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I'm just gonna get

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together when you lay

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some wall or later

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Are you going to come on? We'll see you come on FCB come over here

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on in

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you have given us Interpol

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for coming Hello Johanna welcome

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in number How can I have a peeler my brothers and sisters we continue on our journey of learning the names of the loss of cannaboids

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and forgiving me but for this specific clip because of the rush on the previous two we're going to be very concise instrument in order to finish on time.

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Today we will focus on the name of a wall a center and we know very well a center is one of the names of a wall that we see in circle or one that either lambu Atlantic eloquent goose Assam sudden and it is the only time in Rasul Allah uses his name a center

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in them and if you will find Salah mentioned in the corner but not as salaam referring to a wall as you will find one we have the wrong data set but that is not referring to a lot so agenda so in this first lesson handling data uses a set and the only time and it is a must have so this name of us having more data is a little bit difficult for people to try to understand what it means when we say a lot is a set um you and I know that that means peace. But peace is not really the definition of the name of Apostle cannibal and really what it is is an absence of any kind of evil. As in a wasp kind of want to add that has no imperfections. There is nothing that is wrong. There is nothing that

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is nothing something that is missing in a loss of counterpoint to it. So he is free from all kinds of imperfections. And I'll give you some examples and shout along to Adam. When we talk about the idea of a wall to his life. He is free from death. He's free from drowsiness. He's free from

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Sleeping in or falling asleep or even going asleep. So what was the panel what data is perfect in all of his names in all of his attributes in every aspect of a walk,

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which is why he is a set them free from imperfections. So free from falling asleep, free from getting drowsy or lazy or tired. When we talk about couldn't have also kind of winter either as in his ability to do things, although some candidates added is free from becoming tired. When you and I do things we get tired, you got tired of standing outside, you get tired of waiting to come in, you get tired of trying to leave the parking lot. We get tired of you know doing exercise we are tired of working day and night day in and day to pay for our homes and our livelihood. also kind of data is free from becoming lighter, free from becoming exhausted. When we talk about the

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Kadima to write the speech we could say of almost cannaboids Allah, Allah speech is free from lies free from oppression, a lot does not lie, it does not oppressed in his speech, he will not say something that is not befitting for that moment. And we know that I was just kind of going to have to reveal things to us in the end. And sometimes people say but this is a little bit harsh. But when you look at it almost is free from saying anything that is too harsh in that specific context. When we talk about the either the or the father of a loss, and his punishment was counted as punishment is free from oppression. He's free from injustice, and the list goes on and on and on. And so when

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we talk about the perfection of what's happening with data, set down, being free from any imperfection. The second aspect of a salon is that the source of set lm piece is a set down a lot. So the source of peace is the one who owns peace,

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the source of any tranquility is a seldom alone.

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And so all kinds of ease and tranquility and peace and Sakina. And

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all of these good examples that we don't like that we try to attain, they come from a must have a board. He's the creator of it, and he's the provider of it. And thirdly, my brothers and sisters.

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In fact, in order for me to give some examples, on the second point, all pieces are all sent out and comes from a system or some kind of a data system set up on him, send them an IDS and send them an item and so on and so on and so forth. Thirdly, my brothers and sisters, a set out them is the one who will reach the believers with set up

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a set on a wall is the one who will reach the leaders with set them What does also have to add

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to here to

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greet the leaders with sit down with the greetings of Islam, the greetings of the Muslims the greetings of the very first creation of it to set out the very first words though it was kind of boring to either talk and work

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to go to the angels and say a send them where I made from

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the very first words that I said I was taught to say was to go to the angels and say

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and they responded to him by saying

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walk on

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also also kind of went to Hannah would greet the believers with Santa when he says in the bar and along the route.

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also kind of

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invites and encourages us to attain this place. paradise where everything is perfect. Everything is the way it was. Adam created it for us. Buddha voting on our social blocks of the world.

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haven't really done

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any sort of

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to give some examples. also kind of Medina as I mentioned to talk about and it is set up to say a set of things

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For too long. Also the advice of the

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lady was sending him when he migrated from bumpkin to email, the very first piece of advice that we know that

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even Santa, he says in that thing in that Hanif for things that are also kind of went to either would give to us, or for things that we should do, I should say. I'm also kind of a data with data as paratis data. And so the first thing that is mentioned, there is a shift center to spread cell mutations in a peaceful, nice kind of way. And we know how we get set up as the leaders.

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And lastly, my brothers and sisters will conference all along. He says do not enter agenda until you believe.

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And another thing we believe until you love one another, shall I tell you about something that if you do make you will gain or acquire love for each other?

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Of course, every single one of us will be like, tell us, we can't agenda if we don't believe and we won't fully completely believe until we have certain characteristics within us. And from those things the prophets. Send them says I will tell you about something that if you do, it will bring love between you and

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spread sentiment amongst you. I want to conclude by sending by saying one thing my brothers and sisters, how many times do we see Muslims walking around in the supermarket or on the streets or in the art and we know them from the masjid and we know that for a Muslim, or we may have even spoken to them. But we don't say send them to them because we're shocked. We are the people of data center. We are the people of Paradise, we are the people.

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We ask most of the data to greet us into paradise, right that was set up to welcome us there with the beautiful salutations arriving. Why is it that we feel shy in front of non Muslims to say

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why is it that we feel shy to make door out to our Muslim brothers are our Muslim sister when we get them set up? Why is it that we feel shy? And what's even more sad than this is that we see non Muslims a lot of the time you will meet politicians and appease MVPs politicians they will be in when they see a Muslim they'll say so I will make them

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they don't feel shy to see a breedings that is that is meant to be between us.

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Who are we? Where are we?

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in understanding the name of Allah Subhana Allah, a salon.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to strengthen our man made it easy for us to grow and sell them to each other.

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We conclude by saying these lessons upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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mentioned in the in the water.

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Maybe you are living under the

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schema a lot more such as seen in

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a lot of magazines done on the speaking a lot of hours

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the anatomy, as colossal was added to make it easy for us to be amazing distance putting in the society that we are in as close to Canada added to make this for those who love this in the Bahamas, some of them as colossal Cameron's Alex make it easy for us to continue to run this team and to bless us with all of the blessings that He has for us in this life as well as in the year after he was added, protected to protect our family and our future progeny children and to make them from amongst those who didn't die

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in the morning.

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on the long

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sit down what are they doing well

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Sam ready

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all these

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these things not say behind this longer

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longer than 82

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we do not have people in

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operation and once again remember my students your donations on the way out when you see the construction that you've done off the parking lot

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please do help us it's possible

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