Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #20 – Staying balanced on the straight path

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three types of balance, including being stationed, upright, and crediting and debiting. Each area is important for achieving balance, and one should plant their feet in the ground and not take credit for their efforts. Investing in one's values and actions is crucial for achieving balance, and finding equilibrium in one's life is crucial for being a person who is sincere.
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Seeking balance in life, some handle law, to be upright, to be most stuck him to establishing is the farmer. The word I like to to use for that is balance. So hon Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us in the Quran the very first day that we make the Koran, we say it he didn't know sirata who stuck him, Oh Allah guide us to the balance straight path. Why do I like the word balance? Well, that's entirely what the meaning of is the karma must Hakim is, if you deliberate on it, you will see that Allah Subhana, Allah wants you and I not to go too extreme. If rotten water fried, not to go in increasing too much or decreasing too much not to go too far to the right or to the left. And if you

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notice much of the imagery of the follow on is that we are balanced on a straight path where we don't take a meandering, while at the W Hotel watershape on, do not follow the footsteps of the shape on that takes you off the straight path that gives you an instability in life. And when you think of a balance, it's actually thinking of three things and I want you to kind of consider it. So the first type of balance that you and I tried to have is to remain upright that what we're standing on, if it was to shake and quiver that what is standing on top of it doesn't fall down. So if you think of Jenga blocks or if you made a tower out of your playing card, if the table is firm, if

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nobody pushes it, if it doesn't shake beneath you or get moved, then everything kind of stays upright, but if the ground beneath us shakes, if there's an earthquake in our life in our spiritual life, then at times if we are not balanced, we can fall over. And that's why you hear the drought of the prophets of Allah. Allah records it often in the Quran, but most prominently in the draft of Prophet Deadwood, and those who are about to face Goliath. They said when they saw the insurmountable odds, when they knew that the ground beneath them would shake when they knew that they were set on a big mission and big difficulty in their in their life. They said Rob Burnett said

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bit academica Oh Allah make our feet firmly planted, keep us firmly established. Don't make us from those who fall and sway with the difficulties that we're about to experience. Don't let the earth that is, we're treading upon standing upon firmly that if it turns from us shakes beneath us, that we fall down and collapse to it. And we make this drop as well. The second type of balance is the balance of somebody who is crossing a tightrope wire. And if you've ever seen those kind of videos where somebody's holding that big stick, and they're crossing a tightrope wire, they have this concept of a counterbalance. Why do they hold that long staff will if they begin to go a little bit

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too far to the right they throw weight or they move the stick to the left to a counterbalances them and uprights them and that becomes a very important hole and concept that Allah Subhana Allah sent us the Quran Leah humanness and me Zan sent me Zan sent for us the balance of life so that we don't go one side over the next and we know how to counterbalance ourselves. So if I indulge too much in this way, I know the good deeds that can bring me back in AlHassan at the hip, nessa yet, if I filled my scales with sinful deeds, I have the opportunity of filling them with good deeds, and they will cancel out counter way my mistakes. The third type of balance is crediting and debiting serve

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handler. And this happens a lot with our emotions, right?

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If you're a taker, if you're taking more than you're giving, if you're not investing and increasing the amount of your spiritual capital, emotional capital, if you're always taking, taking, taking, and if you're not increasing and crediting and crediting, eventually, you become bankrupt, eventually you have nothing else to pull out. Because you initially did not put in you did not put in the effort. You did not put in the work you did not put in the time and the energy and the love that you were supposed to get and put in so as to earn a return in return. And that becomes a really important concept for you and I that you and I we seek to have balance in life in each of those

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three occasions. You want to assure yourself that you plant your feet firmly in the ground. How do you remain planted upon a certain was stuck in the Straight Path of Allah? How do you keep your feet firm? Well, you increase your knowledge about Allah, you become aware of what Allah has written what Allah has asked of you what Allah has sent to his nebbia sai Salim you become sure of the message that was delivered to the prophets. I send them by investigating and ask

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Asking it and memorizing and writing it and questioning it and finding answers. For that which has increased you in doubt, you become a person who has firmly established themselves because the people in your life are also established and seeking the same path. You're all on the same road seeking the same outcome, the pleasure of Allah assistance to humanity and being a good person in this life leading up to happiness in the next you don't take a pathway up doesn't mean that you walk on a road that is other than the road of the righteous, you don't seek to take a path that is opposite and moving in the opposite direction to the path that leads to gender. You don't want to meander and

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follow the footsteps of the shaytaan. But you would rather remain firmly planted on the footsteps that lead towards R Rahman r Rahim. You want to be a person who learns how to counterbalance that the people in your life are the ones who will pull you back from falling over the edge. Well couldn't do monatshefte ferrata. Minato law describes you're almost over to fall over into the punishment of Hellfire into the inequity of your scene and the morality of ways. But I pulled you back I sent you an A B as I said to him, I sent you callers and the moms and scholars and people to lead you back to the truth. And therefore the place that you find this comfort is the masjid, the

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place of worship and the place of a body of the place of instruction. It is through your study of the Quran and the teachings. It becomes the counterbalance that you throw your way to write you and to bring you a belt from the perils of this dunya from the cravings of ROM and from the lustful leanings of sin. And number three, always endeavor to invest, invest yourself completely in your good deeds, in your worship in your behavior with other people always look forward to investing yourself completely in your righteous conduct, and in your moral standing with others. Always be a person who is willing to give more than to take to be a person who shares more than debits and takes

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from others to be a person who is sincere in their advice in sincere in their counsel, hopeful in their words, encouraging with optimism, those who may have wronged their own selves, that you are a builder, not one who tears down that you are a giver of hope and inspiration of knowledge towards others. And that is predicated on you possessing something and we have a saying in the Arab kalkulator shakila You are the one who has nothing has nothing to give. And therefore the best way for you and I to establish balance is to seek to find equilibrium in ourselves through the door and through the means that were sent to us in the Koran, or a better headliner, or Allah grant us from a

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gift from you. The ability to think freely thank you and be appreciative of everything that you have sent us all law, that you make us from those who are following the practice of the truth, that we become people who are imaams to the believers in righteousness from bene hablan. I mean, as you know, we're literally Athena kurata iron which Allah Allah mattina mama or lawmakers imams for the believers, that people walk the path we walked because we are led in the way of the prophets of Allah. make us from those who follow the example of Abraham and Moosa and Isa and Jesus and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier Savio Selim, know Allah turn us away from the path of arrogance of Abu

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jack, the path of rebellion of fear around the path of sinfulness of Earth vibe nabby might take us off the path of those who are drunks and alcoholics take us off the path of those who seek to medicate themselves with sinfulness in this life. Take us up the path of those who have been treacherous to their own ideals and their own teachings that have been sent to us in our tradition and culture and way of life or Allah, increase our faith and firmness in you and make us from those who are humble in seeking a balanced approach in life. Well suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad even whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Selim, your brother

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your habe Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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