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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of letting children lead the prayer in German, as it will have a big impact on their psychological state and emotional state. They also mention that Islam is universal, as young children can lead the prayer in the fall, but it isuisible for older individuals to lead it. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning the rulings of the salad and making small mistakes to avoid harming others.
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Yesterday, an amazing idea popped into my mind. Why not take advantage of these days that we're living in and let our children lead some of the prayers, let them be the mom. We're all praying in German congregation or houses now with our families. So why not let them lead the prayer? This is going to have a huge impact on their psychological state and on their emotional and spiritual state as well. And it's going to prepare them to be leaders now and for the future, inshallah Tada. However, is this permissible or not? It sounds like a great idea, but Islamically is it permitted? We're talking about the children who haven't reached puberty but and not the young ones, the ones

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who distinguish and know what they're doing. Is it permissible or not? The scholars have different regarding this. And some of them said it's permissible for them to lead the prayer in the Nashville in the voluntary prayer but in the fall the compulsory prayer, it's not permissible for them to lead the prayer. However, the correct opinion Inshallah, as Imam unui Rahim, Allah stated, that it is permissible for them to lead the prayer. And this is insane. Behati and the Hadith of Amity been selama, that he was the Imam he was the leader of his people. And he was only seven years old during that time during the time of the sahaba. So that's proof, clear proof that it's permissible. And as

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he mama no, he said, he said, If somebody if it's permissible for someone to lead the prayer and voluntary prayer, then it's permissible for them to lead it. And the third prayer as well. Therefore, we should take advantage of this opportunity, but we have to make sure obviously, that they know the basics of the rulings of the salad. They know how to read the Quran correctly. They know what they should do, they know what they shouldn't do and they know what to do if they make a mistake. Subhanallah just this idea came to my mind yesterday, this morning after Salat al Fajr. I received this amazing video of young boys leading the prayer check it out and enjoy Baraka Pico.

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