From Victims to Victors – Towards Muslim Unity Shaykh

Khalid Yasin


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Today I want to talk about

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from victimization, to victory, the way forward. In the past four months we have seen the beast of world Zionism face to face. We have witnessed a benign cancer of hate, inhumanity, slaughter, and graphic genocide, Primetime and 24/7.

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Equally To date, more than 24,000, brutally massacred 70% of which were women, children, and innocence have civilians. We've seen the displacement of any percent of the entire population of Gaza, the entire world has witnessed and marched and demonstrated, petitioned and publicly condemned the atrocity. But it hasn't changed the Zionist agenda. It hasn't produced any remorse in the political friends and allies of the 65 year old criminal conspiracy. It is clear that crime victim will never produce a reversal

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in a profitable criminal enterprise, because it has not resulted in a reversal and the other components of the same global criminal enterprise.

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Namely, the Horn of Africa,

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affecting 36 point 4 million people.

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The Sahale 34 million people, the DRC 27 million people, Afghanistan 24 million, Yemen 21 million Syria 23 million Ukraine 15 million, Myanma 5 million Haiti, 5 million, the Chinese wiggers. 4 million close to 200 million human beings who are the victims of the 21st century criminal enterprise, my dear brothers and sisters 150 million Muslims. So we Muslims have a lot to cry, complain and march about in the 21st century, if that is what we choose to do. I say that in this new year 2024.

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We Muslims must chart a new course, from victimization to victory

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through a Muslim collaboration and global unity campaign. Now let me just say this again, I say that in this new year 2024. We must chart a new course, from victimization to victory. How, through a Muslim collaboration and global unity campaign.

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We Muslims, the 2 billion Muslims of the world can change the course of history. And we must this is your brother's your colleague Jesse talking to you from my Skype news platform. This is just my perception. My spin my take my perspective on one of the critical issues facing us in the 21st century. Thank you very much.