Never Do This On Laylat Al Qadr

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The transcript describes a group of people discussing the upcoming year and the upcoming holiday. They mention that the upcoming year is a "slacky year" and that the holiday is a "slacky time." They also mention that the upcoming year is a "slacky time" and that the upcoming holiday is a "slacky time."

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Brothers and sisters do you know what is one of the biggest reasons why people miss out on David Ricardo, one of the biggest reasons inside al Bukhari Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says courage to do Kabira can be a little harder. He said I came out to tell the Ummah when exactly is ready to cuddle, not options last night Exactly. For Tyler have fallen in love. But when I was going to tell you the exact date, I saw two brothers fighting unnecessary argumentation. So he says for all Fiat so that piece of information that I knew Allah gave me has ascended, I no longer remember it. The loss of the baraka of laser cutters date is gone because of unnecessary fighting and

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argumentation. Then he says Alayhi Salatu was Salam wa Assa and yeah Hakuna dedica Hi, Ron welcome. He says perhaps not knowing the date is good, because everything that happens to the believer is good as in the other Hadith, but then he says for me Suha he tells the Ummah seek it very hard, especially Fantasea on the 29th was the 27th Welcome mister the 25th This is how serious it is brothers and sisters. And this these are not my words that I'm about to say. But the biggest of losers on the entire dunya are the ones who don't take little coder seriously. And there's nothing that you can do to make up for it. Rasul Allah as Sam said mentoree Mahela podium. The one who is

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deprived from laser cutter does not take it serious does not put the effort towards it. Then they are truly deprived and there are a bunch of losers, and nothing will make up for it. Whatever and make Toba in the future. Yes, you can of course but to make up for lack of candor, on their behalf. May Allah grant us wisdom you might ask the why why is it so serious like that? Because laser cutter is a night that can change your entire past and future. Give us proof Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Men karma limited other Eman and what is Saba whoever stands up at night and Salah on the Night of Qadr which is one of the last 10 Nights especially as at 29 27/25 all your previous

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sins are gone. All your dark paths our dark paths all erased. Yeah, it's erased I did it's done are gone forever. Insha Allah. But if you oppress someone Wallahi 1 million Laylat Qadr will not forgive you. If you oppress someone and without attempting to give the right back. So anyone who's sitting here this applies to them. That's what you focus on before you stand up and salah. Do the obligation of getting returning the right before you do the voluntary of staying up at night. Be aware of that. But besides Deulim and oppression Wallah no matter what you've done. I did this forgiven. I'm sorry to say it. Yeah, it's done. Done deal. But stand up with Eman believing in the honor of that night

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with the Saba hoping in the reward and everything is a race. That's the past when it comes to the future. Even Ambassador the Allahu angle, I'll tell you two things. He says an authentic narration yam Shil Raja finesse wha what could either mean that motor and man would be walking in the mall? And he is written to be among those who are dead. How does that make sense? He quoted an idea from the Quran fee how you Franco Kulu Ambreen Hakeem on little Qadr whatever happens to you for the upcoming year is written on layer two that is passed down to the angels. So I have no option no, you have the option. But whatever happens in the future, wherever is gonna go to hedge next year from

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now to next year is already written, whoever will die it's written whoever will be sick is written whoever will be cured is written Whoever get married is written who will ever have children it's written. But what's the point la Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, The DUA you make can change the color that you are that you make can change the color. So if Allah decreed next within this year to have a car accident, your drug can completely change that. But he said one year and the beginning of the holiday said the whole future I got out of everything Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knows of knowledge and enemy he's the greatest scholar of Islam. When I started the Allahu

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Allah she went into Dr. Rasool Allah, Allah right in our first two letters of cada if I witness laser cut if I feel it, yeah, because it has signs the angels descending the peace and tranquility Salam when he had meaning Assad your pain, they feel it. They sense it. May Allah make us all of them, you're up. So I just said if I feel it, if I witnessed it, what should I say? He said coolly Allahumma indica fu wala, you're the most forgiving to hibel Alpha. You love to forgive 519 So please forgive me. That's it. Allah and you read this in like

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If you tell anyone for the first time to hear about dental for the first time in their life, you tell them it's the greatest night of the year better than 1000 months. And we have to say things on that night the Prophet taught us. Okay, let's let's sit down so I can write everything that you're saying. No, that's it.