Zakir Naik – Every Child is Born as a Muslim

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of submitting oneself to Allah's "will" and not being impressed by Western society. They stress the need to educate children on the importance of Islam and not let children become alcoholics or drug addicts. The speaker also mentions research on two tribes and their beliefs on God.
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Islam comes from the root word salam,

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which means peace.

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It's also derived from the Arabic word film, which means to submit yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Islam means peace acquired by submitting a will to Allah subhanaw taala. And any person who acquires peace by submitting evil to Allah subhanho wa Taala he is called as a Muslim. While educating our children, we should see to it that we should not get so much impressed by the Western society, we should only take the character values from the society. We don't want our children to become alcoholics. To become drug addicts.

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To become adulterers, to become rapists. We want them to be good Muslims who submit their will to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And our beloved prophet masala Sallam said

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that every child he is born in the new fit.

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They will fit means the innate religion.

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Every child is born as a Muslim. He submitted with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Later on the elders, the parents, the teachers,

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they influence the child, he may remain on the straight path or he may become a fire worshipper. He may become an idol worshipper, and then he may go outside the fold of Islam. But every child initially irrespective whether he's born in a Hindu family, whether he's born in a Christian family, a Jewish family or a Muslim family, he is born as a Muslim. he submits civil to Allah subhanho wa Taala later on by the influence of other people, parents, teachers, elders, he may go on the wrong track. That's the reason whenever any non Muslim, he accepts Islam

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the more appropriate and correct word is revert.

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He was on the straight path, he went on the wrong track, and then he came back on the straight path on the straight track. So the correct word is revert.

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we have got proof and evidence

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that every child is born in the new center.

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There were research is done on two tribes, the kapoho tribe and the Australian Aboriginal tribe. These two tribes did not come in contact with modern civilization till as late as 1950.

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And later on, when researchers went and tried to find out what was their way of life. It was everything of a slump, but in name. They did not call themselves Muslims, but they believed in one God. They believe that God did not have any ideas or images.

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They believe he was not begotten.

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When they worship the God they did this.

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They stated

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they were following the basics of Islam, but they didn't call themselves Muslims. So if we let a child after he's born, if you do not influence him with any of the teachings, that child will grow up to be a Muslim. That is the dino fit in it religion.

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