This is how becoming Muslim really feels

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When I said the shahada, it was like gold bars leaving my tongue a shadow La ilaha illallah

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it was like there was an earthquake, a shadow anna muhammadan Abdul rasuluh and it fell to the ground. Wow. It was monumental. And I felt like I was suddenly in a big cotton wool ball. It was like being in cotton wool. It was like just fluffy and everything kind of went distance. When I was taking my kids to school, they ran off in front of me and I left the house and I thought I haven't got your hijab, you haven't got your hijab on, you haven't got your hijab on you're naked and I could not leave my the front door of my house. I had to go and find the one scarf that somebody had gave me and kind of pull it on in some weird really awkward way and walk the girls to school in the

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scar next seven days, everything was changed. I wanted to pray I wanted to cry to Allah I put my head to the ground like I've seen the Muslims do and I said to things over and over again I said thank you for giving me this life that given me all the love that I've had everything that I haven't recognized, you know, beautiful daughters, I've known love. I've had opportunity had a good family and I know you and thank you and then I said sorry, just a lot of sorry and I cried a lot for about a week.