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And that's the genius of this man. And he Salam, he takes very careful note of what Allah says to him. And then he comes back with an adjusted prayer. Right? So he says, What if Calobra him when Ibrahim Ali Salam said, about Bucha alhaja, rather than Amazon master make this meaning this land this desert, a peaceful city, a peaceful city, a safe city. So the first part of this prayer has nothing to do with people has nothing to do with his children or their faith. It just means that the city itself should be safe. Now this is actually genius by Ibrahim alayhis salam. Why, because when a city does not believe when a town does not believe, then they are not safe from the punishment of

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When you could have a great empire like the Egyptians had a great empire, the pharaohs had a great empire, and it had its prosperity, but they were not safe from the punishment of Allah eventually is not the case. So whenever he rather Islam says yeah, Allah, you make sure that this is a safe city. This is actually a very indirect way of asking that the majority dwellers of this city are going to be what believers it's actually a really intelligent way of putting that forward. Yeah, Allah just make the city safe. And that's implied in it. Yes, of course believers are the ones that are safe. That's why Allah says for example, you know, Yahoo doing any logistical inhibition, Elia phone,

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they're not going to be afraid, you know, well, no, but then under homebody, hopefully him Amnon, when believers are given establishment in the land. Allah replaces fear with safety. So actually, the security of a city is actually is directly related to the spiritual state of a place, that still Quranic principle. But anyway, another interesting thing to note here, if we if you don't look at it from a spiritual perspective, the first prayer is that the place where these people are going to live, my children are going to live should be a safe place, not just from the punishment of Allah. But as a safe place safe neighborhoods, Safe Schools, safe businesses, people's lives should be

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safe, people's homes should be safe, people's place of business should be safe, safe, people's place of worship should be safe. These are the concerns of every society. By the way, we're not just concerned about that, as Muslims, people want to live in a safe neighborhood. Right? I just found out recently Plano counts as one of the safest neighborhoods in the United States. Right. So real estate prices go up when a neighborhood is what is safe. And when a neighborhood is dangerous, what happens to real estate prices, they go down. In other words, the safer a neighborhood is, the better it starts doing economically, isn't that the case. And the worst neighborhood is the worst it starts

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doing what economically and vice versa. If a if a city is prosperous, that means they have more tax revenue school, you know, school districts are better or whatever better jobs are being created, and therefore they can afford better security. And when a neighborhood has a tough economy, people are losing their jobs, people are getting desperate, then what starts increasing in those cities, crime. So safety and prosperity go hand in hand, is that clear to everybody? safety and prosperity go hand in hand. Another way of thinking about this is that you know, you can in order to have a sustained healthy society, you actually need peace, what I call peace here or safety, and you need prosperity,

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you need both of them to go hand in hand. In other words, if home is safe, and businesses safe, and the streets are safe, and the market is safe, and the school is safe, everything is safe, but you can't find a job. There's no point that society is going to fall apart anyway. Because in order for this society to be maintained, people have to be able to make money. On the other hand, if you have all the money in the world, people can make lots and lots of money, but there's nothing safe. It's the law of the jungle. If that's the case, that society will fall apart too, isn't it? So you need both of those. So Ibrahim alayhi salam in just brief words, he says, rubbish. I'll have a Paladin,

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Amazon master make this into a safe city, a peaceful city. And what Allahu Mina Samara provide its citizens from all kinds of fruit, provided citizens from all kinds of fruit meanness, Samara, which is really beautiful. In other words, the part where he said make it safe is about the peace. The part where he said, give them all kinds of fruit is about what? prosperity by the way, if these people living in Makkah, that's where they are, if they're going to get all kinds of fruit, they're going to have to import them because you don't exactly get oranges and Lukka

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or mangoes, or bananas or anything for that matter. Right. In other words, he's asking for a city that can engage in international trade. He's asking for a city that's prosperous because he engages in business and trade with other places that's already embedded within the prayer, isn't it? So now what we're thinking about, we think about Ibrahim alayhis salam as a spiritual leader, as someone who prayed to Allah azza wa jal, but now you have to think about another dimension of this man Alehissalaam. Remember, I told you he's thinking generations ahead, right? Move into reality. If

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If you're gonna think generations ahead, you can't just be thinking about their emaan. Like, who are they going to worship? That's important. Of course, it's important. But you know what there are people are not going to have the peace of mind, and the ability to worship Allah as they should, if their life is miserable. In other words, if they're constantly worried about the survival of themselves and their family, if they don't know how to make ends, meet at all societies and utter chaos and collapse, then you're not the dean is not going to prosper. So you need a healthy functioning society, for religion to actually take, take hold, they need each other. In other words,

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you know, just like our human body, you have to take care of this body and you have to take care of the rule. Right the prayer the DUA, the recitation of Quran, the fasting, all of that cleanses you spiritually, it takes care of your rule. And the same way good food exercise, all that stuff takes care of what your body we have this dual existence, you have to take care of both sides. The same way in society, there are two sides. A lot of times people who worry about the emaan of our OMA and the future of our OMA, all we think about is the spiritual side. We don't think about the economic side, or the political side, the safety of the people, you know, and look at the genius of this man

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and he salaam, the first thing he does as a leader is he looks at the reality on the ground and he says yeah, Allah make the city safe, make it peaceful, and make it prosperous, economically meaner. Thammarat. And something you should understand about Arabic literature and the word Thammarat. I translated somewhat somewhere out right now is fruits, provide them all kinds of fruits, but fruits are literally Fruits like apples and oranges and stuff. But fruits is something else. Also fruits is also the fruit of your labor. In other words, you do work and you see results. Yeah, Allah provide them businesses that succeed, provide them institutions that flourish, provide them, you know, the

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teachers that can actually you know, see success in their students, etc. provide them the fruits of their labor, give them success in these things. This is a Dr. Rahim Allah Islam is making for his future offspring, but he adds a qualification and here's where things get interesting. Previously, I'm reminding you again, his first prayer was can you give leadership to who?

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Who did he ask for leadership for all of his kids? Some are wrongdoers. Well if some are wrongdoers, I sure hope they're not in leadership. Because if they're if the wrongdoers are in leadership what happens in that society two things disappear peace and prosperity so he's starting at the bottom up now Yeah, Allah make the city peed make this a peaceful and prosperous city provide them all kinds of fruit, but actually provide the fruits and provide this prosperity to who men are men I mean home villa, he was younger than only the ones who believed in Allah and the Last Day. In other words give safety and prosperity only to believers. Don't give it to who disbelievers he's hoping that

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disbelievers are people of people that are violent because the opposite is not counterfeit. Here, the opposite is not disbeliever the opposite of volume that's except establishing the wrongdoers cruel people, unjust people ya Allah make sure unjust people are not established in society. Yeah, Allah make them the criminal element that are in the on the fringes, I know they're going to exist, but keep them on the fringes, keep them on the outside of society. Don't make them the main players in society. Don't give them safety and don't give them prosperity only give safety and prosperity to believing people now understand something else that so many Muslims are confused about. This is a

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literally a campaign that I'm on that you know so many things that I learned as a child and growing up about Islam, I have come to learn from the Quran that we've just been looking at it the wrong way or we've spread the wrong notions. So many people have demonized for example doing well. So they say Why are you getting a promotion at your job of stuffing Allah or the you shouldn't be memorizing Quran instead and saying no to that promotion, and don't go and do your PhD in the Catholic University, you should actually go and you know, study Hadith instead and become an alum of deen and I met college students that are doing really well in school. And they say, without no money, I feel

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really guilty because I'm top of my class in psychology and I should have been studying Quran and Sunnah. And here I am studying you know, you know, clinical psychology and it's, you know, just from these coffin professors and like, stupid.

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I mean, they caught me at the end of a program, so I didn't really have my reservations. So I'm exhausted mentally. So I just said, stupid. What are you doing? Who told you this? Who came up with this notion? The idea that Ibrahim alayhi salam wants you to be prosperous. He wants a city cannot be prosperous if he doesn't have people that know what they're doing that know how to make a good income. But what should these people have? They should have the mind in Allah and the Last Amen. Amen. Abdullah he won't. You will. Not everyone that was a small glimpse from story night. I want you to catch the entire story night and there's a bunch more story nights out there on being a

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are being a tv.com go under Quran courses and you will find story nights a number of them that you can enjoy with your family