Suleiman Hani – Muharram and New Beginnings

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of the holy month ofattila in the Islamic culture, as it is the month that shuts off hedonism and hedonism. They stress the importance of avoiding hedonism during volatile months and setting specific time frames for prayer. The importance of regular activities, such as taking a shower, is emphasized, as it is a sign of a new year and helps unlock physical health. The importance of fasting during the month of Easter is emphasized, as it is a time for worship and the return of the Kaaba. Finally, the speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's behavior and emotions to avoid obstacles and struggles.
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Allah subhanaw taala reminds us for our own well being our own success, our own happiness. All believers, be mindful of Allah as he deserves, worship Allah as is his right upon you and do not die except in a state of submission. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live consistently upon Islam to die upon Iman Olam. I mean,

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it is officially a new year in the Islamic Hijri calendar as of two days ago. And as we know, historically, this calendar was adopted for a number of reasons. The first is to document and what's interesting historically about this is that in the era of Ramadan, ohata, but over the long run, they gathered some of the companions and they spoke about this matter of what month to start to when, what month should we start measuring? The basically Hijiri calendar. So oftentimes, many Muslims think that this month of Muharram the first month of the calendar is the actual month of migration, but in fact, it was in robiola one. And it's important for us to mention this just so we

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have a distinction between them. But then the question is why Muharram

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and there were a number of reasons that were given that were documented historically. Amongst them are modelled the law one he mentioned to the companions in that gathering, he said, migration, the hijra, is the differentiation between what is right and wrong. Those who left meaning that entire journey of the Muslims going in establishing their new home being safe and secure for the first time. This was an important moment to document. Some of them said, let's start with Ramadan. We know the great status of the month of Ramadan. Others said let's start with Mohan and Armada building along one agreed with his opinion. He said let us start with more huddlecam for it is the end of the

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people's pilgrimage. People are finishing their Hajj and they're going back home after their hija so they ended up starting with the month of Muharram. And the great scholar Hassan Al Basri Rahim Allah he says about this, he says ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada started the year with one of the sacred months we'll talk about this in a moment in sha Allah, and there's no month after Ramadan that is greater Algoma and Allah than the month of Muharram. And this is called no haram because of the severity of its sanctity, how sacred it is. Now we know in the Quran that the 12 months are referenced meaning to have a measure of 12 months of time it's mentioned in the Quran. When Allah subhanaw taala tells

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us in data shahada and Allah is now Sharon picky tabula he OMA Hanako Samoa to LogMeIn Botwin from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Indeed, the number of months ordained by Allah are 12 months. In Allah's record, this refers to a love hate my phone since the day he created the heavens and the earth, this was the plan for us to have a means of measuring time like this. And then he says four of these months are sacred. And Allah subhanaw taala adds to this something extremely important for us as a command that he can do on Fela totally Mophie hindaun for second, this is the right path. Do not wrong yourselves. In these months, which months Some scholars say This means all the months the 12

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months. Other scholars say no it was specified for the sacred months. The four sacred months according to a number of authentic narrations are the month of Dholera doddle. hijama haram and Rajab, these are the four sacred months. So what does that mean? They have a greater sanctity. So it was known from the time of Ibrahim alayhi salam, According to some historians, that the the sanctity of these months that you cannot fight, for example, other tribes that cannot be wars that cannot be bloodshed, that these are sacred months, this was passed down from generation to generation, to the extent that even the Mushrikeen in Mecca even the idol worshipers had still carried this message

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over this value over so they did or they also did not fight. During these times, it was considered something sacred. The month itself that we are in right now, the month of Muharram, which in the Arabic language literally means that which is forbidden, more Hello. And there's a sanctity to this month, and they've been IBISWorld the long run Houma, he says fell out totally Morphe hinda and full circle Allah subhanaw taala singled out these four months he made them sacred, there's a special status, he emphasized them. And although sinfulness throughout the years prohibited the sinfulness during these months is even more severe, meaning the weight of it is more severe and the reward for

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good deeds is also greater. Just as we say in Ramadan, the reward is multiplying. The reward during the sacred months is also multiply sometimes during or right before the month of Ramadan. We're talking about stopping bad habits. Every now and then you'll hear someone say, No, we have to stop. It's Ramadan, but they're referring to a major sin. No, no, no, we can't. We got to stop for it.

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least the next month, one of the young men I was talking to in a halacha. He said to one of his friends he didn't know I was listening. We had a side conversation. He said to one of his friends, bro, we can't we can't do that during Ramadan. We can't vape during Ramadan, so just don't worry about it until after as though sinfulness during Ramadan is important and the rest of the year doesn't matter as though this is the month to repent from sins and the rest of the year is a year in which there's hedonism disobedience to Allah. No right and no wrong. And the reality is we know this, but one of the greatest lessons we take is found in a beautiful quote of Katara del Rahim

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Allah We mentioned this name, often Fatah, the who is he? portada is one of the following generation after the companions. He was a student of Abdullah bin Misurina and only a long run. And I beloved mistero does we know one of the early converts to Islam directly heard the entire re citation of at least 70 Solar from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning he was always with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he was from the early stages of Islam. Abdullah bin Masaryk is one of the scholars of Quran from the sahaba. So he teaches in Kufa after he leaves. He teaches in Kufa number of students who go on to become scholars of Tafseer themselves and scholars that we reference all

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the time. One of them is portada Rahim Allah. So Allah said something very beautiful. I'm going to mention the Arabic and translate as well because of how important this is. Well Paula Qatada if you have any further totally morphine and full circle about this, I do not run yourselves in those months. He said in Ebola mafia Asurion Hiromi Agha Mahalia turn what is wrong me not only female Seiwa when cannot do other kuliah Harlene ottima he said to commit wrongdoing oppression to yourself meaning to do wrong or to others as well, during the sacred months is even greater of a sin and heavier as a burden than Lorem oppression at other times even if Lorem is one of the most severe

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things at all times, meaning you avoid it at all times. And then he said when I came in Allah your ugly woman empty Hema Hachette. However, Allah chooses to honor certain things from his creation as He wills. So he gave some examples on in Allaha Stofer sofar Yemen hydralie en la has chosen elite special things from his creation, pay attention because we experienced these year long. The first he said is for feminine Mala Ekati Rousselot Wamena Nasi rasuna he chose from amongst the angels, certain angels to be messengers whose is referring to amongst them Djibouti and out of his salon. And from the human beings as well. Allah chose some people to be messengers was tough, I mean, Al

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Konami the problem he chose from all the speech you can possibly have all the things we can say that the best of speech is the pick, the best of speech is to mention Allah subhanaw taala. To study the Quran to have gatherings of knowledge was tough. I mean, a lot of the massage that he chose from all the places on Earth, a special merit is given to the massage. And this should be a reminder for us to always be looking for the things that are special. If you know of all the places on earth, that Allah Subhana Allah loves the houses of Allah then try to be frequent in the houses of Allah try to be regular in the houses of Allah. While stuff Amina shahada Ramadan when I showed her from all the

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months, Allah Subhana Allah chose the month of Ramadan and the four sacred months while stuff I'm in a yam yo Maluma he chose from the days of the week the day of Juma. This is a day that is considered a read for the Muslims a day of honoring Allah subhanaw taala of coming to Juma prayer which is mandatory for the men a day in which we increase in our acts of worship, we make more dua, and so on and so forth. We recite Surah to care for increasing Salawat will start Amina Layali Layton pod from all the nights of the year, he chose and specify Lena to La pod and that's the night in which the Quran was revealed. fogli MUMA olam Allah so honor the things that Allah has honored fogli MUMA

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Abdullah Mala in number two Algoma Moodle Rima, ADAMA, Allah who will be here in a little further meanwhile, Verily the people of understanding people of common sense of faith, the people of wisdom, they respect and they honor the elevate the status of the things that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has chosen, meaning they make them important in their lives. And one of the scholars and Milady rahamallah in his tough seat. He says, if somebody were to ask you, why are there sacred months? Why did Allah subhanaw taala choose some months and made them secret special, rather than the entire year being special? What's the point of distinguishing some months, he said this is so that people

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who stopped sinning during the sacred times during the sacred months that that action, you know how Ramadan some people stopped singing, some people were recorded. Some people read more Quran so people come to the masjid. So people fast the entire month they don't fast all year. These are examples that you're able to do more. So he said when people stay away from sins during the secret times. It's as though this is the strength that catalyst the pretext that they need to do this the rest of the

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here, and this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala for their well being. He said at the end of this statement, mill, sloth and mean houfy or evadne, you will look for and beat him. So Allah subhanaw taala out of his compassion and wisdom, specified certain times, certain months, certain hours the day of out of the night of Elijah. So when that night comes, when that day comes, when that month comes like this month of Muharram, and you know, it's sacred, so you work harder. That act of self discipline of Taqwa of hard work, helps you the rest of the year, and that is the objective of specifying certain things. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent along Miami.

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There are so many lessons historically from so many incidents that took place during this month of Muharram that we are in the sacred month. Amongst them, many of the scholars sees the arrival of the bash the owners of the elephant led by Abraha la Sriram to Mecca. And this was to destroy the cabin. Of course, we know the story in Surah 10 feet, this is also the month in which the Qibla the prayer direction was set towards Beighton macness. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah liberate and free Masjid Alloxan bring it back to the hands of the believers, the hands of the righteous May Allah subhanaw taala aid and support all of our brothers and sisters who are oppressed in every land and

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place. And then for 16 or 17 months, it remained the Qibla the first level of Islam, and then later the command came down assault on buckler, the command came down to change the equivalent towards the Kaaba. Also, during this month of Muharram. The city of Basra in modern do doc was liberated under the leadership of audible called Building a long run and year 14 After the Hijrah. And, of course, during this month as well, six years later, you're 20 After the hijra, I'm gonna be lost so it'll be a long one. He was amongst those in his group, of course as the general amongst those who liberated the area of missa. And of course, during this month, six decades after the Hijrah was the tragic

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incidents of the Battle of Catawba in which of her saying only law one was martyred and we will shut down in the next one next week we will talk about the story with some analysis and some lessons inshallah Tada, but it's beyond the scope of the hotel today. So when we talk about this day, and this month when we talk about the first 10 days, and we talked about, I don't shoot on the 10th of Muharram. We know that this is a special day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrived to Medina and he heard that some of the Jewish tribe they were fasting, and they were taking this as a special day. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked about this and they mentioned that this is a

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good day that there's good in it. And this is the day that Musa his Salah Moses was saved by Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Of course, he said the words that we know if and I will remove some income I have more of a right we have more of a right as Muslims to be close to Mousavi said in terms of honoring this day and taking as a day of worship for sama who he facets on Allahu alayhi salam were not obviously me, commanded the Muslims too fast. This was before the fast of Ramadan was revealed before was obligated. So in the beginning, the first of Ashura was actually an obligation the Muslims were required. In fact, in one of the reports, when some of the

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Sahaba started hearing about this, they were told if you did not eat Yeah, then fast this day, meaning fast this day. This is how important it is, or moderately Allah one long after Ramadan was obligated with send out advices messages, notes, letters written down to different companions, make sure you and your family fast on this day. It's a very important day, the day of our shoot off, and the one who fasts on that day. They have one year of their sins forgiven exspeedite Allah subhanaw taala Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not only did he fastest they he loved this day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about which prayer was best, which Salah which kind of

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prayer is best and most excellent and the Prophet Solomon was asked about fasting as well. And he mentioned that prayer offered during the night this is the best voluntary prayer after the obligation of course, and the best of sleep and wealth builder of CME by the shadow Ramadan, slam OSHA De Lima. Mohan, the month of Allah Mahara. And what's interesting about this, it's similar to another reports in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that the most beloved of fasting to unlock after Ramadan is the fasting of the month of Allah Mohan. This is the month that we are in right now. And the 10th Day is the day many people will fast next Friday. The 10th Day is

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the day many people will fast and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said if I live to next year, I will fast the ninth with it as well, as soon as too fast the day before it as well. And of course, during this month, generally speaking, during during this month, especially try to fast as many days as possible. So if you were previously thinking about three days of the month, or Mondays and Thursdays or even every other day, this is a month in which it is encouraged to fast as much as you possibly can. And it was reported from Abdullah bin Masaru that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, even our best study Allah Allah that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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He was so keen to fast on this day more than any other day of the year, obviously aside from the month of Ramadan and it is a sunnah young to try to do other acts of worship, do rot, and decay and so on and so forth. We citation of Quran charity. But one thing that we have to emphasize here

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is that during this month in particular, oftentimes people are thinking about a new year. And generally speaking, when people talk about goal setting, whether Gregorian calendar or the Islamic Hijri calendar that we should try to be very familiar with and rely on. Often times, people set a certain date as the date of starting something new. And in coaching psychology, what we're constantly told and what we're constantly taught, is that if you're always waiting for a new year, you will always be amongst those who procrastinate meaning, when you burn out with a habit halfway through the year and you struggle, you may no longer think that this is the best time to start over.

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Rather you're thinking about the next marker in the year Ramadan. When you get married when you go for Ramadan when you go for Hajj when you have a child when you move when you graduate. So you're always thinking I will change at another time, as though the future is guaranteed. But that mindset according to many psychologists, that mindset usually means that person won't change. That person does not really want to change because the one who wants to change for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala should not be waiting for the first of Mahara should not be waiting for Gregorian calendar year you should not be waiting for 2024 Don't wait for the month of Ramadan. The best time to turn

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back to Allah subhanaw taala is always in the moment. When a reminder comes your way. When you read something online when a Muslim or a family member advises you when you remember Allah subhanaw taala that is the best moment to turn back to Allah subhanaw taala renew your faith. Just did you Eman? Make vicar and dua read the Quran. Go back to your goals and ask yourself the habits that you're struggling with? What were your motive? Why were you motivated to begin with? What was it that caused you to start? Why is it so important to you look at your motivators, and assess how much you're still following through with these motivations. Look at your challenges, and assess what you

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need to do to avoid these challenges, the obstacles, the hardships that are stopping you from continuing, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us consistency during this month of Muharram. Oftentimes, we're talking about the Hijra. It's now 1445 1445 years, since the early Muslims who are persecuted and oppressed and killed and murdered had to flee for their lives. And we usually hear about those who fled. And when they had no option, like many Muslims in the world today, were migrating from place to place displaced at times, they don't have many options. They don't have many choices. They'll get into a boat, and they'll try to get to another land and they will drown and take that

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risk, because they were looking for safety and security and opportunity. And yet we're living in a land in which we have a lot of opportunity and a lot of freedoms and a lot of ability to be strong Muslims and proud Muslims and vocal Muslims and active in our communities and active politically as well. And at times, we are so far distracted entertained by the luxuries of this life. We're not taking advantage of the privileges that we have. When we talk about migration Hijra. We look at examples. Like I'm going to spend an hour for all the loved one, he didn't have to migrate out the rock Marc Benioff was almost a millionaire in today's terms. When they told him if you want to leave

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to summarize, if you want to leave Mecca, if you want to leave with your people, the Muslims if you want to follow your friend Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, everything you made all the money you have that you made from our economy, you leave it here, you leave with nothing. Abdul Rahman bin outflow the Allahu Allah was willing to sacrifice everything. And he left with nothing, he left everything behind and migrated like the other Muslims migrated. And when he got to Medina, Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with so much that is that at the end of his life, it was said by Paul hudl, the Allah one that everyone in Medina was benefiting from the wealth of Abdul Rahman been off,

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maybe 1/3 of the people had benefited from him by getting loans from him. Other people benefited through his charity and 1/3 of the people worked for his empire. To the extent that some scholars of Islamic finance, they said if you were to try to have an equivalency to figure out how much money he would have had in today's terms, in 2023, it would be perhaps 50 million to 500 million and some even said over $5 billion, he would have been one of the wealthiest people in Islamic history. I'm gonna have I'm gonna have memorized the Quran used to pray with Surah Al Baqarah used to lead the salah at times. I'm the Rahman bin out was a Mujahid as well. He was not afraid he was not ashamed.

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So when you say someone had a lot of money, and they're so busy with their jobs and their businesses, so they have an excuse, we look around, but often we say, to have a lot of money and to be a religious Muslim. Does it mean you just give in charity, you have to also want to be involved in the community's growth. You want to learn you want to pray you want to memorize the Quran. And there are so many examples in our community around the world who are doing that. But at the end of the day, the question for us is what are we willing to do to migrate from a past life of sin

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sinfulness to migrate away from sins and towards Allah to migrate away from bad friends and towards good environments. What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala knowing that the reward is worth it, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and make us a people who perform Hyjal spiritually for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and may Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent until our last breaths ask Allah for forgiveness, he's the offer giving the Ever Merciful.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he or Sufi woman of honor during these days sure we emphasize fasting. We emphasize Quran we emphasize DUA and they get to being present in the masjid for as many prayers as you can. And bringing our children or families to the masjid as well. Being active in learning and bringing them to the heart of hearts and circles of knowledge as well. But do not forget the internal states do not forget the state of the heart. Do not forget to make dua alomost, the honeybee Oh Allah, purify my heart, it's one of the greatest do art you can make. Because when your heart is purified, the external deeds become easier. In fact, they become

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sweet to you start to enjoy them. When the heart is purified your character changes during this month and during other months as well. When many Muslims are trying to become better, don't emphasize only the external things, do those things, and focus on them and be consistent. But make sure you're also taking care of your character with your family, that you invest in your relationships that you invest in your parents, your children, your spouse, your relatives, your neighbors, that you're taking care of the rights of other people as well. Because one of the greatest acts of worship is good character. And one of the heaviest deeds on the scale on the Day of

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Judgment is good character. So as this month of Muharram began, and as this month is the month that is sacred in which sinfulness is more severe, so abandon it in which good deeds are rewarded, multiplied. So try to pursue as many as possible. Let us focus on what we can do within our homes within our communities internally in our hearts externally, whether it be Baghdad and let us be consistent as we migrate away from a life style of sinfulness a lifestyle or a particular habit of sinfulness and towards Allah subhanaw taala as pleasure we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and the believing men and women those who are living in those who passed away and we ask Allah

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subhana wa Taala to grant mercy on those who are trying to do good wherever they are and to encompass them with his mercy. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to alleviate the affairs of our brothers and sisters in every land and every place and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the good of this coming year for ourselves, our families and this OMA and we ask Allah to protect us and our Ummah in the coming years, Lama Amin

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