Mirza Yawar Baig – Eid ul Adha Mubarak 2023

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including strong relationships with the creator and the importance of showing respect and admiration. The importance of staying in a stable environment and not giving explanations is emphasized, as well as the importance of worship and graduation from school to achieve success. The segment ends with a discussion of the spirit of Hajj and the importance of setting up for a spiritual connection. Additionally, the importance of helping others and making the best effort to trust Allah Sub ultrasound is emphasized.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Don't be able to study. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was happy to send them to Steven because

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first of all, you know, Barack gulaman

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May Allah subhanaw taala bless you melasma Allah be with you may Allah subhanaw taala accept all the good that you did in these nine days preceding eight and the good that you are doing and we will do today. May Allah subhanaw taala accept your oath here your sacrifice, your qurbani, may Allah subhanaw taala reward you as our soldiers and salam said, you will be rewarded, which is one good deed for every hair of the animal that you slaughtered.

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I want to remind myself anew about the spirit of Hajj, the spirit

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of this day, and this period.

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And for that, let me tell you a story. You know the story, let me repeat this beautiful story, there was a man

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and what a man

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a man who was concerned From his earliest childhood was not amusement or friends or earning, but Allah.

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Allah has created and are a man who was bothered and concerned in perturbed, that people did not worship their creator and instead worshipped what they had created in their minds and with their hands.

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Allah subhanaw taala adored us the stories of his MBA mussalam His prophets and messengers so that we could reflect on them and use them as a template to measure ourselves and see what we and our lifestyle choices and priorities and concerns and goals map onto the map onto that idea that Allah subhanaw taala set up and set out for us or the away from this idea.

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This bad

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boy really, at the time, can start a relationship with Allah subhanho data that he spoke to him and his Robin geladeira who not only answered him, but told us the story.

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A lot around that as having this beautiful ayat of surah baqarah old Willa HUMIRA shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim what you've called a boy him or I'm biagini K for tour he Mota Otto LM to me Paula by la vida que Leah to mean call we all have a whole Arbor item you know, boy Ed Fussel Rohan a Laker Magi la isla Allah will lead you have le min Hoon juice.

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Some Maduro nya Tina Khazaria why lemon law Hara Aziz on Heike

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a la semana dataset and remember when Ibrahim A Salam said my Rob Robbie areni favor to heal moto show me how you give life to the dead. Remember he didn't say tell me how to do it is a show me

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and He Allah subhanaw taala see the response and that's it our to when you don't believe

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the Bible is that I'm saying? Well, of course I believe, but we stronger in faith.

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And he Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Now Allah gave him whole project this boy and let's run it that I said

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get four birds take four birds, then cause them to inclined towards you that is tame them. Then when they are tame and they come when you call, slaughter them, cut them into pieces, chop them all up, and then put a portion of them meaning Jamala mix it all up and then take portions and put a portion of them on every hill and we don't have any of them and call them they will come to you in haste and know that Allah subhanaw taala is almighty and always

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our other sisters.

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ask Allah to show you his signs, believe me he will show you ask him to her show your signs and learn to recognize his signs when he sometimes shows us without asking.

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Build a personal relationship with Allah subhanaw taala remember that the Kalama lie the halal Allahu Muhammad Rasul Allah, which enters us into Islam is not a Statement of Information, but a statement of relationship. The first question in the grave, which is our next destination? Is a question asking about our relationship with Allah.

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Let us build that relationship such that when the question is asked, the answer will automatically come.

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And who knows if that relationship is strong enough, then someone else will answer that question. When it when it

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disastrous, aren't you?

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This beautiful ayat of surah Al Baqarah, in which Allah subhanaw taala told us about this incident in the life of Ibrahim Ali Salam illustrates that relationship. Please reflect on the tone of this question. Rob be irony kafer to heal moto? Does it sound like this? is the first time this conversation happened? Or is it something that seems to follow a pattern, the pattern of conversation between two who law one other intimately, who love each other, so much that nothing else exists for them when they are together

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and constrained by language and syntax, this is not to say that the two in this case are equal, they are not one is the creator, the other one is a creature. The two can never be equal. But the relationship is such that the Creator decided to tell us about it, and to present it to us as a standard for us to aspire towards.

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Then see the reply to the request, is it a replay? Or is it an indicator of such deep love and affection and lack of formality and so on? I have no words to describe, except to CRB we are also useless

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Yeah, no, I don't

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I don't even read myself with driverless

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but I

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have mercy on me. Yet I've had once you have

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mercy on us, because only you have motors. Nobody else was only hammers. Only you are idle.

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Unless America replied

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and see the replay. Such a beautiful hour long to me. Don't you believe that I can do it?

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Do it. If I'm Elisa Lam says Carla Bella will kill Yatra in Colombia. He did not say Yes, I believe he said, Bella, of course, I believe, once again, reflect on the tone in these two parts of the eye. This is a conversation between two who know each other very well.

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are totally familiar and comfortable with each other. They talk to each other all the time. That is why Rasulullah sallallahu set up by him and he's said this to be stronger in faith. We have an even greater right to say it.

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I will not go into the rest of the I hear that is the topic of another hotbed and I have done that before and you can you can listen to that. Just stay with the spirit of this conversation because this is the spirit of Hajj. This is the spirit of being a Muslim.

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The spirit of Hajj is the spirit of the one who loves meeting his beloved.

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That is the spirit of his love of total sub submission, where there is no difference between what the slave wants and what is the robots. What do you want? I want whatever you want for me. That is the meaning of ridable Columbian was

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granted to us not just accepting the color which is the destiny that Allah wrote for us but being pleased with it.

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Unless around that I said about revivalist it's called Allahu Rabu Aslam Carla has nothing to do

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when he dropped said to him submit. He said I have submitted

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he did not say Wilson he said I have submitted myself to the rub of the enemy to all that exists. Now please note, Who is the witness to Brahim Malays salaam submission, Allah subhanaw taala himself. Fast forward.

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This by now who is in his 80s his young wife and their newborn baby are on a journey.

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And this journey Google says that the shortest route between Palestine and Maca is 930 miles, that is 14 197 kilometers. That is like New York City to Minneapolis or Tampa. They walked

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at that time, it was not a caravan route, which later became was there a road? I don't know. We talking 4000 years ago, as of today.

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Obviously Viva is an app did not have a map who showed him the way I know it is easy to answer this question. There can only be one answer. But let me ask you, will you be comfortable to go somewhere that you are completely unfamiliar with and make the era please show me the way back home

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and they will drive around the route that comes into your heart.

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To do that, you need the connection, need the connection? And you need the purity of the receiver which is the heart to read the sign correctly.

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In our world today of of

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forth and so on and Wi Fi and you know the internet, we understand all this

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How many times have you tried download something and you get the circle going round and round and and nothing happens.

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Same for the phone haven't changed ship. It's just that the connection is weak or it is broken.

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That's what we need to work on. Now when they arrive at their destination, a barren valley in the middle of nowhere, no habitation, no people, no cultivation, no market, no food, nothing. Just imposing intimidating mountains Black Rock Solid out. There the man leaves his wife, a child,

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a child that he was given out a begging Allah subhanaw taala for decades, his firstborn, his heir, his only potential successor,

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he leaves them

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and turns away and departs

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his wife, she's human like him.

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She's terrified

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of being apparently abandoned in the wilderness, to the mercy of whatever, you know, elements at the worst of the elements and whatever the mountains conceal all potential threats to the life of her baby. She calls out to her when a wave leaving us here, he does not reply. He is marching to another two.

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To the orders of the one who ordered him to bring them there in the first place. He is connected to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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His wife, she is human like him. She asks, Are you doing this? On your rubs instruction on your rough order? He nods. He doesn't speak. He nods. Not because he has no respect for her. Not because he does not love her. But because that is the instruction given to him. Do not give explanations. The test is for both of them. It's not, you're not she says the Go. Go. Our Rob will not allow us to perish.

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Got the relationship of the dunya. To connect Allah cut the relationship with the dunya with this world with his life with our technology with our resources, our money with our friends, and our connection the network. If you want to connect with Allah, cut doesn't mean physically cut it

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doesn't mean give up all your friends No, it just means cut the reliance that we have on them.

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Understand that if we are doing what Allah subhanaw taala told us to do, he will not allow us to fail. It makes no sense that Allah brings you to someplace and he doesn't and he makes you feel it then it makes no sense that Allah gives you a job and he does not allow you to succeed

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stop relying

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on the external

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editor to rely on Allah subhanaw taala

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then my Bible Islam passes over the fall of the land and this is a place where they cannot see him he stops

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his rap told us what he said to

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Roberta in near skulls to me in Lubri at eBay in lady these are in eBay decal Mohalla or banally UK Musala fi there is a fee that I mean and

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that we lay him Warzone minutes rod Lala whom your school rune

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or our

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I have made some of my offspring to dwell in an uncomfortable Valley by your sacred house the cover in muck

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see the other movie by Melissa

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heater I did this

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whereas what is the reality? The reality is he only obeyed the order

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but he's not saying you know why did this not take care of it? No.

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He says all our

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he is he never leaves his position as the Abdullah as the Abdullah as the slave of Allah.

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It is the it is the position of the slave to ask to make

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these are Yup.

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I did this I brought them here

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to stay in this valley

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next to your house. Why? In order our app that they may establish a solid account with the seller. First thing I brought them here so that they will pray because this is a place where nobody seems to upgrade.

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He didn't say that I'm just saying a lot

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so that they may establish yourself and

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Next. So fill some hearts among people with love towards them, give them influence. And then he says, Oh Allah, provide them with fruits. He's not asking for Britain. And some people know.

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Tertiary benefits, higher benefits, provide them with fruits so that they may give thanks.

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Who is it who inspires in the hearts of those he loves words that span the centuries to ring true in the hearts of those who

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see the other things that he rightfully said I was asked to set up for I'm not going into the details of this. This is another beautiful thing for us to think about. But let me suffice to ask you to reflect on what you would have asked in such a situation, what I would have asked myself

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and then see what Ibrahim alayhi salam asked, may Allah grant us this connection?

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I would have first thing I would have asked him I guess maybe it's the same thing for for all of you. The first thing you would ask is safety.

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You help the kingdom reserved them, protect them, and what is wrong with them?

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Nothing wrong with it.

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He didn't ask.

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He said, I brought them here to establish your worship. So let them do that.

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And the rest of it. Meanwhile, our mother has a nice setup does not sit in which she didn't say okay, so Allah brought us here he will take you know, she knows that she has to do something. So she makes the best effort that she can make. And this is the meaning of summer to make the best effort and trust Allah subhanaw taala for the results, make the effort your best effort and then make dua and ask Allah subhanaw taala for his head.

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handedly, Sarah did that. She did what she could to assess her situation and see what was around her.

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So she claimed the nearest Hill suffer and looked around he saw nothing.

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And then she descended and came to her son who she had left at the bottom of the hill. Then she went towards the opposite Hill Marva.

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As he walked towards Morrow in the valley, between the two hills, he must have had to herself Let me hurry. The child is alone. So she ran until he came to the bottom of the slope of Marwa. She claimed that the slope to the top of Mara and looked around nothing. She returned, once again in the valley on relative level ground she ran. And she checked on a baby. And then she climbs up again. She did this seven times. She made the best effort that she could. That was the only thing she could do. And she did it. She made sure that he she played her part.

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When you do the best that you can do and make dua, Allah subhanho wa Taala answers

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no exceptions.

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Do you really Salam came and dug some dumb for them. water that has been coming out of the earth. Now for over 4000 years.

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The help of Allah subhanaw taala comes when we have completed our effort, whatever may be the challenge in life, domestic career politics, health, organizational, whatever, make the best effort that you can make. And then make dua and trust in Allah Subhan with

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the help of Allah will come in Charlotte, there's no doubt about this. Fast forward.

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The little baby for whom zum zum zum zum was Doug is now as is Rob said, old enough to work with him who are old enough to work with the Father. Eventually ceramah returns to visit the wife and son that he had left there some years ago.

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What kind of mother was hydralie Silla, single parent, raising a boy, no news of the father. No idea if she will ever see her again. Yet the child is raised up through to type a son worthy of being the son of Ibrahim Khalid Allah.

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A son worthy of being the son of Ibrahim kalila.

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And he was set up a son destined to be a prophet also, unless rather once again is the best witness and describes what happened. Allah said by Allah Marbella, Azaria call Boonie in the Auroville Murray unni as Baroque funds or a mother or Paula but if ALMA to Maru set as you do the Shah

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Hello Amina saw beauty file amass Allah. Allah Who lives JB what are they now? Who is

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him? God is the author ruya In Kedah Lika Nigel more Hasini in

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Bala will movie over the you now will be the your hand now the water I can actually feel theory. Sarah monada aura he Lika Nigel ZIL, more Hasini

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Allah said And when He, the son was old enough to walk with Him, He said, The father said, Oh my son, I have seen in a dream that I'm slaughtering you in sacrifice to Allah.

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So look, what do you see? He said, Oh my father, do that which you have been commanded. Insha Allah if Allah wills, you shall find me have disobeyed, you will find that I will add that I will be patient I will be with among the patient once. Then, when they had both submitted themselves to the will of Allah. And he the father had laid Him the Son prostrate on his forehead on the side of his forehead are slaughtering and we called out to him Yeah, Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the wish fulfilled the dream? Verily, thus do We reward the Mercy No, those who do so. Very Lee, that indeed was a manifest trial. That was a very difficult test. And we ransomed him with a great sacrifice of

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RAM. And we left for him a goodly remember it's long generations to come in later times. Salam, O Allah Rahim. Salam is blessing protection.

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Be upon Ibrahim Elisa does indeed. Do we reward the Mercy No. Those who are sad.

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I'm sure you will recognize

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the symbol that all that I have related to Hajj is the reward. It is the remembrance that Allah subhanaw taala granted Ibrahim alayhi salam and his family, for their dedication to him geladeira they loved him, and he loved them. And so he made their actions into the monastic the core rituals of the greatest act. So worship, which is the greatest of the acts of worship, which is prescribed for us only once in our lifetime, the Hajj.

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Allah surround that and decreed that these actions be performed by all those who love him as actions of worship, the reward for which is the forgiveness of all sins. The spirit of Hajj is the spirit of obedience, of love, of seeking the pleasure of Allah. The hundreds do not care about comfort of clothing or food or accommodation. They are there only to please Allah to seek his forgiveness and to ask for a new beginning. Allah subhanaw taala accepts their dua on completing hudge the Hajj and the * is free from sin, as he was on the day that he or she was born. That is the message for the rest of our lives. There is only and only obedience leads to success. Ask Allah subhanaw taala della

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deliverable to be pleased with all of us, and never would displease could Ramadan buffet in Mubarak to all of you. I request you for your dua for myself and my family. Does that call now Pharaoh Salah Han Allah will carry Murali he was with me but I want to go

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