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Let's make up our minds to do the right thing in this life in our Chancellor's name do we see

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish roughly Saudi were certainly angry

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at me listening efco calling me back, a Solomonic.

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I'd like to welcome all of our dear guests and all our viewers may Allah Subhana Allah reward you all for putting the time into learning about the new program only if you knew, I like to welcome Imaginarium. Please go ahead. I'm handy, handy, a smear smear I met on a normal melas can reward you guys for spending the time once again. And this is such a noble thing that Allah chose you to be here and shows you to listen to this program. And I wonder what in your life have you done to deserve that Allah chooses you to learn about him? Well, let it's an honor. There is no honor beyond the honor man. Well, fantana bless us. And may Allah grant sincerity in our work to say I mean, I

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mean, so I'd like to start with a quick short story to let you know about the program as a whole in general, but very short story that happened to me as I was having my first job after I graduated from the College of mechanical engineering. So I went to an automotive industry. And I made a mistake, there wasn't a cause over $2 million of damage. So you can imagine how stressful I was a lot of distress. And I was trying to find the person that can help me solve that problem. So I was directed to an expert. And on my way there you can imagine, you know, the heartbeats over the regular? I would say I'd rather I was never born before that day late. don't meet them today.

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So as I was getting there, a person stopped me said where are you going? I'm like such and such person. Is it all? Do you know that he's also named another name? I'm like, What is it is it is also known as the nice guy

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has the nice guy. So I immediately felt a lot more comfortable, filled that person to be very approachable, so I can go and you'll be understanding. I'm a new graduate, I'm a students you won't make fun of me. So all these emotions and thoughts came to my mind. So I was a lot relaxed. Before I continue the story for you.

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Had I know only one other name of the human being and this emotions came to me? How will we feel when we learn about a loss? Beautiful 99 names and allies the best of examples. Lisa can be cliche, well, whoever was senior last year, may Allah protect you? Nothing. So why are we learning about Allah Beautiful Names only if you knew Allah subhanaw taala that your love to Allah will continue to increase and the more you love Allah, obeying Him becomes easier and sweeter for you. And therefore you will be happier in this life and the afterlife inshallah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala told you don't forget about Allah, because those who forget Allah, Allah will make them forget themselves,

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Allah on by the regime. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Allah kuno keleti Nana su la

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fusa home. Don't be among those who forgot about a lot. Which end result caused a lot caused them to forget about themselves. Because those who do not know a lot. Their life is meaningless, because they have no purpose in life because I was at the warmer luck to Genoa and INSA. In Delhi, Abu Dhabi, I created you for no other reason except to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. So how can you worship someone you don't even know? How can you worship someone who don't even know their names? We put our forehead the most blessed part of our face and body on the floor for someone that we don't know really well. So Pamela, then look how Allah says, Allah says you should know Allah subhanaw

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taala implying that in the same surah Allah chooses the way that you can know Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's no verse in the Quran over 6200 verses. No verse has as many names of Allah as much as the last few verses of fluorite

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excellent, Baraka logic. Look what lots of parents says, Allah says

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim who Allahu ledi La Ilaha Illa de Monterrey Viva Shahada, who are Walkman or Rahim who Allahu ledi illa Illa who many colocado Salah me no mo Jaime no la zS all Jabbar al Mata Kabir Subhana Allah He I'm usually

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who Allah will holla call Barry own mo software, la hole SMS Esma olhos na, you said the hula hula is similar to one wahoo Li Zhi Sol Hakeem, How beautiful are these verses?

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I will not translate it for you guys your homework is to go through the lecture and you go read it yourself in Sharla how beautiful Allah says you are not Allah is through his beautiful names. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will lies only if you knew first hand data that you will seek His pleasure is only when you tried to know about last hand data that you will fear his anger is only we know Allah Subhana Allah that your love for Him will increase. It is only we know a loss of contact that your worship to Allah and Ramadan outside thermobonded will go up and up. It is only when you know Allah Subhana Allah that you will run away from any sin that was coming ready for you. You say no, I

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can't Why? Because now I know Allah, I can do this. For those who don't know Allah, doing the sin becomes trivial. becomes something simple. Like the flying, the fly will come they just push it away. Hey, should I wait? Because it's trivial to them. But to the believer. The sin is like a mountain doesn't want to fall on them. How would they feel? No, I can't lie the look twice at a girl and their heart won't feel comfortable anymore. Mm hmm. Shafiq Rahim, Allah, he was unable to memorize he complained. Chicago to Isla Joaquin so I have the I complained to a key at my teacher I can't memorize any more. I can't memorize what he told them what I said any inner circle mounsey

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they move away from sending suppiler Why? Because what he looked at the ankle of a lady at the ankle, and he didn't feel as to Pamela is so tough on him. But for those that don't know Allah, look to I watch a whole video not just the angle, but more than that, what I used to be law and it's meaningless to them, we tell them, don't you have any respect to Allah? We tell them Do you know who did he just anger? We tell them Don't you know who he is? cross the limits. It's not about Allah. Don't look at the magnitude of the sin. But look at the management of the one who use sinned against Allahu Akbar is only you know, Allah subhana wa tada one more time. The more you know Allah, the

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more you will love him, the more you love him, obeying Him becomes sweet and beautiful, and in result will cause you to have a happy life in this dunya in sha Allah. And

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look at sort of Baja Allah Subhana Allah tells us the ultimate happiness comes when you learn about a lot of beautiful things. Also, this was for her

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for her.

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Then Ali Coco and Anita Scott had two letters, that's a pain I follow. Not no interpretation to it. Man Zen Alico Fransisco did not descend the Quran upon you to have a miserable life or just be distressed and so on. No inla rather inactive kiloton what, demon Yahshua rather, it's a mercy for you to be happy. This Quran. Allah explains now the Quran, Allah now says this Quran Allah says, Allahu Tenzin and mimin. Haleakala was similar to Allah, it's revelation from the one who created the heavens and the earth, the high. Then Allah says, Man, when an average

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man has been established over his throne, Allah says, level math is similar to my fill of the obey, no matter what matters, To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens, whatever is on the earth, whatever is in between the heavens and the earth, whatever is under the earth. Look how much power now last pantalla make us feel shy towards him and horseshoe and humbleness and fear of loss and data, then Allah says, We're integer will count to more verses. And if you say out loud, or Yeah, no, no silver, whatever he knows, whatever is inside you and wherever you hide, or say out loud, then Allah says, Allahu La ilaha illa Huwa la will smell hasna Allah, there's no t d t worthy

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unfortunately, Tim, and to a lot of lies the Most Beautiful Names. So the lesson out of this, you will not be a loser, or a miserable person. If you learned and lived with a lot of beautiful names in the same store, I would note something. It's about who knows what sort of thought so what do you think the theme is so far? What's been one of the main stories in it? Go ahead, you can give it a shot.

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I think that the main story in the Surah Taha is the the living with Quran

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and lo the living with Quran now there's the biggest story in that because if you live with chronic We will live We will live with happiness beautiful. So it does tell you that formula of happiness, right yeah. Then Allah mentioned the story in there. The story of Musa and for our watch this moose I know a lot. So he loved him. Well, I just do a copy of that. So I knew a lot. He loved him. He obeyed him he became happy frown. Didn't know Allah didn't love Allah didn't obey Allah He became miserable.

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See the connection from the verse from Allah paradise Beautiful Names. Those who live with Allah Santana, their life changes. Let me tell you the story of Abdullah

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Abdullah because he's one of the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu, after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and never, ever, ever stop saving

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Elisa lucilla even if I say 1000 times, will let if we leave this gathering without except praying among the Prophet, hundreds of blessing they're not here in Charlotte. Okay? So he was a companion to the soul lesson. I've learned that after the Prophet passed away of workers to death passed away who was the halifa?

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Excellent. He sent a blender for the other soldiers to go fight the Romans, when they go to fight the Romans, what happened? The Roman King, notice that Abdullah is there. So he told him.

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So he told him come here, because I cannot believe I have a companion of the prophet SAW Selim. He was so shocked that the Abdullah become a Christian and I will make you share my dominion and my kingdom. As I said, Never. I will not change my religion. Even if you give me your entire kingdom and all the Arabs kingdom, I will not change my Deen and my love to Allah, even if it was for a blink of an eye. He got so irritated it really crucify him he was crucified. Then he ordered two shots to be around his legs and his hands but not sure. Just to scare him. He did not shake his email, he knew a lie if you know Allah, Allah. Then he got so angry who the Roman king, he said,

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Take him down, bring two of his other soldiers, and then boil boiling water and throw them in there and let him watch retreat. So the first one of the law gonna change your mind.

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He says, No, he's he threw the first person in the water. He was boiling until the bones came out of the skin because the boiling the skin shrinks. He never changed. Second, Abdullah said never ever. You threw the other one. Then the king Roman kings got sad, depressed, he said, throw him in the water house. I don't need them anymore. As they were carrying him to soldiers from the Roman one from the one from the left. What happened down the line? He cried.

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He got so excited.

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Oh King or woman king. He cried. He cried. The king said Bring him to me. How are you gonna change his mind? So they brought him back to the king? And the king said, Are you ready to retreat? He said, Never. Is it Then why are you crying? it because I'm crying. Because Allah has granted me one soul that I can forsake for him. And I wish that I had as many souls as a number of hairs on my body to sacrifice one after the other one after the other one after the other philosopher was pantalla the Roman King became hopeless.

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He said how about let you go discuss my forehead you see how he degraded him you see that as an honorary Nautilus, anti the man and the love of obedience. He said just kiss my forehead and you can leave Abdullah said you know I kissed a Kaffirs forehead save my life see a lot of other type of anger so one then we can go so he said condition I will kiss your forehead but released me and all my brothers so you guys remember your brother's been in trouble not the only thing about yourself. So the king said okay, I've learned how to

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kiss the forehead of the Roman King and we are left in Medina remember how probably the law and when he heard that? He told everybody in Medina it's a sign upon all of you to kiss the forehead of Abdullah haven't heard ever and I'm the first one. So he went up the halifa of over 22 countries came kissed affordable Abdullah for such behavior. So Pamela, you see when you live on Beautiful Names, how people change how he was before Islam and who became after Islam. inshallah we will continue with this episode after this short break. The second one last hit was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Let's make up our minds to do the right thing in this life in our

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Chancellor's name do we see

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make up our minds to do the right thing in this life in our Chancellor's name do we see

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish raha Saudi westalee? Emery?

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melissani? Yes, kokkola my bad thank you very much for joining back again to the episode until we will continue with one more story of those who love Allah Subhana Allah live with his beautiful names and change their life completely from zero to 180. And as a side point, some people say I changed my life from zero to 360. That's incorrect, because zero to 361 back to the same place. So their life chain from zero to 180. For example, a concept may Allah be pleased by Trump, a concept before she became a Muslim. her brother's soccer passed away. When he passed away she was so sad and distressed and helaas and anxiety to the max the she wrote some poetry and that poetry was so

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powerful and it went viral. As if someone uploads a video on YouTube and it went unbelievable views like millions

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And billions that's exactly what the poacher for Arkansas. And what does what is the poultry saying? How sad she is and my brother's soccer. There's not another brother like him. He's the best man ever walked in earth, etc, etc. To an extent that every person in Arabia heard about that poetry. Look at the power of ETS and concert. Nos Allah. Allah concert then loves Allah, Allah Hansa obeys, and allow more and more and let's see how she feels. And how will her hearts be at content? Yes or no We'll see. Many years later after Islam a lot less than with how many children for boys a lot. for males, for men, were fighting for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. At the end of the battle, the

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people came to tell the news of the families of those who died during the battle. They came to all concerned so the answer, be patient home for Allah's reward. All of your four children died.

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What will she say now? One brother and why don't we question for you guys. What relationship is closer that a girl to a brother, brother and sister or a mother and children, mother and mother and children? That's why you see the purpose I said that when he shows the mercy of Allah, he can pray that there's no mercy and love on earth like the love and mercy of a mother to a child. So now you would imagine her pain will be way more than her brother soccer. Why? She said she said Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Hey, lady sherwani Caitlyn and hamdulillah one who honored me to have for sure had that in my family. Well out of gentlemen Robbie and I hope and my lord engagement and he became famous.

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And I hope that Allah will gather me with his mercy all of us together. In Jenna, Allah, we know Allah Subhana Allah will lie This is not fake. This is not fair at all. This is truth. Yeah, this is this is stories from the Sahaba from the dead 18 etc, for those who have lost power to Allah. Now the question some people will say, hey, you're so loud, you're so fast, you're stressing about knowing a lot better only if you know Allah only Finola, but why? To what extent some would say we already know Allah Subhana Allah, we know he is on holiday, he created me He created you will know we know the names not with you. And momentum with the cabin Mohammed is about very fast, very fast.

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We're not telling you to know this kind of understanding. This challenge standing is not what we're looking for in the series only if you knew our last palitana red is the understanding of a major and deeper meaning that nourishes your heart and your mind and flows in your blood. Every time you look at something remember our last pantalla you look at the sky You think about like,

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you look at the person in a janazah you think of a lion, hey, you look at a person who is doing good. And then he dies in a car accident. Do you think about hacking that all wise, we look at something you think of a loss of data, this is the meaning we're talking about the understanding. I'll give an example to illustrate illustrate what I mean.

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cup of water, you may pass me the water first.

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So this cup of water. When you drink water, you have two reasons, a minor and a major one. The minor one is to drink to quench your thirst and survive.

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But there's a much much deeper meaning when you drink water. And the province SLM teaches us, when you drink water, what do you say before that Bismillah In the Name of Allah, the deeper meaning is to know and realize our zap the provide the one who chose that this water to be drank by such and such person in such a test location in such and such time. So when you drink that water, you say Bismillah In the name of Allah, and when you drink you don't only quench your thirst but you think of Allah zap Allah. And then when you're done what do you say

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about it the deeper meaning. So when you get to know Allah more and more things will change. And this is teaching us and this is what we should be looking into. We ask a lot of hands that to make us amongst those who are always conscious of Allah in the day and night not only during Ramadan and times of worship but even outside of the always conscious of Allah Subhana Allah, we ask Allah to be our number one priority see me We asked our contact to make us our hearts filled with a lot of love and nothing overcomes Allah and Allah is love is number one. And we love everything else for the sake of Allah. That's how deep a loves panda is love. We ask a lot to make in our hearts.

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You notice Hadeeth in the latest data with the serinus min. Me at an eloah Haider men for her to Allah belongs 99 names 100 minus one. Whoever saw her, he will enter into gender. No I saw her is some people when translated translated as what memorize excellent just like a locker handy. It says memorize right? But that's not really correct. Because if we have, let's say shelf books for us. So let's say you own a library, you have 99 books. That's a drama.

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I see books here. If someone says yes, they are 99 books. That's sad. That's counting. But if I asked him his library, I have a good day nine books is like, Yes, I have 50. On Syria. I have 49 on chemistry, biology and psychology, the 15th century is headed to Hades, and Tajweed. And much, much more. That's a thought that was at sea, the difference can be different. So the understanding we tried to get into is the understanding of a lot and reached the level of Sn. Pay attention to this one. So liking someone lolly or sending them Angel jabril Ali Salam came to meet Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and again, don't ever forget to say some lawyers.

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He came and he sat right in front of the Prophet. So the needs of gibreel in a shape of a man was facing the knee off for so long as a lawyer was Allah. Then he came and he went to ask him questions. No one in the gathering knew it was Djibouti. jabril asked him I said I'm Ross wasallam. He asked him what is Islam? So this was Allah. He said, Islam is to testify there's no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Prophet Mohammed is a slave and messenger of commerce Allah is the car some robot and Hutch that man who is gibreel said what subject you said the truth. He says people around was surprised like you asked a question he told me said the truth is some weird then a second

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time. He asked him what is he men know he's going up the levels you gotta pay attention here because we want to go to the last best level ever. Islam, a man is a man six and taught me the ability to believe in Allah. Allah equity, His angels were quoted in his books. And then what is today's prophets?

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William will after judgment and then it will cut out the decree of Allah subhanaw taala jabril said so ducked. Okay. Then he asked a third question and was knowing how much current data we ask a lot to make us amongst this highest level. He asked him you know, so Allah, what is sn?

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Sn n taboo de la Katara is for you to worship Allah as if you see him for unlimited contura for no Iraq, then it since you don't see him to know that he sees you. He says so ducked. And then he leaves the Sahaba said jasola, who is that man? is a Dhaka gibreel attack we came to teach you your religion, to teach us to be the highest level. That's why I'm saying for you to know Allah and everything that you see, takes it to experience a lot better in your lives. And when we say a thought of Allah beautiful name, there's three factors going to pay attention to them. So I saw her the 99 names, what does it mean? Because the property promise does Jenna, she really if you really

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care, you will do whatever it takes to know about those three factors. Number one, to know them and memorize them. This is the shallow understanding. But when to go deeper, we'll go to agenda. Jen is not cheap brothers, gender is not cheap sisters. lauhala gender comes with sweat. The road to gender is full of nut flowers full of Thrones and pay Nam full of blood sometimes. Yes. So gender is not cheap. So we do whatever it takes to get to gender for for a car, we will do our own lifes to build the house and buy an expensive car and we might die before getting it. But gender is the worst. And in Seattle, La Jolla. The product of Allah is expensive. Our styling is not cheap. It's not cheap,

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man. It's made by Allah. You get a shirt from me in Italy, 16 $100 or 20 $500. And you find a specific designer in France, that does this shirt for you. There's only five of them in the world. $1,000 I'm telling you, Jenna, Allah made that with his own hands. You guys want to know the three factors in sha Allah, may Allah make us money, those who fulfill the three factors and know Allah the way he deserves to be known as much as we can, number one to know and memorize the names is number two,

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to implement them in our life. So if I was a semi, you memorize that, you know what, you know, I mean, yes, the all hearing, but we don't say he has an ear like us. We'll explain this in the next episode and Sharma a lot of semi so he is the old hearing. So this means if you implement the knees what every thing that you say, you pay attention, Allah, here's the

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law, here's me. The third is what anybody would like to guess.

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So number one, memorize or know them. Number two is implement them. Number three.

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You guys make that

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when you guys make use on us our last name we use. Excellent. Perfect. So number three is to use a lot of beautiful names when making. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to fulfill these conditions and much more We ask Allah to make us among those who live with his beautiful names and to make someone who those that only if you know Allah, that will reach happiness in this life in the hereafter. I want to thank all of you for coming me

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Higher reward. You deserve a lot here for attending and being patient with us. May Allah reward you for spending that time to learn about Allah. There's only if we know him that will be happy in this dunya and the F Allah is that Kamala Harris was said Mr. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Let's make up our minds to do the right thing in this life Mr. JOHN sellers name Dubey See

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When we step out of our homes in the middle of the day,

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when's the last day someone dies in the news? Right in front of your face. Do we have when's my turn

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to be

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on the kings of the past.

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Day after day, night after night.