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I feel absolutely emptied out terms from the time of the companions of the prophets of the Lord when he has exerted themselves sacrifice themselves to come here

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how many calls curves welcome back to my channel. I hope this finds you well. Blessed. Where are we today? Oh, there we go. Another flag hamdulillah we're in Istanbul and I am being a tourist. Today I'm being taken on a tour of a of salt Han historic region and resting place of a companion of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. If you like these videos, don't forget to subscribe to the channel and share for more like this. Let's go and see what he has to offer

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I feel absolutely emptied out.

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We went to the whole year and it is so peaceful. Everything is sort of muted and calm and you feel like slowing down and just stopping for a while and really considering what it means to be a Muslim and a believer. And then it's overwhelming really to consider the closeness of a Oberland sorry to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mean, sure you know the Hadith the story of how did the Prophet peace be upon him come to live with colored bin Zaid, a ballad scenario, how how because his camel led him to his house and just wouldn't move when he got outside. And it was Bedouin tradition, at the time that if the person is supposed to stop outside your home, your dwelling from a horse or

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a donkey or a camel, the first person to reach their saddle and taken inside had the honor of hosting them. And the beautiful, incredible brave man who's buried here hosted our Prophet peace be upon him for seven months.

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So how do we know that? Are you well, I'm sorry, is actually buried here? Well, it's an incredible story of enlightenment and mystery. Actually, his grave was lost or unknown for hundreds of years. Until fatti mathematic Rahim Allah remember, the 20 year old conqueror of Constantinople, he wanted to find out where it was, it became something that was really important to him. And remember, this 21 year old leader he was he was an inner reflective, he was always thinking about the dean, and his guide was at shamsudeen. Mathematics, you can see one of my other videos. And so they came to a region not far from this, perhaps this area, and they were looking and trying to find it for days,

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but they couldn't, they couldn't see anywhere that might be the grade available. And sorry, the truth has it because we have a an Esna the chain that we trust when Muslims say things to each other. So the isnaad of the story is this x shamsudeen Rahim Allah, he fell asleep on the ground, and he had a dream of exactly where the burial place was available. And sorry, and so he got up and he put his stuff in the ground. And he said, This is the precise spot where he was buried, and then he went to make wudu. Now remember all of this area, it just would have been grass. Nothing for miles and miles a hillside one was making with the young Mathematik fatti Rahim Allah, a believer

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but a young man nonetheless wanted to be sure wanted to somehow find out is this a true dream from Allah to Allah or dream from Shaytaan a misleading dream. So he took the staff out of the ground and moved it a good distance away when the share came back from making with who he looked and he said someone has moved my staff, and he put it back in exactly the same spot. And then they began digging, and they found they found the burial place and one of the best friends and companions were best friends of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fully intact Subhan Allah.

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To honor the resting place of the great friend of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Sultan Muhammad the second commissioned a grand tomb and a vast complex, typical of the Islamic tradition. The Ayoub salt and mosque and Molson the was made as a place to feed the poor as well.

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The Mosque has two separate courtyards, one with a place for withyou and the other which has an ancient sycamore tree in it. At the point where a lot of royal ceremonies were held in true Islamic style. The place has always fed the poor and the worshipers on Fridays and in Ramadan. The animals I noticed are especially spoiled here with seriously friendly cats demanding cuddles every time I sat down. It's a nice thing to watch the pigeons, barfing and specially made birdbaths around the fountains and incredible to think that after the three Holy Mosques of Islam, including a laksa compound in Jerusalem, Palestine, that this is one of the most love places of faith to visit for us

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Muslims. I really recommend you come in April or October, spring or autumn to get the full effect of the peace that is so present here. This is Abu Are you the namesake Mashallah. And he's been guiding us today SubhanAllah. We're about to do his era. And there's a lot of fear sometimes for us as Muslims going to places where our saints and our special ones and companions are buried. What do you have to say on the topic of ZR and why are we here today? Right? No, zyada is Masha Allah. It's a very, very beautiful, beautiful tradition of ours and was something that was encouraged by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he encourages Yara for the sake of remembrance of death primarily

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for the remembrance of death, but also for a means for us to reflect on our own lives to better ourselves as Muslims, and then also take many of the lessons that we can learn from those pious before us, you know, the pious predecessors.

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Just found this tiny place just outside the courtyard, it's the most complex, and this is whole other level. There's a lot of British stuffing in Turkey. But you could come to a Salton redrum

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or have to try this was this whole other level, I'd recommend the one to spinach in

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and these simple places. Don't go for flashy places. Always go a little bit off the beaten track. Hit Miss Hamdulillah this one is a miss.

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Actually, it's a hit.

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What's missing is my brain.

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I cried a lot during my visit to this incredible mosque complex, it is so profoundly peaceful and moving. To be near a companion, a friend of the Prophet peace be upon him. You really must go. It's a wonderful place, be spiritual in the morning, and then take your family out in the afternoon. I think the Turks have done a brilliant job of maintaining this as a place of visitation for faith reasons and also to keep families connected to the burial place of Ayub and sorry, Rahim Allah. If you liked this video, then don't forget to subscribe, and to click the bell icon so that you don't miss any more. And also, make sure to comment below. Where would you like me to visit? Keep in

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touch, I do read your comments. Peace, Salam Alikum