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100 a little bit I mean,

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no one is there no one is tougher who I don't mean to be here when I tavakkoli when I also be let him in Julian fusino means a year Dr. Molina Mejia de la Vela mo de la la. Well, my yo de Lille, Fallon de la jolla murshida wanna shadow La la la la, la de la sharika Juana shawanna Mohammed Abu hora solo or sallallahu taala bill hockey basura one Avira

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dianella la jaimini. He was Raja Munira from Abu khattala Johan de de la mano de la kataka de la de moda nyla, one two Muslim Oh,

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my dear brothers, sisters elders

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mellows Rihanna with Allah bless you and guide you and protect you from all harm that which you know, and that which you don't know. And it'll always be with you. And for you, wherever you are.

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We are on the fourth of the series of lectures on challenges and solutions, challenges of 2021 and beyond, and inshallah some solutions for that.

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And today, I want to talk to you about one of the greatest

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which To make matters worse,

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for the most part, is not understood or recognized. And that is global warming, and climate change. And as a result of that water shortage.

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The problem with global warming and climate change is the same problem that we have with the Africa. It seems to be a concept that we know to be true, but we cannot see any signs of it. And we don't know

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how it relates to our lives on a daily basis.

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in both the cases of global warming, as well as they occur, if we were asked and speaking for myself, if we were asked to show which actions in our lives demonstrate our faith in either global warming or the Acura, I'm not sure what we would be able to point to.

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This is simply not good enough, because reality is not dependent on belief for its existence. Reality stands by itself. And it bites very hard.

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There are two major signs of climate change that we have seen since 2020.

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The catastrophic wildfires of Australia and later in California. In Australia, it is said that 1 billion animals perished. That, of course, doesn't include insects, and small reptiles, and others, which would have been totally burnt up. And so the real number is actually much higher.

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The second sign is that water is being traded on the futures market on the California Stock Exchange, like gold, and oil.

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Now, if that is not enough to wake us up, then seriously, I don't know what can be.

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Now looking ahead, global warming and work on reducing carbon emissions will also shift focus away from oil and coal and natural gas and nuclear power generation to hydrogen, solar, wind wave, and hydro electricity, for power generation, for transportation for manufacturing, and so on.

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economies, which became wealthy, thanks to oil and coal, and fossil fuels will experience major upheaval in the income streams when these income streams dry up.

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This will of course, reflect on infrastructure, on maintenance, and on job opportunities.

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They say that the Wars of the future will be fought over water,

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not over oil, as has been in the past.

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The equal watch report predicts that by the year 2064. We are in 2021. We're talking about 2060 for like 40 to 43 years ahead, that's it.

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The Amazonian rainforest will have disappeared completely.

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I quote from the from the report the best way to think of the forest

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ecosystem is that it's a pump. The forest recycles moisture, which supports regional rainfall. If you continue to destroy the forest, the rainfall amount drops, and eventually you wreck the pump. As the forest transforms into a grassland and of course later on into a desert, all the benefits of the massive ecosystem will also disappear. And a multi dimensional catastrophe will ensue.

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Primarily, water scarcity will evaporate. What a scarcity. What a security, not not scarcity, what a security will evaporate for over 35 million people living in that region. And finally, and perhaps most alarmingly, the forest could progressively lose its ability to store the world's excess carbon, which helps to regulate the climate and Planetary temperature. In fact, some people predict sometimes scientists predict that the world's largest forest will flip from being a carbon sink to becoming a carbon source by around 2035. And that is 15 years down the road

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or 14 years.

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Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other air pollutants which are called greenhouse gases,

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collected in the atmosphere and absorbs sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the Earth's surface. And normally this radiation would escape into space. But these pollutants which can last from years to centuries in the in the atmosphere, they are trapped the heat and caused the planet to get hotter. And that's why it's called the greenhouse effect.

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scientists agree that the Earth's rising temperatures are fueling longer and hotter heat waves, more frequent droughts, heavier rainfall, and more powerful hurricanes. In 2015, for example, scientists said that an ongoing drought in California, the state's worst water shortage in 1200 years, had been intensified by 15 to 20%. By global warming.

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forests, farms and cities will face troublesome new pests, heat waves, heavy downpours, and increased flooding. All these factors will damage or destroy agriculture and fisheries, allergies, asthma, and infectious disease outbreaks will become more common due to increased growth of pollen producing ragweed, higher levels of air pollution, and the spread of conditions favorable to pathogens and mosquitoes.

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Water is an amazing and literally an out of this world substance. When the earth was forming, water came to the earth in the form of a straw.

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The same water came to Mars and Venus, but didn't stay on Earth, thanks to his distance from the Sun thanks to the Earth's magnetic field which protects us from this from solar flares.

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And thanks to our own thick atmosphere, water stayed and remained in its three liquids in its three states, which is liquid solid, and gas. It has properties totally unlike those of any other liquid.

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Water expands on

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solidification. It's a universal solvent. It doesn't freeze solid when it's in a large body. It changes state from liquid to gas and back to liquid and in the process releases its source and becomes consumable by humans and animals. trees grow because of water, our bodies our 70% water and our digestive, circulatory and other body functions work because of water. Practically all life exists and is sustained because of water.

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Where it is water come from? Why? How much And remember, the water that came here a few billion years ago is still here.

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That is the ancient critical, incredibly complex blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we pollute and waste without a thought.

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This is also the meaning of recognizing the signs of a loss Rhino data in his creation, which you cannot do without using the knowledge that he sent us called science.

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That is street signs with the importance it deserves. Turn off taps and showers and say water. Plant wildflowers instead of lawns. plant vegetables, recycle all wastewater in your home and in public buildings make vermicompost and use hydroponics.

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Allah subhanaw taala said about water. I will let him initiate our energy

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our love urology Anika for one hour to La odaka neterra token Fatah Kona Houma wa jal mean Alma equalizer in high.

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You mean Oh, I lost my MBA which means have not those who disbelieve, known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one p united piece, then we parted them.

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And we have made from water, every living thing. Will there not then believe.

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About four and a half billion years ago, there was another planet called Thea, about the same size as the earth, which was on an intersecting orbit with us. And we met,

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the collision must have been an awesome sight to witness.

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The result was that theory as iron core sank into the young Earth's core, and most of the as mantle accreted onto the Earth's mantle.

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This collision also changed the tilt of the earth on its axis to 23.5 degrees, which gives us our seasons, exact tilt to half a degree, not more, not less. Without this tilt, we would have had scorching heat while our side of the planet face the sun, and then freezing cold when we faced away from the sun.

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When we look at the fall colors, in this part of the world, of the orcs, and Aspen's and maples and Su Max and other trees, here in Western Mass, something that people from all over the world come to see and Marvel

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they've come to see and marvel at the glorious shades of yellows, and oranges, and pinks and reds. Let us remember that all these are because the earth is tilted on its axis at an angle of 23 and a half degrees.

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The deal gives us our seasons with their temperature differences. Without it, no summer, and no winter.

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Imagine our earth without water, no oceans, no lakes or rivers northern for no moon, no vegetation, no life.

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Then look around yourself today.

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During the day, and look at the full moon in the night.

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breathe the air, drink from clean, unpolluted streams, sail on the ocean, run your hand along the polished golden wood of the gunnel

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and reflect to the steel hull of your boat.

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The let's remind ourselves that none of this would have happened without the storm and the collision that almost 100% no wood, no iron, and no water to sell it on.

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Today as we live our lives, let us reflect on the storms and collisions that we see or experience in our lives. And remind ourselves to look beyond them to the hand of Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira in which there is only her blessing.

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When we do that, it becomes a strength we need to face life and its trials, knowing that the one who sent the trial will also send the solution knowing that the one who sent the trial did it for a reason

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to teach us something that can only benefit us and which will be the means of drawing closer to him.

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That is the only closeness that matters because it is the only one which lasts throughout our existence and which doesn't end with our death. It is close to Allah subhanho wa Taala which is our help and protection of his life and the means of deliverance. When we meet him.

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He reminded us about this to comfort us and to help us and to give us hope and courage. And he said we're Assa and Takara who say whoa Hyrule luck

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Well as the head Bhushan will overshadow laco will La Jolla Alamo want to let Alamo, he said and sort of Bukhara and it may be that you dislike something that is good for you, and that you like something which is bad for you. And Allah knows, you do not know,

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can global warming biha be halted? Can we turn the clock back? In theory? The answer is yes. But in practice, it remains to be seen what our leaders do.

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A lot of initiatives need international agreements and collaboration and enforcement. Whether there is the political will to do it remains to be seen.

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The effects of global warming are potentially catastrophic. And once we go over the edge, irreversible.

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It's a case of

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the Seneca Cliff

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takes a long time to get to the top. But the descent is rapid.

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We humans, were given resources by Allah subhanho data and the knowledge to use them in positive constructive ways.

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But we chose to follow our greed and refuse to recognize that we were destroying our own home, in our scramble to make as much money as possible, irrespective of the cost. Cost there is, believe me, it's not free. And when payment time comes, we will pay in ways that are very painful. new diseases and pathogens, droughts, especially violent storms, flooding of coastal areas, destroying cities, are all among them.

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In a jazz era, he said that if this dunya was not a station of tests, it would not be filled with sickness and filth.

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If life was not about hardship, then the prophets and the buyers would have lived the most comfortable of lives. But no

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other money Salam suffered test after test until he left to do near New Orleans Salam wept and cried for 300 years. Ibrahim alayhis salam was thrown into a pit of fire, and later told to slaughter his son jacoba a solemn cried until he became blind Moosa his solemn challenge around and was tested by his people. His icera had no provision except the marshals that his disciples provided him with. And Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam met poverty with patients. His uncle, one of the most beloved relatives to him, was slain and mutilated. And his people this believed in him, the list of prophets and pious goes on and on. They were all tested severely, yet they all tanked Allah subhanho data

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says, I remind myself when you whatever happens to us happens because Allah subhanho wa Taala chose it for us to be pleased with it is called Rida bill coda to be pleased with the choice of Allah.

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And this is an article of faith.

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One of the pious predecessors, one of the servers, Sally and he said, If I get something if I make the law, and if I get what I asked for, I am very happy.

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But he said, If I make dua, and I do not get what I asked for, but I get something else am 10 times as happy.

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So the people asked me, they said, what kind of a statement is this? If you get something you ask for you are happy but if you don't get it, you are 10 times as happy or if you get something other than what you ask for your 10 times as happy How's that possible? He said, because when I get what I asked for, I got what I wanted. But when I get

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something else, or I do not get what I wanted, then I'm actually getting what my rub wants for me. And that's why that makes me 10 times as happy.

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Islam gives us the sight to see the reality behind the appearances.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us about his tests and the attitude of meaning towards them, where he said we're unable to accomplish a mineral Hovey worldview, or even apo samina Lam ye varam fusi was Amara wahba. She saw beauty in LA Vina Eva Saba Tomasi baton kalu in the UI in La rajguru Ooh la la sala tone Mira

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him Walla, Walla, eco hotelu,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato said which means

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and certainly we shall test you with something of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and loss of lives and the fruits of your labor, but give glad tidings to us Saberi into the patient people.

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Who are they who when afflicted with calamity, they say truly to Allah we belong and truly to him We shall return. They are those on whom are the Salawat that is the blessings from their rub. And they are those who will receive His mercy. And it is the who are the rightly guided ones?

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Are the sisters. What would we as believers say, if we were asked, what we are prepared to pay for Allah's mercy and blessings directly on us and with Allah subhanho data as our witness that we are rightly guided?

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What would you pay?

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That is the reward of summer and show patience and gratitude. mela Samantha make us submarine or shaqiri.

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Now, what must we do to deal with the challenges of climate change solutions? Number one, limit the use of fossil fuels by using cleaner energy.

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Support activism to fight climate change. Reduce your own carbon footprint footprint.

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use public transport of bike or walk instead of owning or driving your own car. Number two, limit the amount of meat you eat because if cattle were a nation, they would be number three, after China and America in greenhouse gas emissions, methane and carbon dioxide.

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Number three for young people deciding on career choices. Choose AI artificial intelligence, environmental sciences, ecology and conservation, forestry and Wildlife Service, astronomy, avionics, technology, engineering, physics, believe it or not counting Agriculture and Water Conservation technology. All our sunrise career choices today.

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The in Abu Dhabi deserve a new university

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called Mohammed bin Zayed University for artificial intelligence. They're inviting people with good bachelor's degrees to apply for masters in science and PhDs in artificial engineering, no tuition fee, it's free and they give you a stipend.

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Please apply.

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And finally and most importantly, career choices, law, politics, banking, international law, environmental law, human rights law, Islamic banking, and politics. It is critical that if you want to initiate significant change, you must be in areas where that happens and where it can be influenced. Law is where legislation is designed and defined. Politicians table legislation and converted into law.

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Lawyers once again, interpret the law and courts, which reinforce it. Money is a duplicate that powers the whole system. We need in these places. People who believe are connected with a law and who are conscious of their accountability. We need people who are ethical, moral, and highly knowledgeable. Only such people can bring about changes to spread goodness, all around without fear or favor, to benefit all those who live on the earth.

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It is not enough to sit around and complain or claim lack of understanding. It is critical to understand and learn how to influence the system to make it beneficial, especially for those who need support and protection. Remember, it takes three generations to create global change. They're already too late. We must change how we educate, what we teach, how we teach it and who teaches it. We must invest time, energy resources and tears before Allah subhanho wa Taala to try to create a world

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That will be a worthy legacy of our passing. Because to live is not merely to draw breath. Robin has Salam nanfu sana Willem de fille and our handle an akuna Minal Casa de Ravana attina freedonia Hashanah tavira Hassan Okinawa na masala Ananda will carry while he was ibH main be Rama Rama Rahman Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.