Nouman Ali Khan – Jesus and Judgment Day

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The job market is based on Dr. Zakir's findings on wisdom in the Quran and is discussed by the speakers, including the belief that Jesus died for our sins and the importance of "bringing light back to life" in Christian law. The concept of "bringing light back to life" is discussed, including its significance in the Torah and laws, and the importance of wisdom in Christian law. The speakers also touch on the history of Islam and its impact on Christian teaching, as well as upcoming events such as Easter celebrations and Olara.
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This job market power was based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain. From his PhD thesis on wisdom in the Quran, you can check out this thesis via the link in the description.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah say the NBI even mousseline while earlier he was happy when Minister Nebuchadnezzar Hilario Medina Aloha maganda minhang Amina live in Amman, Mohammed Ali headwater was a will have whatever so the sub Armenian are behind me. And my bad for our author bIllahi min ash shaytani. R rajim.

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When you Alamo holy Kitab I will take metabo Torah will engine wa salam ala Bani Israel eel, an ecology to Colombia Tim the Rubicon and the US L'Aquila, Camino Clinica he at a place for unfulfilled fee for your guna played on the in the law. But nobody will ACMA will Abasa Well, he'll also be in the law, but will not be accompanied by cologne on the rule of people you will see come in Nephi Daddy, can I attend the comb content? Meaning

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Congress actually suddenly were silly Emily wasn't looked at me Lisanti of Cali Allah homebirth a bit dull multiview La ilaha illallah allah how much I need a Latina Amma know how middle Sally HURT What also will happy whatever so be southern Armenia Alameen.

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Inshallah, today's hotbar I'm dedicating to a small portion of the life of a salahi's Sudan and something that is not as well known about his life and the miracles that were given to him.

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Inshallah, tada, the place I'd like to start is something Allah tells us about him in Surah, Allah and Ron.

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There Allah mentions the miracles that were given to a Saudi Salaam. And the first of the miracles that he mentioned, that is not even referenced in the Bible. It's not even known among the Christian community, is when you call him on NASA Phil Matthew or Carolyn Amina Sally hain, that He will speak to people even when he's a baby and even an older age and he's from righteous people. Women are slightly when there's an era in the word Saudi Hain that I'd like to indicate Allah didn't just say that he's going to be among the prophets or among oil Azmi minerals and he said, a Salah Hain good people. And Salah comes from someone who does good things like you know we make, we say the phrase

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often Alladhina, Amendola, and we'll assign the heart so Allah is actually highlighting the actions in the deeds of a Saudi Salaam in the world of Saudi hain. This is also important because as we will see, many, many denominations of Christians just like Muslims can have different schools of thought. Christians also had many different schools of thought, right? But one of the common ideas they developed among their schools of thought, very common ideas was that because of Jesus, because of the Tsar, they said, is the mother Allah, the Son of God, Jesus is a son of God, and He died for our sins. So we don't have to obey the laws given to Musa the Torah. But we don't have to obey that

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because you had to obey the law of Allah in order to be pure. But now that Jesus died for our sins, were already pure. So we don't need the law to make us pure. Right. So you know any even in our religion in Islam, Allah tells us in Al Hasan at youth hipness, a good deeds get rid of bad deeds. So every day you and I make some mistakes we make, you know, we see something we shouldn't have seen, or we said something we shouldn't have said, or our Salah wasn't good enough small mistakes happen. But the prayers that we do, and the good that we do and the charity that we do, Allah is telling us that star stuff keeps cleansing and detoxing our sins on a daily basis. So we have this

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idea of our actions actually being a way of purifying ourselves or you know, purifying our deeds for us, okay. Even in social media, Allah Allah even mentioned that giving sadaqa can be Adhara can be more pure for you, it can be a way of purifying you, right? So we have that concept, but the Christians developed a new concept. The Christians developed a concept that because Jesus died for our sins, we no longer have the burden of sins on us he took all that burden. So now we're free from sins and now what Allah says in the Quran here very, very subtle. He says he's from those who does good deeds. Right so if you want to follow the example of a Saturday salaam you'd be concerned with

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being solid also, you should be concerned about deeds also. But anyway, let's move forward.

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She you know, after the, you know, she the angels were telling medium said I'm gonna lay her about what kind of child she's going to have. Allah tells her or the angels tell her. Well, you're only mahalo Kitab when Hekmatyar, what's the Waratah will enjoy you're going to have a child will not only will he speak when he's a baby, Allah will teach him the book. Allah will teach him wisdom. Allah will teach him to rot, and Allah will teach him in G. So there's four things mentioned, the book, the wisdom, Torah. And indeed, as you can think of it like this, the book ended

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Wisdom, karma, meaning the Torah and the NG so the book is actually talking about the Torah. And the wisdom is talking about the NG. Actually, among Christians they used to refer to the Bible, often as wisdom. That's one of the names they used for it. And even in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says about isa de Sena, or ISA will be unit called logic kala Kajeet token Bill Hekmati. When a Saudi Salam came with all of his proofs, he said, I have come to you with wisdom. So the Injeel is actually the summary of the ingenious wisdom. And the summary of the Torah is laws and the word in Arabic for laws is also an kitab. So Allah says in this ayah, he, the angels are telling Medina and

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then when Jesus is born, Allah Allah has planned for him is that Allah will teach him the book, and the wisdom Torah and in gene so as RNA Sarah will not only know the Injeel, he will also know the Torah, he is going to know both of them. Now why is that important? Because the Injeel has hikma and in many Christian communities, the religion itself just became about wisdom. It has nothing to do with the laws. The laws were before Jesus sacrificed himself. The laws were before God gave up his son. You don't need the laws anymore. And Allah is saying that Jesus even before he was born, the plan was already declared that he's going to be living by the Law And the Wisdom, both of them

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together, right valuable holy Kitab will Hikmah autodata will indeed. Now.

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He then describes He Allah jumps right into the life of a Saudi Salam. So he's born, he's become older. He's giving Dawa to the Bani Israel. Those were the Muslims of that time. Okay? And he's giving them Dawa and he's telling them the proof why should they believe in him as Allah's Messenger? He's, he says, project to be I attend neuron become, I am coming to you with a miracle from your master and a sign from your master. So I have proof on why you should think of me as a messenger and the Nakula community Nikka hated lady for and for Kofi for your Kunal TitanBet villa. I am going to create for you from mud from wet soil, I'm going to make the shape of a bird and then

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I'm going to blow into that shape and it will become a living bird by the permission of Allah. So the shape of a bird will turn into a living bird. That's the first thing. Okay. Then he says, Well, we're, we're, we're over it. We'll ACMA Well, abrasca and I will heal the one that is diseased. The leper, you know, the people that have very severe you can even say terminal diseases, right viral diseases that they were quarantined. They couldn't live with the rest of society they were separated those kinds of people I will be able to cure them and even the blind one. Okay, so I will be able to heal them. Okay, know what will heal no Tabby, if Nila and I will be able to bring the dead back to

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life by Allah's permission. And he keeps saying by Allah's permission, by Allah's permission, by Allah's permission. So it's not Jesus brought the dead back to life. Jesus brought the dead back to life. By Allah's permission, he keeps adding this qualification every time, right, so be in the law. Then he says, and this is not enough. So so far, we have three, we've got that he's going to take the shape of a bird from from dirt, and it's going to become a living bird. Then the second was, he's going to heal people that are in a state of disease and weakness, and the disease is going to be gone by the permission of Allah. Then he mentioned the dead will come back to life, he will bring

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the dead back to life by Allah's permission. Then he says what will not be Oh can be Matakohe Luna Amata Dahiru la vie BeautyCon. I'm going to tell you what you eat, meaning people come and meet with him. And he knows already what they're going to be eating at home. This is what you're cooking at home is different if you already ate a new column, and it could smell the chicken like you had biryani. Like that's different. They haven't eaten yet if he can tell this is what you're going to go home and eat and Walmart at the UniFi BeautyCon people back in the day. In the old times, they didn't have banks. And people didn't have cash. People had gold, they had silver, they had valuable

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items like that, you know, and they they didn't have a place to store it. So they used to have secret places either in their home or in their bag or somewhere in the mountain somewhere where they can dig and they can hide the items they can bury the items in their home. He says well not at the hidden of people, you tickle the things that you're storing in your home and you're keeping them secret, I will tell you what you have stored. This is one of his miracles, right? So I will tell you what you're going to eat. And then the items that you're storing and saving in your homes. These are the miracles of a Saudi salaam listed in Saudi Arabia and Iran. And then at the end of it all he

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says in the finale color Ayatollah can just like he began. He said in all of that there's a very powerful miracle for you in connection with meaning, if in fact you're going to believe but then he says he

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add something more and we'll come we'll come back to these miracles in a second. He said When will subdeacon Lima, Albania Yamuna Torah, this is really important. Now he says, and I've come to confirm whatever came before me from the torah,

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the torah was not given first, these are the salami was given to Musa they said and these are they said I'm just saying one of my jobs my first job is to make sure I teach you what the Torah actually says the Torah actually says, because you've changed what it says. And you've changed this interpretation. And I'm going to and some parts of it are true. Some of your Tafseer is correct. Some of your Tafseer is incorrect. And I'm going to correct what you should be believing about Torah, I'll fix your understanding of the Torah. So at the time, the Sadducees the people that used to are the Pharisees that used to teach the Torah in Jerusalem at the time the Allah ma the folk

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Aha, the Mufti is an Bani Israel. They were the people that studied many years, they studied the Torah. And here there's someone who from being a baby, he never went to their madrasa. He never went to there. He never graduated. And he's telling them, I'm going to tell you what the Torah says, I'm going to fix it for you. You don't understand it correctly. I have come to tell you what it really means. So he and if you study the New Testament, you have the life of Jesus in the New Testament, and he's constantly questioning the the teachers of the Israelites, the fuqaha the Mufti is of the Why do you say why did you make up this fatwa? Why did you get this from? That's not what Allah

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says. That's not what he means. You people play games with Allah's book, and he's challenging them all the time. And those that you know, their shape, so back in the day, the fuqaha, the IMA, they didn't like it, or he's making us look bad. You know, we have the Friday called, but they had their Saturday they had their Sabbath, they had their servants and their teachings, and publicly, he's questioning them and saying, What are you talking about? That's not what Allah said, This is not what Allah said. So they started developing a real hatred towards him, because he's making us look bad. He's ruining our reputation. And then on top of that, he has all of these miracles too. Now,

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even though this is not my subject, I will tell you that eventually they accused him of being a massive magician. And you find this in the Bible and Allah even also says that in the Quran, right? Yolanda homebuilder do not call her the superhero movie and so to solve when he brought them all the clear proofs, the ones I talked to you about, they said oh, this is magic. Now they said all magic is Quran. Magic is haram. We should be watchable cutter we should kill him. He's a Kaffir. We should kill him. Because he this is the fatwa they issued. after that. And this fatwa is still found in the Talmud, it still found in Jewish literature, that they claimed that they are the ones who issued

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this fatwa that he shouldn't be killed. Because he was a he was doing magic. And because of magic, he's outside of the fold of his thumb. Right? So that's, which was a slob of that time right? Now.

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What I wanted to share with you is a little bit of background

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in Jewish history, in Jewish history, a couple of centuries before the coming of Jesus before the coming of the Saudis. They developed a lot of literature where they talked about wisdom. This is a couple of 100 years before Jesus. Now I already told you Quran says Allah gave reciting Salam, the declaration he told his people I have come to you with hokhmah. But we're not talking about ESA. Now. We're talking 200 years more or so more before these are the Islam and in the Jewish community. Among their scholarship and their literature. They developed this idea of Heckman they had a really interesting idea about what Hikmah means what is Wisdom mean? And one of the ideas they developed as

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hikma means some very special people among us, they have knowledge of the judgment of Judgment Day. They know the details of Judgment Day, and how it's going to happen. But this is not public knowledge. This is not for everyone. You have to have a very special status with Allah, to be able to have that knowledge and people who have that secret knowledge. It's not accessible to the public. Those people have what hikma? So they developed this idea of hikma being secret knowledge of Judgment Day. And in a sense, they developed the idea that knowledge of judgment A is not meant for the public.

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Up the public is not good. They can't handle it. In a sense. It's, it's actually for the very, very special people that have this hikma. Okay, so they developed this idea, okay?

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Now what's also really interesting is there were different mazahub there were different schools of Israelites, they all didn't believe in the same way they have different groups among them, and one of their groups even at the time of ASR de Sudan. Apparently the knowledge of the Astra was so secret, they actually believe there is no ACARA

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they were they believed in Torah they believed in Musa alayhis salam. And they said we believe in Musa we don't believe in anything that came after Musa we don't believe in Dolla dolla we don't believe in the you know, the Cebu and all of that. We just believe in the Torah. We don't look at any other money and we don't fight

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under the ACA in the Torah, we don't find any judgment in the Torah and therefore we don't believe in the chakra. We don't even have implemented the Astra. And if you study the Bible, you'll find that Lisa de Salam used to debate with them from the Torah and prove to them that the al Qaeda is also in the Torah. That's what he used to do anyway. But the thing I want you to to know down is, he used to be giving a he used to, they used to believe that wisdom means secret knowledge of judgment. Now, what does Allah do in the Quran? One thing Allah tells us is Allah gave him wisdom. Another interesting Allah says about him is in the hula l Melissa.

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He is knowledge of judgment. A Jesus is knowledge of Judgment Day. L. Melissa, the question is, how is he knowledge of Judgment Day? How is he knowledge of Judgment Day, let's go back and contemplate a little bit of what happened in the miracles that were given to a Saudi Saddam, the first miracle that was given to him. He told me that after you know, speaking as a child, by the way, even speaking as a child, I think is interesting, because you don't expect a child to speak. Right? How can someone who has nothing given the ability to speak speak? And if you if you look at the Quran, and you try to find is there any place in the Quran where something speaks? That isn't so you don't

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expect it to speak but it's speaking, okay, in this case is a baby speaking. One of the one of the things you find in the Quran is on Judgement Day, my hands are going to be speaking, my feet are going to be speaking, my eyes are going to be speaking. Right? And when when there's when they start speaking. On Judgement Day, they start testifying against me, they start proving Yola. I mean, he, you gave him control over me, I didn't want to do it, he did it. He touched what he shouldn't have touched, he hit what he shouldn't have hit. He looked at what he said the eyes testified the fee testimony. I didn't want to go there. But you gave him control. So I knew he made me go there. And

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then the person who lost control over their own body is going to testify and say he's going to complain, say Lima hit to Elena, why are you testifying against us?

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And then these body parts are going to respond untuck Danella, the Takakura che, the one who gave everything the power to speak has given us today the power to speak. Right? So even in Jesus speaking as a baby, there might be a subtle hint, that when Allah wants someone something to speak, it will, it will testify it will speak. But anyway, if you go if you leave that miracle aside, what he was told, when Madame was told actually about her baby, what miracles he's going to have once he grows up, and then the miracles that He spoke about himself, and so on and so on. The first miracle was he takes clay, he takes mud, and he balls into it. And it becomes a living bird by the

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permission of Allah, which is actually something similar to something we find in the Quran. Allah created the human being from clay, and then he blew into the human being his rule. And then human beings came to life.

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This is this demonstration by Lisa histogram is something Allah did a long time ago, to remind human beings, how they were created. How they were this miracle, the bird miracle is a reminder of how human beings were created. You can see the connection. Now this is also important because the when we were created when Allah created us, Allah actually told us something when we were created, and then other la Salaam and the whole story transpired, right. And then before even we came down to this earth, we were already told you're going to come back here.

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You're going to insert Olara for example, as one example of this, Allah talked to all of us when we were created before we came to this earth, and he asked us Am I not your job is to be right back home. And we all said Of course you are. Hello, Bella Shahina. But he said, So Kulu yo will Kia Murthy in Kona and hatherleigh affiliate, you better not say on the Day of standing on the Day of Resurrection. We had no idea. Right now we were at that time we were standing in front of Allah. We were talking to Allah on Yeoman Qiyamah what's going to happen again? We're going to stand in front of Allah again, that's not the first time. That's the second time. Right? Come on. Haluk nakoma A

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word Amara. I have created you and I brought you back the same way I brought you the first time. That's the first and then Allah says well up to the Alim to Munna shatta Lula Falola to the karoun. You already know the first time I raised you. The Oscar is the second time he's going to raise us, but He raised us already the first time. So when this creation story, the bird turning into a living bird, when that's mentioned, it's not just reminding us of the beginning. It's also reminding us of the end. The next miracle that recently Saddam was given after that. He said he's going to heal the people that are sick, the blind the leper, you know, the people terminally ill, etc, which is what

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it's going from weakness to

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shrinks, isn't it? And human beings throughout their life, what happens with them, they go from weakness, to strength. We go from being a child that's powerless to we're stronger and stronger and stronger. We go from one difficulty and Allah brings us out of a difficulty. We go from one impossible situation, we say, How is how is there going to be way out? And Allah brings us out of that situation. So Allah, constantly our life is full of many difficulties. And then many times it's also filled, filled with relief that comes from Allah insha Allah Who massagin He makes a way out for them, or in the murderous Rios run with difficulty comes ease, you know, and that's the story of

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our life. But then right after that, okay, so we're born, we're created, our life has difficulties, and Allah solves our difficulties. And then by the end of it, we die. And when we die, there's going to be a judgement day. And what's the next miracle of research? He says, Well, he'll motor I will, I will give life to someone who's dead by Allah's permission. This is very directly a reminder of what judgment I remember the idea, he is knowledge of Judgment Day, all of his miracles are tying together this discussion about judgment in itself. And then on top of all of that, the final miracle he mentioned is, I'm going to tell you what you're going to do, or what you have at home, and what

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you're hiding. After we are raised on judgment a, what's Allah gonna do? He's going to show us what we've been hiding.

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He's going to show us what we've been eating, he's going to show us what we did, isn't it? Those miracle each one of them is basically the story of human creation, one to the other, to the other, to the other, to the other. And as husband asah This is knowledge of the our

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will the the Israelites develop this notion that wisdom is knowledge of the Hour, that secret secret, and Allah says Lisa in a salon, and he exposes the knowledge of the Hour, and he makes it so visible and so clear. But that's on the Christian side. There's something else that happened on the Jewish side, what happened on that was on the Jewish side, something else happened on the Christian side. On the Christian side, I started in the beginning telling you, they started believing that because of Jesus, there's no more need for doing good deeds.

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You don't have to worry about any halal and haram, everything became halal. Because for example, Allah made it haram for them to engage in any business on the day of Saturday, right? Allah talks about that, and so to Lara, but after, you know, Jesus has been sacrificed. We don't have to observe the Sabbath. We can have a normal day on Saturday. In fact, the ritual day of the Christian worship is Sunday. It's not Saturday, Saturday is a normal day now. So we don't have to the Sabbath is done. It's monsoon. We don't have to worry about it. Right. The kosher kosher is like our halal food. The bulk of what was given to them was the kosher diet. That was their halal food, which is almost

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exactly the same as what Allah gave to Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, but the Christian community said, no, no, we don't need to worry about that anymore. Everything's Hala because the blood of Jesus made everything Hulen What did Allah say in the next aisle? Well, Mossad De Lima Baleia, the Yamuna Taurat, Allah is now telling us through these RNAs to them on the mouth of a Saudi Saddam, I came to confirm everything that has already been officially given in the Torah. I'm here to say that is legitimate, that is false. That's what Allah wants. That's what Allah actually says. Well, you held a lock on BB Allah, the holy Malecon and I have come to make certain

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things halal for you, then use them were made haram for you. In other words, you complicated the religion. Some of you might be familiar with salt, salts, and Bukhara where the Israelites asked what Musa asked him to slaughter a cow. And they asked too many questions and things became harder and harder and harder. Right? And that was a story that represents something that happened in their history. They made rules. The rules were simple from Allah. The rules were simple, no further rule would be, oh, don't you know, for example, fast? What exact second, should I begin fasting? What exact thing should happen afterwards? And then you want to have 85 questions about fasting, and you

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want to complicate it as much as possible.

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Allah, Allah just made something simple and you like you love making it what? Complicated. And then when the more you the more you complicate it, there are some things, some rules in the Bible, for example, there were five or six things or eight day five things that you're not supposed to do on Sabbath. There are five things you're not supposed to do. And eventually they turn them into about 55 things with their fatawa. So they made life way more difficult. Way, way more, they overly legalize the religion, right? And the Christian said, let's get rid of the religion altogether. Let's get rid of all of that. We don't need any of it. And Allah is now through a Saturday so I'm

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bringing things back to balance and he's saying some things you created that were haram that weren't actually haram. So I'm going to this is not making the religion liberal. This is going back

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To the book, if Allah has made something halal, you shouldn't be making it haram. There's only a couple of minutes left, I just want to share with you one last thing about these ayat, inshallah.

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And that is that because

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on the Jewish side, the concept became that wisdom is about secret knowledge of the Hour and that problem is being solved. And the Jewish side, another problem was too many things were made haram, and a Saudi Salam said, no, no, no, you made that up. The book actually says this, you don't have to add to the list of prompts. What have we learned from that? From the from the Jewish side of the argument? What do we learn from it? What we learn from it is Allah knows better how to protect you and me from evil.

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So if Allah made certain things Haram is because he knows you have to be more Alikum Well, how about if like filthy things, he made them haram. Right. But when somebody comes along and says, I know that's haram, but there are some there 18 Other things Allah didn't actually make them haram but I don't like them. So we should be careful about these things also. So let's add to the list of haram and keep expanding the list. Let's just to be careful, I just want to be careful.

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I just want to be protective. So to be careful, you make more things haram in life that Allah actually made.

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The problem with that is, no one cares about protecting you more than Allah Himself.

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You coming up with rules, and making up more protections, is as if Allah is not enough, at least Allah who be Gaffin under who Allah is not enough is Allah not enough for his servant?

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You know, and this and people think they're doing this as an act of Taqwa. If you're more religious, you will make more things haram. That will be your logic, not the problem with that is called manhood Rama Zenith Allah, Allah theologia. Hello, everybody. Allah says, Who dares to make something haram? That the beauty that Allah made halal, who dares to take something beautiful that Allah made and makes it haram that he pulled made out for his slaves? In other words, there's two different crimes. One crime is you take something haram, and you make it halal. That's what the Christians did. What did the Christians do? They took something haram and they made it halal.

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And there's another crime, you take something halal, and you make it haram. That's what the Jews did.

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These are two different crimes. And both of these are crimes against Allah. You do not get to add to the love of Allah. And you do not get to take away from the law of Allah. And both of those extremes got covered in these few ayat. And just these few islands, we learned something remarkable about what happened in the life of a Saudi Salaam. And finally, in this last minute, I'll share with you why is this important for us as Muslims, this is what we learned about what the how they were corrected. Allah told us that he saw that his Salam was given as Kitab will help better with Terrazza will in gene and this was the next messenger to come. The final messenger to come right

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after any Saturday Salam is going to be Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam. Okay. Yesterday I was explaining in the hikma talks, that one group became obsessed with Al Kitab and the other became obsessed with Al hikma and Allah finally sent his final messenger sallallahu alayhi salam with the Quran yet Luanda he Marathi he will use a key him and in this book, Allah put together al Kitab will hikma together when you Ali Mohammed ki taba when hikma and the heck mug. One of the things that hikma does, now what does the wisdom do? The wisdom keeps you from adding to the Kitab. And the wisdom also keeps you from taking away from the guitar. You stay right balance. You don't

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get to add and you don't get to subtract it stays right where it's supposed to be. And that's the perfect book, the final episode of revelation that Allah gave to Muhammad Rasulullah Salallahu Salam it is as if the story of Jesus in the Quran is preparing us for the actual purpose of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam you know, this is actually what's happening. It's, you know, like, there's the preview and then there's the main event. It's like these are the asylums mission is the preview to the main event of the coming of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, which is why you find him at least are they some especially telling people? I have come with a couple of

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missions. This is one of his missions. What's the other mission that it is or this ROM has, he says, normal Bashir on below Zulan? Yeah, team member this morning. And I have another mission. I am I've come to give you good news of a messenger that's coming after me. His name is Ahmed, meaning he himself is telling the people that my mission is to actually prepare you for the coming of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and this is how beautifully the Quran takes 1000s of years of Jewish history and centuries of centuries of Christian history before it and merges all of them together, and then invites them to this final episode of Allah's revelry.

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Shouldn't Allah azza wa jal guide all of us and guide our Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters, to the heck of this final revelation and open their eyes to this invitation that Allah has extended to all of humanity BarakAllahu li Walakum Phu Quran Al Hakim whenever anyone here can be it with Nicola Kim

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip, my team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves. And we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in, and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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studying the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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