The Prophet’s Most Repeated Dua

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AI: Summary © A man named Moe talks about his experiences with Islam and how he was taught to be his mother. He also talks about a woman who was called the mother of the believers and was told to keep her name on a post. Moe talks about the importance of practicing and learning from the message of Islam.
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Assalamu alaikum This is your brother magid, Mohamad recording for the day reminder, brothers and sisters, how many people were on the street path that eventually deviated away from Allah subhana wa Tada, I hope you're not that person. And I hope you're not a person. When you see a sinner sinning, you make fun of them, and you mock them. While you think you're so holy, you will always live upon Laila and a lot and you will die upon Layla and Lola, brothers and sisters, there was a man who was known to be practicing, at least externally speaking, performed, ombre used to pray and used to be his Islamic teachers, right, telling everything that he does, after several years, and I'm telling

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you the story because I witness that personally, I heard it with my own ears, seeing it with my own eyes, that brother kept leaving Islam and the teachings of Allah Allah through a loss of a lot he was setting them to extend that one time he was passing by a poster by a picture that had a last name on it. As he was passing by. He looked at it and he said, Who put my name there would be legend RG music allows reference from such attitude. Brothers and sisters, there's so many lessons that can be taken from the story now such a short story, so many lessons, but only take one of them out of this, which is you never know, where will you die? And how would you die? And at what stage will

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your heart be at brothers and sisters? Who shall not take a lot of guidance to us for granted? Can you believe that we're almost set them at a wave of Roswell lice? allottee we're sending them the mother of the believers, my mother and your mother if you were a belief was watching and if you're not May Allah guide you. I mean, no, but I mean, can you believe when she was asked what was the most common the prophets of Allah has ever said? What was the most common they've ever heard the Prophet saying, you know, what was her response? And if I move forward, what an amazing question that is, isn't it? She said, Yes, the most common da I've ever heard the Prophet Allah Allah make.

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Are you ready to memorize? Are you ready to apply and ready to take action? Yes, inshallah. The most common prophet ever made was young Taliban kulu of flipper of the hearts or road theater of the hearts can be entered in a cold my heart steadfast upon your deen Allahu Akbar. This was a man who was promised the highest level in gender. The man who was promised a low forgiven overlook any shortcoming or any sin that he has done in the past. Had he ever done any and any sin or any shortcoming Don't you ever do in the future is already forgiven madness condemning them be one at a low accubond with all of this he still made that drop asking a lot of liquor of the hearts hold my

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hearts steadfast upon your deen. So brothers and sisters, what about me and you? What about poor people like me and you will send day and night we asked a lot to allow us to be steadfast and the only time me and you are to be confident we are going to Agenda insha Allah you know when, when the Angel of Death descends, comes right by your head as a Muslim and comes to you and is about to extract your soul from your body and the Angel of Death says the following to you.

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May Allah subhana wa tada allow you to hear these words from the angel of death and the Atlantic is steadfast in die upon La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, feel free to like the video. Make sure you share it with your friends and family me alambic us means for the whole oma to be steadfast Baraka Luffy coma Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.