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Aloha ik boodle Allahu Akbar

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murder rice

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eShare don't earn more harm

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meadow Royce or

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hey la sala

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Hi yah la sala

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Hi yah

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How y'all

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way Mike Bell on

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isla in

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Al Hamdulillah he saw MELHEM Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah in Medina who want to study you know who want to study he wants to still futile who want to stone settle

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when I will do below him in short ODM. fusina women say he Lena

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but yeah

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mobila Manuel blamele Ferland de de la Humala yum Murshida wash her to Allah Illa Illa Allah Hua hula Cherie Gala, Isla Hanwha, hidden hidden some other let me read for herberton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who for one had watched her doing Nana Jana, Alim Anna Mohamed Abdullah he was to wasafi you home in calty he Wahhabi boo Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad while he was locked up in wobba, Yaku Jalla Jalla whom Fimo Gamitin zeal karma Raja caribou Kameen by at Capitol Hill we're in a 30 minute meeting at okatie Hoon Yuja de Luna Kafeel healthy bad tuber Yanaka and Nana Yusaku Anna Ilan motiva home Yun, Varun,

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the series that I have embarked on, which is the laws of success are the laws of victory taken from the lessons of sorbitol and fall which is what the sutra talks about. It's the shortest within that cluster of sutras, everything around it is over a juicer is the only one that's only 10 pages. And it just gives us small and concentrated doses of exactly what is going to be needed. If the OMA that you're a part of is to prevail. If it is to prevail, then these are the laws that I must adhere to. And I've already shared with you two of those laws, and I clump them together not based on the sequence of the verses in the Surah but mostly based on the topics that I thought were right

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Live into us. And the two laws that I talked about so far,

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or money related. One of them was the anti materialism. If you are materialistic, if you allow yourself to be consumed by the possessions that you have, if they own you, instead of you owning them, then you have already began walking down the path of failure. And the second one was to give the money that you have is there for you to use to prepare yourself to prepare your own, to use as endowment to use as means to strengthen your society or community and to raise your children properly, and to make sure that they have the proper values. And if wealth is not distributed appropriately, then we have a problem. The third law that I'm going to share with you today, and I

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think this series is extremely important, because as we continue to watch what is occurring all across the Muslim world, and this is not just what's happening in the Holy Land to our brothers and sisters in Gaza, but it's happening in Sudan was happening, other parts of the Muslim world has been happening for the last 30 years. Most of the countries that have had horrific atrocities occur within them are still struggling under the effect of those atrocities mean, they actually never fully recovered. You can name whatever country you want. And we can go back over the last 30 to 40 years and talk about the number of misfortunes and calamities that the people of that country have

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gone through and continue to go through.

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This only brings us closer and clearer to me the importance of talking about the long term plan,

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being in it for the long haul, caring about what's going to happen in the next couple of decades. Maybe not today, because the voices today that I'm hearing, and this has only happened over the last two weeks, where people are asking why can't we do more? Why don't you do more? Who's not doing more? Why aren't you trying harder? What? Here's the problem. The problem with the short term solution is that they're not satisfying, they are not satisfying, they're there, you have to, you have to be a part of them for sure. You have to protest that you have to boycott and you have to march and you have to

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put on social media and you have to speak and you have to send letters, you have to make phone calls, you have to there's no way around that for sure that has to occur. If you don't do that, then basically, you just don't care anymore. And that's a problem. But to actually see satisfying.

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Results, you need a long term plan, which we don't have, and we haven't had for a long time. We haven't we respond to processes are two problems as they occur. We respond to them when they happen, we get very upset. And the robot had to go in the middle and say things and people get all emotional, and we make enemy fundraising, we send money. And then we try and do a few educational sessions and we talk to people and then the bombing stops. And then we go back, we go back to living the exact same way that we were living prior to these things occurring. This has been the same cycle, this cycle has existed for at least I can attest for it existing for at least 30 years.

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Because that's how long I've been aware for 30 years, it's been happening at least I'm pretty sure it's been happening for longer than that. But if you want to see if future that is not similar to the President, that we are living this disgusting and horrible present that we are living, then you have, we have to come up with a long term plan, there has to be more to what to our advocacy and to our work than just responding to momentary problems. Again, not to take away from the importance of the short short term work that's been going on as a community we have been engaging in and participating in hamdulillah has brought people together. But it's not even close to what needs to

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happen. Not even close.

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Many of you when we started talking, when people start talking about boycotting, and they started looking into it came to this very painful realization.

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Right when you looked at the what you're supposed to boycott, you came to a very painful realization you're looking at

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someone give us a list of what things I can buy. Cannabis, tell me what places I can go to and what I can actually finding out that we're way behind the curve here. We're way behind where we need to be as a nation as a community, as a population as an Oma.

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If you wanted that to change, you have to start talking business, we have to start actually looking to the source of our guidance, we have to go back to the one who taught us the one who allowed us to become a nation to begin with you look around you right now. And you'll find in this room over 13 nationalities, and races and cultures and backgrounds. What brought these people together what brings us together on a weekly basis and makes people sit side by side, side by side. Where else will you do this? Aside from any public transportation.

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The reason that we are in almost because Allah subhanaw taala guided us he taught us certain things, we have to go back and learn them. We have to relearn that which we forgot or we have not learned appropriately, which is why I'm going to share with you the lessons within Zorthian and found the laws of success or prevalence or victory whatever you want to call them. And today we will talk about how

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we'll talk about righteousness.

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On the 29th of March, I will repeat this hook by again, it will be the 18th to 19th of Ramadan. So I will say it again. And if you want to, we can take a look at the calendar, and I can go every Ramadan to the closest July to the 17th. And I'll repeat the same cookbook, you're welcome to go attend somewhere else, if you're bored of it, we will sit every single Ramadan on the 17th or something close to it, I will get on the member. And I will speak about the Battle of Belial. And I will quote these verses and I will repeat the same lesson. And I'm going to do it today.

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A little bit of a preview of what's going to come in a couple of months, this ongoing everlasting lesson. If you listen to the verse, you find that they just recited it starts in a really interesting way. He says, Come a logic as he removed you from your home. He's referring to the Prophet It is thought to us I'm being removed from his home in Medina, towards the caravan of Abu Sufyan, which was what happened right before the Battle of bado. But why did he say Come on, as I didn't come out to what what is he? What is he drawing a simile to hear what he's saying, if you read that first page, it's within fun thing, just like I taught you how to deal with the unfiled.

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Just like I taught you how you should deal with extra with the extra wealth that you don't need, that you didn't work for it that Allah subhanaw that I gave you. Don't fight over it, don't be consumed by materialism, and make sure that it's put in the right position, just like I taught you that because I told you that a few weeks ago, and that was Sahaba. They admitted we didn't behave too well.

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We didn't behave too well. When it came to the unfair burden. We kind of sat at three o'clock when as Oba was saying, our ethics weren't great. When that happened. He made a few mistakes. He didn't want to point them out. He didn't have to resolve law. When we got the message from the sword. I was clear. So he's saying Come on. Just like He did that he's going to teach you another lesson. And this lesson was that you needed to move from your home and go after that caravan.

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When Nefaria communal meaning ALLAH curry Hoon, and there was a group of believers, not hypocrites, not disbelievers, not those who have wiki not not those who have diseases in their heart, no. Meaning they're a group of the believers like curry whom they didn't want to. They didn't want to

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know why. They didn't want to because for them, why? Why would we leave? We're doing so well. Now in Medina. We're a community for the first time we have a country, we're stable, the wealth that they took from us the wealth that they deprived us of that they snatched away unrightfully the oppression that we underwent the persecution that they've had to put up with that we still put up with it's far it's

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it's a far away memory. It happened a while ago. We don't care for it. Allah subhanaw taala he gave us better yet I said Allah we're happy Why did we go after the caravan? Why poke the bear? Why poke the bear that we don't need to? They didn't want to.

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They didn't want to go out to the caravan crash because like Is it money at all? So Allah, we were just talked a second ago I thought you just in the suit and just a moment ago, you were saying they didn't matter. We shouldn't be running after it. Why are we going after the caravan? Who said it had anything to do with money? Yuja DeLuna aka filma they're arguing with you about money. No, you don't like I feel

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bad to Bayona NEMA yourself, una Elan motivo, whom young Varun after it became clear that when you told them we go after the caravan they felt that they were walking towards their deaths.

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Sahaba are human beings. And they were intelligent and they knew what it meant to go after a caravan of Qureshi wearable Sophia and was on the head of they knew what that meant. It was their wealth. It was something that was taken from them with their rights. It was

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see when they were told by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam you need to go after the caravan they were like why money we don't want money. We just we learned the lesson we don't we don't need it. You don't want to run after wealth. You don't need to do this.

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Rob, who can basically build your Lord removes you from your home in pursuit of righteousness. God, aka Phil Huck, they argue with you regarding righteousness. What is your income Allahu Akbar if attaining and Lakota we're doing it and it shows that it Akula comb and Allah subhanaw taala granted the Sahaba promise either you win a battle or you get the caravan and in their hearts they're all like the caravan please. No battles the caravan please. Well, you will need to learn and you hit particularly mighty Waikato, the URL Katharine Hepburn helper, where you will tell about in Oklahoma, Julian was six times the word in three or four verses

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wasn't about money. It wasn't it was about was about rights. It was about righteousness. It wasn't about the wealth. Is that your wealth over there? Is that caravan rightfully yours it is. I don't need it. I don't care. Who said anything about you needing it? I don't want it. Don't care either. Is it yours? Yes. Go get it. Go get it. It's yours. Go get it. And then when you have it, you don't want to give it back. Gift it back to them. Give

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step back further here, I don't want you to I didn't need the money, but is worth pursuing. Because the ultimate value in this universe is and you will never step down or back away, or shy away or look away or walk away from how clever This is the only thing that defines you as a Muslim is his name. subhanho wa taala. He created halacha similarity without bubble hockey created the cosmos and the earth based on righteousness. And if you bring any amount of falsehood into it, you ruin it. You refuse to watch as falsehood as oppression as persecution continues? Because you stand for what? You stand for it you stand for what is right. That's what righteousness means. Righteousness is doing

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the right thing.

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Being clear what is right and what is wrong. We stand by what is right. We stand over here by what is right. It doesn't matter. There are no

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there are no, there's no strategizing, there will strategize, and figure it out. Well, no. Is this right and that wrong? Yes, you stand here by what is right. Is very simple. That's how they were raised. Or the Allahu Anhu by the prophets of Allah hottest Irishman in the Quran.

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The Quran is total. And third, talking about the Battle of buds was critiquing their behavior. They didn't want like it when they didn't want to go. They were arguing, you're arguing why did we go? Why do we need to go after the care but why poke the bear has nothing to do with the money. We think it's about the money. It's not about the money. It's about the

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it's about the rights, the rights that have been taken away from people, they need to come back. They need to be brought back justice must be served. And then you want to give up go ahead.

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It's not generous for someone to come and take something away from you against your will and you forgive them.

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That's not generous. That's cowardice. It's cowardly. No, you take back, what is yours, want to be generous, give it back, gift it back. I never wanted it. But you don't get to take something away. You don't get to oppress and persecute and get away with it. You don't.

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That is an Islamic fundamental law. This is a fundamental principle in our deen, this is one of the main Islamic values, the moment doesn't exist. The moment help is not the most important value that we stand for as Muslims, nothing else matters. Everything else is just talk. It's just it's just fun in games. It means nothing. If it is not the center of value, that we all rotate around in the way that we behave and think and live, then nothing changes. When we talk about the people of Felicity we don't talk about. It's just not a Muslim Jewish problem. It's not a racial problem. It's not a cultural problem. It's a problem of show of rights. People who are deprived of their rights. People

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have something taken away from them, unlawfully. This is the problem. Never lose. The sight of that has nothing to do with culture, or religion or anything else. It has to do with one simple thing.

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There are right here

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there is Pandora's persecution and oppression.

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And that goes for every other act of persecution of oppression that have happened all across the world. As Muslims we stand by the oppressed, wherever they may be, we stand by the rights of those who are persecuted or oppressed regardless of what their background is, or who they are, or who did it to them. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, I'm just, I'm just going to spam you a number of Hadith. I'm gonna spend them lie I'm not gonna hijack them Maha for to nurse you and your poodle haka. Do not allow the fear of people that stop you from saying what is righteous when needed, according to God's assignment by now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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Willow and fusina Willa Anna half Fila Hill Omotola. And the prophet and he says amongst the FBI he made with us is that we speak the truth. We are righteous, even if it goes against our personal interests.

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And we don't fear anyone but Allah subhanaw taala. When doing so, a Buddha would say, oh, sorry, honey, and he said, My My beloved gave me seven pieces of advice and he said one of them, and we will have our encounter Maura, that you say that which is righteous, even if it's bitter.

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Hold on to your saw to some lawyer who will Janita I don't mean a hail Jannetty will be by law whom I will Emma to Leah hadden, Mina Helena. No one from an agenda will enter Jana if they owe a right to someone from an unknown they stand outside, they do not enter. If someone if you owe someone a right you stand outside and you do not move until that has been dealt with.

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And if in dunya you can deal with it with a little bit of money and then an apology and a breaking of your ego your mental piano and none of that works. You'll know gamma the currency is set out and say Earth and Iman either that's what the currency is the current currency is punishment.

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It's much more expensive and way worse than whatever you can imagine here in dunya.

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I'm gonna send a message

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to Abu Musab Ashari who was his his judge? He sent him with a judge it's a long

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moose it's a long documents a beautiful document. You can read it online if you'd like. A quote this piece of your color.

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Willa Jana Anika taba on Kadota who Bill MC

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Escher a lot of taffy AppLock who did Fe Iranica ontology I ll help pay for in L healthbar. Khadim la you bucklew Who che what would you will help the hydrometallurgy Phil bouton, then I don't allow a judgment that you gave the other day that we went home and you thought about it, and you let your mind contemplate it and you found that you had made the wrong decision. Don't let anything stop you from going back to righteousness. Because HACCP is Kadeem because he does divine as we told him, because he is divine.

00:20:55--> 00:21:12

Nothing knows it, and nothing you do or you or say will make it not worth going back to it. And going back to Huck is way better than continuing into battle. A whole lot of stuff. Allah Holly welcome. First off, you know who your fella Camilla Fosun was takfiri unistalled Fetullah?

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wa sallahu wa salam O Allah, Allah may Allah be about the early he was so happy he will Manitoba Anna who will have plenty of authority.

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The SU Latina and Santa Anita had just one come on in and Nasri well is that he will karate

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or the HE WILL Kalani if you saw a little unfair to your limit Allah subhanaw taala Mesquida le K for non humblebee or mattina ricotta does do Anton oh nine is named her does too. I will unfurl and in my deal, okay for now Halima haka to let you have shall Luffy Hannah's will okra Alia Dad what occurs to Isla dad alma de we're in Cali Ida did a one word because he had this one Aliona

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Well, we're stuck with them Allah who really tell me how to eat masala Well, hello Madeline let me a clue you read in a hotel general Kittel What are you doing? Another era that is Shoka teeter kulula whom? A coffee let's I'm gonna be Sofia and our hub. Back in Allah subhanahu wa ala annual Hipple, Huck Li You hit Calaca SubhanaHu wata I'm totally amazed it's called the get Tamale and I'll call you to Kalia to help you

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different variable ad use one ways you can go from here. Well hide them in layer 34 It is the Learn isn't it Islam? I can buy the Roma and Sabinal happy what Allah will help get early here.

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Ludhiana it's an akuna b He will Ecoline Allah Who Him whom I meant to sell to a gua.

00:23:09--> 00:23:30

Owner in academia Corinne for me I'm Aluna al huthi Halophila star at our own I will Anwar will help the wealthy funa ma Who You Are My Luna ma who will be matched up all in America and Wayne Emma Hello. Well, have you missed any more him interview better than Robert Mercer Kulu buried DeCordova Eden in

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your camera, you will come back in the catastrophe or in Turkey from I'll help you either. Shit, polo Komal Hello. I'm Ron nitrogens. Oh, Phil Islami with the oval hire.

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What I want to share with you here is

00:23:48--> 00:23:53

the fact that when we talk about righteousness, we're talking about doing the right thing.

00:23:55--> 00:24:17

This has to be our guiding beacon. This has to be what we look at the decisions that we make on a daily basis in our homes, with our in our businesses with our friends, and our schools or institutions in our communities has to be guided by doing the right thing. Nothing else should be looked at with any degree of weight.

00:24:18--> 00:24:52

You don't do is too hot or between doing the right thing and the wrong thing you do is too hot when both of them are right. You're just not sure which is better. You have no way to figure it out. You tried everything. But when something is right, and something is wrong, you don't need board meetings. You don't need to have long conversations. You don't need a fatwa, you have to do that which is right. Figuring out what is right is not hard. You don't need to be a scholar. You just need to have decency. You just need to be a decent human being. Regardless of your religion and your faith or your culture. You are able of knowing what the right thing to do is 99% of the time, with

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

almost none with none with little to no education at all of knowing what the right thing to do is but then we

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

We compound things, we add other angles so we can give ourselves a way out. We need a way out because hockey is hard to stand by. It's not fun. It's not enjoyable. It's difficult and it takes a lifetime of sacrifice.

00:25:13--> 00:25:14

So we don't do it.

00:25:15--> 00:25:21

And then we struggle on every level and will continue to do so to do so until the day of judgment.

00:25:23--> 00:25:39

You read sutra talks about the law of hufton detail, there's a verse that I want you to listen to what he says, But Enza lamina, Sama EMA for Salat, odia Tong Baca rehab for Terminus SEO is ever done. Robbia

00:25:40--> 00:25:43

you descended from the skies, water,

00:25:44--> 00:25:49

rivers ran it on the top of the river was that scum.

00:25:50--> 00:26:10

If you've worked in a in a farm before, you know the water on the top of the water, there is a bit the foam that you see on top of it. And then he offers another example before he concludes. Well, maybe you could do an hourly thing now EBT or Heliot Inomata is that but don't make throw. And when you take gold

00:26:12--> 00:26:19

and you subject it to extremely high temperatures and it becomes liquid, right on the surface. There's garbage

00:26:21--> 00:26:33

scum, nothing that's something that's not important, but it's always on the surface. It's always up there on the surface. What you see when you look you don't see the gold you see the garbage. You look at the river, you don't see the water you see the foam you see?

00:26:34--> 00:27:08

Clearly Calgary Bula haka, well bouton. This is how he thinks of Harmontown. And this is how Allah gives you the example of righteousness and falsehood. But I'm miserable due to the foam in the garbage. It all goes nowhere. It gets lost is worthless, when I'm young and fall on NASA, but young coastal fill, that which will bring people benefit will stay and find its roots that are in the ground, will go deep. Because Lika, your rebula Who am third, that's how your Lord gives you examples.

00:27:10--> 00:27:36

is worth living for is worth dying for. Because the only value that nothing else should compete with within your heart and in your mind. And as an Omo, we have to find our way back again, to start asking these questions. This is the question you asked first, what is the right thing to do here? What is the correct decision? What is how and then we adhere to it. We adhere to it, unconditionally, unconditionally.

00:27:37--> 00:27:40

No one can take that away from us. Oh, there's a lot of things that will

00:27:42--> 00:28:08

be obstacles are serve as obstacles between us and the ability to actually achieve righteousness in our lives and and pursue self interest. self interest, the epic problem, this will never end this is what you want to learn about this problem. Study his life out of his salatu wa sallam study his life that's all you see. All his life. All his life is only this one thing. How self interested he goes with help 10 times out of 10

00:28:09--> 00:28:50

it is impeccable. It is magnificent. Just fascinating. Not once does he succumb to self interest, not once. It is mind blowing. You stand in awe of the character of this person who not once not didn't matter what type of temptation or how much fear or how weak or how difficult things were, he always chose to do the right thing. To them. I don't understand it. When you study him, you'll you'll get you get what I mean. But that's the story. self interest in righteousness. Your self interest will always be an obstacle standing between you and achieving, and doing the right thing. Always always, it'll never go away. This will never stop. It doesn't matter what age you are and

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where you are in your life. Your self interest will always be something between you and between what you know was the right thing.

00:28:56--> 00:28:59

Racism stands between people and achieving

00:29:00--> 00:29:46

racism when we look down on others, when we don't see people to be equal to ourselves and nepotism. When we give those who are close to us advantages, and we don't treat people equally and fairly, it stands between us and achieving hatred, anger when I urge you to come shanann home in Isla Tadeu and not allow the hatred and the anger you have towards people make you a group of people who are not just anymore or who lack fairness. You don't allow it because Trump's all it comes in is swooshes in it removes everything. But all you have left is just That's all you've ever needed. Because that's what He created everything based on and the moment there's no hook, that's when you will be looked

00:29:46--> 00:29:52

at and then lock Subhana wa Tada himselves hold you accountable to the value of a hug that He created everything for

00:29:53--> 00:29:58

it is that important. Yes. It is that central in our deen

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

And I will say that we have lost sight of it a bit. We've lost sight a bit

00:30:06--> 00:30:24

of what is right what is the right thing to do. You want to be successful this woman wants to find victory and prevalence again, then it has to adhere to. We have to be people who stand firmly by and return to it whenever we lose our way from it because we will lose your human you'll lose your way

00:30:26--> 00:30:40

you'll de vie and find yourself in a position where this is not hot anymore. And no matter how far you are and how much time you spent it, how much interest now how much how much you're tangled in all of it, you get rid of it all and you come back to again it's always worth doing it's always worth doing.

00:30:42--> 00:30:43

I'll end with that inshallah. Tada.

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I know more than Allah Ahmad on Airbnb, and I'll even call in Allah Who am Allah yukata who use Aluna and then be Yeah, you hola Dena Manuel solwara. He recently moved to Lima Allahumma Salli ala Mohamed Anwar Ali Mohammed muscle Lita Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Abadi, cada Mohammed Medina wider early Muhammad Kamal Bell Dr. Anna Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Al Amin in Nica Hamid Al Majeed, what are the Allahu Akbar? Allahu Allah for that Ilona. I'll be back go to Walmart. Oh, no, no, it was Allahumma as well gee, Omaha, meaning Well, I early HIPAA up in a ball hitting wound so Hi, Betty hill of Oregon Miami, Juanita b&m Entebbe I home via sending in a omit then why not my home yellowhammer?

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Gkl Hama Rohini Allahu mela hidden Muslim you know when a Muslim not well, meaning you know me not even home well I'm what Allahumma featheredge whom and Muhammad Amin when I finished school rubelli microbeam WaterFire Juan Manuel Melville mu mean Wodify volume and in multiple Lu Amin Weston Dima Anna oedema and Muslimeen Allahumma fetish and Aswani animals tobuy fina Viva fetal Steen are very few Sudan Allahu

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Allahu Allah Mora whom Allah whom I stood out to him, Allahu Allah wa T him Alohomora domestic political solidarity herbelin Mussolini and lastly just so heinous, I mean, who are they let on Salvini Organa Jimena ileka You know the unique dungeon era but to Ballina Allah who manage me is going to be in October then also have been here now you have called Anwar just said and my mother Alec Alec Allahumma Aziz when our hula hula water in LA in Allegan, Halimeda Allah in Allah Hi yah moto Bella ideally Well, anyway, he easily orba when hunted fascia carry well belly. I used to Kamala I like going to the Kowloon masala

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Hello Akbar Allahu Akbar Chateau La ilaha IL