Unlocking a Successful Marriage Conversations Before Tying the Knot #3

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The speaker discusses the importance of not allowing someone to turn to be the President of the United States. They emphasize the need to stay in a private room and avoid physical contact. The speaker also mentions a course on M operational Law and encourages viewers to visit their website.

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I remember my father saying to me, never allow she turned to be the third in the room and make sure no matter what you do that Allah puts his blessing in your union by doing the right thing before the wedding. I really wanted Allah to bless my union. So I complied. Even though we were tempted on many occasions, to go to a place that was more private. Now during courtship just I gotta emphasize this, you have to coat the halal way. So no matter what you do, no physical contact of any kind. Your partner is not your spouse. Well, not yet anyway. No physical contact. Try to always have an adult in the room if possible, or make sure you're in a public place where the risk to control your urges

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are not going to be necessary. It reduces temptation. I promise you this. Did you enjoy this episode? Well, I've created a 72 video online course just for you. Visit www dot Meriam limu.com Now