Mirza Yawar Baig – Benefits of the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including reciting the daily routine and staying away from distractions. The heart of Islam is the heart of the Sahaba, and the routine is crucial for achieving great rank and blessings. Prayer and spending time praying is a natural act, and individuals can use their savings to make donations for their Islam. Visits to the sun are recognized as a great deal of spiritual health, and individuals must avoid cutting their hair and nails until they have made their sacrifice. Visits to the sun are also recommended, and individuals are encouraged to accept the idea of a payment of $1000 or more for their Islam.
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Hello Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala joura Freedom be able mousseline.

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Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He right it was over send them to sleep because he didn't consider for my brother my brothers and sisters we are coming in Inshallah, maybe in two or three days to the first of the heat

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the beautiful blessed month in which there is Hajj in which there is younger alpha, there is young and Maha and so on and so forth. And therefore it is important to

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once again remind ourselves of the value of these days and to maximize our benefit and reward from Allah subhanaw taala

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because he gave us these days as a gift, I remind myself I knew that the purpose of life is to please Allah subhanaw taala and that is why He created us that is what will help us when we meet him and what and that is what will decide if we will be successful or not forever.

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Let me begin by the Hadith in Makati City, narrated by Abdullah nabasa, the Allahumma who reported that Rasul Allah is Allah sallam said, there are no days in which righteous deeds good deeds are more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than in these 10 days and that 10 days refers to the first 10 days of the ledger from the first to the day of it. The people asked him not even Jihad visa vie layers for Allah. He said not even he had for the sake of Allah except in the case of a man who went out to fight giving himself and his wealth up for the cause, and came back with nothing meaning he was sharing Fiza Villa when this is in Bukhari.

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He never saw Delano also said that this is his own is to have his own opinion that a good deed done during these days get 700 times the reward of that deed done at other times. Now, the important thing to remember here always is that the is the heart of the Sahaba

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especially of the very special and very

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blessed of the Sahaba like Abu Huraira even Abbas. Even the Masood, Abdullah Omar

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Abdullah Anwar Delano and similar people Ayesha Siddiqa, Delana our mother, and others these dead is the heart really is not like this to have anyone who come who came after them, no matter who went up, or I don't even bother to compare them to any one in modern time. But even among the classical scholars,

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these they had the Sahaba is the heart of the Mahatma, what we need is something which is extremely special because they lived in the presence of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, they were in his company, and they were learning from him constantly. So if I've never been said something, you can be sure that this is something that he heard from the supervisor, except that he did not state it as a hadith. Maybe because he did not recall exactly when and so on. So but this is not something that he dreamt up on his own or, or something like that. So it's very important. It comes from who even Abbas or the Alana was, he was the man who rasool Allah, put his blessed hand on his chest and say,

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Oh Allah, give him the Muhammad the Quran, give him the understanding of the Quran. And he's the first Mufasa of the Quran, if you if I may say so. So he's a special very special person, he was also the cousin of Roswell, Salem, he lived in the house of Rasulullah, Salah. So, this is

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very, very important and great Sahabi.

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In another Hadith, in,

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in the army, which is more or less, of the same, of course, the meaning but also more of the same words, also in the verse or the land reported, then wa sallam said, there is no deed more precious in the sight of Allah, nor greater, nor greater in reward than a good deed done during the the 10 days of sacrifice. He was asked not even just for the sake of Allah, so not even you have visibility, except in the case of a man who went out to fight and

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giving himself up and giving himself and his well up to the cause and came back with nothing. These

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texts and others indicate that these 10 days are better than all the other days of the year with no exceptions, not even the last 10 days of Ramadan. But the last 10 nights of Ramadan are better because they include later to cover

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which is better than 1000

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That's so that's the various Hadees may be reconciled in this and this is the opinion of Imam in Nicosia or heartily.

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Now what are the reasons behind the virtues and the benefits and further detail of these blessed days? One is Allah subhanaw taala said, well, first of all, at Nasha Allah swore an oath by them, he took an oath by them and swearing an oath by something is indicative of the importance of that thing and the great for the law and the great honor and the great level and state and station of that thing. So, I lost my data set by the dawn and by the 10 nights and the facility and have

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have agreed upon that it refers to this, the nights of these 10 days and therefore these changes. Now a second thing is also as I said, I'm commanded us in these days. So what are what should we do? So remember, this is the these are the very precious days, what should we do is to recite a lot of does B and to Hamid And subhanAllah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar, and of course the fellow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah during this time, I'm delighted that Omar Abdullah Anwar reported that a source of Salam said there are no great days greater in the sight of Allah, and in which good deeds are more beloved to him than these 10 days. So during this time will recite a great deal of the Helene

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La Ilaha

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illa Allah, the beer and

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the Hamid and of course there's be so Subhan Allah Al hamdu, LilLah

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Allahu Akbar later in Allah. And he said a lot of that the best way is to constantly keep reciting this not loudly, silently by yourself

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throughout the period, if you need to speak to somebody for a reason, speak otherwise, don't just remain silent.

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Stay away from social media, stay away from all kinds of distractions. spend this time maximizing our vigor, maximizing the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala

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13 these standards include your will offer the day on which Allah subhanaw Vela revealed a Leo Mark molto lagoon Dina who wants to add a commonality what are the two level what is our Dina the beautiful is in total Milan, where Allah subhanaw taala said on these days, on this day I have perfected

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for you your religion and completed my blessing on you and I've chosen for you Islam as your deal. So Allah perfected the religion on this day on your word alpha. And therefore that day has great

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benefit and great rank and,

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and station.

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Fasting Mother's Day will experience will forgive the sins of two years a year before the year that passed on the year that is to come ahead. And of course that does not mean this is some license to commit sin or something it means that whatever Muslim comments by mistake or by forgetfulness to forgetfulness, will be forgiven if there is something that he has done which requires specific Toba and it's the fact that he must do this the expectation of course is that a Muslim will not deliberately indulgent haram will not deliberately indulgent and this is very important to understand. And when you say deliberately indulgent haram please understand this is not only about

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murdering and so on and, and fornication. We don't do those. But we deal in interest we deal we buy and sell haram stuff we eat non Zubia food which is not halal which is haram, which is which is dead. And we do things like this. We smoke we may Allah for us, we some of us drink alcohol, we take drugs and we say well you know in this country it is it is Khaled, the country and the location is geography does not change the law of Islam. Please understand this. So stay away from all of these things us these days as a way of

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kick starting

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a new life changing and complete and changing the way we live our lives.

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These days also include Yamaha the day of sacrifice, which is the 10th of Tunisia, which is the greatest day of the entire year. It is the day of Hajj, and this combines the ACT action the worship in a way unlike any other day.

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Now, please understand two things. One is that Yeoman alpha is the name given to the ninth of DotAsia. Just like a dual filter is the name given to the first off Shaohua right

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When do you celebrate even further whenever it is, first of Shaohua in your country, so when do you celebrate your alpha, whenever it is the ninth of villager in your country.

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People say Oh, but you see people are standing in Arafa today, and so on. Well, on either fifth the day you celebrate it, celebrate it in your country. There were people celebrating it or not celebrating it somewhere else. Please understand, this is a needless controversy that we have could learn to create and it's become almost a

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symbol of being Muslim that we must fight about these ridiculous things which are completely law you know, very easy to understand.

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The day

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the hours of the day

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are decided by the movement of the sun.

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And since our prayers are connected, and this is the beauty of Islam which we we use it to fight I was speaking to one of my friends was a rabbi here and I explained to him this issue of monocytic and he said literally he said you know this is so beautiful. We used to have it in Judaism we lost it you are you guys are connected to the universe you are connected to the to this two celestial bodies you are connected to the universe we have we had that connection but we lost it. And now we look at calendars and we look at you know we had we think we are doing something right now imagine this other people appreciate this but we use this to fight so please get get rid of all this.

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Celebrating the day on a particular day and not is a different issue we're fighting is haram. So forget, don't fight about Islam to understand very clearly the day the 24 hours and the time in that day is depends on the Sun moving closer. Now since our prayers our Salah are connected to the times of the day. Therefore we are connected with the movement of the sun. So when do you pray further? Just before sunrise when do you praise or just after midday just after a while? When do you pray us in the afternoon when you pray Maghrib just after group when the sun has set and when you pray Asia in the night right now which night which group wish to which the world

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wherever I'm staying. So I'm now here in in the United States in Western Massachusetts.

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When do I prefer them? When it is time for failure? We're here not when it is time for further in Makkah or in California or in Melbourne or in New Delhi or in somewhere No.

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And if I were to tell you what you know I think I should pray Salat al fajr When the other one is called in Mazel Hara they will say you're crazy because when it is when Allah is called Imagine the hara it is time for us out for you. And you are going to pray for them. This is crazy.

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Similarly, the month the dates of the month are decided by the movement of the moon.

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Days of the hour of this the hours of the day by the sun, the dates of the month and the changing of months by the moon. So when you are following the royal calendar, and you say it is first off shower, what does it mean? It means the new moon of shower has been cited.

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So sited where wherever you live.

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Now, I live in West Springfield. I'm not saying the moonroof decided to invest in Bradley sited in this part of the world.

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I say what you see in Australia is Australia is 12 hours ahead.

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So now it is 11:30am. In Australia, it is practically the middle of the night.

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So please don't get into these arguments. Yo alpha is the name for the ninth of the ledger, just like

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it will fit is the name for the first of Shaohua. Just like Yamaha, or Ito is the name for the 10th of the region.

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The benefits of yoga, yoga,

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and yoga. I've already mentioned that number four Surah Salam used to fast during these five, nine days of the ledger. It is

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very good to fast on yo Alpha. But it's even better to fast for all those nine days. And obviously you don't fast on the test day. That's the day of it. But the nine days because this is this these days are the days in which an act good action is beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. So why would we not do the best of good actions, which is fasting? That also as I said, as I said we used to fast in these nine days of the ledger, it was narrated from Haneda, even a harlot

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from his wife, that one of the wives have also

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said that her sorrows SLM used to fight fast on the first nine days of the hijab, and the day of Ashura

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and three days of each month, used to fast on these days, and therefore it is Mr. Hub and it is very good for us to also do the same

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that we should fast on these days.

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And the third three days of three days of the month, refers to the 13th 14th and 15th the days of the full moon

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and nama viruses, as Han said, Anyone who fasts for one day for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah subhanaw taala will keep his face away from the Hellfire for a distance covered by a journey of 70 years. Though this is in Bukhari and Muslim this refers to any faster anytime, obviously, that fast than during these days the reward is multiplied and so therefore be let us not lose that opportunity. And let us not instead get into these arguments about is it nine today is it nine tomorrow your well funnily enough, I want to faster just fast all the days and you have the reward of all the days and you keep yourself out from these very futile arguments. Now again, things

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to do. As I said mentioned as I mentioned, already fast the first nine days, pray the hard job and more now afield than you normally pray use this again to kickstart the Hedgehog in your life. give charity more than you give normally try to give some charity every day of these nine days. Increase other good deeds zilara Heavy Barrel validation so be good to your parents be good to yours, your siblings and be good to your neighbors

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you know it's analogy Ron, do all of these things. Be good to people play then of course on the day of Eid pray Salah to lead and sit and listen to the hotbar don't just pray eat and then you know start wandering around it meeting your friends different distributed, finished listen to the hotbar get the advice that is given by the khateeb This is a beautiful sunnah for solos and Salah and then of course you can meet the people and then make sacrifices here. The Kobani for whoever is eligible now who is eligible

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on here and towards again, you don't have to remember these words but if you just for those who are interested hottie is the word given to the sacrifice done by the * the person is gonna watch. The same thing done by somebody who has not gone for Hajj is here or in generally in order we sell for money, which refers to both the both of these so old here is why Jim, in some other way we just fought with somebody with his wife and somebody also never really speaking it is something which is extremely important, so let's not

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ignore it. It is why do you or anyone who's eligible to pay zakat?

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There it is Bharara Delano. He said I heard I saw Eliza Selim delivering a quote by saying the first thing to be done on this day. The first day of Islamic visa is three days is to pray. And after returning from the prayer, we slaughter our sacrifices in the name of Allah and whoever does so he acted according to our sunnah.

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This is the

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Hadees offers was

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narrated by Barack Delano, Abdullah Omar

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said that as soon as a Salem lived in Medina for 10 years, and every year he slaughtered an animal. So the slaughtering of the animal is something which is very important, and which must be done and it must not be neglected.

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So those are the sentiments setting up these intermediary no matter the son of Adam does not do any action on the day of sacrifice which is more pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala than the sacrifice of animals.

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The time for giving the sacrifice of

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making the sacrifice starts after the evil attack prayer. According to a hadith which was recently reported to have said whoever offered a sacrifice whoever made a sacrifice

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the prayer, he or she slaughtered an animal for meat. But whoever made the sacrifice after the prayer, he or she has offered a sacrifice

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So this is inbody. So the purpose of sacrifice is not just to slaughter an animal to eat it the purpose of sacrifice is to relive the Sunnah of Ibrahim alayhis salam, which I love and it's vitally salaam which Allah subhanaw taala honored them by keeping it alive and we therefore follow the Sunnah Salah who followed that and he did it. They'd been outcome rather than on the rates that the Sahaba asked was sort of the salary of allah sallallahu sallam, what are the sacrifices? And he celadon is an answer.

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They are the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. So you said they are the Sunnah of your father. Ibrahim alayhi salam, then they asked him, what do we get from them? Yasser Allah, Allah says, He said, For every hair, there is a good deed. So for every hair of the animal, you will get the reward of one good deed they asked him What about the world as beautiful Sahaba was to ask the detailed questions. So everything is answered for us. And he said, for every hair of the world, there is a good deed. So even whether it's worldly meaning is a goat or, or sheep or whatever, whatever.

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That you do slaughter for every hair and for every strand or we have the word there is a good deed reward of one good deed of one another Rondo narrated and had these witches recorded even imagine that also results and I'm said whoever can afford it, and listen to this one. Whoever can afford it, but does not offer does not make the sacrifice. Whoever can afford a sacrifice, but does not make the sacrifice. Let him not come near our prayer place, let him not come near the EGA.

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Now what does it tell you? It doesn't it doesn't tell you that you can do it if you feel like no, as soon as a salon has ordered that we should make the sacrifice. And so therefore, let us not plug into that. Our avellana reports. And he explained that a sorcerer Selim said that any Muslim who is financially capable of offering a sacrificial animal of making a sacrifice on the day of eat,

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obviously, that

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but does not do that. Let him not approach the Eid prayer place.

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And not easy permitted to pray with the Muslims. They imagine this is such a serious, serious matter, right, because the Muslim should not neglect the ritual. While he's able to offer it.

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Offering the

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sacrificing the animal is a

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action of great virtue. It's an extra great virtue. It's an action of, of worship. And it's surveyed that must be followed and observed on the date of on the day of each other. And this is a confirmed action on the Sunday that we see from the Hadees of even more of the alarma which I mentioned before, it is preferable to make the sacrifice yourself by your own hand. But you can delegate it to someone else or you can send money through somebody to have the sacrifice done in some other country on your behalf, and so on. So all of this is possible. The sun also indicates that the one who wants to offer a sacrifice must stop cutting his hair and nails and removing anything from his skin from

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the beginning of the 10 days from the first of the ledger, until after he has done the sacrifice. Because as soon as I said, when you see the new more of the ledger, if any one of you wants to

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offer a sacrifice when he wants to

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make a sacrifice he wants to is again please understand this is not left to our will with will and pleasure meaning anyone who is eligible who has to make a sacrifice that he should stop cutting his hair and nails until he has made his sacrifice.

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According to another report, he said he should not remove meaning literally touch anything from his hair or skin

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during this period and these are This isn't

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to say Muslim

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whoever needs to remove some hair or nails because they are harming him or having like for example if it's a broken nail or a wound and a site where there is hair. There is nothing wrong in removing that and do taking care of that this is and of course there is nothing wrong with with men over washing their heads and during these 10 days of Rohingya because it was it was a solemn

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Only forbade cutting the hair and not washing it. And all of this is for us to resemble the people who are in Haram the judge during these blessed days, and performing Hajj with the hope that Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with us and forgive our sins. As I mentioned to you,

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oh, who is eligible for this, whoever has the money equal to the nisab of zakat? Let's get just

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Corbera and otira is wajib on anyone who has the nisab of zakat, which is 87 grams of gold or equal to cash in savings on any of the days of the company that is from the 10th.

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From the 10th, to and including the 12 to 10 1011 and 12 of the ledger, if a person has the amount of,

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of the garden is always like that, then that person must

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make a sacrifice

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for himself. Now, this disables the guard for example, if the person didn't have the money on the 10th, then he then he does not have to make a sacrifice, but he got the money on the 11th he must make a salad. In these three days, if he gets the money on the 13th the 14th he does not doesn't have to make a sacrifice. during these three days. If the person has the savings,

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equal to or more than they deserve of the car, this person must make a sacrifice the what is the sacrifice it is one sheep or goat per person who is eligible to pay zakat, or one share in a larger animal cattle or, or

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00:26:49 --> 00:27:02

in which there are seven chairs. So there are seven chairs in the animal, one share per person. So the person who is eligible to pay zakat, he must take one share in that or he must sacrifice a sheep or a goat for himself.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:09

So very simple, if you are liable to pay the gap, you sacrifice. If not, there is no sacrifice for you.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:29

Don't fall into all these things about people say one sacrifice for the whole family. If you are liable, you for Zakah you pay you make the sacrifice. For example, if the family say if say just to illustrate in a family there is a man woman and two children.

00:27:30 --> 00:28:12

All four are earning all four have the nisab of zakat. During the period period of these three days. They're willing to sacrifice for animals, only one person is earning. Other three do not have they are not earning, they don't have any savings and earning is not necessarily the series the question of saving. Do you have to say for example, the man is earning. And he has put given money to his wife. He's made a trust for his children. So they have the savings. They're not earning, but they have savings, there was all sacrifice. If that is not the case, if there is only one person who is who has been in South Africa, then he sacrifices only that he or she only that person sacrifices. I

00:28:12 --> 00:28:13

hope this is clear.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:59

Two more last points. qurbani cannot be substituted with anything else. Because you also hear as always, you'll report sheep, why should we kill the sheep? Let me give this the cash in charity. There are people who need money more than the meat and so on. Please do give money in charity as much as you want. No problem with that we encourage that we hope we can do that. Do that throughout these nine days do not do that throughout the year. But on the day of sacrifice, the only thing which you can and you should do is the sacrifice. Right meaning you can also give charity but not in exchange for the sacrifice. The sacrifice is a Salah It's like somebody saying Why should I pray or

00:28:59 --> 00:29:02

give money? No. The prayer is a prayer.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:16

I must pray when time for Serratos or I have to pray Salat was over I can't say well you know I will not preserve God but I will give $1,000 in charity No, you will give a $10 billion in charity or Serato Zohar is still worship and still for audio.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:38

Out of the meat of course as we know the idea is to for most of it to be given away in charity. Of course you can return a small portion of it and eat it for yourself and final point is the whole money can be given for a Muslim who has passed away. So parents, whoever friends and so on so forth.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

Who used to slaughter a sheep for Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam on his life after he passed away. Then I used to sacrifice one sheep every year for Passover as a seller. And I strongly advocate that if you can do it, do it. Because the beauty of doing something for you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

So as a language that inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will definitely accept this action from us and whatever else we do,

00:30:07 --> 00:30:08

Inshallah, this will be enough for us to

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seek out forgiveness with the loss of habitat. Excuse me, Allah, this is for you and Abby, please accept it and if Allah accepted, we are good. i On a side note, I also recommend this to everyone who's going for Orion hedge, make the Umrah and Hajj for Rasul Allah he's

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once you have finished your own for Hajj, if you go for Hajj for the second time, third time 10th Time whatever time unless you are making has been in exchange Hajj, for say, for example, your parents are most welcome, please do that. But if you just go in for Hajj and underline nothing has made that hatch for Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, I recommend that because in my view, and this is my mice they had, I'm not forcing anybody. But in my view, if I make the overall financial sell, if I make the hedge for a reason seller, wanting for sure Allah will accept it. And if Allah accept it, then this is accepted from me. So use this analogy like we love wrestlers, and sell them more

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than we love life itself. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless him and to give him the greatest and greatest rewards in keeping with his glory and majesty Gela DeLallo and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept these days from us accept it, rather than accept all all the good deeds that we may do in these days the law with the Quran, vicar vegan, you know, charity, fasting, being good to people all the good thing that we do we ask Allah to give us a class on near to do it with great sincerity and to accept it from us and to keep us in the company of Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Selim, when we leave this world and when we go to meet Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah Allah, Allah

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will Karim Allah Allah He was I will maybe wrap it together.

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