Why is Consumption of Alcohol Prohibited in Islam?

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What does Islam say about alcohol? Does it prohibit it entirely? Allah says no Quran in surah majda chapter number five was the 90 Yeah, you listen or you believe in number camrol mesu most certainly intoxicants and gambling, well unsolvable Islam, dedication of stones, divination of arrows reached to minimally shaytan Did I say to the handover first enable them to free one abstain from this handle that you may prosper? For Allah says, This is Rich to me, Emily shaytan. It's a Satan and evil. abstain from that you will prosper

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and Eman Dobby in his list of the 70 major sins he puts having at all intoxicants comer having wine, number 19 in the list and having toxic enthusiasm in private and Christianity.

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If you read the Bible, it's mentioned in the Book of Proverbs, chapter number 20 was number one, it says that wine is a mocker.

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It is strong, raging drink. And anyone who deceived is not wise. It's mentioned the book of Ephesians chapter number five verse number 18. Be not drunk with wine. But unfortunately, we find that none of the Christians and the Jews, they follow the advice given in the Bible unfortunately. And

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what is the logic? The reason that Islam is prohibited alcohol normally in the human be there is an inhibitory center, this inhibitory center, it prevents a human being from doing things which are illogical and not correct. For example, if a person wants to go to the call of nature,

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Liberty center will say that don't do it in a public place. Go to the toilet, anybody that is working. I ever dissenter, when a person speaks to the parents, tells that don't be disrespectful to parents. Don't use foul language. So this is the work of any beauty center. When a person is intoxicated. When a person has intoxication has wine has alcohol, the inhibitory centers in Britain and he doesn't know what speaking therefore you find many of them they start cursing, they start with verbal abuse, you find them saying obscene things, you may find them that they urinate in their own clothes. This is because anybody sent is limited.

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And if we analyze that alcohol is responsible for many crimes that take place,

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according to the US Department of Justice 1986 every day, in the year 1986 2713 cases of rape took place. That means every table second one rape is taking place in America 1986.

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And the report says that majority of the people who committed rape, they were intoxicated.

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Furthermore, when American statistics it says that 80% of the Americans, they indulge in incest, having intercourse with a close relative.

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And it says that every 12% who come across in America that we insist, and majority of them, they're in a state of intoxication when they do insist. So we realize that alcoholism besides being bad for health, it's a cause for many diseases, and health wise and even it is a cause for AIDS

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which has recently cropped up.

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And there are many people who say that I am a social drinker, and have only one beggar on the intoxicated.

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When you interview, the alcoholics, all of them when we ask them, they will say they initially their social drinkers, no alcoholic starts to drink because he wants to become alcoholic. All of them are social drinkers. Later on, they become alcoholics. And if you meet any social drinker who has been drinking for a couple of years, you asked him that how many times he been intoxicated, and there will be several times that have been toxic and with all the power that he has.

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And once a person is intoxicated, and if he commits a sin like rape, like him says, it's an unforgivable sin and irreversible damage done. And we realize that that is the reason a beloved partner seldom mentioned in every major, verb number three,

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Book of intoxicants. Chapter number 38. Number 3371.

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The blood Prophet said that intoxication, alcohol is the mother of all evils. Alcohol is the mother of all evils, and further mentioned in every major verb number three, Book of intoxicants. Chapter number 30. Added number 389 to the Beloved Prophet said that anything which intoxicates in large quantity is even private

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In small quantity, no excuse for the Peridot. You can't say that I'll take a peg you know, whatever intoxicates the large quantity is in private and small quantity. And the Beloved Prophet, yes curse 10 categories of people intelligence, I call it mentioned in every major volume number three, Book of intoxicants. Chapter number 30. Added number 3380. The Beloved Prophet said 10 categories of people who indulge in alcohol accost The one who destroys it, the 140 distilled, the one who brings it, the one who transports it, the one for whom it is bought, the one who sells it, the one who serves it, the one who utilizes the earnings from the sale of alcohol, the one buys it, the one who

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buys it for somebody else. So all these 10 categories of people, they are cursed by last minute Allah and there are various different diseases that a person can acquire when he has

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And today, alcohol is one of the major causes for the maximum number of deaths in the world.

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And re science tells us and many people are aware of it. The various diseases a person can have. The most common is cirrhosis of liver.

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If a person is alcoholic, is high chances of having cirrhosis of liver, he can have cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the head and neck cancer of the bowel cancer of the liver.

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He can have yesterday this he can have a sofa this blanket is hepatitis.

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A person who has alcohol

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there are chances that he will have cardiomyopathy.

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He will have angina, heart attack,

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He can have strokes, apoplexy Fitz. A person who has alcohol regularly, the high chances

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that the person he can have cortical neuropathy, cerebral neuropathy, he can have peripheral neuroma. There are various diseases that a person can have due to the consumption of alcohol

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diseases such as vernix korsakoff syndrome that involves amnesia of the recent memory and retention of the old memory. It due to timing deficiency. A person who has alcohol, he can have delirium tremens, which is associated alcohol.

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A person can have pellagra and he can have skin diseases. A person who takes alcohol regularly. There are high chances that he can have endocrine disorders, like wicks edema, like hyperthyroidism. He can have

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hematological disorders, like macrocytic anemia, he can have jaundice. He can have thrombocytopenia, he can have platelet disorders. A person who has alcohol,

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there are chances that the common drugs like metronidazole flagyl, they can create a problem for a person who has alcohol regularly. A person with alcohol regularly, he can have infections, because the immune system is decreased.

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There are high chances that he can have chest infections, like lung abscess, emphysema, pulmonary tuberculosis, the person who's a woman, she can get affected more by alcohol. And the cirrhosis of liver is much dangerous in the woman. If she's pregnant, she can have the alcohol fetal syndrome. They can skin disorder like alopecia.

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They can be nail dystrophy. They can be Angular stomatitis. You can keep on listing the diseases for us together only because of the consumption of alcohol.

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But nowadays, my colleagues, the medical doctors, they say that alcoholism is a disease that tried to pacify that. Don't be rude to the alcoholic. No, don't blame him. alcoholism is a disease. If alcoholism is a disease, it is the only disease that is sold in bottles.

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It is the only disease that is advertised in the newspapers, in the magazines, on the broadcast stations. It's advertise in the satellite channels in the television. It is only disease that has licensed outlets for its sale. It's the only disease that brings a revenue to the government

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is the only disease that causes oil in deaths on the highways. It is the only disease that ruins family.

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It's the only disease that

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Good, no vital or jump cause

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it's not a disease, as Allah says in Surah majda chapter five verse number 90, rich the minimally shaitan it is a Satan's handiwork first and he will look into floon abstain from this handle that may prosper.