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case to bring up

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I'll rely on shade on the regime. spelar Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad nor any hillside big main, I mean, our brothers and sisters sidhwani Kumar, Lani or Barakatuh

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Welcome to Episode 31 of Islam from scratch. And it's a really special episode because I think after two, maybe three years, this is the first time we have a, our class is live with people sitting here, three students hamdulillah there was a time when we had

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a large class in person and nothing online. And then COVID happened and then we lost our physical class and went online and now from the law we are back to online and starting again, the claws here the machine hamdulillah

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for regular faces that we saw years ago, and coming back at hamdulillah I'm glad and I think we mentioned this so many times that over the years because I've been teaching in the masjid for more than 10 years, that that hamdulillah it's always an opportunity when the class sort of, you know, when dormant, and then we revive it again, it's an opportunity to revive our Nia and, and come back and restart on this because it's difficult but we need to start hamdullah whether we teach one person or no theme, so long as it's a class Alhamdulillah so it's really nice to see three familiar faces from that. And of course the online faces that we don't get to see. Zack law faithful for

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keeping us going with last couple of years and we up to episode number 31 for Islam from scratch, and as I mentioned

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And last week, this was really a series that started when you know, a couple of people who just recently embraced Islam. People that were interested non Muslims interested in learning Islam, or people that say, look, I always grew up as a Muslim. I live in a Muslim household I went to madrasah inheritors of madressa. I learned how to recite the Quran, I learned Islam ritualistically. But I don't really know what Islam is all about. I don't understand, you know, what am I supposed to know what's important, what's essential? And so we went through a number of weeks talking about the essence of Islam, the purpose of Islam, what makes Islam different to other religions? What are its

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primary focuses? And what that we moved from talking about our concept of Allah, what is the Quran? What is the Prophet SAW Salem to get into the point where we said, okay, at Hamdulillah I now understand what this religion is all about to worship Allah alone, and to submit myself to my Creator. Now, we said, how do I now live as a Muslim? I've now become a Muslim. I've embraced Islam. What should I do as a Muslim? Where do I start this religion is big, it speaks about running a government. But you know, finance, it talks about basic things like using the toilet, we do I prioritize if a new person embraced Islam, and he said, Okay, I'm a clean, empty canvas. Where do I

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start? Once I learn Arabic? I start memorizing Quran, Macedon, Hadith, Maasai, you know, learn how to make Salah. So we always obviously, we mentioned that you go back to your five pillars. This is what ultimately is what's going to enter you to Jannah are your five pillars. So how do we know when you embrace Islam? You made the Kadima. First part of this Islam from scratch series was to get you to say the Kalama to understand what does La ilaha illa mean? That is none worthy of worship besides Allah, and to understand what Muhammad Rasulullah Salah means, and to believe in it. And to be sure, this is there's only one God, he has all power and control of the slave and that this man Mohammed

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Al Salam was sent by him to teach us once you believe that in your heart, you've embraced Islam. Now the next important thing for you priority even before the hijab dressing properly even before

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you know if someone says look, I want to become a Muslim, but I still have some bad bad habits. I still drink alcohol or you shower those things will come. The next priority for you is Salah, Salah. That's the next priority, then a visa Salam is very clear. He says the the line, the boundary, the barrier between us and the meaning between the Muslim and the non Muslim, or between belief and disbelief is Salah. That's the thing I do I know how do I know this person is a Muslim? Does he make Salah

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if you make Salah from the laser Muslim,

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if he doesn't make

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a lot of stone. He doesn't make salah. That's between Allah. But that is the fundamental difference between

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not what he weighs, what she weighs, or the name that they have. Those things come but salah is the fundament, that is the line between right and wrong. And so we begin with Salah and so the event now he says okay, I'm gonna teach you how to make Surah Saudi brother before I teach you how to make salah. I need to teach you how to clean yourself. That's where you really begin and that's why every book of Islam is fundamentals every new new river when you were kids new into madressa, you began with Barbara and sometimes you say every time I go to a slum, sir school Islamic class, we do Tara and we never finish it and then we start over again bajada over and over hamdulillah so where we

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stopped last year was we spoke about the different types of water coming to life has been made easy You don't have to worry about is the water in the ocean and the river and rainwater and ice and all of that in the past people had to worry about these things for us now. We just basically learned words that comes out of your tap we assumed to be pure. And if it gets mixed with anything, it is no longer power. You cannot purify yourself you can't take Moodle with it. But let's assume 100 in that we learn different substances. water that is in its natural state is kowtowed, you can purify yourself with it. You can wash yourself with it. If you add soap to it, it's no longer pure water.

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We cannot take we do with water with soaking. Then we also spoke about certain when we talk about dirtiness in Islamic world it nudges certain things on edges yes we might think sand you know my Uncock my clothes covered in tomato sauce I had

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you know a plate of cutting and all the carriers on my clothes i Yes, I say my clothes are dirty, but Islamically It's not dirty. You can still technically make Salah in the clothes. When we talk about dirty we mean Nigeria something which is impure, something which must be removed from your body or your house, whatever it is, and there is a list of our 10 things. For example what I'm not just using anything that exists the front to back passage from a person or an animal. Any dead meat that you cannot eat is not just dogs, the saliva

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Dogs, the body of pigs, all of these things are not just about 10 things. And we spoke about that in think episode number 25 onwards some way we spoke about what is nudges, we then spoke about Okay, before you perform salah, you need to perform something called guru, you need to take evolution, how do I make this evolution and we spoke about the steps, how to perform we do and we spoke about the different matchups, you know, for some matchups, you do it like this somehow have said that we went a little bit a bit more deep, someone said it's not from scratch that it was a bit intense, but Alhamdulillah we try to give a broad understanding because Allah describes in the Quran how to

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perform he doesn't explain how to perform Salah in in sequence Yes, Allah mentions stand and recall and sujood but he doesn't he mentions we do start to finish wash your face and wash your arms to the elbow and wipe your head and wash your feet in the in the Quran. And so, that is how you perform whoo within us How does my wudu break or how do I invalidate my what are the things that nullify my will do and we gave a list of a few things they and discussed way certain scholars differ with others Some scholars say to touch your wife by accident in relevance you would do something to touch her with desire with lust with with

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shadow as we call it with fiction this will break you and other scholars would say no even if you touch her even if you kiss her it will not break you will do so long as nothing exists your your private part and these differences of the scholars and hamdulillah the we did a little bit of why each one says what the purpose of it was why did we go into such detail to show that the scholars each one of them came to a different conclusion but based on sound knowledge and thinking and evidence you at least you can sit back and say each one has a point Hanafy say they may make a good point but the chef is also make a good point and the humble is also make a good point to the point

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and you get to a situation I don't know what is right or wrong anymore. They all make very strong arguments you know and you know hamdulillah if we get to that level of hamdulillah whichever opinion we take is fine so long is that sincerely? So we spoke about who we're now talking about Puzzle

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Ball so we got a question on on the on YouTube can we take we do with a ball hold water as we said in a few lectures before water in its natural state water in its natural state you can take we do and also with some water in international state you can drink others is Salty Ocean ocean salty, some

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waters they are in a natural state they have a bit of a cloudy color that's fine and so we are Hamdulillah we take it as any natural occurring water that we have not added something to or something hasn't mixed into it when inshallah and I know some might say yeah but that water then it goes down the river and they send that it picks up as I said this is a more of a complication our scholars have the older to deal with at what point is it natural At what point does natural things contaminate I mean they go into the level of you know the river if a leaf falls in it we can take the leaf out but these are the ones that are still national

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Good question. You know the insect flu and the insect died in the

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Can we still use it to water the fish the fish are not you know the fish in the ocean you swim through the water and then you swept out is that water still in its natural state in shallow as we these are hundreds if not things that we have to worry about in the past it looks so honest it was deemed to be in its natural state without us adding things to it it was deemed fine and you could perform Salah in it and the purest form of water and it's the most natural water is rainwater from the Quran and even today we've managed to pollute that some rainwater comes out already acid rain it comes out with pollution in it so wherever you go in the world now is probably even found in the

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deepest oceans in the world particles of plastic plastic bags every way our pollution has reached and so we these things are negligible and so borehole water for the brother asked you know here in Cape Town find the sample world boil water you've dug deep into the ground and water has come out it might have a taste or smell so long as it's not not using the if it's not just in the wind you can't obviously so in shower,

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we are fine and you can use ocean water even though it has a specific smell a specific taste that's fine, no problem inshallah. Any other questions Wait.

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Just that one. So now we talk about the whistle and maybe to make so what is whistle whistle is

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to a voodoo is like a mini bath, the hustle is the complete bath.

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And we remind ourselves that a person is in three states, you as a person who have no you can be in three sittings or three conditions. Condition number one is your default condition, you are neither in a purified state and you are neither in a impure state, certain things you do, can put you in a purified state, how do I get to a purified state through wuhou Muhammad plus wudu he is now purity Muhammad peace pure Mohammed and also Muhammad can become dirty Muhammad, how if you do certain things you can become impure and

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the impure things to remove that impurity requires a major bath, a major ablution you have to wash your body and we call the single muscle. So, again Muhammad is normal state requires we do to become purified. Muhammad is dirty state, a will do is not going to help him will do Hama, dirty Mohammed class will lose on enough he needs to be completely washed and bath. Now he becomes pure. What's the difference between normal Mohammed and pure Mohammed what can no Mohammed not do that pure Mohammed can do?

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There are three things there are three things that you cannot do in your normal state. Salah you cannot perform Salah if you're not in your purified state. You also cannot perform tawaf around the Kaaba, unless you have to do unless you in the state of the heart we call so purity let's use proper terminology in the state of the Hara. You cannot perform Salah and you cannot tell off unless you're in the state of the Hara. And the third one is you cannot touch the Quran. Very important touch the most half. You can recite it you can listen to it, but you cannot touch the most half unless you are in the sight of the hara Everything else is fine. Can you fast while you're not necessary? If you

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don't have to do Can you fast? Yes. During the day you sleeping

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during the day in Ramadan, you're on the toilet but you're fasting is fine. Can you give charity while being not having Moodle? Yes, you can. You can EFT

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not good. You can be the toilet and you can EFT we're not supposed to. But I mean, technically it's permissible. No problem. So you can sit in the class, listen to a lecture, read a book, read the Hadith, read up, see, and you don't have wudu that's fine, no problem, you can recite Quran

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is fine. Now before you go to bed, you lay next your wife, you know and you don't have to do and you decide to do it, you could see the rules before you go to sleep. So reciting Quran is fine. So you can do every act of worship, besides Salah tawaf, and touching the moose have in your normal state. But to do those three things, you need to be in the state of the heart.

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Then in your dirty state, we call in the state of Geneva, they start up and there's a state of Geneva,

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Geneva or hide, those are the two tooth two states that you are for the ladies hide for the men who say Java, they

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will go into detail how do you go from normal to a dirty state? What are the things firstly, what can't you do in that dirty state? What are the things you cannot do while being in your impure state?

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Obviously, those three things. So if you're in Geneva, and you hide, you can't if you cannot recite Quran or I mean, make Salah while being in a normal state, obviously being in the dirty city was similarly you cannot make that off. So there's all three things that require the Ara would be impossible when you are in that dirty state. Additionally, additionally, you should not be inside any mosque or remain there for long.

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So in the past, we had very big budgets and people loved us to walk through it was fine, but to sit and linger in it, while being in that state was not possible. Also, there's a hadith verse in Iraq, that also said that whoever is in the state of Geneva should not recite the Quran.

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So reading the Quran is also not permissible. When you're on the city of Geneva analysis is automatically going to be my height. What does that mean my height can I read Quran? We'll get to that there's a lot of debate around calculating hate not to recite the Quran. The person in Geneva

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cannot recite Quran and we'll talk about what Genova is right in a minute. Just understand. If you're in that dirty state, five things you can't do. You cannot go from soda. You can frontal off, you cannot touch the Quran. You cannot linger in a masjid and you cannot recite the Quran.

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For the majority of you, and we'll get more into the detail.

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Right. Now, how does one

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How does one move from your normal state? To the dirty state? How do you go from normal Mohammed to dirty Mohammed? What must you do? If you play in the mud? No. You find,

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you know, a whole bowl of candy fell on me. No, it's fine. You know, even I was you fell into the sewage covered in sewage. Still, you know, dirty? Technically, you just if you wouldn't, if you removed all the Jassa

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you still fine. So how do I that you know your baby's changing the nappy and your your baby pees on you, you don't need to push up. Even though you covered in Nigeria, you don't have to whistle. So what would put me in the dirty state? Well, there's

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two categories, two things that will make you become in the state requiring major impurity will put you into major impurity for the ladies, and there's only for them, if they are menstruating. If they are while they are menstruating, then they are in major impurity. And again, there's nothing sinful, or ugly or bad about being implementers. In other religions, when the lady was going through her menstruation, she was almost shunned in some in the Jewish religion, they're very strict on this, and even during the time that it should even leave the house. While she, you find in the Bible, the Bible told today that a lady which is in a hide, she is impure, and everything she touches is

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impure. The bed she sits on is impure, the coaches and the chase employees so she must be completely separated. And a little bit of this even is found in our culture, maybe misbelief an incorrect belief where they say the angels don't visit our house, maybe where ladies and means everything, you find the janazah for example, you know, the father passed away, and the daughters went to the wife wants to kiss the maid. They said, No, no, no, she's in the house. He can't come they why? Because number one, she's gonna make him feel marginalized. It is already the number two, they'll say, No, the angel, the angels of Mercy won't come in and be with him. Because the height ladies ski the

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angels are Subhanallah scholarship, that is true, I surround myself with height ladies, the molecule will never come and get you. So this is obviously completely incorrect. In height, there is no impact on the angels. And definitely if someone that relative has passed away in your head, you can greet and kiss the mate no problem. So in your height, and even the why is it gonna be so long, I know you just hop on this little bit, when they were in the height, they would feel naturally a bit sad, because you can't perform salah.

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And there are certain things and we'll talk more about the things that you cannot do. When in height these additional things you can't do in height. And so there'll be some would say to them, that Allah gives you the reward already. If you perform your salah and the only reason you stop is because of your height, you faster the only reason why you're not fasting is because of your height, then then you you still get the reward for it. And this is the test that you have as the daughters of Adam, this is your test this is Yo yo yo

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sacrifice that you make, but you still get you still get the still get the reward for it.

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So height is one thing and we're going to talk there's a few other things which a lady cannot do during a height Genova. What is Jehovah? Jehovah is where you have either

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had sexual intercourse

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or you ejaculated and those two things are not always the same.

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So usually they go together usually have intercourse in the unit ejaculates.

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But it's possible to ejaculate like a wet dream without having intercourse.

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And it's possible to have intercourse or ejaculating. Sounds really fun, but it's possible. And so then a visa is a famous hadith of Aisha, she mentioned that when the two circumcised went to private parts, the man and the lady touch, when the whistle becomes the new are in general. So the minute those two the man enters the lady, the husband enters the wife automatically also becomes compulsive and the both of them are injera, both the man and the lady

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if a person ejaculates without intercourse, and there's many ways in which that can happen through a weight dream, or through stimulation, or

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foreplay between partners, there was no penetration. Then, one, the one who ejaculated requires a puzzle if a witness came onto the

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Private pod economical I'm talking very explicit Sofia in the magic wand. I mean this is for learning purposes, if husband and wife or kissing and playing and rubbing and touching and witness exits the private pots. This does not require a whistle requires What do you need to stingier is to remove that witness and perform will do. But if you ejaculate, and if you don't know what ejaculation means, then you're not old enough for this class, but you would know what it is. And so then you require over so so now you have two types of ways in which you become impure,

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height and Genova. And it's very important that we don't confuse the two some things the person in Java cannot do, or they hate can do. And some things the lady in the hide cannot do that the person in Java can do. So as we mentioned, both so what can they both do? What's wrong what can they both do? The lady in the hate and the person in Geneva cannot perform Salah.

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So, the Geneva person must remove the Geneva the high lady must first indulge hate, they both need to hustle then they can build salah. They both cannot call off. They both cannot off. They both cannot touch the most half.

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They both cannot enter the masjid

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they both cannot into the masjid these four things everyone agrees upon. Every scholar agrees the leading hate and the general person cannot make Salah cannot off cannot touch the Mustafa and they should not enter the magic.

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Now there's a difference of opinion and yours we always get into the juicy bits. The lady in the hate we all agree she cannot fast either. She cannot fast while being in height. But the guy in Geneva he can fast. You can follow us while being Geneva. How? Let's say you fell asleep during the day. In Ramadan, you're fasting and you woke up and you're that way three

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happens is is fasting invalid? No. Fasting is fine. If he said okay, fine. I you know, I had an issue here.

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It's two o'clock that afternoon, I said is now five o'clock, I'm going to sleep on and then also later, is my fasting Okay, that's fine. Not ideal, but it's fine. Your fasting is not invalidated by you being in, in general but in fact, we know for very clear evidence if a husband and wife were intimate with each other in the morning, just before Fajr mashallah, they may touch it together. Now half an hour before Fajr they you know,

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they had intercourse they only got 10 minutes before Fajr must be first take muscle or have saloon you first have some food you eat that and goes You still didn't shower while you're still in Java, no problem. You have till the end of budget, you still go to our you know, obviously when it makes it as early as possible, but technically you still have an hour to do so and make budget before sunrise. No problem. So the person getting rewinding the lady in the hate cannot fast but the man or the lady in Java can fast should fast.

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The lady in hate cannot have sexual intercourse. For the person in Geneva obviously as sexual intercourse that's how you became

00:28:19--> 00:28:34

so if you have intercourse your child so that does not apply being genuine sexual intercourse go hand in hand but the lady hide we know she's not allowed to have penetrative intercourse. She can still have foreplay. She can still kiss you can do everything besides penetration in her height.

00:28:35--> 00:28:45

Also, the lady in the hate should not be divorced. When she is in the hate. You cannot divorce her Tabata It's haram. Valid but haram.

00:28:46--> 00:29:03

It's valid but haram, what does that mean? When we get to inshallah many, many months from now if we get to the chapter of divorce, if our husband divorces his wife while she's pregnant while she's menstruating, he will get sinful that it's sinful haram it did. But that Talaq still counts. She's still divorced.

00:29:04--> 00:29:31

So technically, it is not permissible for a man to divorce a lady in her height. So that's another thing that should not happen in your head. The most controversial thing for the lady in Hades can she read the Quran recite the Quran? Most scholars said she should not recite the Quran while being in the hive. So why? Because of the hadith of segnale the Hadith say that it says if the man is in Geneva, he must recite Quran. So that means 100% The junior person should not recite the Quran.

00:29:32--> 00:29:59

The scholars then apply this to the sisters because the who's the judo guy who had intercourse with a lady who had intercourse she and they that man they should not recite Quran the white lady must also not recite Quran and many minority scholars and these are strong quarters of them said that is not a fair analogy. Why? Because the junior person can get rid of the Java easily. But the hate lady coin being in Java you only in Java for a short period of time.

00:30:00--> 00:30:10

His Highness like a week if not more, and to go all that period of time without reciting Quran when you say reciting Quran means you can use recycle Allah wa before you go sleep. You call the beside ikusi

00:30:11--> 00:30:52

Many, many of the doers Robina atrophic dunya is actually Quranic if it's if the Quran so all of this we can do for a week. And there's no Hadith that the VSAM ever prohibited his wives when they were in height they shouldn't recite from the Quran. We don't have a hadith like that. And so, while the majority of the scholars have said a lady should not recite Quran in the height, where did they get this from? The hadith the general say daddy's Hadith on judo. Other scholars have responded and said there's not a fair analogy. You cannot equate the two cars not the same Hayden Genova two different things. And like I showed you the list of things that hey lady can't do so surely we

00:30:52--> 00:30:54

shouldn't take everything from the Job List and apply to

00:30:56--> 00:31:20

so based on that many minorities scholars have said it's fine for her to recite Quran, but not the general person. So during Ramadan for example, maybe the lady is not allowed to touch the Quran or touch it directly. But if it's on a screen, and she's reading the verses, or she's listening and she's reciting from memory, no problem hamdullah this difference of opinion in this so to summarize again

00:31:22--> 00:31:23

if a person

00:31:25--> 00:31:28

has he is or she is

00:31:29--> 00:32:09

she is in a state of hate menstruation only fast hate any faster together what is the fast the fast is the bleeding that the lady has after she gives birth. When she gives birth she continues to bleed the womb that was nourishing the baby is still there and it's breaking down piece by piece. So she is higher than the fast are the same. We everything which you cannot do in height you can't do any of us and we'll talk Inshallah, in this time, how long is height this perhaps the most most most complicated thing in the whole of the Sharia is height, how long this height is this color height, brown different colors and all that this is going to overtake our time. So hide any fast is one

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category of major impurity and Genova is another category. Genova is if you have intercourse or you ejaculate. You have penetration which activation either either of them will put you in general

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for the purpose of menstruation if US will put you in the hide category. If a lady for example she bleeds from her private part because of injury

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or a cat This is not hate. This is not hate. It's not about the place of the blood it is the source of it why cuz something is actually dying. The eggs that she was not fertilized that's what Haley comes out or the baby that was born that entire uterus lining that comes out it's part of it is actually shedding that is what hate and if it is then we said okay, so if you if you had heightened if US ejaculation or penetration, any one of those four things you are in major impurity, you need to hustle to get out. We'll talk about that next week in Java. What can't I do if I'm Muhammad and I've had if I'm Muhammad and I have any fast I am humbled. I have Genova. I've hammered I ejaculated

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Oh penetrate What do I do? What what do I do now? We say for both the head Lady and the general person, they both cannot make salah. They both cannot enter the Masjid. They both cannot make the off. They both cannot touch the Quran for things they both cannot do.

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For the judo person. Additionally, the junior person cannot recite Quran. The junior person can't do five things. The height lady, she can't do those four things. And she cannot fast and she cannot

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she cannot fast she cannot enter the masjid and she cannot have sexual intercourse.

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But the reciting the Quran is a controversial one

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citing the Quran is the controversial one

00:34:04--> 00:34:17

so at hamdulillah that's our class for this evening. We have we started off with short classes half an hour but we'll open the floor for questions. So coming up with a new course will feature requests the height

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in some cases some people started for for completing some people's the 15 days sometimes 20 days

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in which you

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yes sir brother mashallah so very in tune Brother is asking about the P How long is high? It is the maximum Kenya lady been hired for like a month? Two months, 10 months a year can she be continuously in height is the limit minimum must have at least one day a month? What happens if nothing comes out? So this is a whole section on itself. We will get into that.

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

In perhaps even next week. We shouldn't talk about the muscles since we're on the top

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

We should talk about the limits of hate, how long is the maximum and are short and again this one as I said, this is perhaps the most complicated chapter different in the Hara. It was complicated. Why? Because they are not these are not defined in the Sharia. It's based on observation. And for each lady, it's different. Some ladies and even the same lady might have variations in a cycle as she goes through different stages in the life he changes. And so it's very difficult and really based, there are guidelines I wouldn't say rules or guidelines, it cannot be more than this. And it cannot be less than that. And the ultimate seat but each every month lady must basically judge herself

00:35:41--> 00:35:53

sometimes nothing comes out and then all of a sudden, there is some spots in between what happens now should I make sure shouldn't make Salah and this becomes even more difficult the Ramadan time, should I fast or not fast? You know, these become

00:35:54--> 00:35:58

this is like the jihad for ladies. Continuous beating

00:35:59--> 00:36:10

doesn't stop. But of all about this hate. It's like you're very excited with hate. We'll talk about Inshallah, and next week about the limits of hate each other sisters inequation.

00:36:11--> 00:36:43

So do we know very clearly what we what makes us unique. We know what makes us unique. We know what makes us have in the sight of height. We know what we can do when we're in height. And we know what we can do when we in Java. That is the class width. If you know that it's our next week we'll go a little bit more into height and if us and then we'll talk about how do I get out of this junior bucket I get out of the job, perform also other people and what happens if I don't have water and we talk about and when we cover that inshallah we'll have covered the chapter of the hara, and then we can move on to sada Pinilla. Basically the question

00:36:44--> 00:36:50

two questions. The first one is what about the Quran on your phone? Ah, excellent. Well to

00:36:52--> 00:36:52

start with.

00:36:53--> 00:36:57

And the second question is, can you touch the

00:36:58--> 00:37:02

results in a box or a cloth bag for moving around transport?

00:37:03--> 00:37:25

Alright, so there's a long answer. And so the question Okay, first, what's the question? Question is on my phone, I've got 10 billion neurons in this phone, and I've got a million recitals of the boss and all of them saved on my phone. What does this mean? If I'm I don't have to do can I Mrs. Pamela, later on, we'll do that he has called the phone he's getting it all the biller, if you're carrying the phone in the Quran is on the

00:37:26--> 00:37:32

the onset is similar to the half person, the half person has the Quran in the art in the memory.

00:37:33--> 00:37:53

What does that mean his intercourse with that the half it lady has height. So that does not count as a must have. However, the scholars have said to be safe. And no, this is obviously modern issues. That if the words of the Quran, the text, the Arabic is on the screen, and you're in Geneva, or you're in height,

00:37:54--> 00:37:58

try to avoid touching directly, the actual text.

00:37:59--> 00:38:21

And then the question, the next question is a similar kind of question. What's in the box? Same same story. If you were to put Euro that must have on the wall, and this is like this is on the Scottish thought about it. If you maybe the teacher was in the classroom, they wrote, you know, a few chapters on the board. And now a person in hate walks by Can you touch the wall?

00:38:22--> 00:38:53

The blood, the board, the wall, the writing is on the board? The board is attached to a wall? Can I touch the wall? So obviously we said no, no problem. If the if the if the most half the text has a cover on it, or it has a covering on it or it's in a box, it's fine Inshallah, no problem. Oh, the person who uses the towel, the concept of it to touch the text directly, this should not happen, or the page or something, maybe some of the pages that it's written on, that shouldn't be should be touched directly.

00:38:54--> 00:39:35

Out of if there are men out of out of honor and Issa for the words of Allah subhanaw taala. But remember, there is a difference between Quran and was half Quran is that which is recited the Quran was half is when we try to write those words down. Those, the ink in the pages are not the word of Allah, that is not the kalam of Allah, it's his creation, I can burn the most, you know, I can take and break on break the word of Allah subhanaw taala. So we also understand is just out of Tehran and out of honor that when you are in that state, and in fact if you don't have we do in fact, should not be touching the texts of it, whether it's on the screen, whether it's written in ink, whether it

00:39:35--> 00:39:38

is written with, you know stitching, if those

00:39:40--> 00:39:52

patterns are put together in a way that it is represents the Quran. In other respect, we do not touch it directly. Then maybe we use a towel or cloth or something else to be as a barrier between us and in shower.

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

Back to the Gulf. So that's why the Gulf Saudi have, as we said if she's in her in her

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

A hide, then she should not touch the most half. But you can get around it by wearing gloves or waiting having some kind of barrier. And the only issue is if you have the view that inner she cannot recite the Quran in her head. And that's a big problem, if that's the opinion, and we understand why the Scholars have said that so nothing to do with females and we make life difficult and they mustn't study no simply they took the Hadith and they applied it in this height in general the same and that's the majority opinion most of the scholars have an opinion. But minus the messy minor not small scholars, some big scholars, but the minority of them said we shouldn't apply the

00:40:41--> 00:41:09

two because a week will go by with a girl can memorize Quran she can't recite Quran out you know, spotlights we were applying something very difficult on them, we depriving them of the Quran and you don't have a very strong direct Hadith that says oh ladies in your head do not recite the Quran. Okay, that's black and white, there is no discussion we are making an analogy. So the argument is to to remove a lady for a week or more from reciting the Quran you need something very heavy

00:41:11--> 00:41:18

and so that's why they said that hadith is not that evidence is not strong enough because if you've made some chaos we call that chaos

00:41:21--> 00:41:22

Okay, any other questions about

00:41:25--> 00:41:26

the clause

00:41:27--> 00:41:30

right now this is an issue but entering the masjid

00:41:32--> 00:41:36

I'll give the Hadith inshallah I don't know how do you don't and but in particular, the ladies and Hyde

00:41:37--> 00:42:24

were not permitted to linger or sit and the Geneva person to sit in a masjid in a monastery this very specific Masjid is the area in which Salah is made and Juma is made. So a Sahana is technically not a magic salon room, or a and if for example, the monsoon is a complex you know, a big thing you know, it's quite classrooms, there's the kitchen, there's the bathroom, that's fine. We don't say the toilet attached to the Moses is magic. So, so So the lady wants to go to the toilet today Oh, hey, you can't go to the toilet, no, no problem, but the area in which the Salah is made, if a class is the the correct and authentic, the opinion issue should not be there. And in the past maybe this

00:42:24--> 00:42:25

was very difficult in the sisters

00:42:27--> 00:42:36

hamdullah today, what in technology, you can we can facilitate and accommodate a section for the ladies in the height and they can get the full experience of learning

00:42:37--> 00:42:47

but not in the area that that is not appropriate for them and they say the same for the Genova person should not be in that area. Okay.

00:42:49--> 00:42:50

There it obeyed

00:42:51--> 00:42:51


00:42:52--> 00:43:29

Now more, so much. It's good to have faces and I have to see the cloth grow next week and inshallah next week we'll see each other and we'll talk more about hey, was Allah say that Muhammad? Islam was sent from loadable Alameen. Sorry, just one announcement. Sorry, I forgot one announcement. We don't Mirage talk last week Friday. Tomorrow, we will have a similar one but a much longer presentation at Islamia auditorium with the space in the graphics and the Prophet Salam journeying, or whatever planets and what are the what are the seven samalla look like? And hamdulillah especially for kids. Maybe the masjid is a bit difficult to you know when kids come in, but that that environment that

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the auditorium at Islamia, very, very nice. We get to play more videos. So things you might be wondering the masjid, we're going to do that inshallah tomorrow. And so anyone who is doesn't have plans but Maverick time to shy is coming to Islamic auditorium. We also raising funds national level, the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. So please help to see whatever they can so much so I'm working Together