Is Being Deprived from Going to the Masjid a Punishment

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Follow had, we are the bribe to go to the masjid This is a test from Allah. Can we say Allah is showing punishing us for not valuing again, we shouldn't be doing that we shouldn't be

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taking the place of Allah Subhana Allah and saying this is what Allah we can only say yes

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you know who are the people who are suffering most now because of their close down of massages the people who are regular in the masjid Subhan Allah subhanaw taala and and who are the people

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who are working hard to close the massage the people who do not come to the mesh?

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The people who don't know what how does it feel to go to the house of Allah? And and and make such that he you know, Okay, brother adata Please repeat the question we done that.

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Okay, are ya Yeah, shave if I happen to live until Ramadan in sha Allah, and I have type two diabetes Should I fast? Your doctor? You ask your doctor. What does your doctor say?

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And you follow his instruction and you have a license and diabetes

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a terminal illness.

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So you have to make it up by feeding masa Hakim. Be late on

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brother. Smile. Now we see the questions on the screen and hamdulillah you see I'm a good student. I'll do my best