Allah’s Breathtaking Creation – The Astonishing World of Plant Species -Tafseer Surah QAF

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I was like, You know what Allah has sent this that I was here and tell me that become the this the so that you don't move side to side the earth becomes stationary. Then Allah is like what I'm about to Nafi and in this earth we brought forth we grew up

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in this earth, I mean cool Luiza old gym but he page, every single kind of beautiful plant.

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Up until this year,

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we have discovered over 435,000 different plant species

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430 for almost half a million

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plant species, we have found 435,000 plant species, out of those 435,000 plant species, almost 40% of the species.

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We have only encountered less than five times, scientists people, they are not readily available. They are there. And we only have less than five samples of that 40% of the half a million rough roughly. And on top of that, just this year alone, we discovered 2000 plus new species that we never knew existed.

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That's what Allah says Harada Hello Allah. This is Allah's creation, show me what your gods have created.

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That's why Allah says, while I'm that Nafi Ha, we grew. It's not Mother Nature. It's not science. We grew in these, this earth, what we have in coolies, our gene verheij The word over here zones can mean necessarily type or it could also mean every plant is male and female.

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Some they are within so a plant within itself has male female and others have to be pollinated through male pollens into the females. In any case, the 435,000 plants that we have

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90% of them are flowering plants. I II when the time comes, you see flowers, you see beauty in it, and that is why Allah subhanaw taala says but he