Why We Should Live By Balance – Surah Ar-Rahman

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The previous iOS here elevated the sky, put down a scale, all for whites so that you don't violate when it comes to skills. So you don't violate so there's a connection now being made between the, the, the galaxies and the orbits and the universe with Who, me when me directly

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you know what Allah is saying here, Allah is saying, if you can just pay attention to the sky, and you know how harmonious it is, and how much balance there is in it, just by observing the sky, you would know, whoever put this together loves balance.

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He loves balance, and you'd reach the conclusion that he's made me to. And if he loves balance, all over the universe, the only place that's out of balance is this planet. And the only place that's out of balance is my life. And my behavior, everything else is in balance. So I'm pretty sure he expects me to live according to what some kind of balance I'll give you, I'll bring it closer to home. Like imagine that there's a there's a guy back in the day 1000s of years ago, he's selling bananas, right? So he's got bananas on this side, he's got the weight on the side, and he's trying to cheat his customer a little bit. So he gives him one less banana. Right? You could you could rig

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the scale a little bit right? And you know what he Allah is saying if you just looked up at the sky, and you saw how much balance there is in the sky, you wouldn't be messing with your banana sales.

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You'd act differently now where am I getting all this from? From this ayah Allah Tato Phil Misa

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we the previous iOS here elevated the sky put down a skill all for what so that you don't violate when it comes to skills. So you don't violate it. So there's a connection now being made between the the the galaxies and the orbits and the universe? With who? Me when me directly I am directly connected to the skies. I don't need a football unfairness. I don't need a football injustice. You know what the football injustice is the sky. It says if Allah has the right to ask me on judgement day if I say Allah I didn't know I shouldn't be cheating Allah I didn't know I shouldn't be stealing Allah has the right to say Well you never saw the sky.

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You never saw the sky.

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Think of it another way you know a manufacturer has a certain design designers have a certain design if you how many people study architecture here anybody study architecture or two okay Hamdulillah. So, if you if you study architecture, you can pass by a building and you can say I know that style. You can if you know your stuff, you can even say I know who the architect is, I bet you who they learn from or who they are, you can tell the design from the design you can tell who the architect is, some of you are into fashion. You see a pair of shoes from a distance Chanel's

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right? You can see a purse from a distance bootleg right. You know, it's real or fake. People, some people are into sneakers, that's their thing. That's what Allah created them for us sneakers. You know, those like, that's like the 1998 Jordans limited edition. This is also what are you smoking, bro? You know, some people are into watches, they can tell all from a distance. Oh, that's that's a tutor. That's a Rolex that says this. That's a that. That's, you know, that's a Patek Phillipe or whatever this? They can tell. Some people are into cars. Right? They can look from a distance up. I know what that is. That's a Mercedes. Oh, wait, that's a Hyundai. They copied Mercedes. Okay, yeah.

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Right. What am I trying to get at?

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When you understand the designer, the designer like you know, when you sign a document, you have a signature, but sometimes the design itself is a signature,

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isn't it? Sometimes the design itself you can see the painting I know whose painting this is. I know whose architecture this is. I know whose fashion design this is. I know whose bag this is. The brand has its own signature. Its people could see like Apple products from a distance and now that's probably an Apple product. Right? They have a design to their Allah has a signature in his design. Allah designed the universe. He also has a signature. What is his signature in the universe? It's balance. That's a signature. And then I look at myself and I seem to have balanced in the way I can stand. I seem to have balance and the way I can move. I seem to have balance in the way my limbs are

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proportionate. I see balance and everything.

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that he does. And the only thing out of balance is the way I behave. That's the only thing. So he says, he raised the sky, and he played down the balance so that you don't violate the balance. You don't violate the skill, you see the connection now. And that's a profound realization any human being should have arrived at. This leads me to

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this other really interesting conclusion here. From where we started in this surah. The greatest way to know who Allah is, is Allah's own words.

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The greatest way that we started with that our man, I love it, there's no way you can know Allah better than Allah telling you himself. That's Allah telling you himself.

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Then it says if you met the architect,

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you really know the architect. Okay, what's the next best thing? You've studied the architectural designs and their work? Right? If I've studied the buildings that this architect made, I know some things about this architect. Do I know everything about this architect? I don't know their personality. I don't know their likes and dislikes. But I know some things about I know enough about what their design is like. observing the universe, can you can it teach you something about God even if you don't know about religion? I can. I can teach you there's someone behind this mechanism that loves balance. But do you know everything about him? You don't you but you you do get somewhere you

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do get somewhere. Now you'll appreciate so the first layer, the highest level of getting to know Allah is his own words. The next level of getting to know Allah the next best thing is at least paying attention to what?

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The skies then you got to know that Allah loves balance. Allah loves justice. Allah loves fairness. Allah loves things in due proportion. That's the next conclusion you reach. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section