Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 161A Translation Ta-Ha 77-104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a variety of topics including anger and promises, a meeting, a promise, and a woman named Hope. They also mention a woman named Hope who is being tested for COVID-19 and a woman named Yunkai who is a member of the military. The group discusses references to military history and war, but the transcript doesn't provide much context or information.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to slowly RL Soliel Karim Amara Raja bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim rubbish roughly suddenly were suddenly angry.

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Letter melissani of cocoa the Robinson dinner in

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lesson number 162 pseudo Poor her by a number 77 to 104

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well occurred and certainly

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Oh Hanaa we revealed Isla Musa to Musa alayhis salam

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on that s3 you travel by night very badly with my servants

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February then strike law home for them

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buddy you can

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fill battery in the sea yeah by sun dry law not the harmful you will fear the rockin overtaking wala and Nora Daksha you fear

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that bar whom so he pursued them fit her own fit her own bid you know the he with his soldiers

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falesha home so it covered them men from Lamb The si ma that which Russia home it covered them

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what Allah Allah and he led astray fit our own fit our own OMA who his people warmer and not whether he guided

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Yeah, oh, Bunny children, Israel eel of Israel. God in fact, and Jane Eyre come we have rescued you men from our the week of your enemy. Well, where are they now? Come and we made an appointment with you.

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Where are the nickel? We made an appointment with you.

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Janet on site of tours of the Mt.

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l Amon, the right one,

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one Zelner And We have sent down our lay come upon you elmen Now the man was Salwa and the quails

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Kulu y'all eat men from the you Beth good thing, man that which was a Conoco we provided you

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Wallah and do not doubt although you all transgress fi in it fair Hill, so it will descend or lay come upon you. God will be my anger

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woman and whoever yesh lil it descends or lay upon him Hello Bobby my anger fucka then in fact, however, he has perished

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we're in the end indeed I love affair on surely most forgiving Lehman for who? dabba he repented What am Anna and he believed what are Mila and he did slightly hand righteous. Some then if the he continued in guidance

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he continued in guidance

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warmer and what our agenda has made you hasten

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on from Tomika your people yeah Musa Musa further he said whom they are hola are those Isla upon a 30 My Tracks what I do, and I hastened elaida to you, Rob be my Rob little. So you'll be pleased. All he said for inner then indeed we are in fact for 10 Now, we have tested we have tried omocha your people, men from bar DECA after you what Allah Allah whom and has led them astray, a semi de Samiti

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for Raja, then he returned Musa Musa alayhis salam ala comi he to his people have been very angry

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Sefa grieved

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caller he said, Yeah call me. Oh my people. Alarm did not hear it. Come he promised you. Rob Bukom your Warden a promise Hassan Good.

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Did for them taller, it became too long

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are they come upon

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You allow her to promise um or a lot to you all intended and that he or she let it descends or lay come upon you a lot of anger Mila become from Europe for then a has left them you all went against you all opposed

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mower Ed

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your firm covenant with me

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or my promise

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although they said man not a left now we broke. We went against Merida

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promise made with you

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Merida promise made with you or your promise

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be Malkina by our will

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well I can now but we shamila we were made to carry O 's out on burdens. Men from Xena tin adornment alone of the people so called of NASA so we threw it for Gallica. So does l he threw a samedi samedi.

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Raja then he extracted

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then he produced the home for them. Ridgeland Acuff Jessa then Abadi LA who for it, whoever won a lowing sound,

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Quran lowing sound

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for Carlu so they said, Heather this Isla hukum your god we're Illa who and God Musa of Musa fantasy, but he forgot a fella did they're not your own they see alert that not your job. He could return

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he lay him to them. olan a word wala and not Yummly coo it possesses LA home for them Burdwan any harm wala and nor nuff are any benefit

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one occurred and certainly Allah He said LA home to them Haruno her own Milka blue from before yeah call me oh my people in nama indeed not but foot into you are being tested. Be with it.

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We're in it. And indeed, Rob Bukom Europe, Rush man, the Most Merciful flutterby Rooney, so you all follow me? What else are you and you all obey Emery my command?

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Or do they said learn Never Never have we cease our lay he upon it. I caffeine once devoted, had the until yo Gera he returns Elayna to us Musa Musa alayhis salam

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ala he said ye Haruno or Haroon ma what? Menaka it prevented you is when or at home you saw them Balu they were string alert that not that they'll be I need you follow me a did for then oscillator. You disobeyed Emery my order

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Arlette he said Yeah, or even a son

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of my mother. Learn do not that hood uses Bellagio tea with my beard Wallah and nor Bureau see with my head in the indeed I cushy to I have feared and that the cola Yusei for Raka you cause division

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Boehner between Bernie children Israel eel of Israel El wollam and not the club. You observe you wait. Oh Lee, my word.

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Carla he said firmer so what how to book your matter? Yes Amii also MIDI.

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Allah He said bustled to I saw be man with what lamb not yerba Suru they see be with it for kebab too. So I took

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up Dalton a handful men from sad track

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a Rasul of the messenger fashionable to her so I threw it worker there Lika and thus so well that it enticed Lee for me nap see my soul?

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Allah He said further then go for in then indeed Luca for you Phil hayati in the life and that the cola you will say Let's not miss us. Any touching

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any contact.

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What in and indeed liquor for you more than an appointment? Learn never

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dollar for who?

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You will be failed about it

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took lever who you will be failed. It wonders and look. Isla to Isla HCA YOUR GOD, ALLAH the witch Walter, you remained our lay he upon it. I Kiffin devoted

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Leno her Gioconda who surely we will definitely burn it. So much then Lenin Sefa who surely we will definitely shatter and scattered

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fi in Allium me the see NASA a scattering or in eblast

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in Nima indeed not but Illa who come YOUR GOD, ALLAH is Allah, Allah the who led not Illa her any god Illa except who he was there, he has encompassed, called every che in thing or Ilma in knowledge.

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Because Arnica thus nakasu We relate our lake upon you, men from umber news. Man of what, God in fact, subaqua A proceeded.

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workout and in fact, at the NACA we have given you, men from Laguna near us, the Kra a remembrance a reminder

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a scripture

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man, whoever out although he turned away, aren't who from it for in the whole, then indeed he Yesh. millou He will carry Yoma on day LTM at the resurrection, withdraw a burden.

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Hottie Deena once a biting eternally fie in it was Sir and evil LA home for them. Yoma en de Alia Murthy the standing Shimla a lord

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Yoma en de un for whom it will be blown, see in a soul the trumpet one a shrew and we shall gather almajiri mean the criminals Yoma it in that day, zoo, blue eyed

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yet the Hoffa tuna they will murmur

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they will mutter

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Boehner home between them in not Lavista you remain Illa except our SRAW 10 National we are no more more snowing, Bheema of what your coluna they say it when Jaco Liu he will say I'm selling home most exemplary of them

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Berea cotton in manner in not lava stone you remained Illa except Yoma a day

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let's listen to the recitation

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what else

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either move Musa CDVA Badie

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the hurry others and

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the ads

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will be drawn all the heat

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Mina Liam

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yeah Benny is

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enough for the

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journey but Amen and

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gloom you leave at Gmail

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dot O V.

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Why may he lie to you?

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Were in

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Bhumika Musa all at home moolah Jana Daddy you are hired you to either be the top Ball, ball.

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Daddy go Musa Samiti by Raja Musa ILA follow me here.

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On Omi LM, er I do not have beaucoup moi. Then

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add up all

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our AE early.

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Not too windy.

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lucknam I worry that heavy metal Kena Walla

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zine and Europa will meet up on the

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bow calendula who

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just had

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more ina who moves

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polo and I am liquid

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water for the call and

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told me

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to be one are in no rush Natalie Debbie oni wildly oh and the auto

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keeping dyeable gi ina Musa

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Debbie sleet and Mary Paul

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could be the here d wanna see in Hershey to double Bravo Divina Benny is

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only on FML hot okay and Sam easy Paula docile to the man Amina don't be too

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to her

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to her okay, then he gets a one at least I've seen

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the Ebola Musa

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we're in

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Isla Isla you can voluntarily

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learn to have fun

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law Hello levy Isla

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girlie caribou Sonic I mean

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the email for this other poor poor

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or woman who

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already Nephi he was

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a woman.

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book is so Deewana Sharon you're moody Mina

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yet to enter the inner home in lebih

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Shaw national fire alarm will be my

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