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Can Halaqaat and then in terms of the job numbers, and then we will also publish the Ramadan plan as well like the actual Ramadan plan what we're going to be doing throughout the month of Ramadan.

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So this is the last halacha that I will run before Ramadan and I usually do it before a shot but because of the townhall I just pushed it till after a shot we won't take very long, we only have three verses left us with a Joomla I like I don't know maybe it's a little bit of OCD in me, I like to at least finish a sutra before Ramadan starts. It just sticks in my head and just bothers me until until we come back and finish it later on. So I wanted to finish two or three Jomar for that purpose inshallah Tada. But please keep, stay stay in tune with us.

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Because we will publish in sha Allah, the pre Ramadan plan, and the Ramadan plan very soon. And that will tell you and give you details in terms of what's going to be I'm going to be very, very specific. So you'll know each day what the session will be, how it will run, and exactly what to expect when you show up. Some of the sessions are more family friendly than others. But you're welcome to bring your kids and your family to come and listen to them. The hope was will be about that as well. Our Ramadan, pre Ramadan plan starts the evening of Friday. So this Friday, I'll give a whole talk. And then that evening we start we enter the Ramadan mode, everything is going to be

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focused on that month, we're going to publish the model and the plan for it inshallah to Allah and encourage everyone to do Yanni, Inshallah, make their intentions and plan for a good Ramadan. I think we owe it to our brothers and sisters elsewhere that we make this Ramadan a turning point for all of us, they asked to be a turning point in sha Allah for everybody here, for all Muslims around the world. I hope that that's what Ramadan turns out to be this year.

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Sort of the Jama what was left of it is the last three verses or the Jamaat talks about leadership. It's very simple, in my opinion is one of the simplest suitors in the Quran was simple. As soon as in the Quran, in terms of what it's trying to teach, it's trying to give or it's organizing for us the relationship of leadership within our within our nation is very simple. It's going to happen through Joomla. Joomla is how you're going to we're going to organize ourselves as an Obama, we're going to get our leader on the member, he's going to tell us what's coming next. And we're going to move forward in that direction with him. And as they and every week, as new things occur. As changes

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happen. As we revise our plan, we get on the mend. But again once a week, and we do the same thing. And everyone is informed, everyone's involved. The beautiful piece of this is that

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not everyone has to attend, men have to attend, and then they go home and they share with their wives what occurred. So everyone's informed on a personal basis, everyone gets informed in terms of what the plans look like. And that's what Joomla is there for. And we have successfully neutralized the effect of joumana almost all across the globe. And if we can bring them all back in terms of what value it carries for this nation, then a lot can be done, meaning the the velocity or the or the speed of how quickly we can actually change our status will be quite, quite impressive. Because we have that embedded leadership system in our deen and we have we have access to it just it would

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be problematic if Joomla stopped existing altogether. And we were trying to revive the existence of Joomla that would be a big problem. I pray to Allah Subhanallah that never happens to our OMA because that would be scary if GeoMap died off and we had to bring it back in terms of a ritual. That'd be scary, but it's not it's a it's a ritual that exists within our within our community within our society within our nation. Muslims attend Joomla even those who are far away from Allah still attend Juma. So all you have to do is your show up, make sure you have a worthy message of sharing and just provide some leadership. But in order for that to work, the person on the member

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has to be someone who actually has some authorization to lead in some direction. I always say these things. And I say this again. When I say this, listen to me, clearly, I do not care for being in a position of leadership at all, at all. I'm actually not good at doing that. I'm very chaotic. I'm not very organized. And I don't know how to follow. I'm not I'm not good at this.

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But I still think Jo ma should be something that is based on leadership. Even if I, if we have leadership in the community doesn't mean that I have to either the leader gets on the member and teaches or I speak on his behalf, which I'm happy to do. I'm happy to speak on behalf of what leadership we have as an ummah or as a community. I did that when I was younger growing up because I want to give hope, but I gave it on behalf of my teacher was an elderly gentleman who still lead the community but was too old to get on that member and speak. So I did it on his behalf. I spoke it was I was I was speaking on his behalf. And that's how you make sure that there's still leadership is

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when you neutralize the person on the member where that person is just an employee paid by a board of directors held accountable by them to achieve certain milestones that they put for him that you completely snip off any wings and make sure that this person has nothing to offer because they're not

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By providing a vision, you're not providing leadership and they have no direction to take people in. They are just a puppet for some other group of people who have something to say.

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And in that context, even if we did, even if, let's say the chairman of the board was the leader of that masjid, either that person gets on the main board and gives the direction or the shares will speak on his behalf. And it has to be clear that way that I speak, I'm here because I'm a better public speaker, and I'm speaking on behalf of the actual leader of our community, who is this the direction they're taking us? That's okay, too. That's not a problem. But what we have right now is neither that nor this, what we have right now is just a complete mess. It's just basically a celebrated Halima. That's what Jo ma turns into, it's just a little bit of a Yanni

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hotter on steroids. That's what that's what Gemma is, the person on up there has no say on almost anything at all. He's not leading his own family to lead the lead the community, and he just up there, you know, telling people talking to people about problems, it becomes very useless. It becomes very useless for the people where people start stop finding benefits in attending.

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I know I've ranted about this a lot for Jama and I don't want to take all of your your whole night. But honestly,

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I never fails to bother me. And surprise me how easy it would be for us to change our status if we just utilize the simple, the simple fundamental rituals that Allah subhanaw taala put in our deen, he just imagined this job I was instilled like, it's there, just use it. How can a community get lost if they meet every week and their leaders tells them where they're going. And they and they figure it and they find out what their responsibility is in the follow up on it or they give them feedback. And it's almost impossible for that community to fail. It's impossible if you just had that piece. And still, even if it's a committee that's not fully educated. But obviously sort of

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Jama is not just talking to them about it sort of doesn't talk to the attendees until the piece we're going to read now. So the the first page is talking to the person who's giving it

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so to JAMA, the first page was actually chastising me, the person who was on the number of speaking, what is it that I'm supposed to talk about? How if I don't do my job, then the congregation turns into two Latino hamilo tornato Mala Mia, your congregation turns with the people who carry a book and have no idea what it is because you didn't teach them properly. That if you don't teach the right topics, if you don't bring, for example, the concept of responsibility instead of favoritism. But yeah, you already know how to exam to become only you're not favored by Allah, you're responsible and held accountable by him. If you don't talk about deaths, specifically, the piece of

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the equation that allows people to take what's being said seriously allows them to sacrifice and give their time, give their life reminded that this will all end and it will end soon. And if you don't make sure that if you don't use this time wisely, then you're gonna end up extremely upset at the end of it. If I fail to share that with you, right effect, it's painful to talk about these topics, then you're not going to benefit you're not going to learn and nothing's going to happen. So the first page is just honestly directed to football, but not really to anyone else. It's the second piece that we'll read today, that is directed to an attendee, and in life, you will give hope and

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you'll attend them.

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Most people not most will. If you're a thought leader, at some point you'll give them most of the time you're attending them. Either or you're important, you're a part of the fabric of what Joomla is, you're part of that fabric. Imams on the member speaking to no one, then obviously that's not going to work. And if people are attending, there's always a speaker, that doesn't work either. In order for Jamaat to work, you need someone who's going to direct and lead and those who are willing to be led.

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You have to be willing to be led

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doesn't mean that you give up your freedom or your individuality or your own autonomy. That's not what least being led means not by utterly McLachlan female CEO to curl up, you don't obey anyone who commands you to disobey Allah, regardless of who that person is. But if you're not willing to be led, if you're not willing to allow someone who was in a position of leadership, to at least

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lead the way, take take a direction and you support them, then there's no hope. You're not a follower, if you will only walk in the direction that if you only walk behind a leader, if they go in the direction you want, that's not followship. That doesn't work. That means you're the leader. And the only time you'll move or budge, either the person will do what you want, then you're the leader almost done. You take it then you have to be willing to walk in a direction that maybe you don't fully understand, but you trust that this person is doing for the right reason. They have a good argument, I'm gonna go with it. And if it's wrong, then we'll figure it out. That's why you

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have Giovanna every week. We'll figure it out. If you're wrong, we'll figure it out.

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If this direction turns out to be wrong, no problem. It will become obvious we'll step back and we'll change all that any of it. Honestly, it's better than being a headless chicken. It'd be better than this.

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spending what we're living right now what we're doing right now is a complete waste of breath. It's a waste of breath. Well, nothing happens, nothing changes, we just complain. Hi, I'm like the decorated complainer at this point, I should be giving up the Jonnie prize, just complaining all the time about stuff because nothing happened because we don't have a proper leadership system instilled within our community to make sure that when things are obviously not going well, that we have a way to start turning things around and moving in the direction that needs to be met moved in.

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So you can blame the hotel, but for being bad leaders or the border massages, for not setting up the leadership piece as much as you like, if you're not a good follower, then you're a part of the problem. If you're not a good follower, if you're not someone who understands what it means to be a part of a group, a team, and there being someone who's going to do it at work all the time, you're not always the leader in your team, it's okay, doesn't mean that you're less doesn't mean that you're not as important or not as valuable doesn't mean anything. You just, you just, this is where you are right now. I follow I walk and then I give feedback, and I hold accountable. And I continue

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to do that. And that's how we move but if you're not willing to follow, then why did you come to Joomla you just come and listen to someone and then go do whatever you want. That's that's like the works that that doesn't work either. It doesn't work either. I'm sorry that it's a two way road. Everyone has a certain degree of responsibility when it comes to what Joomla is this beautiful ritual that we have beautiful ritual we become we praise Allah together now, and we show gratitude to Allah together. And we are suddenly on a nebula you saw those done together, the read the Quran together, all as a group, we praised it, we do it as a group with some unity to ourselves, and we

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pray, like the whole thing happens is very beautiful. And not everyone is speaking. Like for example, if it's in a social laughter sort of everyone is speaking out here. So Giovanna is organized one person speaks, one person speaks, everyone else listens. The feedback they have, they can give later, they can get throughout the week, so that the next year, wow, that person has more things to think about or they can offer again. And then you keep on doing that. That's how he grew out of his thoughts.

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That's how he grew his Oma. That's how he grew his community. And that's how he, he learned as he went along what people needed, what was happening, and what was required for his for his nation. So he built it, that that open loop that live feedback was continued that reinforcement of thoughts went on. And every Friday, he got up on his plane. And yes, there was all these muscle layouts where they prayed load and all sudden Asia and they all came to one Juma to where he taught him how to use law to Islam unless, and he will send people to other tribes and other cities to go and do it. But they all came to listen.

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Right now, you know, we're far from where we need to be. And it's not a problem that just exists in London, is a problem that exists all across the globe. But I don't see why it can't be fixed here. Like, I can tell you why it can be fixed in Syria and Egypt. And whatever country you come from, or we can sit down, I can tell you exactly why it's never going to work. Because there's a there's a totalitarian regime that's running the country and giving a Schiff a piece of paper to read from and give me a script that he can't leave. And if he leaves, then he'll be he'll go into a place where he'll never see the sun for the rest of his miserable life. So they don't We don't have they don't

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have an option much they do their best. But they don't have that here. No one cares. No one does. There's no one following or watching are holding you accountable. The massage did have autonomy, they can speak, we can speak we can talk about what we want to talk about our problems, we can fix them, we can find solutions. The only barrier we have ourselves is ourselves.

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No one likes to hear that. But that's the truth. The barrier that we have

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in finding solutions and getting proper leadership for ourselves is is nothing else. And communities that figure that out, by the way, become extremely successful. Jeff was you know, he was talking about some of the massages in the US. Some of them are selling in the US are ridiculously huge. And they have a lot of facilities and people and there's a lot there. And the reason that they are able to do that is because if you go look, you'll find that there's a structure of leadership within that community. They figured out a way where they knew who it is that was calling, making the calls. And they followed, even the shoe followed. And that's fine. The moment remember, I don't have to be a

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leader. I just have to know who my leader is, so that I can always see what's coming up next. So that I can speak about it so I can get people going in that direction that requires a sacrifice from everyone. All right. So I want to read with you the last piece of sudo Joomla is more focused on on us as attendees, as followers as people who are willing, or part of a community that's willing to be led that has figured out a system that works for them and what they owe it what they owe within that concept within that framework. So let's recite Java number nine and 1011. I'm explaining them in sha Allah will be done by Michelle a little bit before nine.

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I will be laying him in a shape on your Wadi.

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Bismillah here Wow, man you're walking him

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yeah a ukulele in German either knew the fall

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II then who the earlier Salah Timmy young mill Jumeau it first so

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first so in the relay he where there will be

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Valley come Holly come in can Doom Darla Moon

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for either who we are to follow

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friend Tashi you feel better who mean fell in love

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with guru Allah heck se i like to flee foon

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what either or LT jail rotten learn when you felt mu

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so Allah when in a Willa when in the book so the hams will Wassell that's right before and although it doesn't really

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take it's an older one in Islam when in fact we just go from the date and when that is the last one you give it a customer when in fact though because the time just Walsall doesn't really exist it doesn't only exist at the beginning of if you start reciting from it it has a Holika it has a certain movement to it but if you're reading continuously it ceases to have that which is why it's called Hamza was so specifically

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felt whoo la Telugu call him

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in the La Jolla urine Minelab we were mean at deja or

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when La Jolla roar was et up

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all right, this is the attendee piece Yeah, you were letting those believe and obviously you can see that a little bit different here because up till now we didn't have that need that and so it was you know why didn't start with calling the believers it just began explaining Allah subhanaw taala is attributes he's talking about himself with why he is the ultimate supreme leader of all genders, you know, non medical could do so again, it talks about why Allah sent Prophets what were they they were there to teach what they were sent to actually achieve for people. And then what happens when you don't do the right thing when you don't lead appropriately? What happens you end up having people

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that hey, Maria Maria was Pharma is like a donkey carrying books. There's no There's no understanding of it. People feel that their favor. They they basically people start understanding their Deen in the opposite manner. Instead of feeling responsible, you feel favored. There's so different, but they're so easily confused. If people aren't educated.

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You're Muslim. Does that mean Allah Allah favors you? Does that mean Allah subhanaw taala holds you more responsible?

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It's a very, this can be easily confused but there are so different in terms of your comprehension and then what it does for you. If you decide this is no he He must like me more than others, then yeah, habibi. We have hit rock bottom and if you feel responsible, and that will motivate you to to work and we'll make sure that you that you actually take what it is that you've given, and you'll use it well.

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Now he talks about he calls upon Athena and all those who believe those are going to attend right either I know do your solar, if it is called upon for the solar. A specifically is referring to salata work. Me yo, mille Jomar on the day of Jomar. Why is it not some other solar because that's knowing through terroir to romiley mean, you know, the product like that's what the last one they did it that's above it. It's awesome. The timing, he did this. He never did Jamar in any other time. Exuma was never a substitution to Virgil or acid or anything else was always a substitution to Volker on the day of Jomar. So even though it doesn't say that there, we don't need it to because of

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's how he practiced it. So we have that with with abundance of knowledge, either I know Dlo Salatin if it's called upon, meaning, if you hear the event.

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Here, we got here the event.

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If you're living if you're living back home and you're in your shop, or you're working and Allahu Akbar Allah

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Got a Joomla, you close and you go here, you don't have that. So you have to actually, you know, schedule it on your phone, you have to go to your employer and figure out what time is gonna let you out, you're gonna see what the closest Joomla is, you're going to make sure that you have transportation to get there, you have to plan out a little bit more than you would if you're living in a country where it's a Muslim majority. And massages are everywhere. And all you have to do is just hear the event and go here, you have to actually plan it out. Right, it's a little bit more of a labor, you have to put in more effort and more time.

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That's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. That's you're obligated to do that. I'm sorry to say that after COVID, there was this shift in mentality, especially amongst young men, or Joma became a little bit less strict.

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They started dealing with them a little bit less strictly like yeah, all 10 But

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you know, I have a meeting or something or I couldn't get there. I love it. Now, if you're a young, Muslim male, you're you're living in the area that you're living out traveling, you're obligated to attend a Joomla you are absolutely obligated, this is the most important ritual of the whole entire week. It is the most valuable ritual of your entire week, Sisters is optional for them, they can attend if they want, and they don't attend mighty hem college. So it's much more much more open for the sisters. And because all those who'd like to attend, they're welcome to. But for men, it is absolutely mandatory for you to attend Jomar there is no exception unless you are sick or you're

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traveling. Aside from those two basic exceptions or reasons for your not to attend, you have to show up for Joomla. I don't care what the excuses unless you're like a if you're a pilot or a surgeon that okay, maybe don't leave the O R and go 10 days yo and come back maybe that I can give you an exception to that maybe if you're driving, if you're driving a play or playing maybe you stick to that, aside from that you have to make sure you have to attend tomorrow. If you're living in this area, because you've been living here for a while you're not traveling for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. You have to attend. I don't care what the quality of the gym was. I don't care

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what you're telling me about he speaks the language I don't understand. I don't care if he's there speaking and clinging on and he has no everything that he's saying is only he's addressing people from Mars and you really did nothing of it. You said there you praise Allah subhanaw taala until he's done your prayers Yama, and then you leave, you're absolutely obligated to do this. And I've been telling this to younger brother and sister because I feel there's a little bit of luck strictness here and this is where you need to be strict because this is a an absolute to mandatory ritual. The Prophet Allah you saw some actually has a lot of a hadith that are very, very heavy for

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those who don't attend Joomla and one of them is a clergyman Muslim where he said he started content number two and Amora be how to be in for your top five herbal for Haruka Wooten either nurse who Mandara cool Gemma, I made the attention but I didn't do it. I made the intention to have wood cut out for me. And then I go to the people who don't attend in July and burn their houses down. He's talking about the Muslims who've made it who've given shahada not non Muslims obviously they're not gonna count but he never did it and he has taught to us and I but I've never heard him use language like that elsewhere. You always want to watch out when he uses that strict language that okay this

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is a big deal. Another Hadith and collection back in Medina Buddhahood where it says Allah you salatu salam. When men Tanaka

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Marathi Metalia, Tim Baba Allahu Allah Calbee those were three leave three Juma as you know, in a row with no excuse Allah subhanaw taala Baba Allah called beaming Allah to Allah will send his heart in different direction in his heart, he doesn't even want them anymore. If I was gonna go do something else. I don't need you. Because there's no reason for you not to. Now, these are these are harsh, a hadith. They're there because of the importance of this ritual. It's not just that helps you understand it, because it's not just a ritual is not just a ritual. No, it's a system of leadership. Like it's more than just a ritual. That's why when they held back Sikka, he went to war

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with them obika Because it wasn't just a ritual, it was also the financial backbone of the ummah. So you need you had to give it Yeah, it wasn't, you do it as a ratio but you owe it you have to give it because the OMA will completely collapse if you don't, the same thing goes for Joomla when you find these this harsh, these harsh wordings, in the Quran, or the Sunnah note that there's that this action has, is multi layered, and is multifunctional there's a lot of things about it. It's not just the ritual itself. There's more to it than that and Giovanna does for sure and more to it than that. You are basically

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pulling the fabric ripping the fabric of this of this OMA apart when you when you decide that it's not important anymore, so that nobody else sadati Mijo Meldrum, if it's called upon for someone to do my first Oh, you know the killer, then move Hasting me hastily. First Oh, meaning you move quickly. OSI is when you move as it was, forcefully. You're not just strolling, the moment is as if you hear how

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I don't say that you drop and you run.

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You drop and you move. That's it. Nothing else distracts you you don't stop at a given nothing. None of that stuff I'm sorry is your mom you will, we'll come back and we'll chat later as your mom. That's what festival means there's no distraction. You are a tunnel vision individual that only sees the masjid at the end of it. And that's where you're going and that's it. The commands of God is not me, I'm not I'm just explaining to you what the terminology indicates. First, I'll either

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go quickly and clearly and directly towards the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala where Allah subhanaw taala will be well you'll be reminded of Allah, and what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching and what Allah subhanaw taala wants from you and for you.

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And of you, you get to come in here.

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praise your Lord with with your fellow Muslims and here of how you're going to satisfy Allah, how are you going to praise Allah better in your life? What are you going to do? How? How are you going to make them take how are we going to take steps collectively as a group closer to Allah subhanaw taala because you can worship Allah individually on your own, it could be the core Quran, you can help me I need to do more Salawat you can. But then as an individual, that's a different story. I sorry, as a community, forgive me, it's a different story. As a community, we have to have direction and leadership. That's how we praise Allah, we praise Allah as a community by making sure that we

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know where we're going, and that we are picking up picking up our pace, that we're taking care of our vulnerable and that we're heading towards solutions for the problems that we have that are acute and chronic within our society. That's how we praise Allah spawn as a group.

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And that's why first of all, we have to go quickly towards the remembrance of Allah whether we'll be here and leave all that which is selling and the word selling is a beautiful is a good usage because he would say I used slotzo Samco lo Kumari in any you have to do for burial enough so and so

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on will be Koha her Omar tipo hunt and how do you feel to say, hey, every person ever when they go in the morning, they go and they're selling themselves either they sell themselves and they're free, they free themselves by doing it or they enslave themselves for more depth. And we'll get to how but you're going to sell yourself to something like you're going to commit yourself to something so choose what you're committing yourself to either just something that will grant you freedom or something that will grant you any captivity. So whether it will be and leave any other form of selling, whether it's things that you're selling or yourself that you're selling or something

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whatever it is the whole transactional piece of life right do this for you do this for me. I need to get that I need someone to get that which is most of what life is here. Give me this knowledge I'll pay you this tuition, your here's that here's my hours, I need my paycheck. All that put that aside and go to the gorilla. Whether will be or leave it. The only community that is highroller Comis better best of breed it's the best is best for you Incoterm dynamo, if you have knowledge if you know if you know what it's worth knowing if you know what is what, then you'll know that this is the best thing for you to do. And he was right surprised with it. He continues to be there's nothing

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more valuable than us having this having Joomla

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don't know how to fix this. I don't I've been thinking about this for the majority of my life. Now it's the majority of my life I'm 38 I've been thinking about this for the majority of my life. I don't know how to fix this in 20 years now I'm trying to figure out how do you fix this? How do you change this aspect of our of our existence because it's so it's Kritis right there. The solution is right there we have it and still just just use it just utilize it. You come to Joomla you see

00:28:29--> 00:29:05

you're on Halaqaat when you guys are this number is here today because we had the town hall that's all people just didn't want to go I think I run this halacha about 15 people 20 people their backs to the wall half of them asleep. That's what comes up for you. Like for me that's what shows up for Jomar the place is full it's not for me. Please just fold because Allah subhanaw taala called upon them for Joomla so they came for Joomla he put it there he put the system right there, just use it use it so you can bleed you can move forward so you can fix the problems. If we can just figure that piece out. Honestly, Allah can tell you that only at the salah. And when Salah is completed fully F

00:29:05--> 00:29:24

meaning it's over, it's done. Fantasia will fan out he actually commands he says go disperse amongst the land go into the earth. Go go on go go on earth if additional going different in your directions, whatever direction it is that you're going to plantation or Philately well be tell me and fugly Allah and go and seek Allah's Bounty on earth.

00:29:25--> 00:29:59

Go continue your jobs and your work and what you learned from this Hulkbuster they can go and you can seek ALLAH subhanaw taala his bounty that exists on the planet go you learn no go. He doesn't want you to stick at the masjid all day long. This Make no mistake you do not for people, places for people to live all day long. No, you attend the hook but you learn something so rush over and get out go in touch and there's a lot of work to do. There's a lot of work to do. So go amongst this law, this wide earth and seek the bounty of Allah subhanaw taala by doing what it is that needs to be done over Doublemint probably Allah was the Corolla cathedra and praise Allah, Allah and invoca

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Allah subhanaw taala as you do it, so when you go out to do it, do it with Allah subhanaw taala in your heart, that's what he's saying. It's a beautiful it's a beautiful verse is very beautiful. It's like your cat you can't attend to Jamal, you're done good leave. Go into this wide earth that I created for you. And seek my bounty as you continue to invocate Allah in the meantime, don't go seek your bounty. Forget about God until next Friday, come back next Friday and be reminded of all the things you did right? No, you go and you seek the bounty of Allah with Allah's remembrance, in your mind. See what he said. The first is first out to what degree Allah go to the remembrance of Allah

00:30:34--> 00:30:39

and then he told you when you leave with a Corolla, meaning what it is that you learned, take that and use it.

00:30:40--> 00:30:46

You came you heard the gorilla, you heard it? I did. Okay, now go out after salah, disperse among within this earth

00:30:48--> 00:31:09

and seek His bounty and you will go to Allah and use the remembrance that you were offered. What were you taught that this week? What is it that you learned this week about yourself for yourself that you should do go use that go invigorate Allah through that activity with Corolla haka theater, I do it a lot, la La, come to flew home, so that maybe you will find success, success, he uses the word to success here.

00:31:10--> 00:31:45

I told him, oh, maybe that no to free code. That's how you'll succeed as a community. That's how you'll succeed. You will come to them out religiously, you will hear that they can. And then you will disperse afterwards. And he will seek His bounty as you continue to investigate him and that's how you'll succeed. Because now you have direction you know, what needs to be done. Hopefully the person on the member pointed out something that needs to be fixed or direction that we need to move in and everyone moves into it. And you use that week to with Corolla, take it took you took that dhikr of Allah Sparta specifically, and you use is taught His bounty subhanaw taala throughout the

00:31:45--> 00:32:30

week, that will be successful. Then he points out subhanaw taala, Pitfall steak wait out Oh, imagine this, because I actually occurred. So it's important to my teacher saw my teachers could not read this ayah without breaking into tears. They found it extremely, a very emotional one. way the Eau de Jalla 1001. And then if some of them if they see the job meaning an opportunity for a transaction that is beneficial. So work professional advancement. Oh, that one, just something that's less prioritized, like lower on the priority level than Joomla some form of leisure or some form of fun, something that's not as important as you want to attend something beneficial or law when something

00:32:30--> 00:32:34

they enjoy that's not necessarily beneficial. Did you have like an older one in football.

00:32:35--> 00:33:00

In football, meaning they moved, they move they move forcefully towards it. It's It is one thing one thing in FIBA is even if you love this even stronger, it's like they're going they're fighting to get out the door. They're pushing and shoving they want to get there. In fact the elaida whatever Coca Cola EMA and they left you standing so Allah Allah you SOB you send them and they leave you standing.

00:33:02--> 00:33:08

It happened during his life on a histological ways on early on early on in Medina early on, before this suit was revealed.

00:33:09--> 00:33:14

He's he's giving you the whole body of thought to us and people are listening. And then a caravan.

00:33:15--> 00:33:55

The way it happened is a caravan would come from Yemen or from Dubai, or sham or whatever it came from, with all of the goods now that sort of the merchant would would sweet in the in the silk. And all the people would come and buy from him maybe and he was he would sell based on whatever the the price was or whatever you wanted to sell us. And people would do it quickly because resources were you know, scars, it was hard to come by a good rug or a pair of shoes, or it's not easy to get clothing or to get wheat or barley. Like it's not it's not always available. So when the when the when the data comes in with all of the goods. He's standing on the nobody has thought of somebody

00:33:55--> 00:34:33

that is in a collection of of necessity and didn't meet it. And they left him. People got up and ran out to buy their stuff and the product based on their member speaking in this verse was revealed well either Oh, when they see Jonathan odo and either a transaction that's beneficial to them or just leisure. In fact, boo elaida They race towards it. They fight their way towards it which Allah google ca EMA and elite in the legal standing to leave you can't imagine just standing. It's also carrying the responsibility. And I explained this a lot because it was pm in the Quran is very specific. It's an extremely important word. It's used a lot you have to understand what it means it

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

doesn't mean standing up. It means taking a stand and carrying the burden of it and that's what he uses subhanaw taala all through the Quran, like pm and calm and this word from it is also taking studying by the way but this word is used all throughout the Quran and it has a specific utility that you have to watch Delacroix claim is not just standing alone but also carrying it alone. As if you're the only person responsible for this whole thing they

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Trouble, per se this man and Allah what Allah has hidden for you or highest waiting for you through this OMA that he gave you and the system that he granted you. Chiron is better. I mean Allah, we mean it Jarrah, from whatever fun you're seeking, or leisure, or whatever transactions you think are going to help you. Hola. Hi, it'll rise up in Alaska, there's the best providers. And if you Okay, so you ended up coming to Joomla. And you miss out on being the first bidder on whatever merchandise you get. Allah subhanaw taala is the best of providers to provide for you. Don't worry about it. Attend this, attend this, this is important. Don't leave him. Don't leave him standing out of his

00:35:38--> 00:36:10

thoughts. I'm trying to explain something. As we walk out, we're too distracted. And we don't care. Because other things are important in our lives. Because we think something else is going to help us. Be there be present, don't let anything else distract you. Don't anything, anything else take you away from what this ritual is. And that if you take this area, and of course you understand it in his context as a historian, but then if you extrapolate the idea to your own context, it's not that different. If the person on the member has left to carry the responsibility of this Dean, it's a disaster. It's a disaster.

00:36:11--> 00:36:44

If I have to carry this my own, then it's not gonna go anywhere. I'm very weak and I'm ignorant and I don't know what I'm doing and I don't have a lot. This only works if everyone is involved, if you feel just as responsible as I do, if not more, like you have to be have to share this. This the sense of ownership or responsibility and belonging. Why if this is what they went to, was that important? Why didn't the profit it doesn't get done the member and go with them? Alright, stop Germanos go by and come back and continue. If he's still up there talking. He shouldn't be still down there listening.

00:36:45--> 00:37:09

You can just tap out and leave. That's not how this works. I'm not talking about this for every obviously every huddle. We're talking about Jomo I, specifically Gemini, this is symbolic, to our commitment to our nation is symbolic to our commitment to our system and our leadership. That's what that's what is there for us if you are symbolically committing to your nation into this leadership system within it.

00:37:10--> 00:37:17

So when you walk away, or you decide you don't have to attend or it's not that important, or something else comes along and you know you're too busy.

00:37:19--> 00:37:34

Full mind hola Hallo Mina la Hui i mean it Jarrah, whether it's wrt Java, what Allah subhanaw taala has in store for us way more important to allow hadal was up. Sorry to say that it's hard to make this argument to people will be turned Jim Lyons is such a token.

00:37:35--> 00:38:13

It's just a token a token halted is something that's that's that's empty of essence empty of actual leadership's hard to make this argument. I know. It's very hard. I struggled making it. But I Islam, you can't say well, they're not doing it right. So I'll stop doing my part no. And it's done. You'll always do your part, whatever it is, you're a part is what to attend and you attend, you attend, for better or for worse, good Emma, horribly, mom, whatever, your mom who screams a lot and yells, it doesn't matter. Here's a 10 Your 10 You don't like it, you find something, something better, you don't find something better than you just attend anyways, because that's your commitment. That's you

00:38:13--> 00:38:30

showing up I'm committed. Now they're not doing a very good job. But I'm at least I'm committed. And if you understand this more, if you really understand these verses, well, then you will hold accountable the leaders to make sure that they're offering something that's worth listening to and offering direction so that you can walk, because they owe that to you.

00:38:31--> 00:39:07

They owe that we owe that to people who are listening, that there's something to do next that we have some form of direction. And if we don't offer that, then we should not be on the main habit of speaking. And we should be substituted with those who will offer it. And you are responsible for that too. You can't say it's not my problem. It's your problem. It's 100%. Your problem, you are not exempted from this and you're not gonna be exonerated. And you cannot look at yourself and say, Well, you know, I don't run massages. So what do you think people who weren't masajid were appointed by God Himself, gentlemen, I don't know. They're just a bunch of people who ran for a board position

00:39:07--> 00:39:11

or maybe a few people who fundraise for a space and right that's it. They're just like, you

00:39:12--> 00:39:20

know, difference, maybe a little bit more knowledge for some of them, but that's it. You're as responsible as them, but know where your spot is. Not everyone should be on the member.

00:39:21--> 00:39:22

Everyone should be obviously.

00:39:23--> 00:39:59

But you have to make sure you're the right person there and then everyone else has to be willing to walk down that path. They have to be willing to be as committed. So there's no ot Jarrah. They don't follow you. They didn't go run towards and leave. Leave the other people standing. No, trying to run this look. No. And Allah Hallo Muna Allah humanity. Jah, Allah Hudson's. What Allah has planned for this OMA through this system is way better than whatever individual gains you make by leaving. You gain more by staying than you could ever by leaving which is the idea that Joomla brings because an OMA that is strong that has direction that has leadership that is united

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

way more hair comes from that, then whatever you're gonna gain by going in an extra hour of work or an extra hour of and never be wrong if you have any of your students, you have an exam that's understand that if you have any there are exempt, obviously people who are trying to there are exemptions here, I'm not trying to trying to be make your life difficult. But I think you know, for the most part, when you're not taking as seriously as you should, I'm just saying that much. I think as a young Muslim man, you kind of know, when you could have made it, but you just didn't put in the effort. I'm telling you, this is where you have to put in the effort because this is not a joke.

00:40:31--> 00:41:00

Like other stuff. You can you can you can afford maybe but not not this, this is absolutely mandatory for Muslim men, you have to attend Jamaat somewhere. And then you have my opinion, you have to be a part of the accountability system, you have to be a part of the followship. And you have to give feedback to the leadership. And this has to work that way. And if we did that, you'd see a bit of a shift and yes, sometimes followers will have a lot of questions are annoying, they're annoying, but they keep leaders and

00:41:02--> 00:41:04

they keep us think of us focused.

00:41:06--> 00:41:33

They keep us in check. A leader who has no one to question them will do anything after well, if no one asked me questions about what I say after a while I'll just become lazy and say anything no matter how good I am no matter no matter how great the intention is it's impossible you need you need you need someone to be pointing out where where this is not what needs to be said why did you say that? Could you have not said this? So that you're you're always you're thinking and you're knowing that people are actually listening they're taking interest, they're actually doing what you're saying if you're not saying what needs to be said then you're you're harming people's lives

00:41:33--> 00:41:37

and you should be held accountable for that. This is how this how it works.

00:41:38--> 00:42:08

And it would be nice if you went back to that I think okay, sino forests will end with that inshallah thank you for actually attending this halacha because I would have gotten this would have kind of stuck with me for the rest of of Ramadan had I not finished beforehand is your next week there's halacha will be before the Halacha to you it will send out the schedule before Asha and there'll be more Ramadan oriented there'll be an English read the titles and see what fits you or what you want or what suits you and we'll kind of talk about stuff inshallah to Ireland and we were welcome to attend. Yes.

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It's like a lucky so inshallah we'll see you then and keep just stay tuned for the announcements for the Ramadan preparation sessions and make the intention inshallah for a good Ramadan, Mia Lexa from all of us. So baccala behind the Shula Illa elantas Talking to Blake also Allah who was telling him about can I get a Muhammad Rasul Allah here but thank you for those who attended the townhall. I hope inshallah you find it beneficial, please