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The Battle of Uhud

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah and he wasabi will send him once again. We start with him mentioning for loss of Hannah Tana, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send his peace and his blessings upon His Prophet Mohammed la salatu salam Do you love him more?

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Even more now the more you know him The more you love him The more you are attached towards him The more you want to be like him The more you want to see him in general. So May Allah allow us to love him more and more. That is one love that I guarantee you will never backfire. never break your heart inshallah loving the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah the believers are rejoiced in ways that people that could not imagine. We just beat the people of Christ and the leaders and they lead the significant ones have pretty much died. So now brothers, sisters, some believers, they got some money from the war gain some humble amount, and one of the

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believers was being pushed to get married, being pushed to get married was none other than it is in the pilot. I live in Abu Talib was told by an auntie now there was a sister. She told him Why do you not get married? Do you not know that Fatima is now available to proceed with marriage? He said I can't afford it.

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I'm broke. She said why don't you not attempt? attempt? Take a shot take the means. He said but I'm not able to. I Li says the ante kept pushing me go ahead and try kept talking to me about marriage proposed proposed to 14 until I said Okay, I will.

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We will.

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All right now law allow us to the people that bring people married, and the righteous bless it marries me. Now let me make every single person here. I'll have a righteous spouse amenable me. So when I Li attempted, he said I went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

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And only those who experience No, no book will ever describe the emotion when you have to call your future father in law. I'm me uncle Who's this?

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One number one number. Right. What do you want? Now law protects us and grant us wisdom. I mean, so then he goes to his possibly future father in law. He says, evangelist I said. So the Prophet asked him I like a hijab. And he wants something.

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He says for a second. He said Can any can any old gym as if there's something covering my mouth, I couldn't speak.

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Clearly the one who did this to shame only in the army of the disbelievers Ali Ali, Ali and the battlefield, but there's another battle. It's a whole different dimension.

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So he says I look at a second time he did something

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he couldn't speak.

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Third time I need to okay. I need you or something.

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So the one sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Who is the most person who has emotional intelligence? emotional what intelligence knows a man of his stature. so brave, so courageous. The only thing possible he's unable to talk about now is married to my daughter.

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So he tells him, did you come to propose to my daughter Fatima? He says no. Now, that's exactly why I'm here.

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So the Prophet knows the level of religiosity and the good character of any correct and Fatima knows that the Prophet is asking about the financial status of family. He says, And can you afford getting married? He says, Well, I know.

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I can afford marriage. He says what about the body armor I gave you I gave you dinner a shield? Remember? It says jasola the cod gave me

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barely anything.

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Roughly roughly roughly $10 roughly. So he says, I will have proven marriage and make this be the Dow, the Dow Theory, the Dow Theory of Fatima the greatest myth, that greatest woman to walk on earth along with Millennium that Who? The mother of Isa, along with Asya, the wife of Pharaoh, along with her mother Khadija, the wife of Mohammed Hassan. Yes, Fatima is one of the four women that reached perfection inherit dowry.

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Here's something close to $10

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like yeah, some of us may do that. And I do understand some people will say that dowry of my daughter have a baby brother all the way one for my daughter I don't want no dowry. We're not that type of family who can give us the Quran and that's sufficient. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but what's wrong is next. Just give us any hold on but we want $100,000 wedding and she better be dropped off with a limo that has 17 wheels like you mean they like the follow the Sunnah with the doubt, a lot with smart tactics, right? The after, though, after besides the doubting you need this and we need that and we're like, we think you go to this furniture store buy them that will not go

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nowhere. But are there anything else that Allah May Allah grant us wisdom, say, I mean, so let's see the person is he just gonna be easy with the dowry or everything else. So I didn't even get so happy. He uses that deer shield, and he sells it gets the money.

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When the ration suggests he sold it to Earth maybe not found, and it was for 400 Dirham. So now we bumped up the number to about 700 roughly $700 so if it has 700 so that means the actual thing was $7 not even 10. All right, about 700 roughly. And there was man one narration suggests that he says you need the shield more than me. So keep the shield and here's the money. Right? So then what happens is very excited. And now the Prophet is putting together jahaz like the preparation for whom? For his daughter, Fatima rhodiola Anna and with Deborah's and sisters the dowry they get married as in 14 Alhamdulillah of blessing marriage, and I know you guys liked it last time. We'll

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do a once more and here you go. All right. He goes a heart Niala beautified our marriages I mean the brothers in you passed he didn't tell us what it was like you know the things that the President has put together for the family and what's their house like will tell you an authentic narration the process of assailant assisted with getting faulty on the following as a jazz number one a pill

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but to address number three a jug of water that's what they had in their house.

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if I'm not telling you go get jugs of water to your father look I mean, so nah

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don't make it difficult. Or you think you're better now leaving realistic these times they can survive I don't think you can survive maybe very much here with that with a bro Hola. We take this when we go camping when we travel. What we take this when we travel? And what are you in this world? What a traveler wants to know what are you in this world but a traveler I know every single brother is celebrating now and will lie I'm not exaggerating to say even the sisters who celebrate How many of you say this is a very, very sensitive topic. touch on it a bit. May Allah grant us wisdom. How many sisters would love to get married but their parents choke them to death? Yes or no? How many

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times that woman and I had cases personally involved. And the brother will live with to cry The Girl with the cry wonderful man and woman very compatible. And we understand the shallowest compatibility, that the reason the man was rejected one of the stories I was involved in. Why because his skin was dark. Well, like, I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with a black man white. No, no, there's nothing wrong with that. But to show you how extreme he was not a black person, he was just a darker shade than her family. So is that something good to go meet a law with? Is that something you'd be proud of? Well, I will not be surprised if the first one to stand in the face of

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such father and mother, the daughter herself Yes or no? First one to question them. Because he said let him get married first. What will the people say? If Why? If there is a provision comes Alhamdulillah you will not allow people to talk to destroy your children. You're that obsessed about your reputation? May Allah grant us wisdom. May Allah allow us to prioritize things brothers and sisters and see how for the parents and the sisters from the Prophet of Allah you want it?

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fathers, mothers and sisters, the process of aligning yourself himself when a man comes to you, whom you approve of, and and as well as content with their level of religiosity, the deen and their level of character.

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If you see someone coming to your doctor for proposal, and obviously is capable of getting married, then don't turn him down.

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Don't turn him down. He says if you turn him down, then corruption will spread on earth and worldwide corruption spread yes or no. And why it spread that now doing the Haram is

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10 times easier than the harder yes or no. When in reality is the complete opposite. It became so bad starting from the parents starts from the children come from both angles enemy attacking every generation where the men are no longer interested. And the women are no longer interested yes or no is a disaster. All for who ally, the enemy has a role. And the biggest of all enemies is a bond that we're not paying attention to say I was willing to sit on the regime. For all that which is happening, as was the brothers we spoke to the system spoke to the parents, we speak to the brothers also life's a little longer it was an end with this in Sharla. He said

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a woman is typically married to for one of four reasons or for these reasons. Number one, men marry woman Bey and sisters pay attention take notes.

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The prophets awesome says men marry a woman based on their level of beauty.

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And others get married to and based on their money. And others get married to their spouses or have just this lady based on her status and fame in society to make it all right. And then the president said and then others who get married to the sister based on religiosity so he says first for me that he didn't tell me but he adapt. So he says Be sure the one you married to has the religiosity in her if you get the beauty hamdulillah the status a lot of money a lot of my Vedic Allah grant you one was all for

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that I mean, why is the week like that?

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If the hope is gone,

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he was quiet but then he like him in Dean and religiosity try, right by me, I'm gonna basically give you one with religiosity above all of that, besides beauty, wealth and status. You know, the prophet said, but he said, he said, If you do not take the one with religiosity, you will be humiliated. And we're lies, he said, the truth. We see examples and stuff like that. Basically, what the prophet said last night, the example he said, You choose someone you are a person of religion, and you understand Michel Lakota. And then you go for someone that has this agenda and you forgot the dean and she has no Dean stuff, the process you will be humiliated. So what do you watch for me? I will

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forgive us and greatest wisdom. Mila grant, you all are Blessed Mary say I mean, I Lee, Pilate and Fatima get married Fatima, the daughter of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters However, in the midst of this beautiful news, something is occurring. What happened? news of revenge have arrived what people have police are assembling an army to finish the Muslims while they're very angry for the results of better who is leading the army. Abu Sofia and the one from the trade caravan. Remember how big is the army 3000 soldiers 200 horses 700 armored armored men head to toe steel armor one of them is Abu that he kind of shuts his name fully equipped head to toe all

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what you can see of him are his eyes, completely armored 700 of them. How can you shoot such guy? What strike will hit this guy? Remember, you take the means you trust and Allah will make you That's it. That's a equation of life. May Allah allow us to establish it as easy that way as we set it. I mean, so brothers and sisters, that this time there's in addition to the army and military genius.

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But that doesn't matter. Because, yes, that this time he joined and people are very pumped from his team that is with them the process or send and receive the news. We are about to get attacked. Where are they coming? Quraysh where do they want to go? They want to go right to the city. They're headed to Medina. So now the palace and Lem seeks counsel just like how he did and better. Now he's doing it in this battle. So he tells the companions What do you guys think we should do? This time the processes and gives his thoughts you are know what his thoughts are? He said my thoughts. My suggestion, the thoughts is that we stay in Medina, London come to our streets and we will be ready

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for them to fight them. Some scholars they said why would the Prophet propose that because the army of the enemy is incredibly large. 3000 right. And then coming to the alleys makes it like a bottleneck. So whoever comes you gotta have to go through this. Alice will only be like equal to three, five and five. Also, we know the streets better than them. Also the men and the woman will

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Participate from their homes, Windows roof, everybody will take, take a play in this right take action, that companions, some of them said, Oh prophet of Allah. And he heard the suggestion that as to us know, we want to go out. We want to go and fight them outside Medina, you know this, no one ever came to Medina when we were non Muslim. Now that we're Muslim, we are allowed to come to our homes and land knowing. That's their suggestion. So the prophet SAW said and said, and we will go with your suggestion. What do you think that level of empowerment did? Yes. And many of them were actually on the younger side. And you know why they're very excited, not just because they're young,

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but some of them what they missed. Participating in bed that remember, then you go get my stuff, and the person knew where to go right now. He's like, I want to go out go out. So brothers and sisters, with this being said, the person went to his house to wear the body armor. While he was wearing it, the companions were rebuking one another. What did you do that?

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The prophet SAW Selim clearly said he prefers staying here. Yes, he opened the floor for suggestion does not mean you have to speak. He clearly feels it's better to stay in the Medina. So hold on. You're right. You're right. Right. Right. Right. So then they all waited the moment the Prophet left the house, he's wearing the body armor, said, Oh, Prophet of Allah. We thought about it. And I think actually, your suggestion is better. We'll stay in the city. The President told them, it's not be fitting for our profit to wear the body armor and then take it off unless he fights first. What is this being decisive? We pray to Allah. I took suggestions we made the decision that's it for

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our Corolla we did everything we can we pray to Allah God suggestions, it's over. We're not going to keep changing minds actually. No, that's it. We made the decision. Colossus bruceton Sharla. Allah promises always there. So brothers and sisters in Christ in Makkah, some bribery is taking place. What is this giving example? Jubail even more time? His relative was killed in better job a job and more time has a slave His name is washy. Why she is amazing at throwing spears. He hits the target. He nailed it. So Jubail tells his slave washing if all what all what I want you to do is kill Hamza what kill Hamza that's all what I want you to do. right handers want to kill Jubail is relative. So

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what what she gets the greatest reward any slave at that time can ever get which is what? Freedom. I get freedom without paying anything. Just do this. He says that's all what you do, and what she accepts, or what you want. If you kill Hamza, then you are free. Brothers and sisters, that believers they head towards what? mountain god and this is a very simple diagram not identical. So when he went to the prophets often arrives first, he assigns How big is the Muslim army roughly, roughly, by the time they arrived, they were about 700. So the disbelievers are

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close to five times more over four times more right. So the Prophet arrives first we take the means he assigns 50 archers from the believers 15 on this hill, right here across from the mountain overhead. The Prophet is very clear, you have one mission and only one mission, you stand on this hill. And what you need to do is protect our back so the believers will be here and the enemy will be on the other side. So all what you need to do on this hill is annual the disbelievers tries to go behind the hill and approaches from the back. You shoot them with the arrow nice simple target, no one from the enemy will dare to come to us from the back. Otherwise it will be chaotic. We will be

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what? clamped, okay? Okay, the profits losses and look what he says. You stay on the hill. And he gives them he gives them two scenarios. He says you stay there no matter what happens, even if all the believers die, everyone is death and the animals came to eat our body. Do not leave the hill until I send you a note come down. I think the instructions are very clear. And he said and if you find this all victorious, and all the enemy has ran back to Mecca, and we all want to not come down until what I send you a note and tell you this job of the lab engineer one of the team leader at that time, he was he heard that everybody heard that

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Fantastic. Brothers and sisters, the Battle of word starts with a duel one on one

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Alhamdulillah the believer manages, as the enemy comes at such great numbers, manages to kill that disbeliever from the enemy. And right then and there, the Battle of our heart starts right there. Brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Before the enemy eventually approaches, he grabs a sword, he says, Who will take this sword and fulfill its right motivation. Remember how motivation comes? Who will take this sword fulfill? Its right, they said, what's the right of the sword is to kill the enemy with it until it pretty much breaks. So I will do Genesis, I will take it. He takes the sword wraps red bandana on his head, meaning I will fight till death. We take a

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lesson you are being told who will take this task, who will give as and who will set up the seeds. You go and you volunteer for the good deeds and shot alar there see we learn to be proactive. We learn to assess if I'm capable or not. He asked what's the task you see that? What's the right of it didn't just rush the right way is to do one, two and three. I am capable of doing so passed on to me. If you're able to help an organization remember that our field you need to go and assist to your best of our ability. May Allah grant us proper decision making. I mean open I mean, so abou Jana takes it. He puts that bandana, right. And they start and the fight takes place. The archers are

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there and the enemy sees the archers on the hill.

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They got us they come they came here before us what a smart plan Mohammed did and his team saw seldom so no enemy tried to attempt from the back and the believers fought a fight Allahu Akbar. They thought so much so brothers and sisters Hamza bin Abdullah McFarland is fighting and Hamza saying and I said Allah Hamza had two swords. He said, The law was rasulillah. I am the Lion of Allah and the line of the Prophet of Allah and fighting the enemy, and he was breaking the ranks and shaking them. Who else was there and even who else was there a Buddha Jana, the one who took the soldier red bandana he fought so much. He fought so well, that he almost reached the end of the

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army. So imagine this is the battle, he fought and fought, whoever no one is standing in front of him, the sword is being bent pretty much killing the enemy until he went to the end, and now has to go back.

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Sure. When he reached the end, he saw someone really hyping up the enemy. And he saw how influential that person was. And he said, If I able to kill that individual that will tone down the height and motivation. He grabs a sword, and that person turns Who is it? It's a woman. It's a lady.

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So he

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he paused,

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and he went away.

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The campaign says, when you kill the lady, when you kill the lady, he said, I will never dishonor the sword of the Prophet and kill a woman with it.

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So this is your Navy civil law seller? How do we learn this? How do we learn this? Is if

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not a woman in battle law. Do we have some husbands hitting their women at home?

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Yes or no? What justification Do we have when we hear stories? When we see some woman bruised? Yes or no? If he did not kill a woman in the battlefield, man be a man like Abu Jana and honor the Prophet of Allah and take care of your Islam. And don't she ever physically abused a woman? Yeah, like rent this was there but I mean,

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so back and he fights and you're doing a phenomenal job. The disbelievers are starting to go away and turn back brothers and sisters. But there's a washing machine. He said I hid behind Iraq. Looking at this Hamza guy, Now I see why you want them killed. Now I see what how he killed Jabez brother or relative. So he said, I'm looking for Hamza and I'm trying to shake my spear looking at him but he's out of this world. Fighting this person two swords I'm unable to aim. It's so good at what he does, killing the enemy. And I'm so nervous and scared. So he says eventually I was able to see Hamza and I think I'm able to throw the spear I I looked at him. I shook my spear once, twice.

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Hamlet's fighting, and then he releases the spear. He says it came hit his stomach came from the back.

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And then Hamza metallic is shocked. Where did this come from? So he's looking around.

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He has eye contact with what she what she said, then Hamza walk to me. He's walking into action.

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He's walking to walk, she says he could no longer handle it and then he dies. And it will lie. What hurts me is death. But what hurts me is how much the Prophet cried over his death. So the Hamza fell on the ground, and he passed away. And why she why she left the battle because that's what he wants is his freedom. Brothers and sisters and the battle. The pretty much the believers were victorious. Yes, it said that the believers eventually were able to overcome the enemy. Allah says, Well, according to sada Kakuma Allahu wa, is that was sooner evening, Allah says I fulfilled by a promise 700 I barely have anything. See how you're beating the enemy, brothers and sisters? How the new lead

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is about to leave the Army or around the area. So sad, how is it possible? And this happens to me that we run away from the such people. How is that possible? He's walking and walking, and I want you just to imagine looking at the archers, and the archers are arguing what's going on. The archers are saying to the other archers in the on that hill. Listen, we won. We won. Look at this, we got this, we beat them again. This go get the war game. Let's go down and pick up all the war games of the loving Jesus and what is wrong with you? Do you not remember what the prophet SAW said and told you never come down until I send you a note? They said Well, we're going down and they went

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downhill. And they went downhill.

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Literally and technically.

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Either. Basically, a Shinto, Allah says then you failed when right the moment they went down, they failed, even if they won the battle. The moment they disobeyed, the profits command, no success. The moment we do that intentionally. And Allah says men coming up to dunya Allah said about these companions that went down. You want dunya you did not want after you were fighting for the war games. You are fighting for the money that said to the Sahaba didn't want about you and I may Allah grant the sincerity say I mean, they want dunya brothers and sisters, that is why you the fight of the desire is a lot more difficult than the fight in the battle. Because you will not win a battle

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in the field until you beat the evil of yourself. If they were able to conquer their desires and love of dunya they will win this so don't you ever wish to be there when you cannot defeat the evil of yourself? They are my greatest wisdom. So with that being said, Hamlet

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Oh, what's happening? It is this is it highly genius. Looks at the believers coming down. You know what I want you to feel? How did they believe Rasputin in southern coming down? What are you doing right? What is this? When the prophet SAW them? What perhaps saw them coming down? Here it looks it looks at the hill. He grabs a small group of people with their horses. And now they went down hard. It comes from behind the hill. He goes, some say he killed whoever remained there called continued has come from the back cause people come on back, come back what happens? they come back and they clamped the believers panic upon Titanic upon Titanic.

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The stress and anxiety see these words, one of the root causes disobedience to Allah, one of the possible root causes is disobedience to avoid this message, when this happens, the Muslim now working this way, that way, to the extent that chaos was so bad that one of the believers killed another believer.

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Yeah, man, a Muslim, his name is the name of the believers came to attack him are they for his son is that that's my dad. Stop it and they killed his dad. That's the level of panic Sahaba the greatest generation may Allah be pleased by all of them. You have to have respect to Sahaba you have to have add up, watch what you say stay within your limit. And you talk to the greatest generation that has walked the face of this planet. But the two are not perfect. So as lm seeing this,

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they're fighting enemy is looking, killing whoever they can massage.

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The flag bearer of the believers, the one who holds the flag for motivation. If the flag is up, they will skip going. We're winning. They went and attack Musab and Musab normally dies. They went and they attacked other companions and they died. May Allah grant us all gentlemen allow us to see them. But the sisters the enemies coming from all over

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They now circling people dividing the Muslims into smaller groups, until the Prophet can no longer be seen by the believers. For so long as there they cannot go there's so many enemy until he was no longer seen.

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Where did he go? It was announced by the enemy, patina Mohammed. Mohammed has died. We killed him with Mohammed died. The battle is over. That's it. That's their ultimate goal. Mohammed Putin, believers, three groups, one group fled back to Medina, La ilaha illa Allah, it's a mistake. Another group fell to the ground.

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third group, a minority of a minority, continued fighting the enemy such as Enniskillen model and it's been noted he told the Prophet before the battle, I was so sad, I did not participate in the previous one better. But I will show you a prophet of Allah will show Allah the next battle that comes what I will do. And that battle came. So as ns What will you do? And as he looked at the archers coming down, looked at the chaos. He says, Oh Allah, I'm sorry for what the believers have done. And you know, Allah, I am free of what the enemy is doing. And he went and head on to the enemy. When he was going, some of the believers were going fleet flooding away. Who was amongst them

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a great companion. Yes. could not do what Anna's did. That's what he said. Who was it? Sad?

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He was going back and said, you're sad. What are you going?

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Jen? Nice this way. Now that way as Jenna hoonah He says, Well, why I smell Jenna, right next door. How sad. What are you doing? He says, The Prophet said in one narration is the Prophet died. He said then let us die upon what he died upon runaway suicide said tell him a story. I could not do what he does. So sad left, and a swing forward. What happened? And it's no one really knows at this point. Brothers and sisters and they fought and they were so worried. But where's also Allah? Where is the Salem, the prophet was still fighting. The prophet will lie never retreats that in a way that he escapes that he is scared that he's a coward. He fought and fought and fought. And I want you to

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imagine about now about 3000 soldiers. I'm not exaggerating, every short. Every arrow is being targeted towards Mohammed Sawsan. Everyone wants his head. Because the new scheme he's actually still alive. So they all went towards him. And they beat him up so that one grabs the sword in a weapon and strikes the prophets. I said limbs face it because so close that it caught his face, but not in a way that completely goes in. But it caught his face and he start to bleed open his head. And someone else strikes the prophets I said loved until they broke his teeth, authentic narrations and he was bloodied and bloodied and bloodied. And he's fighting getting very weak at this point.

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putting his hand and seeing the blood What will he do? pray against them? You know, do something God I hit him with a drive to destroy them. He prays to Allah as he yo what do you want

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to call me say normally Allah

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Allah guide these people so they can be forgiven?

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I don't know why I don't know it's time to try to be a poetic way that I can when I can. I try and what I follow up this with our kids and I say disappointed, I can't it's unreal. How we can guy is coming to kill him. No, no, the guy is in the process of killing him. He's bleeding almost to death, breaking his teeth, cutting his skull, cutting it and says, oh, Lord, guide them so they can be forgiven. We take it to today. I know it's a very elite high level I do understand that Let's aim for high status or no aim for such level in this period, such ignorance Yala guide them Yes, if you're oppressed, you have the right to make it understand that it's Dean. But there is the elite of

00:34:27--> 00:34:32

the elite. I'm not saying you're low, the outer Billa materials above seminars

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

continue to allow the ones who are able to reconcile work things out but these reward and that's what the process Adam says. And this also combines all of forgive the archers who went down we see that love yesterday believers. This forgiveness drive includes the archers who went down and they were the means of why this is happening. But his insistence and he thought and who was with a prophet 12 companions May Allah grant them of gender. That is the sisters. They

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

Try to help the Prophet help the Prophet until they were able to go retreat retreat in such a way and more Muslims came. Why? Because now they know that the Prophet is alive as they came and they approached the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brothers and sisters, they were able to escape. And they're still doing a phenomenal job. And they go all the way up to the mountain and one part of the mountain.

00:35:26--> 00:35:57

As they arrived, the battle cooled down, things settled, the believers are now far away. And who comes very airy. arrogantly and proud. Abu Sufyan, Abu sufian, comes to an elevated place The war has settled. And he is asking, he cannot see what's happening. He says is Mohammed amongst you, wants to know how many is alive or dead? The Prophet says, learn to do my job, the answer this guy will answer.

00:35:59--> 00:36:07

So obviously, I know the second in leadership, this is authentic narration. He says, as he kamaboko is a worker, their

00:36:08--> 00:36:10

worker is there but the Prophet says do not answer him.

00:36:14--> 00:36:16

Even even the enemy knows the rules.

00:36:17--> 00:36:18

is almost their

00:36:20--> 00:36:23

process to not answer. Can you imagine not being able to hold himself

00:36:25--> 00:36:26

and he obeyed.

00:36:27--> 00:36:44

Then obsidian says, we did it. These three people are dead. Otherwise they would have spoke now this is victory. Omar No way. No way. He says, Elijah Do you enemy of Allah all three are alive.

00:36:45--> 00:36:48

All three are alive and they will humiliate you in sha Allah.

00:36:50--> 00:37:34

Allah, Allah, sub recipient got so angry about Sophia unsaid or a new one? What woman is an idol? So he says Vogel is the exalted our Idol is the exalted, the prophet said, answer him want to know what what just changed? Answer him. You know why? Because now it has to do with the deen. before it had to do with personal interest. It was taken personal, the prophet doesn't care. I don't take it personal. Like, you hurt me. I tried to do this and do that whatever the case is not in terms of being oppressed. But try how that person will move on. You want me to go on YouTube? and answer every comment that someone says you Ramona, you're a loser. Hello says move on. Right? People talk

00:37:34--> 00:37:59

trash would address everyone. Right? When it comes to the deed, try to do so. You see the difference? When it comes to an attack against a life messenger tries to do something. They draw a cartoon about the Prophet. They do something like that. Don't fight back physically I was beloved by the Prophet would not approve of this awesome I swear by Allah. He will not approve of it here in this part of the owner approve of it. What do you do? Maybe as an example, teach the Sierra

00:38:00--> 00:38:40

teach the life of the product seller. Do something to contribute, improve the image of the Muslims? That's what you can do. Now answer back as someone makes fun of your nose or your eyes or your focus or whatever. makes fun of the deen anything to work on my Deen. Maybe I'm slacking off here and there when it comes to the deen. May Allah grant the strength say I mean? So the process answered him, what do we say? Tell him Allahu Allah wa jal. They said Allah is the more exalted and majestic, Allah is the elevated seeing of the Sophia knows the believers there are the Prophet is there. So then the product seller, he hears Abu soufiane? What did he say?

00:38:41--> 00:39:27

Well, we have another idol. His name is Rosa, we have Rosa, you do not have Rosa, you don't have a god like that. So the Prophet said, ijebu answered him now this is Dean. So they said, What do we say? What do we say? He said, Tell them Allahu mowlana when I'm old and tell him a loss of panatela is our helper and you have no helper. And they said that the Naboo Sophia and said, Listen, you guys, we beat you today to make up for what? Better? Right? And that's how war is just an FYI. As you walk around the battlefield, you will see believers that are cut into pieces. I don't approve of this. I never told them to do that. They said this is wrong. But I'm not feeling sorry about it.

00:39:28--> 00:39:30

So then I was left happy.

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

Then he comes down, and he checks on the Muslims and 70 bodies were laid on the ground that one of the bodies was not recognized at all. At all zero, no facial expression. How bad is it? Nothing. People do notice. Do you notice but I have no idea. Who knows. I have no clue. Until one sister came save the day. She said that's my brother who was the brother. It was an evening model. The one who said Jenna is

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

And he died right next to the mountain when he when he said I smell Jen over there. Sure. When Allah says MENA region, Allah said some of the law was beautiful. He says some of the believers are true men. So the oma had a law highly. They fulfilled the promise that they made. Can we be real men and woman shall fulfill our promises that we make to Allah. I mean, you know, but I mean, brothers and sisters, the prophet looks at this situation, a lot of things happen. When he says, an shahidan Allah, Allah, he's devastated. He says, I'm a witness to over all these people that will help them out. Basically, they have judgment. Then he says, a law basically revealed to him that the dead

00:40:43--> 00:40:53

amongst the people, their souls are in green birds in Ghana.

00:40:54--> 00:41:30

And they're roaming around in Paradise, enjoying its rivers, eating his fruits, and nuts. their nest is attached to a loss thrown a lot of work about the Prophet said they're, they're alive. And the Prophet said they say are saying now in general, what? Oh Allah, Who can tell our brothers and sister in dunya? About what we're enjoying here and accurate in the afterlife. So Allah says, I will tell them so Allah reveals for a

00:41:32--> 00:41:37

while serban Allah Deena coochie Lucy Sadie.

00:41:40--> 00:41:40


00:41:44--> 00:41:48

beam your own fairy Hina deema

00:41:51--> 00:42:34

happy Allah says they're not dead. They're enjoying their time. I would not I would not want to say the battle and naked in that note, so I made sure we talk about gender because there's as you feel bad for Hamza, you should feel bad for yourself. I feel bad for myself. hams as they're having fun hundreds one of them there in general, a lot of pre made and the companion they said, Yeah, Allah we want them to know. So they never stop struggling for the sake of Allah. And if it was jihad, so they never stop attempting it alone. So struggle and our struggle in jihad, brothers and sisters, why do we say their stories? These are our veterans, right? Our soldiers, right? We take pride. We look at

00:42:34--> 00:43:16

our past that is bright, and we pray to Allah to grant us a present that is right. Because there's no future to a nation that does not know about it's right past Are you guys with me? So we talk about these things and we are proud of it. May Allah grant us wisdom, what it took for this message to come to you telling you struggle it's worth it. We say that Antonia you do your MCAT speak at it's worth it met your physician the payment. You do engineering, it's worth it. We say that in this dunya I'm not saying it's wrong. But the Shahada and Jana are saying to us through Allah it is worth it. Or they are one is messengers are seldom doesn't sisters, then the believers were eventually

00:43:16--> 00:44:02

very, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam returns back to Medina and brothers and sisters. As they arrived in Medina, I Lee and Fatima tried to treat the profits bleeding, whatever they do, it's always gushing. Eventually patina, may Allah be pleased with her finds a way to put like a bandaid or so to stop the bleeding. When sister she was told your father died in the battle for Medina, one of the unsolved and they told her your husband died and your father, father, husband, brother, she is concerned about one person. She said to the man to the team that came to tell the believers who died. What happened to the Prophet. He said he's doing good, he's doing fine. She said

00:44:02--> 00:44:37

no, no, no, no, I don't take speech like that. I need to see the Prophet that he's fine. So then they showed the Prophet he's right there and the Prophet you can imagine him so much in pain but he's alive. She looks at him when she says kulu mostly back in nada Jalan losing anything in the world is something I can bear. But I cannot bear or hold myself had I lose you a lot of love. Towards the end of the last slide that we have the enemy once another battle now? Yeah, can you come on? Are you serious? Yes. I was a fan is angry.

00:44:39--> 00:45:00

Frustrated. Was he not happy? victorious? No, he's angry. He's going back to Mecca is a bunch of losers are horrible. What was this? What's wrong with josephian? Mohammed, Mohammed is still alive. We did not win. See how I told you all targets are on him. So obviously it says when you go back now. buster, you

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Turn back. Go back. What happens that believers hear the news the Army's coming. The command from Allah and the messenger is what? Go fight them. What do you mean? The injuries the blood, the Prop, go fight them. Are we going to disobey now? Did we not learn the lesson? the means are meaningless, but they are the prerequisite to get a lot what? victory and help Yes. What did the believers do three parts to that last slide number one, Allah says Allah readiness dejavu Nila Rasul member edema

00:45:41--> 00:46:31

every single believer or based on what is measured not one was left behind will lie their narration that say one of them was so injured he was carried to the battle because we know it's not about the means it's about a lot it's about what can I do a lot less than then they took the mean is that enough? What's next What's this plus what plus what is an equation this plus this gives you victory any time in the calendar any time in any location in the world? They said has una La La near Milwaukee our trust isn't alone. Our trust isn't alone not in the means my heart is not attached to the means I'm gonna do everything I can but in my heart only a walk and give victory when we put

00:46:31--> 00:46:44

this plus this will lie it will always equal this and our last panel brought them victory how when the Abu sufian he heard the Muslims are coming back. This is unreal, right imagine what

00:46:45--> 00:46:46

why these people

00:46:48--> 00:47:39

they actually leaving the city coming to attack us. Abu sufian got scared. This was hombre Asad Daro, and he returned back to Mecca and who won the battle the believers with Allah say, and kinda will be near met him in a live of fog, ah nem em session, they were not even touched and they want you see that? They won the battle and no one was touched lamium session so what was the equation? Take the means trust Allah and allow the victories. As beautiful as it sounds. The outcome of the battle of offered was rough. The enemy that we're worried about the Muslims after better now are no longer worried that people in Medina, Medina and pagans around Medina are now stronger and bold

00:47:39--> 00:47:54

enough to plot against the Prophet. What will the SLM do against these plots? What's the next plan? What will happen to the believers? How will the Prophet address this chaos? All of that inshallah, on September 7,

00:47:59--> 00:48:05

February 7 inshallah and we have some announcements. Seventh inshallah.