The People Who Fight for Allah الذين يقاتلون في سبيل الله – Group 09 of 10

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim brothers and sisters, I would ask you a question first.

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In societies in general, who is one of the most honored people in the entire nation, one of the most honored people? Well, what do you mean? Let me give an example. you're traveling. Okay? You're flying from, for example, Detroit, you're going to Orlando, and you bought a first class ticket. Allahu Akbar. How much was it? Well, I bought the ticket for 12 $100 Yala from Detroit. Orlando. He paid $1,200 Yes, first class Heidi, Mashallah, when the agent comes and they want to start boarding? Do they say please, ladies and gentlemen, first class.

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Ticket owners, please aboard law, they don't start first class.

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They start with those who served the country, military, right? Those who served in the military, please come I pay 12 $100.

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Relax. This guy is about to pay his life for you to be able to travel. Now I'm not talking about the United States. We're like Canada or countries I'm saying in general in general, okay, breathe in, breathe out, in general, those who put their lives on the line or one of the most honored people on earth, because they are the ones seen as the means to bring safety tranquility to the citizen citizens of that nation, that country. For example, here in the US one of the most prestigious medals ever, is the Medal of Honor Medal of Honor. And is given to those who put their lives at risk and go above and beyond the call of duty and here the people celebrate them right? celebrate them

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because some of them even fallen soldiers and so on. That's families are honored etc. We as Muslims, we have also our soldiers that we love them so much and we pray for them and they are an Mujahideen and I brought turn off the screens they're not exactly looking for their magic we'll talk to you later night relax. I believe that term Jihad then Mujahideen was kidnapped from us we're like, well let's a kidnapping. Because if you ever talk about them, right? Or there's something going wrong, it's a it's a holy war and misunderstanding etc, etc. Like Okay brother, you still did not tell us the iron that is insert a SFX yesterday SFX Allah is a panel that says in the Quran, I will be

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lemniscate en rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Allah your Hebrew levena yo Kati Luna v Sadie. Allah loves those who fight for the sake of Allah. They fight to raise La ilaha illa Allah soften can now whom banya no morsels, they just don't have that fighting for the sake of Allah alone. They have the intention it's for God in addition they do right because maybe we can be excited I want to go for CBD law but you're doing it wrong and you messing things up and Allah wants to make it clear for all of us here. your intention alone is not enough. Okay? You got to do it right right time right place right method, your understanding of it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you want to be

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rewarded with the with the reward of a Shaheed though we may live all our lives and not be in a battlefield. Also allies of the Allahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Check this out, and then came to him. He said Dr. Basu, Allah, multi televi Sevilla, what is fighting for the sake of Allah? in Medina yo partido haba some of us here also Allah fights out of anger and revenge that's the reason they're fighting others what you call to me and some people they fight you know why and also Allah because of prestige, right adhamiya will or any will NFL will do and in my tribe, you know, I got to do what I got to do to defend the honor of my you know, family name, etc. So then

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him,

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Kadima Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful statement ready for this, he says, When katerini takuna kennametal ly here earlier, the one who fights for La ilaha illa Allah. Now for them to be recognized, not for them to be famous and to be known and praised by the people know, they fight for the sake of Allah, the tycoon caliber to lie here earlier, for whom a feasibility lay as the origin, then that person is truly on the path of Allah, truly on the path of Allah, and jihad in general, brothers and sisters, that struggle that striving is not just limited to what to being in the battlefield with weapons against the enemy, though that is one of the most honorable thing on the

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face of Earth. But also along with that Jihad and struggling and thriving and striving is to speak a word of truth to an oppressor leader, for example, but also the last item says, men Salah Shahada to be civic who truly asked Allah

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genuinely for martyrdom and getting that reward and honor, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give it to you when no matter Allah theologica even if that individual died in their bed Subhan Allah, not a single drop of blood came out and you appreciate the reward of shake. Do you know what's your word of Shahid? Okay, also a license Allah sensei sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says this Shahi there in the lies to his idol. The shahida martyr has six beautiful blessings Allah bestow upon them yeah already. Number one, you will follow up on what he definitely didn't mean Danny for the first drop of blood that leaves that man or woman's body. All their sins are wiped out so the Shaheed is

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sinless has when they meet Allah number two, why Allah makhado mineral agenda they get to see right away Allahu Akbar their spot in Jenna, while you jar Amina either bill covered no punishment whatsoever in the grave. Number four, why manual meenal federal acabar and on the day of judgment when things are so terrifying and the young boy's hair turns white and the mother drops the baby, that fear that Shaheed will not be scared Allahu Akbar, meaning faza Akbar. That's one of the understandings where you help her little Eman and they will be given nice decoration of a man. In another narration brothers and sisters, also a laser Allah alayhi wa sallam says, Well, you will see

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Judah taala Alia Kuta to minha hydrometeor Daniela mafia they will be given a crown it's a very prestigious medal right in the dunya is metal and people take pictures and like that's very fancy. Let we're talking a whole other level, which is the tag the crown brothers and sisters also asked him he says he'll be given that crown and what else brothers and sisters? Why use Oh, what do you mean that your hood Elaine and they'll be given the most beautiful greatest of spouses while you share fell fee said there in in sentiment accordingly. And that person will be allowed to intercede for 70 of their family members should be Baraka. What do you hear that reward This is for the one

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who put their lives on the line and we appreciate all of us the harbor, tabulate, tabulate tabulate till this day that would seek to spread La ilaha illAllah and go and put their lives on the line, perhaps many of you watching right now. And Allah knows and I truly believe in that many of you would have not been Muslims today, if it wasn't for people put their lives on the line for LA LA LA LA to come my way or your way, right. And we all know we all know we don't have to say too much talk about the so much right and get pressured, we have to respond to every accusation. No, Islam was not spread by the sword just like that. But you're part of it. There was war involved. And we don't

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negate that not No, I don't just not negate that. I'm proud of that. Right. And that's how we're supposed to be nothing in Islam to be shy about in the last session. What did I say? Don't be embarrassed about anything or two sessions ago about being purified how to wash your body and clean him from the minor impurity and the major impurity, just like how we're not shy about these things. We're also not shy about that. But now I want to focus on the other parts of the area. If you notice something, Allah says he loves those who fight for his sake. Then he What did he say, soften can pneumonia and muscles, they're the ones who fight but as if they are one concrete structure, a lot

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of work but you were all in the same team. fighting the same enemy. Right? There's no there's no laugh, there's no problems in setting that sense of you know, having a headset and envy and hatred towards our brothers and sisters. So Allah showing us here, I will love you if you're all on the same page on the truth. Listen, we love unity. Islam is all about unity. Okay, big time, not small time, big time. But uniting on the truth. I can't unite with others on falsehood, and oppression and Harlem and things like that. we unite. Okay, there's a cause what's the cause that causes 123? Okay, that cause comes along with my Dean. So yellow, I can unite with you on that costs. The What about

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that? When I when I cannot? I'm sorry? Because this goes against Allah subhanho wa Taala against the teachings of Allah. Yeah, but if you help us here, we will not and I cannot help you, no matter what, I cannot help you in this cause, but in that cause, I'll be with you. I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you for that specific cause, but not the other one. We are must Patrick grant a strength in high demand and wisdom as how to approach things brothers and sisters. So here Allah says, suffering can pneumonia and muscles. And this comes to show you something very profound and important. And please give me your undivided attention. A loss of Hannah what data is showing us

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something? You alone shouldn't just go and do a one man show and you shouldn't think that it's just all about you. What do I mean with that? We as an oma we stabilize

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When another Rasul Allah said, he says, I'll moment one moment elbonian worship Ba Ba, the Prophet says, The believer to the other believer is like the building like structure, like a brick, you know, a brick here, another brick here, another brick here. And he did this I just want Salaam. If you take one brick out, it causes other pressure around you, right? So when you look at it from two angles from an individual side, I want to live as a believer, I want to survive, I want to be protected from hellfire. But there's also the community wide understanding is that saving my life is not separate from saving other people's lives. One more time, saving my life is not separate from

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saving other people's lives, though they're different, but they don't contradict each other Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he say? He said, he gave the example of a ship a boat, mashing a boat. And he said the believers were on the top,

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the upper deck, and the people that don't believe in Allah don't have understanding of the truth, they are in the lower deck. So rasuwa Lysa, salami says, the ones in the lower deck they want to water. So they said, We don't want to go to the upper side. And you know, just drop the bucket because the people in the upper deck, they're able just to throw a bucket and get water. But the ones in the bottom, there's no access to water for them, unless they have to go up. Or there's another way, which is the crazy way, which is to actually drill a hole into that boat. So the prophet SAW said Lem says these people on the lower deck, they want to drill a hole into that boat

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to get water meant the whole boat will sink. That's the exact point. So the promise I said them says if the people on the upper deck, do not stop them, okay? Do not advise them to help them out, then all of them will drown. So you see that, yes, I'm gonna save my life. But for you to save your life, and many times, it's by saving other people's lives. So what we have to appreciate here is that we all serve a purpose. Everyone has a skill has a specialty brothers and sisters, okay? And we flourish as a as a community, or when we all work together, let me give you this program as an example. Most of this program, you see me speaking so hey, that's true. Okay? But I'll give an

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example without sister a man, none of you would, he is a hero word. Excuse me, who in the world sister a man. And that's exactly my point right there. Right? Many people, many people here do not know who she is. She's somebody in the background. Right? Who I've never even turned on the camera before. I don't even know how she looks like outside in the street. But what I know is that she's able to put that platform together, where I'm able to log in and deliver the session. So without Allah then sister a man none of this would have happened. You see that? So we help each other. And and the thing that we work on sometimes, and it's been very clear, some action items has more

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spotlight and recognition by the creation, by what by who, by the creation, and unset by the Creator. So it can it can cause pressure between the community and individuals. So that's what we have to think of Allah Angela gelato, and when everyone works sincerely for Allah, Allah, He, you will see the Baraka in the project, right? And you see people working together, brother be that wonderful emceeing alarm. abetik. Allah is my witness many times, many times when I deliver the session, and I tell people so how was the session? Allah is my witness. They say well, what will lie we love brother be that Yeah, I asked you about my session, how was My speech? How was the lecture

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and they stopped by but there'll be It was great because brother be loud helps, you know, set the stage for us. Wonderful man. May Allah grant him sincerity and Baraka in his speech in is a bad bless his family, his kids amenable me. So he does that sets up the stage, because now he kind of breaks the ice for me, and I'm more comfortable to deliver. So him not being present. For example, I might start a little bit you know, more difficult than usual. Then we have our wonderful interpreter, right, the ASL interpreter, the ones who cannot hear us without Allah in this wonderful task that she's doing mela grinter jen najara, they would have never understood, as I told you, my

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own cousin, first cousin, she's deaf, she wouldn't be able to listen to me just like that. She's a no sign language. So we all work together rather than sisters. To the creator were valuable to the creation may vary. I don't know who you are. You got more followers on social media. These are worldly measures, okay? to Allah. Allah does not look at our wealth and our beauty and this is and that no, in Allah yonder Illa Paulo become what Allah says your heart and your actions you do it right. You do it with excellence. You do sincerely. You see that brothers and sisters, it's very, very important. Let me give an example. Well, so a lice Allah Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah

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Allahu Allah wa sallam one time in his era, there was a lady, okay in bra 10 so that kind of the coup de Taco Bell message or the common message you wish to clean a sister, a black sister, that's the highly that says that to emphasize something a very important point who used to clean the masjid and wonder ration shop and a young man

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was wondering where's she at? He is not seeing her she used to clean the mess j take care of things where she at? So then the Sahaba said that she has passed away what mattered mattered. The President wasn't happy about what she died that also No, no, he wasn't happy. Why did you not tell me? I felt a quantum add on to money. Why didn't you tell me if a cat a gnome server or a mirage as if you know,

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you're busy man. And you got a lot of things to do. And you know, a custodian is great, you know, assistant is great. Everything we respect that don't get us wrong, but just the priorities and things like that. So the pastor wants to make a statement to the omocha Yama, he says do lunia Allah cabaret, show me where's the grave that you buried that sister at for the loo? So they pointed towards the grave for Allah Allah. Then the president pray janessa they perhaps already prayed and as he's spraying again, to make a point, we're all important brothers and sisters, all of us are important. Then he says that his Salah in the hiding copper cobalt mamdouh atone bull mutton, Allah

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Allah, these graves are filled with darkness and the people living in it, ma'am Lu atone Voluma Allah Allah, we're in Allah azza wa jal you know we're all high level before Allah to Allah him and Allah brings light to these graves by my Salah towards them. May Allah allow us to receive the Salah waterfall, so I tell them because when we say Salalah alayhi wa sallam, the prophet responds back brothers and sisters, we all work together. And let me give you another example in just to give you more emphasis on the importance of working together because someone says you know, I tried to do this but there's no recognition appreciation. I understand it's difficult but we all complete one

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another and the moment and we miss up on lights goes ugly. It goes really ugly. Brothers and sisters a potluck. Have you ever had a potluck? potluck? Yeah, potluck? Yeah. Okay, how does it How does it sometimes sometimes work? If people get whatever they want, but some people usually choose a category. Someone says I'll get the desserts. Someone says I'll get the utensils someone says you know what, I will get you the biggest nicer bowl of soup and shatter is all the good stuff. Right? Especially now we're about to break our fast and an hour and a half in sha Allah. May Allah make it easy for me and all of you. Okay, so let's, let's give an example. Someone says I'm going to cook

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you guys. This major, huge bowl of soup. Okay, la Cava. What is it? It is called broccoli soup, some nice cheddar cheese Allahumma barik some spices on it a word, a word and the cheese and all the good stuff. And I'm gonna hook it up inshallah. Okay, so I'm going to get you this large bowl tomorrow. Excellent. And you

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on your way, on your way. Just go to the dollar store and get us some bowls and spoons. It's just just give us give us some spoons. Okay. Now when people now go to the potluck, and they see that soup, what did people say? Allah Akbar? Who did this bowl of soup, Masha, Allah huge. It must have taken you so many hours to do Allahumma barik jacmoe? Clara, I can't wait to taste it right. Now people will usually not say Ma sha Allah who got the spoons?

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I'm sorry. They usually don't do that. They look at the dish, the main dish. But can I ask you a question? If the guy that was responsible to get the spoons did not get No, they didn't get any spoons? What happens? Will anyone drink the soup? No, the answer is no unless you do with your hand and stuff like that with the soup bolian and mum. So my point being this comes to show you how we complete one another I have to emphasize that right? Now if we if we start to go against each other right now and I want I want the spotlight on me and not him or her. And I and then there's some hatred and there's jealousy, the laughter serve for inappropriate reasons. That's when things go

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downhill. Because then there'll be a gap like a cavity an opening, right? And when you create gaps, okay, think of the brick wall. If you take one brick out, there's stress, there's pressure. This is engineering simple physics, right. And then the one who is supposed to focus on getting the soup ready, has to now go to the dollar store to get the spoons as well. And that may sacrifice the quality of the soup. So when people start dropping out, it becomes more and more pressure to those who are remaining. And the aspect of being very organized is not just the battlefield brothers sisters, but across our life.

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As I just mentioned to you right now an example of the potluck, and it goes on and on and on. Let me give an example. Allah loves structure. Allah loves structure in the eye it clearly shows. Okay now many animals may notice or less Allah Salallahu Salam salam wa sallam, when he went to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala was that random? Ah any any? Any MFI? navan. Like all the gate is open is go to summit dunya first heaven second heaven. Where's the other gate? And they're confused. No this structure jabril la sala went to the process all the way to the first heaven. They knocked on the gate nanpi gate. There's organization, their structure schedule, Mr. randomness, randomness. Who is

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it? It's debri, who's with you? It's Mohamed, od nella, who has even called has he been notified that he's able to come now that he is he coming on his appointment? She says yes. Then the gates open. Then you go to the second habit and so on and so forth. A loss of pattern love structure, loves the organization, even in Salam Salam Yeah. rasulillah salam wa salatu salam ala is and what did he say? In a beautiful Hadith about Salah. He said so also fufa come in at a sweeter Sufi Meantime, me Salah, the prime says straighten the lines and Salah because it's part of perfecting your Salah, can you imagine that? It's not just like, I'm just gonna stand in line. It's their

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problem. It's not my problem, Allah when the people around you are also lined up, your prayer becomes more impactful towards you. Did you see that? He says in another head is very profound and beautiful. And amazing Bashir rhodiola. And Leah Cohen cannot also realize some Allah is Allah. You so we so full fanatec Anima you some will be al Qaeda, Al Qaeda Al Rahman had an apple nano. So basically, as I said, I'm used to stress so much on straining the lines, as if he's trying to make an arrow. It's like a ruler, because like the arrow has to be straight. If you have an arrow, you're going to shoot an arrow that is bent, okay? Like like this, the arrow is messed up, it will not hit

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the target. It's going to go somewhere. It can even hit yourself, right. But when the arrow is nice and straight, right, nice and sharp, and you shoot the arrow, that's when you hit the target. That's when you have the most impact. So that's how better Salem was trying to get a show straight as if it's an arrow. Then Rosatom said something very powerful and a bit scary. Actually, I wasn't really aware of it that it's it's headed with that understanding of it too recently. Also aleza Allahu alayhi wa sallam says paper the law led to so oneness foofa calm your highly fun Allahu bainer whoo hey come out the

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computer right of women had it was awesome says you guys shall be having a straight lines. Be straight in the lines. Otherwise, Allah will cause disruption in between your hearts. How exactly Allah knows best, but when we get it right, may Allah allow us to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even in that hour. Allah subhana wa Taala teaches us through Mohammed Salah to be able to prioritize things okay be prioritize things. How is that in a beautiful Hadith? mardini Jebel radi Allahu anhu but I know many of our viewers Mashallah many, many are from Yemen. And Rodney Jebel a no Hina batha Yemen is a wonderful man so May Allah bless more added ninja and

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Allah knows best many of you who are Yemenis watching us Allah who became Muslim after his efforts Allah Allah Allah. So May Allah allow us to see more Attorney General in general for DOS, amiable alanine so but before more as miserable, he went to Yemen was awesome. Give him some naziha ready for it. Yeah, love smilla he said in the cassetti Coleman, Allah Kitab Jamar you're going to Yemen there are there are people of the book anywho the nosara Christians and Jews for either dome romila Ania, Shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah if you see them, then call them to believe in no deity worthy of worship but Allah, Allah Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. Check this out. For in home our pa o

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la cabeza, like if they accept that first step, if they believe in that first step for a bit and then go to step two, bedroom and alacarte followed by Eileen Hamza Salah, waiting for Coolio Mineola, tell them that Allah has mandated upon them five daily prayers. Then he says for in our home our opelika with Alec if they obey you with that and they listen to you and they agree to pray five times a day. Then tell them step three in the locker the follow up I lay him saw the potential human near him, but what do I let him tell them about Zika is

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See that? So there's structure here. You don't go around and tell people, you tell a Listen, man, you gotta pray five times a day. Yeah. And the guy doesn't believe in Allah. You tell him pray five times a day. Right? So there's structure, there's organization. So let's recap in sha Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says in the low hibou Latina your cartoon Effie sabirah Allah loves those who fight in the cause of Allah, how in what sense? They are a structure cannot banyana morsels as if they are structured on the same page upon the truth. May Allah allow our sacrifices and our prayers and our lives and our death from beginning to end. All be for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Jagmohan

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Nia Allah bless you, protect you and allow you to witness lead to other and reward you with the reward of a Shaheed though we may never witness a moment where we may be die as a Shaheed Zack below him was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh.