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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various news stories and events related to Islam, including the origin of the title "Salads and the volatile image of Islam" and the importance of showing one's true stance. The Islamist movement struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the loss of friends and the lack of acceptance from the public, leading to struggles for the Islamist movement.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shadowfell Ambia Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam the sleeve and cathedra and cathedra from Abba.

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But Allahu guitarra who be is howdy

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gave an update. Oh cool I am in

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Wakulla Lena Okay, fine. Why do you call it fin? Fi HYAH Tina Sava on Canada Lika saheliyon. Our sovereign

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Lukla the alumna and Nora Kizza la

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well I'm Nash Cora who Allah Who Lima out on year one Netta dakara an

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now it will be Murphy Gallagher and Busara

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yen Tommy Lee

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here that

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he

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my early in the Maya state is who either the head

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of do live near buzzer or the Allah anima call a car and be us Allah Allahu alayhi wasallam either acaba Mina Layli Lita ha Jeju color

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Allah whom Allah Cal ham and ke MUSAWAH T one out of the women fee in our local hands.

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Like amalco Saba the one of the woman V in our local hands

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and an oral saliva the well out of the well local hemp

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what I do

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while you ca

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will go Luca Huck or Jana to hawk one now, Huck. One Nabil Yoon Mohamed owns Allah Allah while he was a lava Watsa to hawk Allahumma laka salam to what belay will be common to what Ali got our culture where Eleague enough to will be kaha some were illegal had come to Philly Mark Ogden to occur to Walmart run to Amma Island and Del Boca Diem, Juan del

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la ilaha IL

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Raja mahadi

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Allah subhanho wa Taala began his book by showing us how to begin each day each night and how to face every situation in life. Be it one of ease or difficulty he taught us to focus on Him Gela Jalal and to thank him for all that he gave us and to remember that everything we know including ourselves belongs to him. Rasul Allah is Allah Ali Salim used to say the following when he would awake for the hygiene in their bathroom the alarm and aerated that when Rasul Allah is Allah li Selim used to awake for the Hajj, God would say Oh Allah, all praise and all times for you. You are the Establisher of the heavens and the earth, and whatever is in them all praises for you. You have

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the possession of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in them and all praises for you. You are the light of the heavens and the earth and all praises for you. You are the truth and your promise is the truth and the meeting with you is true. Your word is the truth and Jana is true and the fire is true. And all the prophets peace be upon them are true and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is true

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and the Day of Resurrection is true, or Allah I surrender my will to you. I believe in you and depend on you and repent to you. And with your help, I argue with my opponents. And I take you as a judge to judge between us. Please forgive my previous and future sins

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and whatever I concealed or revealed and you are the one who raises some people to stations of honor and low others, there is none to be worshipped. But you and this is in Bihari Rasul Allah is Allah is seldom

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taught us to say this dua for times when we awake every morning

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and the meaning of the drys, or Allah as morning dawns upon me, I bear witness before you and before the angels who

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Carry your throne and all your angels and all of your creation that truly you are Allah, that there is no God.

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But you are the one and only God without any partner. And that truly Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is your slave and your property messenger

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Wanaka alumna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and Nicola has a drop out of Amara, in the next day, if you do call us about him, Carla, and Malik, probably Allahu Anhu under Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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called mancala Hina used to be who Oh, yum see Allahumma inni us back to who she took. What Oh, she do have another artistic one Mala Ecotec, we're Jimmy halophilic An account Allahu La ilaha illallah wa Hajduk Allah je Kolak one number Hamedan Abdul Kawara Su woman called the league out Obama rotten

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at DACA who dug a hole love who subhanho wa Taala Wynonna

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Liana who say yeah, the yo mon Nakano fee, not a mean fee Cambodia for you, Ilona L. Mala carne was an OG who insha Allah one a colo had a DA

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for years Iolani mundra book

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first Ayako Rob buena in

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Abu Dhabi. Yeah cool.

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Well, Anna Anna who Shaheed

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because the day will come when we will be sleeping in our graves and the two angels will awaken us and ask Wonderbook

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who is Europe? And we will reply with this door and our rub Jalla Jalla who will say in sha Allah, my slaves speaks the truth. I am his witness.

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In the Abdi, your call, to ananda who shall hit?

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Islam is all about knowing Allah subhanaw taala loving Allah subhanho wa Taala and expressing our gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala thanking Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala began his book Al Quran Al Karim with Surah, dill Vatika and began surat al Fatiha with his name. And then he said

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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he said praise All Praise and thanks be to Allah subhanho wa Taala rub of the words

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All Praise and thanks are for

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Allah subhanahu Talla

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rub of the words. The word rub is a word that defies the translator and is translated inadequately as Lord. Rob really means he who creates and nurtures

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and nourishes and protects and provides every need more than trains. The thing from beginning to perfection one word in the Arabic language includes and contains all of this and more

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at this level, who according to Shane AnnMarie for delay. Well who Billa

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what our bureau Anil MTNL Nina de la but Allahu Kitab Al Quran Al Karim disorder till Fatiha Woba Surah Al Fatiha be izmi He sama Tamarka or hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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Kenema to rob

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here Kelly mcgoon

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that the had AL AL AL Muthanna Jim

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what to tell gemo be Shakhlin rady Goffin

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Allah Anna ha

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Rathbone Jani How can Wallasey Yahoo loco, Yara? Yoga Z. Yummy.

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You are Fierro la Hagerty. Well yeah hello qu kalasha in middle B diety il Kamali.

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Kalama to Wahida tune

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fi low hotelera via t dash MaryLu what we Allah pulley had works on

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my Robbie's Allah, Allah is the love of all of us. This is a statement of fact, not have faith

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or philosophy or theory

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where whether we believe it or not, it is true. Allah is the rub of all of us.

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The Muslim is the one who acknowledges this fact. And thanks Allah subhanho wa Taala for that and says I want to know myRA.

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A Muslim is one who gives thanks to Allah, not only with words, but by using everything that Allah subhanaw taala gave us in the way that he has prescribed.

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that there is no thankfulness while using what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has given us to disobey Him and satisfy our base desires.

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Rugby who Allah

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Allah who rob buena Jamia

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have a biannual little hockey

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l EMA No, we're

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the higher low we're fall server server on Sedona Delica.

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For Hadassah Hey.

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I usually move over are lovely Yeah 34 will be happy luckily.

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We are school Allah Allah VALIC we are Kaoru we do an Arab

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and Muslim oh who are lovely your school la laser forgot basically Murthy well I can with the record the L Wahida. The Li Shoukry

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B is a dummy. Colima Altana with the Riccati allottee whatsoever Hi Diana.

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Mr. Dummy will Lima Adan Allah with de rica de la dee was Abba Lerner.

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The duck under who la you Jeju show Quran.

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is the dummy ma Athan Allah Who Lee ACI And he were here he received a BA in

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a Muslim is somebody who relishes and takes pleasure in the fact that he is not alone or abandoned without support or protection but that he has a protector and owner who loves him enough to show him the best way to live life to live a life of dignity and comfort and honor driven by compassion for others and responsibility for the trust that Allah has chosen to place in him

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l Muslim all who are shocked to Allah see your stamp Darrow well yes I do. Be hockey cut the unknown laser Wahoo Madura we don't need we don't need that. I mean, our Himayat in Wallach can lead they he Rabu Mulliken, you himbo who be my xe legal he'll Allah Who Abdullah cotton. Lee Asia higher than Karima 10 whare Hatton was Sheriff button, mud for beer Rama de Lille our hurry. Where is the Olaru?

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must only at the faculty. Let the star Allah Who? I yadda I have fi

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Who is Allah?

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In spite of the fact that Allah subhanho data introduced himself and said are Raha Rahim?

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Both of these names express His mercy in

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different ways,

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or Rama means the peak of mercy.

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Most Merciful Rahim is the one who's mercy is always supreme and continues without decrees.

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Allah subhanaw taala called himself the Most Merciful the Most benefited by combining supremacy and contiguity. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that His mercy is eternally supreme.

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His His mercy never declines or diminishes, never decreases. never ends. Alhamdulillah

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man who Allah call Allah Who enough see our man Rahim?

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Killa Houma Diaby rune and Rama de Bie to rockin Metallica, or a man who Yanni motor vehicle B be beer rahmati the image

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of a hermano Yanni motor vehicle B rahmati. The image

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era hemo Yanni Hola, de Rama tahu da Iman Isla Mustafa Isla most murine be Dune is our

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main Villa Ali Al Jami Bynum of DD Well, it's the Ferrari at the

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U of Barone Allah Who and Naramata who will boost our alpha at isla.

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He learned about

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an arrivato la Raju aberdein wala turn also evident while he evident.

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Why is it important to know because of what he geladeira who said after declaring himself as our Rob, whose mercy is always at its peak and never decreases. He said Maliki have indeed the owner and the king of the Day of Judgment. Imagine the day when we will be alone without any any helpers or friends, where even our parents will refuse to recognize us. Allah subhanho wa Taala describe all of this in detail. The day when we will feel the horror of facing Allah subhanaw taala who we disobeyed or our lives, he tells us before telling us about this day that He is the Most Merciful and the most beneficial and and that only He is in control on that day. So in effect he is telling us you who

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have believed in me and worship me and asked me to pardon all that you have done. Fear not for I will not fail you. Today I'm the only one with authority and I am your How can we thank Allah subhanaw taala for guiding us to himself. The mother mineral bohem and now if

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we somebody malerkotla who bother and Alana Neff su ha ha mana, Yanni Rob burner. I love the that gov one Oh

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Rama Tahoe the Eman fi

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zorua T ha allottee la Daraa Jo Avada Wirkkala Maliki Yomi de

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de Haley yearly DACA yellow a yo la vie. Santa goofy.

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What are they gonna

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do the A ye? Musa Idina? Oh, as the car

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Hey to HUD

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so your photo, op da rufa eyeliner

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was of Allah hula hula has a bit of ceiling in the whole URL yo Allah Z.

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Ser Nash roto fi Mirabai

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Mimosa Jihad delay a lazy Arsa inna who

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Deewan hire Tina

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F bomb na Rob buena unhaggle Yomi unknown Rama Wawa Rahim. What will Musa zero v Valley Carl Jung Lee

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alaka V Whap it. Rob Buddha your whole learner. Yeah, man. Debbie

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was totally what Ella? Mini Alpha. I'm Callie Marva Aldo

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took off

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the Unani learn LULAC

00:20:26 --> 00:20:38

al Yama Anna al we're here to do a levy level Salterton what Anara book cave underscore Allah Allah era shared in know Ely

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and I'd be worried what are the Allahu Anhu call our Salah is Allah Allah Allah will send them my alias Kuru NAS la escuela.

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How the Hadees V Sunon Aveda

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li mt nano who are halogen Zinnia to Huawei at I love Welbeck or laser Arnie shaxi A lezzy. To Bureau and who and

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in the squirrel hola Erica Lena Cano J D. Mark

00:21:22 --> 00:21:41

for under the CoLo che and a no Ada shaxi a la vie entirely in the acordo NASA Amaya for Iona who Gamblin Musa lemon be while to come live with NAFSA either.

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I either Shoukry al Asri

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when I took a LIFO NAFSA I shook real acid in for under the bureau home and now it's shaxi a lady and Dolly

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I'm aware of the Allahu Anhu devoted that also Allah is Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said the one who has not thanked the people has not thanked Allah and this is in surrender without gratitude is a state of mind and it is about you. Not about the person you thank. When you thank those who are good to you, you say something about the kind of person that you are. And when you take people and what they do for granted and don't bother to thank others. You are telling them about the kind of person you are

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Karateka Tinley had the whole body.

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A smart who Lee and Altova in them. Nanda he Hoonah

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and Adesh Cora ha hula E, Al ash classy V heretic. Alladhina Vaalu, Kula Shia E.

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Jamila de min angelic

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well I can NACA lambda school rowhome Mundo fertility in the willerton au roba LEM to skor. Home Abba.

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If I'll delegate why'd you have the he other than lil mo de

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Kado man? Well Shahid gave Saturdaya Yahoo hire took

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socon to burry zoo of Gala. Marfil Marina was so young Shawna v y g Xu creek for clinical la casa de mas de Lima, d l Lottie, Dottie fi coldly hire Tina in de

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nada ju Illa al Khalili may not though we what that what the fi

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goon has an aura. What if lil Rena was a what was the Kuno Mahi Yan mineral Bertie was Zahler me in the corner o v. MC alhaja de la

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whoscored Allah, Colima, anima, Elena V well as Allahu arrivata

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as a result of this code, but let me request that when we finish here. Thank goes people in your life who have done all kinds of things for you, but who you have not thanked for a long time or maybe never do that and make that a habit going forward and see how your life

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will change thanks brings out the best in others and they will walk in the glow of your thanks in those dark moments that come in all our lives when we when we need a little light and warmth, be that light and warmth for others and you will be protected from the core and darkness when you need it the most. I thank Allah subhanho data for all that He has blessed us with and thank Him for His Mercy was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was a member of the guard

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