last of the Gambia

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And also he's the last of the messengers and last are the prophets after whom there is no messenger and there is no Rasul. There is no Nabil after him and therefore, his ummah, was given the work of the Novick. The reason for that is because the the responsibility of guiding the responsibility of pointing out good and forbidding evil, our motto for Al Mancha. These are things that this responsibility doesn't change. There's never a time when this is not required. This is always required. When I'm bi lingual Salam came and used to come when they were prophets and messengers, this job was exclusively their job, they did it and the job of the people was merely and only to

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follow the Nabil, whoever that or B was, whoever the messenger was, what was the prophet was,

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but with as well as a seller, since he was going to be and he is the last of them, that needs still remains the need for guidance has not stopped, just because the bullet stopped. The reason why the will what was required has not Allah subhanaw taala in his wisdom stopped downward, because there was an upset he held up his his two fingers like this, he said I and the day of judgment are like this, he said we are so close. So when the day of judgment itself is so close Allah subhanaw taala

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did not

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consider it necessary to send another prophet so Allah subhanaw taala finished result and worth with Muhammad Rasul Allah says Allah, but the need for guidance is there therefore that Job was given to the ummah of Surah Selim to his people, and therefore, we have been honored with this sacred responsibility.

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This is a privilege rather than sisters.

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That is why we are directed to introduce Allah subhanaw taala. And in the visa setup, in terms of what he does,

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I was told to introduce himself, think about this, you know, if when you meet somebody, and they introduce you, if they introduce themselves to you, or where you are being introduced to an audience.

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What do they use? How do they introduce you? Say, suppose, say, I'm a physician, right? Say I'm a cardiac surgeon.

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I may also be a father, I may also drive my own car.

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I may also like gardening.

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So I have these four or five.

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As opposed to myself. Now, when I'm being introduced, or even when I'm introduced myself, how do I include myself? Do I say I'm your big, I'm a gardener. I'm your big I'm a driver?

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No, I will say I'm so and so. And I talk about my major profession, my full time, day job.

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Which I do, this is my mission in life. This is what I do. This is what I take pride in. And this is what I take pride with associating my name with it.

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So I say I have a cardiac surgeon. But if somebody says, you know, you drive your car here, I said yes. To therefore you're the driver of the car. Yeah. But that's not how it was myself.

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These are subsidiary things that I do in the course of my life. So we introduce ourselves with our main profession.

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See what Allah subhanaw taala

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directed a Surah Surah salam to introduce him himself as now remember?

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What was he? He was also the commander in chief of the army, he was also the head of state. We are not talking about driver. We're talking about some major very big

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very big and powerful and, and very prestigious things.

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Right. So imagine the that he's also the commander in chief of either commander in chief of the army, he is the head of state

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and so on, but what is Allah subhanaw taala telling him to introduce himself by Allah said, Say to them call, hi these really adore in Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah Amanita Briony was Subhan Allah He wama and Amina Mr. Game, and let's read that it says says it's on sale one says hello.

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This is my way I invite towards Allah, this lab with shore knowledge, I and whoever follows me. Meaning there was also invite towards Allah subhanaw taala, which your knowledge and glorified and exalted is Allah about all that they associate as partners with him and I am not optimistic.

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When I'm not a polytheist, I don't join partners with Allah subhanaw taala. So this is how Allah subhanaw taala directed him

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to introduce himself in terms of what he does, and what those who follow Him do do to which they are distinguished from others.

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The introduction of the Nabi is not introduction of being but an introduction of doing.

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Right, he didn't say I'm the grandson of the lutonium, and I'm the I am from the battle Hashem, of course, no, his action, his work, and introduction, which is a pointer to us about how we should also therefore define ourselves. It is therefore essential for us to remember and realize that we are people who have been sent as an example, for all of mankind. And so we will be observed and followed. And if you don't live up to the standard that we are supposed to exemplify, we will be called to account and punished.

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The most powerful

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way of inviting, inviting to Islam is to demonstrate the goodness of Islam by practicing it ourselves. Seeing is believing and people listen with their eyes. People don't care what you say until they see what you do. And credibility falls with a gap between saying and doing. And that's why you will see that all the I had these responses are seldom relating to people talk about service, not about lecturing, the lives of residents of Salem was itself an open book, a mirror for us to look at our own faces, and measure ourselves against the best standard that Allah subhanaw taala sent.

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For us to emulate, make the study of Syrah fun on yourselves, because the Syrah is the living Tafseer of the Quran.

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In surah, Lim levada narrated I will refer to the alarm the solar cell as an observed when you make broth, make more and more water and give it to your neighbors in activity, Abdullah in an hour of the Allahu unknown region that are Surah Surah. Sanam says, The companion who is best in the sight of Allah is the One who is best to his companions. And the neighbor who's best in the sight of Allah, in the sight of Allah is the One who is best to his neighbors. This is a Hadees in other cities in Italy, the Buddha Allah de la narrated Abdullah, our Delano had a sheep slaughtered for his family. So when he came, he said, have you so and he had gone out somewhere when he? He said,

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Did you give some to our neighbor, the Jew? Have you given them to our neighbor, the Jew? And then he said, I heard as soon as I'm saying, gee, this alarm continued to advise me about treating the neighbors kindly and politely until I thought he would order me from Allah, to make them heirs for that the neighbors will inherit in your property. And this is a say Hadith. He said, I said that the admonition the order to treat them well was emphasized to such an extent that he's a Muslim thought that maybe Allah is meant to say now that when you die, the neighbor will also get a part of your inheritance and has been Malaga Delano related or Surah Surah. Salam said by by him in whose hand is

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my soul. There is a lotta

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a slave of Allah does not truly believe until he wishes for his neighbor what he wishes for himself.

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And this is also unbelievable Mara Mustafa gonna lay I say that is agreed upon in Sudan, even Avada generated that result as a result and said, Oh, I will forever be cautious and you will be the most devoted of people to Allah. Be content, and you will be the most grateful of people to Allah. Love for people what you love for yourself, and you will be a true believer. Be a good neighbor to your neighbors. And you will be a true Muslim. Laugh little for laughing a lot deadens the heart. Think about this hadith all about neighbors. Right? If you look at the whole and this is about neighbors.

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The books are full of teachings

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about being good to people, being fair being just being humble and honest. Imagine a society where people live by these teachings. That is an Islamic society. That is what the Islamic society looks like. And that is why Islam spread in the world because

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us who would not want to live in a society like that?

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The second

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question of

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the grave, which is body look, has to do with all of these things. I asked Allah Samantha to make it easy for us to establish his Deen on the face of the earth, in our homes, in our workplaces, in society. That so that we can create the most powerful form of Dawa to Islam that is the power of demonstration and experience of resistance. It's very, very important for us

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not lose sight of this fact. The deen is something which is

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which is dynamic,

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which is something which is

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that we need very desperately. It is something that it came to make us winners in this world

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loss rather, did not send this Dean for us to live as slaves. Today, unfortunately, we are living as slaves. And we don't realize but that the reason for that is because that's what we have chosen for ourselves. Now you might say, well, who will choose slavery? By itself? You know, why why would somebody choose to be a slave? Well, choice is of two kinds. One is to actually choose to be something. And the other one is that you don't do we don't do the things that are designed to take us out from the negative situation. So the negative situation then default becomes our situation because this is what we have been doing to ourselves.

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So I didn't choose to be negative, but I did not choose the positive things either. So I became negative.

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So choose you b choose by choosing, not choosing is also a choice.

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That's why it's very important for us to focus on this.

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create creating a society which is beautiful, this Mamilla and Marsha, Marsha, which is society is in our hands,

00:27:17--> 00:27:36

dig Allah's mercy the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you know, and few members of Malcolm Min cobbly A yachtie Yo to love by own fee well 101 welcome if you don't know who's a loser, I said which means we live spend in the path of Allah.

00:27:37--> 00:27:44

Before a day comes, when there will be no friendship, there will be no trade, they will know bargain.

00:27:45--> 00:27:48

They will be Russia far they will know intercession Illa Masha

00:27:49--> 00:27:57

and the disbelievers the people who refuse an unknown Adnan understand this and diverse to understand it. And to repel and repel this.

00:27:59--> 00:27:59

This this

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thinking or ayat, Allah said these are the

00:28:04--> 00:28:10

these are the oppressors. I think about that this whole thing. Now I'm gonna say expanding the path of enemies.

00:28:11--> 00:28:41

But Allah is one of them. It does not need anything which I'm spending for Allah. No, you're spending for yourself. Because then when you say I'm spending for Allah, it's not the Allah is getting something. What you spend for Allah, Allah gives you a minimum is 10 times that. Mangia habila sanity for the who are shuru I'm Talia. Allah says I will give you 10 times that and then in another place or the Bacara is equal to 700 times. Right 700 times you plan Margaret.

00:28:42--> 00:28:59

If blood comes out of that it has seven years and each one of the seven ones are not in that last month doesn't what you will live only one year sha Allah you lie holy Musa and Allah subhanaw taala adds to that and increases that as he wishes.

00:29:00--> 00:29:18

This is Elijah littler. This is the one you wish. So he's giving us an opportunity. So every time think about this, that when we have the opportunity to spend in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and this is something that we should grab with both times. This is an opportunity. Think about what happens if we get a very surefire

00:29:19--> 00:29:43

tip for the for the stock market. You will sell everything and by that why? Because you see benefited so this is something which is beneficial for me. So you are spending the day doesn't come for free. Right they get the tip free but then if you want to benefit from the tip, then you have to spend money and invest in that thing which has been brought forward.

00:29:45--> 00:29:50

We don't see that we don't see that as a bird we see that as oh my god fantastic. This is the best thing that could have happened to me.

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

Then I got this in this information in advance and now I can buy in my shares as well. And because be covered is back

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This is what Allah subhanaw taala is saying is not about shares. This is not about being a rich man or woman is going to in this world. It's about richness in real wealth, wealth which we lost before almost battled. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and guide us and to be pleased with us and never do displeased was Allah Allah Allah Bukhari while it was a bit banged up to go to

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one off the label