Be Like Ahmad – A Poem for the Beloved of God

Hamza Yusuf


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I wrote a poem

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for the prophets

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Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Surah 20 in Jena becoming Allah wherever we're talking to Ilana Have you heard Jimmy alhaja tota Hironobu humming Jimmy I say yet what are

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we to Bella one of you have serviette images

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the sun solemnly stated how can my light compared to his, and the moon laughed, be like me, content to reveal another's light. The North Star declared what guidance can I provide next to his and all the stars exclaimed, be like us, who revolve around you and show no envy. The sea shouted. What secrets Can I contain when compared to his wonders? The clouds pleaded, be like us, exalted in the sky because we humbly draw our water from another and pour forth in gratitude and service. The Rose ruefully remarked, what beauty do I have next to his? The mirror said, be like me, who can only reflect another's beauty? Reason exclaimed. What wisdom can I reveal next to his revelation? The

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tongue replied, be still and let me quote him. Gold complained What words do I have next to his copper cried what ingratitude. Your purity was his from the start. Be happy to be compared to him. The dog barked. He mentioned me. The cat me out. He patted me. The donkey braid. He rode on me. The horse Nate. He called me an ocean. The camel grunted. I took him to safety. The frog croaked. I was his favorite. The spider stood tall on eight legs and stately stated, I protected him once. The cloud boasted I shaded him. The tree declared he called me and I bowed to him. The palm trunk said well, he hugged me. The date gloated, I was sweet for him milk exalted I nourished him, water

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crowed, I quench his thirst, the Kaaba shout and he circled me. The Yemeni corner replied, He touched me. The Blackstone laughed and said, He kissed me. The pebbles yelled, we praise God in his poem. The mountains of Mecca called out he loved us. Medina demurely whispered he chose me.

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And humanity cried nuff seen up, see me, me. And God said be like I met.

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And I said, almighty Almighty, my community, my community, and God replied, We will grant you until you are content and data