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AI: Summary © The Fatima area in Istanbul is a garden with shoes and a wall where hangings are made. The design was designed to be a library with over 1000 books collected from the time of the Second Subhanips. The holy eye is important to shaping culture, and the recommendation to subscribe to a YouTube channel is made. The Fatima area is a place where many Syrian- born citizens, including Subhan conversions, are born.
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right, it's fun to well, I'm blessed. Welcome to one of my favorite areas of Istanbul. It's called Fatima. And today it's a hub of market stalls run by largely Syrian Arab speakers. Mashallah, salam alayka. How are you? Okay? Some people would like to tell us that Islamic heritage is dead and buried or buried, that the great times are past that there's nothing to remember. And we feel bad as Muslims. But I'm here to tell you Subhan Allah and to remind me that in the salons we give each other and in this sample, in the very walls are the heritage and legacy of the Great.

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So there's lots of Syrian children around here. They've been welcomed in the earlier years by the Turks and we pray that that heart and soul is found to maintain that relationship and to treat them as Muslims fleeing oppression. lamonica What's your name? Yeah.

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Look at this. What's your name? Oh, hamdulillah

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Oh, yeah, okay.

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These kids have unfortunately, I've had to learn to give hugs for money. The situation for the Muslims here is really really difficult. Okay, Allah bless you. I'll get you some sweets later on. Okay. Originally, this area was built up by fatty Mathematik the conqueror, who wanted to set up a foundation for a new empire by helping the people we're about to visit the magnificent mosque that bears his name.

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This is the fatty complex and it was built in the first decade after the conquest of Constantinople and it shares essences of the medina complex, okay? Because when you build a mosque, you don't just build a place to pray and then you go home. If you look around here you can see there are gardens for people to arrest him. Fountains for people to get water in.

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It should be

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the names of the 10 agenda by the Prophet peace be upon him here in this mosque. If you look up, there's the names of every 10 to harbor Friends of the prophet who will promise Jana I can see tohave Mira

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that is not a normal thing. It's not a traditional thing, but it's here and it was chosen by.

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Look at these beautiful inlets here these eaves. So these are for travelers and the Salton peace be upon him measured the second he commissioned these himself, specifically. Now what are they for, apart from being these are rebuilt ones, I've seen the Baroque style, but they close and they can be locked. And what would happen is travelers would come here, and they would put their belongings there. Right, they probably be stuck to the sky. They'd be locked by the imam or somebody who looked after the mosque, and then the travelers would go and find somewhere to stay knowing that their things were safe in the mosque. Allahu Akbar makes you think of Medina doesn't it? Nothing was

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missed in this design.

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So when I was looking for information on method, the second and it's all in English, right on the internet, all I found were words like vengeful, materialistic, conqueror, it was as if he only lived it to take European cities to call

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his problems to the Europeans and don't get me wrong. He was a conqueror Subhanallah he deserved that name.

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He and his soldiers pushed into more than 20 campaigns getting into Macedonia for the first time, into Serbia, and even into parts of Italy. But did he really do that just for fame and money and wealth? Well, from a Muslim perspective, we know that our decisions are first and foremost made, so that Allah is pleased with us. This is the same young man who at 19, conquered Constantinople. Subhan Allah on the words Allahu Akbar. And then days later went to his Sufi teacher and said, Can I please become a dervish? In your order to live a Sufi life is to live austerity and leave it all behind. Lucky for us is teacher said no.

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You know, it's incredible to imagine, but around 14 years old, the young matmut, the prince mathematize, he was, he was still a young man and child on a mission, right? He was 14 years old. And one night he was in his bedroom and his light his candle was on until late, almost to the dawn. And he was being trained by action to then GORANI, he was the highlight of the ALMA at the time in the region.

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He went in and he asked the young prince, what are you studying later tonight? A madman didn't want to tell him Subhanallah he said this is a secret. His Hajah looked through what he was studying. And all he saw were plans for how to take Constantinople. What a young man with a mission. And so the hogere gave him this advice.

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He said that if you really want to be the one blessed by Allah, to enter Islam, into the heart of Europe, if you really want to be the man who fills a prophecy of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. I do not want you to be an ignorant Salton but a wise ruler with a heart and foresight. How are Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said, Constantinople will certainly be conquered. What a great commander, the commander who conquered him, and what a great army, the army who conquered him.

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So this is a library with 1000s of books collected originally by Maximus, the second Subhanallah as part of an Islamic wax, which is a major charity like a permanent endowment. Part of this arrangement, this city that he rebuilt with its heart right here and fattier fed the poor. So they were public kitchens, gave water to the city, animals. And the people of course, there was a hospice, where the poor and the dying could go, there was an inn where people could stay briefly, there were some addresses the schools here, for the students of knowledge, taught all of the relevant Sciences of the time, astronomy, medicine, literature, he was known to invite some of the

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greatest writers from the Greeks and the Italian civilization or the population at the time to come and share their knowledge. It really became a community hub. By the grace of Allah that meant that there was so much hair going around this area, that Constantinople as it became Istanbul within 50 years, became the arguably the most influential city in the world, by the 1600s Allahu Akbar. I'm gonna go in and pray Alfetta now, there's a misconception that Sufis come and pray to people. The vast majority just pray or fatty hair for them, you know? Please Allah forgive them Raisman ranks bless them.

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Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia.

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Once upon a time, sir

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to that openings funnel some Allah

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so I guess I'm a bit overwhelmed at the to have fatty Mathematik Rahim Allah. The takeaways are I'm asking Allah for better leaders for kind of leaders who care about the poor in their countries you know the kinds of leaders who want educated people not ignorant people who they can control the sort of leaders who will you know, fight fees to be the love out of the love for Allah to Allah and the want to bring justice and goodness to other people in the world. Not for material gain. You know, it's that distance from you know, Allah to Allah gave gifted them everything and what did he want to do? He wanted to write great poetry remembering Allah and using literature in order to you know

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manifest beauty if you like in his realm and look after the poor above all else Subhan Allah

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love this area you know there's kids playing actually in the fountains there that are supposed to swim but they are and there's kids on bikes and people love to come to this area look at it so well maintained. Well, that's been fatty complexes symbol. If you like these videos, give us a Like don't forget to subscribe. And let's continue this journey together through assemble in our eyes