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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh this is your brother we lead with Sunni, the president of a modern Institute and the Imam of clearly Islamic center and also a member of M Jeddah. Simply Muslim jurists in North America recording this video in regard to Salah to the cisbat as we experiencing drought around the world, and so many people suffer from this drought in many different ways, affect the crops affect animals, humans, causing

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wildfires and so on. It is part of our religion and it's a beautiful part of our from the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to pray for the ring which is known as Salah to this spot comes from with Sophia which means providing water is to spot seeking and asking for that ring. And in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did that in two different formats. The first one, which is the Prophet salallahu Salam was in the Juma do you give me the husband, someone complained to him about how dry the land is and how that affected the cattles and the people. So the Prophet SAW Salem raised his hand and heard about the drummer all the way up and he prayed for the rain in

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the hopper and the brain start coming down. So that's one format that you pray during Juma for the rain and the Habib raise his hand while he is praying for that rain and it's also not for the people who are attending the hole but to raise their hand. And this is the time where the Prophet SAW Selim raised his hand while he's making dua during the hotbar. And if you do that, there is no any special prayer. And I mean by that to rockers or anything like that associated with it. Selected drummer will be sufficient and the DUA and hope will be sufficient the other format and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has reported and so here that he all he gathered the people outside the masjid, and

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he prayed sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam Toorak as with the hotbar, similar to salaat, and eight, where he prayed for the rain sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is you know established by the authentic hadith and Bihari will Muslim soon and they would were telling me then other books of Hadith and there is a consensus among the scholars depart wage Mabillard and that is Sunnah and it is permissible to do when there is a need for the rain and the Muslim can call for that. But this selected is this art should be prayed in congregation not individually so you don't make salad to the spot by yourself. I told him what are you and your wife and your kids know it's like select and

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eat has to be done in congregation. It shouldn't be outside the mustard but if for whatever reason they can do it they can do it in the Masada as well. There is no event there is no karma for it. It's like selectively when we should pray selected a spot okay. Now it is there is a drought that is needed for for the rain and we pray for it. But what time during the day or during the night. There is a debate among the scholars on the strongest opinion and the menu of majority actually of the scholars will take the position that it can be prayed in any time in any time. During the day after the sun rise like hot they have a lot of hydro shrimps and that came into Hadith and Nabi SallAllahu

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Sallam when the sun came up. So after the sunrise, let's 10 minutes after the sunrise, you can praise the light that is to spark and the HANA beta which is I think it's a very strong argument the said which and others as well. They said you should not pray in the time which is disliked to pray like after Assad or right before the sun goes down, because you can pray it in other time walk to hum Wasa, but some other scholars said if there is a need, you're allowed to pray for a suspect in any given time during the day or during the night, where people can gather the easy for people to gather this slot. Also, there is a debate among the scholars on the way to pray forms. So some of

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the Hadith said It is similar to select elite. So from this they said you make the same style. What do you make the first Allahu Akbar on the first tech camera then followed by six tech heroes or seven according to the debate between the Shafi and the Han Abdullah and amalickiah or and the second raka you do the semi Allah Allahu Akbar, you raise then you say Allahu Akbar five times some or Matt said no, there is no texture at all it just Allahu Akbar, the you know, then you start reading in fact to her and submissive Mara because Allah and the second one, Allahu Akbar, and then you basically read Elijah or any other sorts

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all the elements agree that the tech Kabir sunnah, and the Salah is valid without these extra tech up right like solid eight

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but it seems

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is to be Allah and I mean some of the Hadith it mentioned specifically it is similar to salad and eat. And as for the hotbar yes, there should be a whole lot but what have been Ambassade listen to multicam had they not like the hopper that you do hear the hotpot salata listeners should focus on making us so far, showing Allah subhanaw taala the need for His Mercy begging him and invoking his gentleness and his kindness in the drought making a lot of still fodder because as we know for people to still feel rubber come in who cannot afara you're a citizen. It can be the rara when you ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah Subhana Allah send the rain down and in Nabi SallAllahu sallam said

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to neuronal pottery, you will prevent it from rain because of your sins because of your sin. So that's why it is the best thing the Muslim can do not for themselves but for the society at large. That they invoke Allah's mercy and gentleness by asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness and to ask Him for His Mercy Subhana wa Tada which is reach all living creatures, and part of that is the rain.

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So with this been said during this whole by you making a lot of still thought or reminder to people to make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala and to ask Allah subhanaw taala for for for sending down the rape

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in this hotbar basically when you make the hotline you start making the drought during the hotbar is it one hot bar to hot about many of the scholars said it's one hot about only no sitting in the middle but even if you sit it is fine because nothing is specific was mentioned in the Hadith in relation to the number of hot buzz it is there is or there is a break and sitting in between like the way we do in Joomla and eight or just one. But in any case, if you do either way it is fine

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no matter him or like you saw when I had the hope nobody said it's acceptable on

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correct. But the point here is at the end of the hotbar when you make dua when you make in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave his back to the people and he raised his hand Salah Salem had to kind of overhaul your day at a seminar that didn't me so Saddam raised his hand so high that and I said I saw you know, his under the armpit of the Prophet SAW Salem and it was white. And it was so high his hand Salah Salem, so high above his head that to the back of his hand was facing the habit and some of the thing that irlam has said that the wisdom of having the back of the hand all the way up like that, okay? It is because usually the back of the hand is dry. So as if you're saying you're

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Allah, the situation here is so dry and like the dryness of the back of my hand. And when the rain comes and you think I lost Metalla you use your basically your palm which is usually are soft and moist,

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and hydrated. So

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that's one of the ways some people I saw them doing like this and the DUA and what's your call Islam Potamia Rahim Allah said and others that the way that the DUA is just you basically it's a normal one but you go up up up is all the way as if the back of your hand is basically facing them. And in Nabi SallAllahu Sallam as he finished the DUA, he switched, whatever was in his shoulder, that's why a lot of people don't go for Scott. They put something in their shoulder. So let's say you have this so in the be Salah Salem will swatch well take the inside out so he will switch sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we'll do like this

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after you finish your DUA. But if you're not wearing something like this, let's say you're wearing this also you will take it up and you put it the inside out.

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As you finish and leaving the masala you having a jacket on the top of your shoulder, you basically flip it

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and you do it like that the scholar said, the wisdom behind flipping the jacket at the end of Yoda and you asking Allah Subhana Allah to add to change your situation as the same way as fast as it could be as fast as the way you just flipped your you know, jacket or whatever in your shoulder. You know, as it's easy for you to do that it's so easy for Allah subhanaw taala to bring the rain. So basically you are in hope of a quick change that happened to to the world and to your community and society as the change

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You happen to the thing that you have in your shoulder. And by the way, it is from the Sunnah when you go to pray, select the list this part is not to wear fancy clothes so you know what no fancy tie and like you know, you tried to wear clothes that's not the a modest and not the fanciest of clothes because you want to show while you are begging Allah subhanaw taala the situation that you're in the need that you are in

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Salah Scott, the hotbar take place before salah or after salah. When you look at the Hadith that reported in regard to this, we find some of the Hadith said that didn't be so Salam did the hotbar before the Salah, and some of the Hadith said that he did it after the Salah where he didn't have baths and he loved his aid. And basically they reported different ways and from this the scholar said that means that it is allowed for you to pray for to make the whole world before salah or after the Salah and that's the opinion of Shama Shabazz Rahim Allah and I think that's a very good position is to do it before the salam after Salah if you want to go the Hadith that says it is

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similar to celestially obviously, what the lead will be after the Salah. But in any case, the point is to show Allah subhanaw taala the need of the rain, you pray for it, you beg for it, you ask for it, you make a lot of stuff on it makes sadaqa and some of the things that I know from people that I have seen growing up from my teachers, the elders, when they go to select an age outside to list the scar and the masala outside all the poor they will come and they will give them the Sadat and they will go knock on the door of the poor people give them i i was told stories of some of the elders were the only thing that they have at home, just you know, a small amount of bread and maybe

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of date, and they will take 20% of that 1/4 of it or something 1/3 And they will go donate it

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before they go to select the list to start

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showing Allah subhanho wa Taala because sadaqa is one of the thing that caused the rain to come down. So make sure you remember that you do charity before you go, you make a lot of subtle art. And also it is recommended for men, women, children, everybody to come and to witness salaat that is to spot final point. If you make a lot of spot in your community, make sure you don't do it for PR or to show off you know in front of the media or bring the camera you know it's an opportunity to show how much we care because that's not what you need right now what you need right now a sincerity what you need right now that the last one that I see is that you're sincere about what you're doing.

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You're doing it for the sake of Allah and you really your main concern is the forgiveness of your sin and the mercy of Allah. Thank you very much for watching this video. And may Allah subhana wa Tada any bring rain to us and bring his mercy upon us. When you pray, you make the drought for the rain. Look up some of the drought that the process of the publication that the prophets of salaam used for seeking the rain and the main point is Allahu Allah Athena is cleaned out yet Allah help us provide for us rain, bring down the rain for us, bring your mercy towards us. On us we ask you forgiveness your Allah Our sins are so many and we but your mercy is much bigger than our sins and

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shortcoming. Things of that nature. And there is many of these a hadith you know, reporting the son of the prophet or Salam of the publication's of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Abu Bakr Omar prays to Scott as well and the maids also similar type of invocations, and using similar wording. The main point is to ask Allah subhanaw taala for the rain, and that's where you pray for and that's what the purpose of this Salah and this dua, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. May Allah Subhana Allah bring his mercy and rain to us and to keep us safe. May Allah Subhana dalata accept from all of us our good deeds are Salallahu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he was

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salam. And thank you very much for watching this video.