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Mansoor Danish

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In this talk Sh. Mansoor Danish, Islamic Wealth Consultant and Lecturer and Supervisor with Islamic Online University speaks briefly on what Riba is

In today’s time when interest, usury and profit is used inter-changeably, it becomes imperative for Muslims to know the line of difference amongst these three terms. Once we know what Riba is, it becomes clear that trading is permissible and all other forms of interest or usury are prohibited

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About Mansoor Danish

Mansoor Danish is a banking professional, with a MBA in Finance and over 8 years experience in broking, investment analysis, and wealth management as well as driving business growth through strategic sales and customer relationship programs with exceptional proficiency in handling Islamic banking operations.

As a lecturer and supervisor within the Islamic Banking & Economics Department at Islamic Online University, Mansoor Danish lectures in the areas of Islamic Finance, Islamic Financial Products, Islamic Economics, Islamic Commercial Law, Product and Brand Management, Global Branding and Marketing Communication, Services Marketing, Business Studies, and Sales and Distribution Management.

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What Is Riba
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