When I read the Quran for the first time

Lauren Booth


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If you're not Muslim, you'd recognize the opening of the Quran is sounding a bit like the Lord's Prayer. If you read surah baqarah

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and you're in a sinful disbelieving state, it's gonna it's gonna hit you like a brick. It hit me like a brick as an ayat in there that says

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they, you know, it's to do with they pretend to be believers, when they're with believers, but when they're on their own with their shaytaan, complete hypocrites, and I realized I was a hypocrite.

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I told people I believed in God, but I didn't pray.

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I said to myself, oh, all my children, let's believe in God, but I didn't act like a believer. I acted like a non believer. And this book told me I was a liar and I was going to hell and it's scared me.

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So without picking up the Quran again, I took my Shahada and then I had to go back to the Koran