Tom Facchine – The Comment Section #04 – Finding Balance In The Dunya

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of balancing one's life and worshiping Allah's teachings, such as finding oneself to be a part of one's DNA and keeping it alive. They also mention the importance of balancing work and personal life, as it is crucial for one's success. The speaker emphasizes the need to avoid regret and avoid getting into negative arguments.
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A lot of people want to know how they can balance their lives when it comes to worshiping Allah Spano Tata. And then you have your school you have your work, you have your relationships and your hobbies and these sorts of things. And the answer is perhaps easier than it seems. Don't think of them as separate spheres. Don't think of them as opposing each other. If you're able to have an intention that everything that you do is part of your DNA. And as part of your religious practice, then you're winning. That's what winning looks like. That's how you quote unquote, balance it, then there's nothing to balance right. So you go to school and you say Bismillah and go into school is

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something that you're doing to please Allah. And then if you are actually able to keep with you the realization that you're doing it for a while, you're not going to do not going to pollute it or taint it with any sort of, you know, things that would make a lot unhappy with you or displeased a lot. Right? You're going to do it in the best way. The same thing with your work. Same thing with your relationships, your marriage, your kids, your hobbies, you know, I used to get sad you know, I back when we were in Medina, we used to play basketball, the American students and the Canadian students. We play basketball every Thursday night and after a while I stopped going because even

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students in Medina, they'd get into horrible arguments. You found me? No, you didn't found me. People start swearing by Allah. Allah didn't value like guy's serious, right? It was as if people had forgotten why we're there in the first place. They had made a distinction between playing basketball and worshiping a lot. If you're playing basketball and you're worshiping a lot through playing basketball, then you're not going to get sucked down into those sorts of things. Right? So there's no distinction, erase the distinction, make everything that you do for a lot and there won't be anything to bounce

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