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The speaker discusses the importance of pushing limits and being authentic in art to avoid harming one's perception. They also emphasize the need for forgiveness and being mindful of one's behavior. The pandemic has impacted people, particularly internally displaced people, and the importance of avoiding harm and not giving up on others. The speaker also encourages individuals to share their experiences and pray for guidance from the Prophet peace be upon him. They emphasize the need for healthy lifestyle and avoiding harm.

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Welcome to Ramadan reset with me Your host Lauren booth. This podcast series is sponsored by what tan.org.uk delivering services to Syrians in need. I'm Monica Rahmatullahi. Wa better care to how you doing I'm gonna intro My guest today one of my favorites actually has in the ass. He is a UK comedian, and he is a superstar of the man like Moby which I don't think anybody in the world can possibly understand. Unless you're from like Preston, or Bradford totally unrelatable and yet hilarious. So I'm Ali Khan rahmatullahi wa barakatuh why loca Mr. Lamb sister Lauren. And conversely, I would disagree with Jeff Lord, I think anyone around the world can understand that

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show. Because everyone in the world has troublemaker friends, those friends who are constantly getting into trouble who say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Whatever part of the world you I don't care whether you're in Blackburn like I am, or virgin Jakarta or whether you're in Sydney, Buenos Aires, everyone has that friend in their life. And I think that's why it resonates with so many people learn that you were the troublemaker in your friendship group really I can I can see you got like a cheeky little face. I can see that you were troublemaker when you're at school. Actually, I learned to be a troublemaker because I was such a SWAT that I got beaten for about six years. So I

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was I was actually the nerd who had like I was reading the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare in break time. Wow, that two little little Lauren was and then that didn't go down too well with the skinheads in my year. And so then I got the I got the kind of the comedic persona to kind of carry me through. So inside outside this comedic persona is a real is a Swati quiet person is a really you're in the nerd in the nerd. Yeah, I'm embracing that handling that we were talking a little bit before we went live tears about the laughing clown you know, so that's my little tragic story. It's tragic, really humbling. It's about character building and isn't it and it's about

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resilience. I just want to say that I was inauthentic then and now hamdulillah I find great ease and being authentic. But tears what's what's your what's your inner character building story on the road to being a comic? Were you the tragic quiet one. Are you just annoying? No, I was really annoying one I even now I constantly annoy my friend. We just just this this gets me into trouble. So much. When I was in school, I was a SWAT school I was like a proper nerd in that I bought decent grades for the school that I went to. So I went to like a really rough school that had like a GCSE pass rate of 35% like a really underachieving rough in a northern town school. And that was kind of the

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one of the one of the handful of kids that always did quite well in class and got decent grades, I let the other kids copy my whole word that made me quite popular and stuff. But my mouth always gotten me to trouble in class, I'd never know when to shut up. Like I got one report three times and it never got made prefect and that was some one of my grades that was like unprecedented in my school to not be made prefect of the people on report even once later or three times. So I was kind of in between in that I was a SWAT because I love I love school. I was not kidding, we love learning by also love just running my mouth. And I remember just going with my cousins and they were

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protected me and so in our friendship groups who are quite popular popular kids even like bullying and stuff because that sort of thing where like everyone just takes the Mick out of everyone. So you might have a really bad day where people argue about a thing but then tomorrow is going to be someone else and then constantly just going around like oh you're picking on this kid today. There was no in the case of like over picking on one kid relentlessly for like five years that was that was a number it was kind of like everyone's a target depending on what they're up to that day. So I got it I got it a few times I forget when I went home from school thinking oh man I got it today but

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you didn't like but then the next day you come back and you find someone else that they can get the other day probably going to go I'm feeling a bit bad but but that's how we that's how we survive school it was it was a bad one but I really enjoyed it but I didn't have that tragic thing because a lot of a lot of comic friends of mine suffer from depression now like a lot of comics have a lot of comic friends of mine or antidepressants and other talk about getting therapy which is which

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let's stay here for a moment tears and that I want to talk about that because in your in your friendship group. What are what are what are the as they say the triggers Why Why are comedians Do you think more fallible? Or is it because they go on stage that they're already needy? I think there's I think it's a mixture of a few different things. I mean, this Korea in itself is not a normal Korea the fact that we feel the need to go on stage to appease struggle.

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ranges is not normal, I would suggest.

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And then if those strangers don't give us the reactions that we want from them, it ruins our day. So there's definitely a sense of insecure neediness within us that we need to do that. And for different people that would come from different places. For some people, it might be a difficult childhood. For some people, it might be a difficult teen years, for some people, it might just be they have this inner need to perform for the world and be like, hey, look at me, I have this need for attention. And I just want to perform. For some people. It's an innate talent, some people a genuinely just very, very talented, and need to be on stage to express that. But there is definitely

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beneath all of that there is a need to be accepted. And I think most comics are probably outsiders, and they probably outsiders look even within, if they're in within, even if they're accepted within a friendship group, they probably on the outside of that friendship group observing it, rather than being a full participant. That's why that's why I found it really kind of, you know, smartly brutal with some of the prejudice about Muslims, and really held that up to the audiences. And have you ever thought, oh, I've gone too far here? Oh, yeah, all the time. But with any with anything in life, you've got to push it to a point until someone says, buddy,

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maybe tone that down a little bit, and you're like, oh, okay, fine. If you're not people are saying me to tone it down, then maybe I need to look at that. But then you've got to push it because until you push it, you don't know the edges of what is acceptable and what you can get away with. And so I think is important to push any kind of art.

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And you look at even even sport, you look at the people who are the best in their field at sport, they push the envelope so far, that when people are watching them to think, God, I didn't even know that was possible, the thing that this person is doing, as well, I'm not comparing myself in a great in any business. But what I'm saying is, if you want to even you know, try to achieve that sort of level, you've got to push the envelope as far as possible. So I want to ask you something specific about being a Muslim comedian here I was at the Edinburgh Fringe last year with my show, drop, drop, accidently Muslim, and I deliberately went to see comedians of other faiths, you know, and some

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Muslim comedians. And what I found was, these, these were Muslim comedians starting out, that there appeared to me a desperateness to fit in, which meant going into really the worst kind of sordid kottakkal. So did cheap comedy, such sexualized content. So they do like 30 minutes when you like, yeah. Okay. And then the last 10 minutes is like, oh, white people need smart, let's crowbar this in, lose all of our inner ethics and authenticity, and just talk Phil's do you fit? Do you see that as a fate as a kid that that needs to fit in can really take take authenticity away?

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I mean, it depends who that person is, like for them, for that person that might be authentic to them. And we will we will got different ways that we express our faith, some they might not even be that I mean, I don't obviously don't know you're talking about. So they might not even be that religious, these people, they might not necessarily practice their faith in the way that you and I do. So I think different people will obviously express that all in different ways. For me, I have that small thing at the back of my mind where I'm like, honestly, the main thing is, is like, what would my mom say if he was watching my show? That is kind of the thing that is always at the back of

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my mind. And but I try to stay authentic to myself in that if I want to talk about a thing that even some people might think are, I don't want to hear you talk about that. I'd be like, well, I want to talk about it. So I will talk about it. But then you also got to think about what the sort of what sort of artist you are, what sort of comedian you are, because there are certain things that some people can get away with, because that's the sort of comedian they are, they have that sort of charm, where there are other things that other people could get away with, because that sort of comedian they are, like me, I know that I'm a very cheeky person, I can get away with a very, with a

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lot of very, very cheeky things on stage that other people might not get away with, necessarily because they don't have a similar personality to me. So I think it's different for different comics. And again, like I said, like I think I think it depends when these people are is a shame if they're not being authentic to themselves, but for some people that might be authentic to them because like I said, they might not practice the faith in the way that you and I do. So what I'm wondering though, is what are your What are your parameters because it's really interesting, you know, we meet on different circuits for in the community and often a political so we so we share an interest and

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interest there. But then you always wonder what what what are the parameters that we put up for ourselves, where we're going, you know what, I could do that, but I fear Allah. Yeah, yeah, definitely. My

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My big thing is, so I come from Blackburn, I live in Blackburn. And I spend at least half my time here when I'm not traveling, going out and about doing shows. And you know, I want to be able to walk the streets of my hometown, it's a, there's a large Asian Muslim population in this town, it's about 40% of the population, roughly now, I think that'd be a census next year, and we find out for sure, Mr. But it's about that. I want to be able to walk around my hometown, hassle free. So I always conscious of what I say and what I represent in my art in my comedy on my social media. And I think to myself, am I representing a true authentic version of myself, that would also allow me to

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walk the streets of my hometown, hassle free. I don't mind upsetting certain groups of people in it. Like if I'm upsetting Tommy Robinson, or Katie Hopkins, or all voters on a seven political parties, I don't mind doing it, because because of that, I feel like I'm standing up to certain types of oppresses.

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But also, I think it's important to stand up to certain type of oppressors that might come from within your own community. Because as we know, no community is infallible. We have we there are bad people in every single community, whether they are white, black, Chinese, or whatever, or whether they are Muslim, Christian, atheist, aware, but there are bad groups of people that exist in all these communities.

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being bad, or having bad habits is not exclusive to any one community, creed, gender, etc, etc, etc. I think it's important to be able to stand up to people who say bad things about your religion. But also, I think it's important to stand up to people within your own culture within your own creed, who actually bring your religion or culture into disrepute. So I try to find that balance, because I don't always find it, I find the opposite terms always preaching to the choir. But you know, you can always say positive things that will always elicit a round of applause when people hear them and stuff. What I found about non Muslim audiences, is that they actually sometimes like being

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challenged. A lot of my comedy, most of my comedy is to non Muslim audiences. But 95%, I'm on the mainstream comedy circuit in the UK, I am playing mainstream comedy clubs, the Comedy Store, or the free comedy club, hot water company could proper mainstream comedy clubs that are frequented 95% by British white people, and others with the company that I do. And some of is often challenging their perceptions, or even sometimes some of the audience's prejudices. But I do that, because that was authentic to me. But sometimes, I feel like it's important to maybe do that to our own community as well. Because there are also bad people who exist in our communities and in our cultures, and there

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are prejudices that are that are hidden within our culture and communities as well. So I think it's important to be able to challenge all of those things, and to be able to play to older different audiences and say, listen, sometimes it's not always about hearing just what you want to hear. Sometimes it's about challenging your perception about a thing and thinking about things differently. And I find and I found that actually, doing that to white British audiences is easier than doing it to our own audiences. That that may be because it's a it's a, it's a minority that you're speaking to in the UK and minorities or Weezer feel they have to stand firm on certain things

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and not change. Let's let's move on to a date in the faster test is alias. Now, just to be clear, we've been doing this now for 1414 days, Marshall hamdulillah Shukla thanks again, to what n.org.uk please look at what we're fundraising for here and make your donations as you feel able, by the grace of Allah.

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And people you know, because we're fasting, sometimes you're worried if somebody's awake, or they asleep, or they, you know, we we can imagine expectations on people. And so I knew that you as a professional person who's used to taking bookings, you'll be here, it might be skinny for the teeth, it may be three minutes beforehand.

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It Tez ilias is

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your pre op now. Yeah, this is the producer of the show was telling me like 15 texts before we started, because they were worried that I wasn't gonna make it, but I haven't been in LA. I was always gonna make it and I'm here I'm making go into why I was slightly later than your producer would have liked. So let's, uh, let's go into that because because, you know, he said, Yeah, let's go into a day in the faster Tesla. Yes. Talk us through that. Okay, so we started salary. So salary in the UK is around 330 is between it's really between about 3:34am here. So obviously a bit through the night because I'm the sort of person that wants to mislead. I'm like a bear. I'm hibernating.

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I'm gone. I'm gone for the night.

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And I also suffer from insomnia. So I find it easier.

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To stay awake during the night that you try to try to get to sleep and if I catch some sleep then try and wake up again, faster you have to obviously different than the first on when 7770 is different but when this when the when salaries are like three and four yet then I can stay on it. So I stay away. I will I will have my smoothie, which I which I've made earlier in the night, and then I will brush my teeth. I will read fudger and then I'll go to bed so I go to bed around for between four quarters for toss and turn eventually fall asleep. between half four and 5pm.

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Then sister Laura

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I am dead to the world. I am gone. I put a pod alarm on for about midday. Half 12 yay. Now listen, I've gone to bed at five. So

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I've gone to bed at five. But that's that's your problem system. I want my full sleep. Yeah, I want and need my full sleep. So that I I tried to make about 12 I mean, you're stuffing at 12. I mean 12 would be early. So today asked me what time I got out of bed today says what time do you get out of bed today? That's pretty noisy sister Lauren. But to answer your question 3pm. When you think about organizations you can trust it's based on making a real difference to the people that they're meant to serve. I support with tan UK because their programs lift Syrians living in the worst conditions out of misery. They've just constructed two new villages for internally displaced people in Kapha

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jealous which is an ad lib sub district. These new camps are the first of their size. They have schools, clinics, decent accommodation, real sanitation, and educational opportunities for internally displaced children and adults. You can support the continued running of these services right now by going to attend.org.uk. May Allah bless you. Yeah, you're looking very fresh for it. Thank you very much. So for me Actually, this is like 10am and then I love it. I love a quick freshen up, put some clothes on. Do mobu come downstairs five minutes before if during the war, other Vietnam will sit down How about we stopped if they are together, Reba, Madrid and have a light

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And then watch some TV. And then read my Isha and my Dharavi around 11pm. And then after that, watch some more TV then have a bigger dinner around 1am and then watch some more TV and then get ready for surgery and then repeat the cycle again. So there's

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there's a lot going on. And it's amazing. That's like Baraka radica of time, right up until the TV stuff.

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That's an impressive amount of work that you're doing for the sake of Allah in this holy month. When I'm usually in the lobby in the mosque behind the mom, the mom finishes the entire Quran by the 27th. So because I'm not really into Ravi behind me mom this month, unfortunately, I wouldn't try and read finish Macron on that same night, Allah bless him as he would do as well. We we wanted to talk about you mentioned to us, you'll make some hours before you left. And we were the topic today is enlightening.rs. And you would get there in the end and Sharla Is there a door that especially moves to this is the 10 days of forgiveness. It's incredible to think Tez and everybody out there

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from where they come wherever you're coming from in the world. I know we have people from Malaysia and Bangladesh and all around the UK. Mashallah. Salaam Alaikum it's great to see you here. This is the 10 days of forgiveness. So we could all come out with this 10 days for Allah wills, fresh, fried all that stuff. So I'm a I'm a was for my I start from my family. So I've started from a mother, my father, my sisters, my brothers, my nieces, my nephews, my grandma, my grandma's my granddad's. And then I move on to my aunt's my uncle's, my cousins, my cousins, children, my cousin spouses are then my wider family than my friends, my friends, families and the community and then the oma and then I

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go into two different countries, countries where Muslims are being oppressed. So we start I start I bought as easy as I can to China for the beggars and then a mu and then I make my way west to the Rohingya, Bangladesh, Muslims in India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, making my way that best to me, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, then go south african countries, to Egypt, Libya, then Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, all of these countries so and then and then and then also do a special prayer for the Muslims in the West who obviously in certain circumstances find it hard to connect with their religion as as easily as the map they might like to sort of do a

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special prayer for them. I pray that all the Muslims are

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The world are lifted from their oppressors, whether the oppressors are non Muslims or whether they're presses all Muslims. Because as we know, a lot of our rulers around the world who are Muslim, oppress other Muslims. So I pray for their guidance. And I pray that any Muslim ruler who is oppressing their subjects, grunts, log recipe data and guidance.

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I'm gonna jump in here because I think what we should do is get you to make that and are at the end at the end of this of this program, because that is so complete and I've never heard it put like that, you know, and I just think at each of those moments, it can be like, a bar by the being, you know, being pulled from our heart like a song. You know, it's like, you know, for me, you only have to say all breast fallacy alone and that's me, I'm just you know, finished.

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And we all need to recognize the suffering of others. I think that's so beautiful. Mashallah, so, so let's let's do that at the end, okay, let's do this. How about that inshallah, to Allah, I want to share I want to share $1 now, with everybody from the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him

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or him, my Rab forgive my mistakes, my ignorance and my excess in all my affairs. And you can all say, I mean, okay, I mean, you are better aware of the my faults than myself. Oh, Allah forgive my mistakes, which I committed deliberately and inadvertently, and those I committed in fun, and all of those attributes are within me. Yeah, Allah forgive what I've said before me and what I have left behind me, what I have concealed and what I have done openly, you are the one who sends forth and you are the one who delays and you are over all things all aware. I mean, yeah, I mean, I mean, dice beautiful. Yeah, I do. But once I've, once I've talked about all the people in the world, I then

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move on to myself. And I asked, I asked I, you know, I use, I use very similar words to that the word Allah to forgive me for all my sins openly. The ones that behind closed doors, the ones consciously subconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly deliberate and in deliberate, or accidental, and also then to grab me, all of my halaal desires that I have, Allah knows the desires of my heart, some of them might not be Hello, by ask Allah to grant me the Hello desires, I have the the Hello ambitious, I have Allah knows ambitions, I have a very ambitious person. You know, I've embarked on this creative to make a name for myself by ask Allah to grant me or that he can, that is Hello. And

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that will allow me to be a better Muslim. So. So I start, I start with my family, and then go out to the wider world, and then come back to myself, and ask the Lord to forgive me of all my fallacies and make me a better human being, visibly a better Muslim and a better brother, a better

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son, a better grandson, a better nephew, a better uncle, and all, and all those about a friend as well. So I try, I try to encompass all of those things. And, you know, it takes four or five minutes, but what what is that in your day?

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You know, I'm thinking I'm thinking about how the different levels of who we are as human beings, and as believers, how we cover them in a Dwyer like that. So we've got society, we've got the weight, we've got the oma the community around the world. And then we've got who we are outside our homes, what we're projecting onto people, you know, we've got our desires, how we're impacting on people, and then we turn into ourselves, and we really look at that stage of and cleanse my, my nafs, and my greed and my, give me better, whatever, you know, ethics or, you know, a guidance, guidance, guidance, and I understand how fallible I am, every you know, I'm constantly distracted

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when I'm, when I'm praying my Salah when I'm reading my Quran, when I'm trying to remember a lot, I am constantly distracted by all these thoughts in my head, and I have a love of forgiveness of that too, and, and to grant me the patience and the hidayah to, to be able to do the things with more concentration, and with only having the thought of align my mind when I do these things. And that would be ultimate enlargement. I think I mean, I mean, my May Allah bless you, you know, to be,

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you know, in the public realm is not easy, as a believer. No, no, it's not there are constant and you're in this in this time as well. The time that we live in the 21st century, living in the West is, is an easy lecture at all our efforts. However, however small they are. I mean, I mean, there was, you know, the famous Hadith of the Prophet, peace be upon him, when there will come a time when, you know, holding on to Islam will be like putting a hot rock of coal into your hand and being asked to clasp it. You know, it's like, oh, it's really burning. It's really tough. It's really tough, but the reward for that for those of us

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May we all be counted amongst them who don't just drop it because right, the temptation, the other side of that is just let it go. Just let it go. Yeah. And I think it's also important. Just go Yeah, I think it was important to, to speak to those people who maybe have dropped the pebble, they have dropped the rock, that it's never too late to pick it back up.

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You know, Allah forgives and I long as you turn back to him, whatever stage you are in your life, as long as you turn back to Allah at some point, obviously sooner rather than later. But if you turn back to Allah and make sincere forgiveness and intentions to do the right thing and and be the best person that you can be that inshallah you know, Allah knows best, but inshallah Allah who is, you know, Allah's mercy is infinite. And hopefully you will be ubu become part of that. I mean, yeah, no, but I mean, one of the best ways, of course, that we can show a lot that we love him and show him that we're changing is to be generous and do good deeds for others, and actually act upon those

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impulses, because there is the famous Hadith about the angel who goes to a city, and he's sent there by Allah to Allah to destroy it absolutely decimated, no ethics in the city, awful things going on. And so Allah sends the the angel of destruction, and the two angels, and they get to the house at the beginning, and there is a man there, and he gets hit, and he's a pious man. And so the angels go back to Allah to Allah, and they say, this man prays, and he fast.

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And he believes, and Allah to Allah says, start with him. When you hear that you think that you know, how can that be? He's a pious man. Because in that area of abuse of Allah's hair, that is going on by the people, that pious person didn't try to change anything.

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God was just in his room being pious. And that is actually a dangerous station to be in. Because Islam is a doing verb, it is it is something that must impact how we behave with with our parents, to the people of our houses, right? There's no point saying, I'm so you know, I've got my beard, or I've got my head job, and I eat Hello food, and I beat my parents, you think you're going to Jama? You know, I was hoping that, you know, you have to stop that behavior, you have to positively impact that behavior, somehow analyzing. So we're here by the grace of Allah, to share with you some great work that was handled org.uk are doing for Syrian refugees, because part of this holy month is the

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ink. It's the verb it's the doing, what are we doing this month? Tears Talk to us a little bit about about connecting with the Syrian question in Sharla.

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Well, you know, we, I assume most people watching this obviously, not everyone for apologies, but most people watching this. Know, we're probably living fairly comfortable lives. I mean, speak for you and me, we living in Kentucky, just the start of the West. We're living we're living in Alice in Europe in the West.

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of you. That's not the case for everyone. But I'm sure most people are watching. So living fairly comfortable lives, we have a roof over our heads. We can eat whenever we like have these Ramazan so we try not to during the day at least, but we know that when if 30 rolls around, there will be food on our tables, there will be food on our family's tables who are not with us right now.

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You know, we can go out to the to the supermarket and the supermarket will be full. And we can purchase whatever we like for our story for our salary for the bit in between, if we want to go which I mean when I help them, you have security, we have police, we have a functioning government, you might not like the government, but it's a functioning government.

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There are people in the world who don't have that. And unfortunately, our Syrian brothers and sisters are part of that. And they have just suffered the worst type of civil war over the last decade, where civilians were deliberately targeted by their own government, by other groups who came into the country to meddle by then foreign intervention as well. And those people were just in the middle, being pushed around from pillar to post being targeted from so many different groups. And they just suffered the most unimaginable horror that we that you see in movies that you'd think is just a fantasy. That couldn't possibly be real. But people have lived through that. We've seen

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documentaries like for sama, which which which showcases the things that the brutal things that people went through, but also have they hung on to that humidity. People still had children during this time. I think it's unbelievable to think that while they were going through the Civil War

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People are still trying to have children raise their children, raise their children to be God fearing. And we are in a position where we have plenty to actually offer a small portion of our wealth, to ensure that these people have something during Ramadan and beyond, to be able to live a fuller and more dignified life, and hopefully inshallah, in the future, Allah will provide for them as much as he's provided for us.

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amenia Robo alamy, that's a beautiful summary of what we've had to look at as some kind of weird bystander to one of the great the great appalling massacres of the of the century, surely I was a bit there. And, and that gift of being able to share as well, of being the one who's giving and that Islam has so many characteristics that when you give you never mentioned it again, you know, it's not, it's not like you can say, Oh, I made a donation today to Syria, I'm feeling so good, you might as well the hair has gone for it, the money is still donated, and, and Hamdulillah, it will reach them. But the real barraca in our lives, is the humility that being charitable brings to us. So it's

00:31:15--> 00:31:31

that two way street. And I think you know, really Subhanallah major faiths are unique in that understanding that the giver gets gets the same and more potentially as the one who receives because it's better to be given and receiving.

00:31:32--> 00:32:16

When you think about organizations you can trust, it's based on making a real difference to the people that they're meant to serve. I support with tan UK because their programs lift Syrians living in the worst conditions out of misery, they've just constructed two new villages for internally displaced people in Kapha jealous, which is an ad lib sub district. These new camps are the first of their size. They have schools, clinics, decent accommodation, real sanitation, and educational opportunities for internally displaced children and adults, you can support the continued running of these services right now, by going to attend.org.uk. May Allah bless you. I'm just gonna know that.

00:32:17--> 00:32:56

You're thinking about your singing and playing. Yeah. You know, if you're in a position to give, then then you absolutely should, because there will be a time in this life is fleeting. We've seen from the Coronavirus, how fleeting people's employment situations are how freezing people's health is, that actually things can turn around for you so quickly. And next Ramadan, Allah forbid, but you be me and you or people watching this could be the people who need the God or sondergaard from other people to get through our day. May Allah not put us in that position. But I mean, that that is what could happen. You know, the things are very fleeting, who knows what the next year can bring for

00:32:56--> 00:33:29

people. I mean, you know, maybe even at the beginning of January, read and think, three months later, four months later that this is the position, the word would be in. Even in February, we didn't think even even at the beginning of March, when things were progressing, we didn't think we'd be in this position six weeks later. So you know, things can change. So for quickly, we've seen around the world where they've been natural disasters where people go to bed, absolutely fine thinking that tomorrow is going to be a normal day, and then an earthquake hits or a tsunami hits, and their entire life has changed completely.

00:33:30--> 00:34:12

From nothing that that person has done. But that is that is a lot a lot as well. So we just, we should never, ever take anything we have in this life for granted. And part of that is giving to other people who don't have as much as we do ourselves. Mashallah, and, you know, we're here to send food to Syrian families, it's 60 pounds for a basket, and the food basket and clean water is for up to six people. So I'm just going to run down now. And the links brothers and sisters are down below. Okay, so do press, you can either press C go to what han.org.uk you can see all their education projects that they do the employment projects and micro finance, and the feeding project. So you can

00:34:12--> 00:34:46

go to my justgiving page and make the small donation or the large donation that you want to again, all of the donations to my just giving page this Ramadan are for Syrian refugees, and it's going towards food baskets and clean water. And what's really beautiful that what has done is it really focused on giving giving people what they need. So for example, if I were to get rice and bulgur wheat, I might think I need potatoes. You know, I need tomatoes, I need different things. You know bestow gravy, you know, I don't know what English food is right?

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

But but they're what we're giving to the refugees hamdulillah on the Turkish border is this rice, bulgur wheat, wheat flour, Pastor chickpeas, the main staples that people can use.

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

really understand the flavors of live with give them give them a bit of a taster of home you can't inflict you know pain on top of pain by giving people what they don't need. So this is really from their cupboards, lentils, beans and green peas, olive oil, vegetable oil, sugar, dates and salt. And that huge basket of food is enough for for four to five weeks for family of up to six and it comes with clean water now I live in Turkey right now. And most people just to be on the safe side. in Istanbul, we rely on bottles of water. And when we didn't have it, right for a couple of days, maybe we hit a lockdown and we didn't make it out in time. You're like Okay, now we're gonna have to drink

00:35:44--> 00:36:11

from the tap. But what if there was no tap or the tap was three roads down and what comes out of it is brown water. So that never never never underestimate the delivery of clean water to these families. So please please brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah and to improve your your wealthiest You to cleanse ourselves this holy month to get all of these beautiful beautiful blessings give give give the vanilla to Allah test to you.

00:36:13--> 00:36:16

Yeah, I agree. I agree. What do you what do you what do you want from me now?

00:36:18--> 00:36:21

I think I want you to give us a really nice da

00:36:23--> 00:37:08

to finish off Bismillah to Allah Thank you so much. Okay, I shall I will say before I start that this is not something I'm used to doing out loud or publicly. So please forgive me and May Allah forgive me if I misspeak in any kind of way. That is not my intention. So please, the word that I make Please take it with the good intention that intend to deliver it with sighs Okay. I will be laying ministry dollar regimes smilla rahmanir rahim Allahumma salli ala see more than them humbling while Allah say the number of particles, limbs elderly, all that please forgive me of all my sins of Allah Please forgive me of all my sins of my mother. My father, my grandmother's. My grandfather's,

00:37:09--> 00:37:46

my great grandmother's my great grandfather's. Please forgive the sins of my brothers, my sisters, my nieces, my nephews. Please love forgive the sins of my uncle's my aunts. My cousin's, please forgive the sins of my cousin's spouses, my cousin's children. Please ALLAH forgive the sins of my wider family. You know how many family members are alive? I can barely count that one. Please ALLAH forgive all of their sins or not, please forgive them all of their sins. Please forgive the sins of my friends, my friends, families will please forgive the sins of all the Muslim people who live in my community here in Blackburn. All the Muslims who live in the wider community of the United

00:37:46--> 00:38:27

Kingdom. All Please forgive the sins of all the Ummah of our beloved Nabil Silla when he was in the past, present and future unkindness or agenda with our reckoning, will please ease the suffering of all the Muslims who are suffering around the world today. logy please protect them from their oppressors, particularly the Muslims who are in China. They the Uighur Muslims who are suffering the brutal oppression of the Chinese government ology please protect them and please rgps freedom from that oppresses what are the G please free to free the Rohingya from their presses and please ology please ease their suffering. Same with the Muslims in Bangladesh, the Muslims in India in Gujarat

00:38:27--> 00:39:05

who are suffering from supporting current engineer government once you please forgive them all of all lessons and ease are suffering. Please ease the suffering of all the Muslims in Kashmir. The Muslims are suffering in Pakistan in Afghanistan. The Muslims suffering in Iran in the particularly the Muslims in German level have suffered through a horrendous civil war and bombardment from their neighbor legit police will give them all lessons and ease their suffering. Please ease the suffering of our seven brothers and sisters who have gone through a horrific civil war over the last 10 years. logy please either suffering and freedom from that presses. Same with the Muslims in in Palestine in

00:39:05--> 00:39:29

West Bank and Gaza and the Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan and wherever the misc the displaced Palestinian refugees around the world religion please ease their suffering and freedom from the oppressors of Allah Please forgive all of the sins and freedom from the presses of the Muslims in in Egypt, in Libya, in Sudan, in Somalia, in Nigeria, in Mali, in Tunisia, in

00:39:30--> 00:39:57

Egypt, wherever Muslims are around the world and wherever they are suffering wherever they are oppressed, whether they are oppressed by Muslims or non Muslims all please forgive them of their sins and freedom from their oppressors. Or if the oppressors of Muslims or Muslims themselves are legit. please grab those addresses and gardens or destroyed them. I love where where the presses are not Muslim logy please free grant some,

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

some wisdom to the presses to stop

00:40:00--> 00:40:29

Pressing people or destroy them ology at the level of the Most Merciful Please grant your shallow Your mercy upon all the Muslims and all the people around the world who are suffering from oppressors what are all the Muslim or the Muslims or non Muslims alike who are suffering from the Coronavirus around the world well as you please forgive either suffering and protect us from this awful disease and please grab the scientists who are working so hard around the world the wisdom and the clarity to continue to to to come up with the with the antivirus and to protect the humanity from this awful disease

00:40:30--> 00:41:10

you never send a played without his cure so please allow the scientists around the world to discover this cure as soon as possible all are you at the level of the Most Merciful ology please give me all of my sins I am such a bad Muslim but as you have blessed me with so many things in my life with my with my family, with my health with my wealth, would you please continue to do so? Thank you so much for allowing me to live for another Amazon and get all the blessings from it. Please forgive me of all of my sins major minor, intentional, unintentional deliberate the sins that make consciously unconsciously the past sins The presences the future sins overlap, please forgive me, all of them

00:41:11--> 00:41:39

will uh, you know what is in my heart and you're always in the heart of all the people listening to this as you whatever is whatever halaal desires and ambitions we have in our hearts ology. Please grant them to us and allow us to live a life that is fulfilled, both for our families and also for the sake of your pleasure. ology You are everything without us we are nothing without you. So please don't do showers, showers, your blessings and your mercy to monitor because the ammonia seafood must love almost living from daily life.

00:41:41--> 00:41:47

If you've enjoyed this podcast, please take a moment to visit what ten.org.uk to support Syrians in need.