Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 163D Tafsir Al-Anbiya 19-29

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of worshipping Jesus and not getting too tired is emphasized in a series of emphasizing the need for evidence and evidence in proving the legitimacy of Islam's message. The importance of showing proof and evidence in order to win war is also emphasized. The need for people to show their humility and not fear is emphasized, as well as the importance of honoring Islam's teachings and listening to others' words and actions. The recitation of Islam uses a quote from the Bible and New manual of desire to explain the concept of love and fear.
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I wonder who and for him manifests somehow what he will out whoever that is in the heavens and the earth, meaning he is there colic, he is there Malik woman are in the who and those who are near him meaning the carriers of the throne, the angels that carry the Throne of Allah, those angels that are closest to him lie yes duck be Runa Andreeva dirty, they are not arrogant from worshipping Him meeting arrogance does not prevent them from worshipping Him. They do not consider themselves to great to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Because anything, any creature, anyone, the closer they are to Allah subhanaw taala the more they realize their own in significance.

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Because the more you realize the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala the more you get to know Allah, you also realize how small you are.

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You also realize how little you are. mean, just think about it, if you start looking at basic facts about this universe, how old it is, how big it is. All right, how much it has, how many plans on the stars, how many galaxies, how much time has passed? I mean, these details, you cannot even imagine them in your head. You can't just one thing, imagine, it takes eight minutes for sun's light to reach the Earth.

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Eight minutes. So the light that we see outside that's coming from the sun. It actually left the sun how long ago, eight minutes ago and imagine the speed of light. Just imagine the speed of light. All right? When you turn the light on in your room, how quickly does it reach the floor?

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How quickly it doesn't even take a second, it doesn't even take a millisecond. Right? And just compare the light in your room to the power of the sun.

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So what does that show you? how huge this galaxy is just how huge is just the distance between the earth and the sky?

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How vast this universe is? And then when you think of that hadith which tells us that the universe, what is it compared to the ashram Allah compared to Allah thrown like a ring in a desert?

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Just reflect on the universe? And what do you realize how small you are? Isn't that so? And this is just studying ourselves. All right. Now imagine the closer a person is to Allah subhanaw taala the closer a servant is to Allah, the more he realizes how small he is and how great Allah is. This is what Allah tells us far lum a no let you

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know you should have this knowledge that there is only one God that no one is worthy of worship but Allah get to know Allah. And when you learn about his attributes, His names, his oneness, you realize how great he is Allahu Akbar. He is truly the greatest.

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So those who realize Allah is the Greatest, those who are close to Allah, they are never arrogant before Allah. They never feel that they are too big to worship Allah. No. They only feel that they are too small before Allah, that no matter what they do, no matter how much they do, it's never enough. Never ever notice that we don't earn urbanity. And this shows to us that if a person ever feels too proud to worship Allah,

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then are they close to him? No. They're not close to him at all. You know, like, it is said about this righteous man that shed on one set to him, that you're so righteous, you don't need to pray anymore.

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You're so good. You're so good. You have such a high level that you don't beyond prayer, you're beyond salah. You don't need to pray.

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You understand? So that man he said that? Well, even the prophets have to pray. Even the prophets have to pray. I mean, certainly I haven't reached the level of a prophet. Right? And if the prophets had to pray, then of course I have to pray also.

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So those who are near Allah lair stuck Runa and they never feel too arrogant to worship Allah. What are your steps your own, nor do they tire? Yes, Darcy Ron is from Haseen Ra. Does this remind you of a word? Which one?

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Which word

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has sort of what does hassle I mean, regret.

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Now, when you do something for a very, very, very, very, very long time and you get tired in the process, do you have any regrets?

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let me give you an example. If you're just writing, writing, writing, writing, writing without any break, okay? And every time you feel like you should have a break you send and I'll keep writing, I'll keep writing. What happens?

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What happens eventually to your hand? Does it hurt? Yes. Can you seriously injure your hand? Yes, you can. There were many times. So then what do you feel? Regret? I should have stopped. I should have taken a break. Right? When you're watching TV. All right. And you feel like I should really stop now should really stop no enough. But you don't. You watch the next episode as well. And then you watch the next episode as well in the next thing, you know, it's 230 in the morning. Do you have regrets? Maybe not at that time, but the next day, you will have regrets. Right. So it's Darsana is Tassajara is to get tired, get tired and bored because of doing something for a very long time.

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Right? And what happens when you're doing something for a very long time, you begin to lose your enthusiasm. You're not motivated anymore, you become bored.

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This word is Teixeira is also to become tired by travel that if a person has been traveling for a very long time, then what happens they become tired.

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They just want to get to their destination.

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Right? It's like when you take a flight that's 14 hours long. At the beginning, you're very excited.

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I can't wait until I get there. Gonna get to meet my friends. I'm gonna get to meet meet my family. Eight hours later, you're thinking, was this worth it?

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Is this worth it?

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Right, you'll begin to wonder. And then the last hour you're thinking, You know what I think the next trip is going to be maybe 10 years later. Or you know what I'm not going to get people have to come visit me I'm not going to visit them. You get so tired and bored. All that energy and enthusiasm and that excitement that you had about going house it's finished. So the angels Allah says Layyah stasiun they never get tired and bored because of worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala.

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They never become jaded. They never lose their enthusiasm in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala their spirits are always high. They're always eager to worship Allah what happens to us three days in a row. If we fast then the fourth day we're like you know what? I'm done.

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Right? Four days everyday in the morning you recite the Quran the fifth day you're like you know what, I'll take a break.

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Now yesterday started on the angels don't do that. You sit behind and Leila when the HA they do the spear in the night and the day lay have to moon they do not slacken, you have to run Fattah Rafa tries to cool off. So for example, something hot you just cooked it then what do you do you leave it to cool off hot water or hot tea. What happens to it? You leave it for some time and it will cool off it will become lukewarm. This is photogra late afternoon, meaning their enthusiasm it never cools off. They're always eager to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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So in other words, Allah does not need our iba at all. At all. Allah's angels, they engage in arriba. How? uninterruptedly. They don't stop at all without any breaks. They do it as easily as we breathe. How do we breathe? Do we think? Okay, five breaths. Okay, let me count. Okay, now 15 Now my next call is 60 No, you don't count your breaths. We don't have to push yourself to breathe. It comes naturally it's part of you. Likewise the angels they worship Allah subhanaw taala constantly without ever being distracted from a bed.

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Does it need our event? Does he need our worship? No way he doesn't need our worship. So if we worship Him, if we listen to him, who are we benefiting? Only ourselves um, or it the hadoo have they taken Ali Hatton Gods minilogue from the earth, meaning Have they made idols gods? They have called them Gods, a person and animal or creature, a mountain or rock, and they have made they have declared them to be God and where are they from? These beings

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On the call God mineral, or they're from the earth. So for example, an idol that has been made, it's been made from stone, gold, silver, stone, gold, silver, where is it from? Has it fallen down on the sky?

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Has it come from the sun? Where is it from? From the Earth mineral armed?

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People who are declared God or whom people think that they have some divine qualities where they're from renal alt? And where's Allah? subhanaw? taala?

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Where's he above his ash? And where's the arch? Above the Sunnah? Let, so Allah subhanaw taala is the highest. And look at what people are turning to that which is from the earth amid the hadoo. Alia terminal? In other words, oh people, what are you doing? Do you realize what you're doing? You are from the earth, you are from the earth and something else that's from the earth you say? It's your God? How can that be your God? When it is something that you have produced yourself or you have crafted yourself? Or it is something that is of equal value as you or even lesser than you?

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How could that be your God? I made the huddle earlier terminal orb, whom you and Sharon, they will resurrect. Meaning you think that these gods will cause resurrection? You and Sharon, known Shinhwa? What does this mean? To bring the dead to life resurrect the dead? You think they will resurrect the dead? If they could resurrect the dead? If they had life and death in their control? They would have put life in themselves first.

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They would have saved themselves from dying first. If they cannot resurrect how can they be God if they're from the earth? How can they be God?

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Lo kinda fi Hema if there had been in both of them in both of what in the sky and the earth, le Hutton, Gods meaning multiple gods in the law besides Allah. So in other words, if these things that you call God, were actually God besides Allah, if they were actually gods, if there were multiple gods in this universe, then what would happen? Left VESA data, surely they both would have been corrupted, what the sky and the earth both would be corrupted facade? What is facade, chaos, madness, destruction, when something is spoiled, it's ruined,

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it would have decayed this universe would have been ruined. So the fact that the universe we see, you know, it has perfect balance and harmony. in it. It's amazing how, you know, if a star moves. If a star moves, it's not just that mass, which is moving. It also has, you know, this energy around it that's moving with it so that nothing will collide. Nothing will hit it. Kenny, this perfect balance? Who has created this? If it exists, what is it show, there's one force behind all of this, if the rain is falling down, and as a result, something is going out of the earth. And as a result, there's life on earth? What does that show that the earth and the sky, the clouds and the wind, the

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plants, and these creatures, everything is under who one being one force.

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You know, for instance, if you see that a particular organization, for example, one person is saying one thing and other person is saying another thing, another person is saying another thing? What do you realize what's missing here? Who's missing?

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A leader is missing. Right? Because if there was a leader, then there would be more organization. Right? Then everybody would be saying the same thing. But when you hear one thing from one individual and something completely different from the other, each one is functioning in their own independent way. What does that mean? If the laugh is because there's no one in charge? That's the reason. But you don't see this chaos in this earth or do you

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know, you don't see this chaos in what Allah subhanaw taala has created? Why? Because who is behind all of this? Only one Allah, He is the Harlock. He created. He is the Malik he's the owner. And he is also the muda bear, the planner, the one who regulates the affairs of His creation.

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So what is the proof that there is only one God? What's the evidence?

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Exactly that this world The sky is not in chaos.

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For Subhan Allah so glorified as Allah, Allah I've been on sheet the Lord of the Throne, only one Lord. I'm mostly phone above what they describe.

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And also remember that

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If there are multiple people in authority, than would there be a power struggle?

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Of course there would be. And as that power struggle happens, then what's the result?

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What's the result? So many casualties, so many losses, isn't it? I mean, think about it. There's one seat, one chair. All right, the two people are fighting over. One pushes the other and he pushes the former, what happens in this pushing back and forth, so many lives are lost.

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I went to a training session for like $1 training once and one of the descriptions that the instructor said for our description of what a God is that He is all powerful. And so it would make no sense for there to be like, you can't have more than one being that is all powerful, because then the power is automatically split. Exactly. And when it's split, then what will happen for sad destruction, right?

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For Subhan, Allah he'll Bill oshi, the Lord of the Throne, the supreme throne, only one Lord, I'm mostly phone above what they describe, lay us Alou. He is not questioned. I'm Mayor Farlow about what he does. What he does what he decides he's not to be questioned about it, well, whom use unknown and they will be questioned. This is the difference between us and Him. This is the difference between colic and Mukluk, who is Harlock when he decides something when he does something, nobody can question his wisdom and his decision and his knowledge and his judgment. Nobody can and if they do,

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what if somebody questions the wisdom of Allah, then what will Allah why did you decide this? Then what?

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Then what?

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if a person says, I don't accept Allah's decision, I don't accept that Allah decided leaves to be green. I think they should all be red. Every leaf should be red. Okay, go ahead object and complain and question and fuss and fret. You will be upset. It's not going to make a difference.

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You understand? It's not going to make a difference to Allah subhanaw taala at all. At all, only you will be miserable, you will be unhappy. So remember lie use Anwar Amma your foreign what Allah does, he is not to be questioned about it, because He is God. He is Harlock he is the one who is all powerful, all knowledgeable, all wise. And we what is our reality? We are ignorant we make mistakes. We are unaware. So we're home use alone they will be questioned. So if Allah orders something, we allow something to happen. We are no one's to question his wisdom. He goes live he gives depth he gives wealth he gives health or he takes it away. And no one has a right to ask him why he did what

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he did. But we as creation as people, we're going to be asked in the Quran so 200 Allah says Allah because Allah Nam Ultramarine Americana Yamanouchi definitely by your Lord, we're going to question all of them about what they have been doing. Thumb or if the hug woman Dooney earlier, have they taken Gods beside him. First was they have made they have taken as they have declared different beings to be God? Allah says I met the human Dooney Allah, they have taken God's besides Allah, all say to them how to burn a can bring your hand Bring your proof produce your proof. What is boron? Boron is a decisive proof Yani such a proof or evidence that is presented and it makes the matter

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But Ohana but Ohana is when a person says or does amazing things and he overcomes others. So basically he wins because of what he says or because of what he does. So this is what banahan is such a proof such an evidence that brings victory that solves the argument that makes the matter clear. So bring your proof produce a proof. If you say these are gods, Heather, Vikram and Mary, this is the vicar of those who are with me. Meaning this Quran which gives the message of Tawheed This is the vicar meaning this Quran is the message for who marry those who are with me. So what do we believe in interfaith with a crew and it's also the message of who man probably those before me,

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meaning the prophets that came before the scriptures that were revealed before even they give the same message. What message of though heed?

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You understand? On the one hand is Schick

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And on the other is though hate for ship, Allah says, Tell these people who do Sheikh produce your proof, but when it comes to the heat, Is there proof? Yes there is.

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What is the proof divine revelation, the crew mummery vicar for those who are with me, and also vicar of those who were before me, because every Prophet brought the same message. Then every prophet, as Rene said, I'm new Hudson, Ibrahim or listen after him, the prophets of Bani Israel, all the prophets brought the same message that there is only one God. Bullock, Thoreau, whom rather most of them lay on the moon and help they do not know the truth, for whom or the loon so they turn away.

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So in other words, those who shaped are being told that you have no evidence for what you do. Look at the present scripture and look at the scriptures that were sent before. What is the main message? Who is God the Creator? And who is he Allah only one? So when people do shrink, what is behind their shit, ignorance, and most people are happy to remain ignorant. Why? Because then they can follow their desires. When I was selling them in public middle was suelen. And we did not send before you any messenger in LA, no he la except that we revealed to him and no hula ilaha illa Anna, that indeed there is no God worthy of worship, but I mean, except Allah far budoni so worship Me. This

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was the message brought by all of the prophets of Allah, that there is only one God and he should be worshipped. wakanow And they say the man who Allah, the Most Merciful has taken a child. Now one form of Schilke has been mentioned here. And what is that? Saying that Allah has children? Allah says, Subhana who glorified he is Bellary baboon, rather those people whom you call Allah's children, who are there, they are about their Allah servants. What kind of servants Moog Ramon, those who are honored meaning who have a high position of honor near him. So for instance, angels, the wishek Enough MCCA believed that they were Allah's doctors, ALLAH SubhanA Bellary Baba mukarram

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on their Allah servants, honorable servants. Are you sorry, some people say he's Allah's son. There was a particular group of you who said that resign early his Salam, the Prophet of Allah was also Allah's son, nor would have been, what do we learn over here? No, they're not his children, because he is a herd. Then who are these people? Who are these angels? Who are these men? They are a burden Mocambo servants, who are honorable in the sight of Allah. You notice something over here are a baboon book, Ramon.

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What brings honor to a person near Allah's Panther?

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Servitude and worship? This is what makes a person honorable in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala lay yes be Hakuna, who will call

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their honorable and just think about it if someone has, you know, a position of honor.

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Right, in an organization or in a family, then what do you expect this person to do? speak their mind. Right? Any thing they feel they should just say it? Whatever they think is right. That's what they should say and that should be accepted. But these angels are these prophets who are honorable near Allah, how are they before Allah? Lay yes be Hakuna who Bill Cole. They do not precede him in Word. Yes, be Hakuna. They get ahead layers because they do not get ahead of who of Allah Bilko in Word, meaning when it comes to speech.

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When it comes to speech, they only hear Allah they don't dare speak before him. They don't interrupt. Rather they listen. They listen. They show their humility before Allah subhanaw taala whom Be humble he yawn balloon, and they're at his command. They Yamalube they do meaning they obey. They act. They follow when they're given a command they follow. So first of all, they listen, they don't interrupt. And secondly, when they have heard, what do they do?

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in one ear and out the other? What do they do? They follow they obey who's being described over here are Abaddon macromol bees are the honorable servants of Allah. They listen attentively to Allah's words.

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They pay attention

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Listen with respect. Why? Because if we haven't listened, how can we understand? How can we know?

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If we haven't listened? And if we haven't known, how can we act? How can we follow?

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You understand? So for instance, if your mother is giving you instructions, do this and this and this and that. I'm like, Yeah, okay, fine. She's trying to talk to you and you keep interrupting her after every sentence, giving her your feedback or, or saying what you think about that matter. Are you going to understand what she has said to you? No, you're never going to understand and what she has said to you, will you be able to follow? No.

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Is that something of honor? No, what is of honor, listening attentively with humility, and then following what has been said? Lie yes be Hakuna who Bill Cold War whom the embryo I'm alone.

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In terms of the free Maya six also we learned liar Soon Allah humma Amara home they do not disobey Allah in what he has ordered them were following my model and they do exactly as they've been commanded. yarn will nabina ad him he knows what is before them Wilma Khalifa home and what is behind them, who every creature, but specifically regarding MK Ramon, he knows what is before them presently and what is behind them, meaning to come after them. When I assure owner and they do not intercede who the angels or the prophets they will not do Shabbat in there except Lee Manitoba for those whom He is pleased with.

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For those whom Allah is pleased with Allah approves that yes Shavon may be done for them intercession may be done for them. Well, whom in Harsha de Mushfiq own and they are out of his fear, they are mushy cone, they are apprehensive.

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You know, generally we think that if a person is very righteous, then they can say anything to Allah.

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And they can change Allah's decision and if Allah decides that somebody should go to hellfire, that righteous saying the righteous person should come and rescue that person. And Allah will just accept

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really is what we think about Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Al Malik, everyone before him, is humble. They are His servants and those closest to him you think they will disrespect the line this manner?

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Never impossible. Those who are closest to Allah are the most humble and most fearful,

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most fearful. Think about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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how revelation was sent to him. He was taken up on Miraj, he was given the command to pray. And yet he was the same man who was most afraid of the last panel, most fearful, most conscious, most alert, because we see that he spent his nights praying, he spent his days fasting, he was the most truthful in speech most fair in his conduct in his dealings with people. Why? Out of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. So the more a person knows Allah, the more

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correct they are in their attitude.

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And it is not possible that they would disrespect Allah. No, they would accept Allah's decision. So we see over here that those closest to Allah, they will not even intercede for anyone unless Allah allows and thus Allah approves. And their stead is that a woman has Shia team which view own they are from his Hashem, who should be called Kashi, or what kind of fear is this? fear out of

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that when you're afraid of someone why? Because of their greatness.

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Like, for example,

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if you're working somewhere, all right, you have a very ordinary position. And then there comes the boss or the CEO or the owner of that company, and then what happens when you feel intimidated, right? Because there's a difference in the level in the rank. Forget about this. If you see somebody with a more expensive, you know, gadget or anything, then what happens we begin to feel so less in front of them. You walk into an expensive store, right where they sell to me bags or something and each bag is like $8,000 or $15,000. You're like,

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you feel like you're so small. Right? Why? Because when you feel that someone is greater than you instantly that makes you fearful concern for yourself. This is Russia. So while hoomin has shady they are out of his fear. mushfiqur Bush people employed of Marshfield Chien file called a spark. You know what shuffle up is? What is shuffle?

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Do you think sunsets are beautiful? Why are they beauty

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What do you see in the sky?

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Blue sky? What do you see?

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Color? You see? Red, orange, purple, blue, pink and all those shades in between. Right? This is Shafique

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Have you seen any picture of Aurora lights? was green and blue and purple lights in the sky? Right? Has anyone seen them?

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Like in reality

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inshallah it's my dream to see them inshallah I don't know when. So my wish. Anyway that is shuffled that beautiful color that you see in the sky. Right now, you see light in it and you also see darkness in it. It's two opposite things coming together,

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isn't it? So shuffle up ish bulk. It gives the meaning of love and fear.

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When you feel like someone loves you, and you're taken care off, but at the same time you're afraid of them.

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It's a very unique feeling. You don't have this feeling for everybody. There's only few individuals and definitely for Allah subhanaw taala because you feel like Allah loves you. Right? He cares for you, which is why He gave you what you have. He allows you to do what you can do but at the same time when you look at your actions

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right then you are full of fear. So it's a combination of both love and fear. But when this word comes with Min wahome Min Harsha de Mushfiq code, then the element of fear is greater. All right, and when this word comes with Isla than the element of love is greater. All right, so well home in Harsha de mushfiqur They are out of his fear they're apprehensive

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and he always conscious and alert. Well maniac almen home and whoever says among them in the 11 Min Dooney that I am God besides him me any servant of Allah, regardless of his position near Allah if he says that he is God for that he can edges EV Johanna than that we shall recompense him with *. Quranic and Nigeria worldly mean does do you recommends the wrongdoers meeting it doesn't matter whether it's an angel or a prophet or a righteous man. If someone says they are God, that's a lie. And that's a statement of injustice. And what's the result of it? Jahannam it's hellfire, nothing but hellfire.

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And no prophet of Allah would ever make a claim like that. No angel would ever make a claim like that.

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No true servant of Allah would ever make a claim like that. And if anyone despite their high status if they make a claim like that, and what's their ultimate end hellfire? This is just like how in the Quran Allah says about all the prophets that were low Asako if they did shake the habit on whom there Can we are going to whatever they've done would be wasted.

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It doesn't matter who they are, their ship will nullify everything that they've done. Likewise, it doesn't matter who a person is. If he says he is god

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he's finished class his end will be held that is his outcome.

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Let's listen to the recitation of desire

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00:33:31 --> 00:33:33

do you want one nine

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below now annoying that he wants

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to you said before

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I mean tough on the

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way home you

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belongs to

00:34:13 --> 00:34:14

law lives and

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I mean don't follow me. Dude he

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the cool man

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found any

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00:34:44 --> 00:34:44


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Sunday in public and you're watching all in he

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we're all

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one so behind the lie

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lie is gonna be

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the unreal

00:35:21 --> 00:35:21


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ad one follow

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the manual double

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wash Yeti most people will

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mean nee

00:35:42 --> 00:35:43

do need

00:35:49 --> 00:35:52

a warning me

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in the verse where Allah subhanaw taala is talking about how they claim that the Most Merciful Has a son. I find it really interesting that Alas, Hatha uses the word, the Most Merciful that how could they be so disrespectful and so rude and so just unjust to someone who has done so much good for them.

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And this claim is based on ignorance, lie on the moon and help they don't know the truth. And just think about it. Allah subhanaw taala has done so much any benefit to us he's shown so many favors to us and we are ignorant of him and based on ignorance we say things about him. This is absolute injustice.

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Inshallah will continue to for years of practical law and we'll be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta, a stockbroker to win A a ceremony calm rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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