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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala film ba will also lead. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He

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doesn't even Catherine Kavita from abajo, my brothers and sisters,

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we have all kinds of people in the world, we have people who believe in Allah who don't believe in Allah who deny Allah who believe in nothing, and so on and so forth. People who believe that they will be resurrected afterlife, and they believe will be just become part of dust and mud and so on.

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We have people who believe this, I believe that but every human being,

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every living human being is united in one belief, and that belief is that they will die.

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There is nobody who denies that.

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There cannot be because it is so much a part of our life. And every single one of us has seen

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others dying.

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In some cases, we have actually been present at the time of their departure from this world. I've actually seen a person struggling with their breath, and so on, we have been at their play at that spot. In some cases, we have all been together in one place. And one of us just died. And we did not even know that.

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Design. This our mother died, for example, she was my sister and her children were there. And they were all sitting there. And you know,

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they were doing whatever they were doing. And my mother was lying on her bed, and she passed away. And it's only sometime later, a

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few minutes later, or maybe, you know, more minutes later, that they realized that she had gone, they didn't realize that she had died, she just died very silently.

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All kinds of cases. In other cases, we will not have been present at the point of or the or the time of death. But we know that we go and pray. And as I in some cases we have also participate in washing of the body. This is something that I strongly recommend to every single adult here who is listening to this, at least once in your life, take part in the muscle of vagina, take part in washing the body of somebody who died. Even if you never do it again, do it as as one at least once if it's something which has huge rewards. So it is something that if you do again, and again, this is always good for you. But I'm saying even if you do not want to do it more than once, but make

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sure that you do not lose that opportunity, at least one time, wash your body.

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The reason I'm saying is that it's such a salutary experience that it cannot be, I cannot describe it.

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The first time I watched a body was in I think it was probably 9097 or 98. And there was a person who died in this area where I'm living was Springfield. He was a doctor of nuclear medicine, in if I'm not mistaken, based it hospital. And he was a Syrian doctor. And he passed away. And he

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his wife called and the wife was not a Muslim wife was a Christian. She called the masjid and she said my husband

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was a Muslim. And I think he would have liked to be buried according to the Islamic way. So can you help. And anyway, to make a long story short, I, it was me and two or three of our brothers

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who went to the funeral home where the body was, and we did the muscle of genetic. And so one of the today is 2022 this thing happened in 9798

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which is like 24 years ago or something like that. But I can visualize and I can bring that up that memory in my mind as if it happened just now.

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For me, seeing the body of that, brother May Allah subhanaw taala grant him genital for those seeing his body on that on the table.

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It just look like he had fallen asleep. That's it.

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If I did not know that he was dead, I would not have believed that he was dead. If someone had brought me here to the man is sleeping

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yet he was dead.

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And the question that I asked myself then and asked myself again and again to remind myself is this that

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everything will remain as it is

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that the row would be gone the polygon, we will have eyes, but those eyes will not be able to see, we will have our tongue, but the tongue will not be able to speak, we will have years, but the ears will not be able to hear, we will have a brain, the mind, but the mind will not be able to think you will have a heart but the heart will not will not be beating anymore.

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I remember and I recall the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned those who deny him and he said that they have eyes but they cannot see they have ears but they cannot hear they have heartburn they cannot understand.

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That is the description of a dead person.

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That is a description of a dead person, they have eyes but they cannot see their ears but they cannot hear they have a heart but they do not understand that is a description of a dead person

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do give a puzzle to a journal

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and divide yourself and I reminded myself then and I remind myself again and again that one day I will be the one on the table

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it will be my body on that table and somebody else will be giving a puzzle to me

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what is my preparation for that day

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that man was wearing a ring

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everything has of course have been taken but his ring was on his finger his son came son was also not a Muslim son was also a Christian son came to the ring away took off the ring from his father's finger

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we asked him do you want to join Do you want to be here it's a no

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everything will be taken away everything

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not only Will everything be taken away, even our names will be taken away.

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I'm sure many of you if not all of you have attended a salad Regina

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this reflect

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usually it is after the fourth Salah. So, firstly we had an announcement to say that after for Salah there will be another Jenna's or after the sooner there will be sort of gel

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and the Janaza is kept aside somewhere

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and after the Salah is over then the imam who is going to do the Serato Jana He will come and he will say what will you say Have you ever heard the Imam saying bring swine? So here please so and so here

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already say bring the janitor here which to which which What did you hear what did they say bring the janitor here.

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So when I die

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and I am there in the in the whatever right the the

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not the box but the

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stretcher or something on which they placed the body

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and the Imam wants to praise the janitor he will not say bring you our back here he will say bring the janitor

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please think about reflect on this thing reflect on this you may have been anybody you may have been the king of the world

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you may have been you may have been addressed by all kinds of titles

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right all kinds of titles.

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Whatever your titles were

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whether they were religious titles you know

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Mallanna so and so share so and so Allah so and so booties Oh Enzo or if they were worldly titles now If so and so Raja so and so Dr. So and So Professor so and so whatever it was,

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all those titles will be gone Your name itself will be gone

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and they will say bring the janazah lift the janazah put the body in the in the grave, put the body in the grave

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everyone sisters we really really really need to think and reflect

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all of the stuff that we have this world which we are so conscious of and so particular about and we get all lat under the collar if it goes and somebody does not address you by the correct title, Swan Allah

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and you I've heard I've mela mela forgive me but I've seen people if you if you in one case somebody called one of the alibi he said Maulana so and so he said I'm not bothered I moved it.

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Believe me when deserve you die. They will not say booties UPCA. Jonathan is Janaza

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even the name will go.

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All the title will go. We get very upset also didn't call me by the Thai title who cares? That title does not belong to you

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Nothing belongs to you.

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Nothing belongs to only be by the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That day we need to remember, and we need to remind each other. It's not only enough to remember we must remind each other in your families when you are sitting with your family. Talk about depth

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Alhamdulillah in our religion in Islam, this is Mubarak to talk about it.

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Right in other religions, people get very upset. They say no, no, no, this is a bad thing don't know.

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Alhamdulillah it is the best thing Rosa Rosa sallam said the most intelligent of you is the one who remembers his death most often.

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Not because we are morbid people is because this is our goal.

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This is our goal.

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Our goal is to have a good ending. Because as soon as a Muslim said, in Namal, Mr Lu, Bill Havarti.

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He said there is the deed, the result of the D is based on how it ends. So a person could have lived a life which is full of sin full of disobedience of Allah swatter and so on so forth. But if Allah gives us the fifth, and if they accept Islam, and they die on Islam, then they're in general for those

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gentlemen, for those

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witnesses to seriously think about this,

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depth we need to remind ourselves because number one, it is inevitable it will happen.

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what happens then, and thereafter will decide whether we are successful or not.

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ultimate success is that

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned is very clearly in the Quran. was about that I said cool enough cinza ecotour mouths

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Kulu nafcillin the Economo Allah said every living thing will taste death in the wall. So we had we have this term zifa ISCA Casa casa, cotta metallic Urawa

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zifa test,

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cool Lunasin the Eco to remote, every living thing.

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Whether it is humor, whether it's animal, bird, reptile, whatever, anything which is living tree, you name it, anything which is living, co Lunasin the ECO mode

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or in the Moto phone Adora comio Malkia.

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And Allah says that the Agile the reward of your deeds, you will get on the Day of Judgment.

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For one Zuzia Annie Nury Buddha kala Jana forgot first

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and only the one who has been freed from the hellfire and entered into Jana. Forgot first only that person has achieved ultimate success. Success and failure is not in this world. Your bank balance your asset values your net worth none of this

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spells success or failure

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upon Zuzia and Inari were autoscaler. Janata forgot fuzz, the one who has been freed from the hellfire and has been given Jana entered into Jana. Only that person is finally successful we ask Allah geladeira who for to enter us into Genoveva ascension

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woman had to do Nia Illa Mata en

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la salle and the life of this world is only deception.

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It's only deception.

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If you think about this, this live of this world is exactly upside down.

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What is good with Allah usually is not good as per the values of our society.

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It is actually good for us in this dunya but the way society looks at it

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what society considers freedom

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actually, problematic. It is the disobedience almost.

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And so on and so

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on will have to Dunia Illa motto.

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The life of this world is nothing but deception.

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It's obligatory on every believing man and woman to believe what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells them in his book

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and all that Rasul Allah is Allah Salam tells them in the bout the matters of alive. Now alreay is usually translated as something which is unseen,

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but the correct translation of our LOA is that which is hidden that which is not

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apparent, not perceivable. So instead of saying unseen, we should say unperceivable Because something which is unseen, can still be perceived. For example, we cannot see electricity, but we see the effect of electricity, we cannot see air, but we feel air,

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we cannot see love, but we see the effect of love, we cannot see anger, but we see the effect of anger and so on and so forth. So, seeing is not necessarily and today with defect videos, what you are seeing also is fake. So, we don't even know whether that is true or not. It's not a question of seeing is the question of perception, by any means, directly or with a tool today or forever,

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I'll read will remain alive until Allah Subhana Allah lifts the curtain

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what is in the cover what is on the Day of Judgment, Jana, Jana, all of these are things of the Life and no human being can or will ever be able to see them in this life

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is not gonna happen. So the other day was this, just something which is unseen or, and so forth is not the correct translation. So we say unperceivable, something which has been hidden by Allah subhanaw taala. And on the day when we die, when the Malaika come for our soul, then the vibe will become the shahada, the guy will become visible.

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Two things will happen. At that time, may Allah protect us. One the rape will become visible, and to the door of Toba will be shut the door of his stay firmly shut. Because once the hidden has become apparent,

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that everybody will recover.

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The worst of the sinners will see the reality and they will say sha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. But that is not acceptable at that time. The time to make Toba the time to make is that far the time to return to Allah smart Allah is now right now.

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Not until not to wait until we see multiple months.

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So it is obligatory and for

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about every believing man and woman to believe what Allah subhanaw taala tells them tells us in his book, and all that rasool Allah is Allah, Allah tells us about matters of ALA vibe, that have to do with hereafter that have to do with the reckoning the day of judgment that have to do with Jana, with Jana, or that have to do with death, the grave, the torment of the grave, the blessing in the grave, the question of the grave and all of the matters of the unperceivable that are mentioned in the Quran or in the survey reports of the sun.

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Allah Samantha said about Eman, Bill vape believe in the unperceivable alladhina Winona Bill baby boy up Moon salata are mimara zakenna home Yun FICO Allah said who in southern baccarat who those who believe in the vibe, and they establish a salah and the spend out of what We have given them.

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These are the three qualities of the believers, the three criteria of being a believer, one is to have the first and foremost of them is to have believe in our vibe. And I'll read the biggest of them is Allah subhanaw taala himself

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unperceivable We cannot say Allah subhanaw taala in this life with these eyes.

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So we have to believe and accept that because we know that our rep tells the truth geladeira Boo in all that he says and tells us

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whatever he says, We believe in Allah subhanaw taala says, wild Allah He

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what are the law he had come? woman asked the CO Minella hippie law

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those words and whose words can be truer than those of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then Allah said Robin as the CO mean Allah He Hadith, and who is truer in his statement than Allah subhanaw taala we know that also Salam is the most truthful of people, and that he never spoke on the basis of his own whims and fancies, and it was revelation that was revealed to him. Allah subhanaw taala bore witness for this. And he said, Well, Mayan, the corneal Hava in what we're hearing you, he said not as he speak of his own desire, it's only a revelation that is revealed to him. Whatever was proven in the Sahara this, it is obligatory to believe in it, even if we do not fully understand it. So what we have to do is to believe what has been narrated

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concerning matters of the Hereafter of the akhirah, and of Jana and Johanna, and the blessings of the people of Jana, and the torment of the people of Johanna, and we ask Allah for protection from Johanna and the fact that in the grave, a person will be either tormented or blessed, and that his soul will return to Him. All of this is true, and is stated in the texts. So we have to submit to that. We accept that and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for the good of it, and we ask Allah protection from the evil of it.

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We believe everything that we learn from the Quran, and that is narrated in the Sunnah, or on which the scholars of Islam reached a consensus. Life after death was a single and most difficult part of the message of Islam for the machinery keen of MK car to accept. It was a single matter on which Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was opposed the most. The strange thing is that to this day, this continues to be the case. People are willing to believe anything, but when it comes to being resurrected, we have a problem with that. Many of us, many human beings, outright refuse it, they accept, they don't accept it, but many others who are Muslim who accept it, at least we say we

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accept it. But if you look at our own lives, our lives are not being lived as if we accept that one day we will be called before Allah subhanaw taala for a reckoning, it is for each one of us to look at ourselves and say, am I living my life?

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As the evidence the proof that I will be called before Allah subhanaw taala?

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Is this visible in my life?

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Or is it only a statement I'm making? It's not for us to sit in judgment or anybody. But it's for each one of us to sit in judgment on ourselves and say, Does my life show and he had, do I have evidence in my life, that I actually believe that one day I will be resurrected, and I will stand before Allah subhanaw taala and I will be called rowCount and I will have to give account of my life do I live? When I look at my life? Can I say yes, Alhamdulillah my life reflects this. If that is not the case, then the time to change is now the time to make Toba is the fire is now the time to stop doing things which are disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala that time is now not tomorrow,

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not 10 minutes from now. Now, right now.

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Number of visitors, the Muskegon Omaka. The volunteers are macabre prepared to accept everything, but the fact that they would be resurrected and would have to answer for their deeds.

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And as I said, this is the problem even today. And this is because shaitan is most active in this respect, where he tries to continue to convince us to continue to live our lives, according to our whims and fancies and desires in disobedience to the orders of Allah subhanaw taala. Strangely, even Muslims who don't they don't oppose the doctrine verbally, live their lives as if they don't believe that they will die. And we resurrected, and we'll have to give an account for their deeds. That is the reason it's essential to satisfy yourself that the fact of resurrection is in fact true. And that it will happen to us all. Whether or not we choose to believe it. Preparing for it is a sign

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of, of intelligence. Living in hafla in heedlessness is a sign of weakness or lack of Eman.

00:23:46--> 00:23:52

And that's the reason why rasa salaam said the most intelligent of you is the one who remembers his death most often.

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One of them was diggin came to. I was a seller. He brought a board he found a human bone from somewhere. He brought it he crumpled it like this in front of the seller. And he said yeah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Are you telling me that your God will

00:24:11--> 00:24:30

will make this one come alive? He comes from the he come from the bone. He ordered it like this. He said, Are you saying that your God will bring this person whoever it was alive. As soon as messenger Allah will bring that person alive. Allah will bring you alive and Allah will put you into Jana.

00:24:32--> 00:24:34

This is the tragedy of

00:24:36--> 00:24:59

of arrogance that this person was leaving. He could have been a Sahabi of sources. He had the opportunity. If he had accepted Islam, then he would we would have been a savvy because he's accepting Islam and he if he lives or dies on it, and he has seen as a seller has been in his company, he's a savvy. He could have been a savvy and yet, all he got from him was

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

The assurance

00:25:02--> 00:25:05

and guarantee of gem of Johanna in the law when

00:25:07--> 00:25:10

I think about is why do Muslims disobeyed Allah?

00:25:11--> 00:25:19

Why does the Muslim disobey Allah why does the Muslim gamble Why does he go to the races? Why does he drink Why does he commit Xena Why does he deal in bank interest?

00:25:20--> 00:25:23

He knows all of this you know all of this is haram

00:25:25--> 00:25:29

believe me today people who are doing all these things are not doing it because they don't know it.

00:25:30--> 00:25:32

They know it is. Still they're doing it.

00:25:33--> 00:25:44

Say that they're Ayesha Siddiqa. Bella Anna says if the first thing that was revealed in the Quran was not to drink alcohol or not to commit Zina, people would have said, we will never do it.

00:25:45--> 00:25:57

But the first Surah that were revealed, what about Jana and Jana, until the hearts of the people became attached to a loss of an author. And then the rules of haram and halaal were sent, and people who wait.

00:25:58--> 00:26:04

This is because the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala was clearly in their hearts already.

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

So this is the first principle of Serbia

00:26:08--> 00:26:12

to inculcate the love of Allah subhanaw taala in the hearts of people

00:26:13--> 00:26:15

and to strengthen their connection with Allah subhanaw taala

00:26:16--> 00:26:36

the reason why people disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala, especially in the matters of Orion is for the most part not because of ignorance, but because of a weakness of Hema. So their laziness takes over or the shahada takes over the desire takes over. For people today the rave is not real.

00:26:37--> 00:26:39

Agenda and an NA are not real.

00:26:42--> 00:26:50

Say that Oliveira Metallica de la No, he said even if I see Jenna before me, I will not love it any more than I already do.

00:26:52--> 00:26:57

And that is because the Jana and Jana was already so real for him.

00:26:59--> 00:27:02

For that reason, it is essential to talk about the Accra,

00:27:04--> 00:27:22

to talk about the promises of Allah subhanaw taala to talk about a Jana and Jana constantly at home, and in our gatherings, so that these things become real for us. What is not mentioned, ceases to exist in the minds of people, what is mentioned becomes real.

00:27:25--> 00:27:38

Today, we are living in these COVID times. And this is one of the great lessons. There are many lessons related to COVID. One of the great lessons from COVID is this, that what we speak about becomes real. What we don't speak about

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becomes unreal. For most people today, the most real thing in the world is COVID.

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Because constant reminders,

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I was looking to see what the temperature is today, the temperature here is minus 14. So when I looked at the the Weather app, at the bottom, there is a ticker.

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So many people died of COVID. Today, so many new cases today.

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Now at the same time, I'm thinking about how many people today died of cancer. We don't know. It's not mentioned how many people died of alcohol related issues. We don't know how many people died of tobacco related issues in America 2020, half a million people died of tobacco related issues of smoking and so forth. It's not mentioned anywhere. How many people died in road accidents, not mentioned anywhere.

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So which is more rare, is cancer. Maria is heart disease more rare, even though it's much more prevalent

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is road accidents were with it? Are people not smoking because they have they are so aware of the dangers of smoking. Have people stopped drinking alcohol because you know alcohol is a drug

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COVID I'm not saying COVID is not that you should not be get by by all means be careful, take care of. But the point I want to make is, this is so real, because we are hearing it constantly, day in day out. COVID COVID COVID COVID

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the athlete has unreal. Because we don't talk about it. We don't talk about the Day of Judgment. We don't talk about death. We don't talk about standing before Allah subhanaw taala we don't talk about accountability. And that's why even though there is nothing more real mirror is nothing more real than that accountability. There's nothing more real than death. There's nothing more real than the cover, then what's going to happen on the cover. Yet none of those things are in our thinking.

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All of those things are somewhere in the back. Yes, we really we don't deny any of that. But if we look at our lives and say what in my life reflects that belief

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can't find anything

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other sisters is very, very important for us to

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remember this, and to ensure that we live our lives in a way, where Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with us, because that's the only thing which will count. On the day of judgment. The only thing which will count is whether Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with us or not, asked us Valterra to enable us to remember that meeting with him to look forward to that meeting with him. to yearn and desire that meeting within Jelena and ask Allah Well, I want to meet you. Because I want to see you I want to be in your presence. I want to feel the beauty of your forgiveness and your mercy on my pouring on me.

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This is where we should be insha

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Allah subhanaw taala bless you and may Allah subhanaw taala enable you to change your lives and your conversations. So that that day when we will meet Allah becomes real in our lives. Once Allah Allah will carry while he was a member of the gang