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was a lot was Salam o Allah I should have freedom be able more serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even cathedral cathedral Mavado

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today inshallah we will end the series on the hour

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as well as I said last round data, let me begin from there. Allah Serrano Tana

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mentioned many zero will emanate from the regime, Elijah and also Allah he will

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What are eaten NASA the Holo Nafi de la law here

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are some handy Rob bigger stuff. In our

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last round that I mentioned the issue of

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any mention the issue of success in the

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and not just ordinary success, but success. I ask Allah subhanaw taala will show us this in our lives inshallah.

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The Sahaba saw this

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law showed them this

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year, the whole Luna V the law of Weida.

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The definition of success that people enter into Islam, in armies in hordes, in crowds, not one person to each other, and everybody putting up the video on Facebook No.

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And our countries

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and our cities,

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right into Islam. It was rather a saying that when the help of Allah comes with natural law, he will first and when you have success and victory

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so first thing to understand with regard to the hour and that's why I say today is the closing of this

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is that when you have success,

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where do you ascribe it to? To Allah?

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Not to your great speech or not to your great movement or not to your great organization and not to this or not to that but almost the reward is very for this

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really for this is Allah's Roger de mon ahava? Well, I can Allaha dementia,

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed desired resources and comfort him right. And I said, You cannot give you that who you are.

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Now, this is not a criticism, it is a comfort because as soon as a seller used to get very upset

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well I like a bath your knapsack a lot rather than Are you willing to kill yourself? In this, in this in this anguish that I'm saying I'm telling these people I'm trying to warn them against this danger and they don't want to listen, they want to ignore they'll continue with their own things.

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So unless there is a no don't do that, Allah is the One who gives you that, not you.

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You cannot give you the answer to the one you want you cannot guide the one you want Allah guide to yours.

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So therefore on us monitor is saying when you see guide us happening, when you see that you are we making the effort, the effort is succeeding.

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And then Allah describes your success, this massive success,

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massive success, Allah said no, this is not because it was because of Allah. So, this is first of all, it is the help of Allah which gave that is why the success happening number one, number two, therefore what must you do for somebody we have here?

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Glorify Europe,

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hang Europe, make Hamden Santa

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was tofu

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and seek his forgiveness?

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For what? What's in the look of it?

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Sometimes you think this you know people sometimes ask this question, what is always reasonable heroes seek forgiveness if I didn't do anything wrong when

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what's the forgiveness?

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Sort of sort of.org So the fatherland was da at the end of Salah

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Aloma in Islam to Nazism magazine fiddly.

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At the end of Salah, and the DUA is being taught to

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work on the law.

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Why is he significant because he is the one for whom the Hora is in the Sierra we have this incident

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where the crash

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they troubled him so much that he decided to leave. So he left McCain is going away.

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He decided he would make him go somewhere else.

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And as he left McCann, he went out there in America there was a one of the big tribes which is live there that the chief of the tribe you saw him he called me with a variable and he said I am sick of these people.

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They are, you know, making my life too difficult I'm going

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that matches how can you have Makkah without Abu Bakr This is nonsense you cannot go

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he said I will give you protection. So he took his sons he had six or seven sons he put them made everybody put on armor and weapons and so on and they came and he stood there and he said oversee the hotel and on top of the guy was y'all make the off of the cover. And then he declared and he said Abu Bakr is under my protection of the lung. So I would yell came and he said to him,

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we accept your portegies He first of all you asked him Have you accepted his religion? Have you become a man of his religion? Are you giving protection he's not from his religion, but I'm you. Okay?

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We accept this. But one condition

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I'm telling you the New Jerusalem is teaching the dua after Salah to say what

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Allah mean Islam to all I have made zulum on bison, donor monka Zerah

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solemn huge, you know injustice or myself at the end of Salah

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feeling Allah forgive me in Allah rosenberry land and there's no one who forgives except you

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this guy is being taught to listen to this. So,

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we have this

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our condition is that Abu Bakr

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must not pray outside his house he must not do Salah in a place where people can see him

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so this man giving protection he said is a strange

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strange kind of you know comment why what does it matter to you let him put anywhere

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I can understand supposing for example he didn't show this But supposing he says that you know you work I was not talked to people at work and must not give up and he must not invite people to his lab he was not given our okay we understand all this right? But he was not pray

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outside what everybody let him break

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outside inside. No, no, no no.

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Our problem is when our people see Abu Bakr praying or their law no they accept Islam

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and you've Salah what kind of realizes he is which is up geladeira you're not talking to anybody is Allah what He is? Which is really reciting Quran

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he does not even know who is looking at who's not doing nothing.

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But just the sight of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu in front of Islam is so powerful that people accept Islam so we just said no no he was not pray where anybody can see him because our people they see him and they become Muslim. So we can

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so the mindset always is you know the lotto What do you say? You said okay I will accept the two days you pray decide is our third day about any

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disease breaking is what is it is it the best that I can predict your failure to produce doesn't matter.

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Now point I'm making is

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some barium the Arabic was the way

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for the same reason at the end of Salah Salah also so beautiful and so powerful that people looking at him become Muslim.

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But also a Salaam is telling him make dua online is alums and

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all I have made grades all over myself.

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Why? Why are we being asked an order and commanded to make is the far when we see success. Make is the far when we have done something good way.

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This is what I call the the head of the heart

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to protect the head of the heart because the shirk of the heart is to make yourself sherek with Allah subhanaw taala

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where in your heart you feel by effort, I did this

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my skill,

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my speech baking I am a great speaker I'm a great orator. I'm this I'm that I'm powerful. This is the ship in the heart, we will cannot see this easy answer that.

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And this is where Allah subhanaw taala is correcting ourselves first over and over and over. He's the one who forgives.

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So the key thing to understand as far as the work of data is concerned is that when we do the work of our Ask scribe the results

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to where they should be as languages

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Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen See, nothing to me. Nothing to do with me. You're a bad and you are there Rob?

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Me, you use me and therefore you made me Musharraf. You were Musharraf, you honored me. You could use anybody.

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You would have used anybody you would have used the animal you could use a bird, you could have used anyone.

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There are there are examples of people who are looking at a spider and they accept Islam because of the message they are getting from what the spider is this spider What do you mean?

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What is spider spiders what when they look at that, so Allah whatever you say very Allah does not need me not does not need you. So we make this the foreign key by Nia class clean, keep it pure, I must not associate myself with the this is only me what you used me this is your Ehsaan on me. And therefore I glorify you, I thank you I beg your pardon, I see forgiveness. So I remind myself when you let us do the work of the doubt and slap. Number one because this is the greatest honor that we have got thanks to being humor thieves or Muhammad Mustafa Lula.

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Number two, learn how to do that and do that to the best of our ability. Because this is the work which deserves that extra effort. This is the this is the work of introducing Allah subhanaw taala to his people. And number three, remember that Allah does not need us. We need Allah, we need this work of that we needed for our own sadaqa jariya when we are gone, for the day will come for every single one of us, when that will be the last day and after that our deeds will come to an end except those which we send ahead and accept those which are of ongoing benefit of which thou that Islam is the number one so as a result themselves as an ally maybe tell you about the Lama who said If Allah

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acts uses you to guide one person to Islam, he said This is enough for your action.

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There is a there's two there's an element of Italian Nabila visiting one person if Allah uses you to guide one person to Islam This is sufficient for your awesome

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in VR cameras Rantala to use us and it is a mercy all other Allah's Monica said that's going to happen.

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Because if Allah had said, you have to bring somebody to Islam, that is your responsibility, we will be finished. Allah did not Allah said you just make the effort. You made the effort, do it to the best of your ability, guiding is Allah Allah will we want but even if somebody is not guided you made the effort you get the reward 100

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But our job is to guide we ask Allah subhanaw taala to users, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a cluster near to me give us the sincerity of our intention. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the energy and the ability and the knowledge and the memory and the and the humility the thought either to make us humble insight in the sight of others manager to take away all our arrogance and all our feeling of being great. We are not great. We are nothing we are nothing we are we are we are less than nothing. We ask Allah to always remind us for them. In your favor. Joseph said Eva loves you he will remind you of your sins. The sins are forgiven because you asked forgiveness if we

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forgive you, but he will still remind you because we will keep on asking forgiveness again and again and again.

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Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to remind us and to we keep asking forgiveness We ask Allah forgive us, Salah Allah revealed he was